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Author Topic: All My Little Words (no longer seeking)  (Read 1129 times)

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Offline IyvandTopic starter

All My Little Words (no longer seeking)
« on: March 27, 2016, 01:16:53 am »

STATUS: Busy - basically gotta send some replies. Not looking for anymore RPs at the moment. :)
[mostly done, a little construction here and there. sorry for the mess!]

/// M with preference for M but open to ANY ///

Hi, I’ve joined Eliquiy last year but hadn’t actually gone beyond posting anything but an O/O thread.
I got swamped for many personal reasons (starting school up again after a long time, moving twice, etc).
I’m hoping to find someone to RP with that is patient since it’s been a long time since I’ve RP’d.
I will try to reply/post within around 24-48 hour period.

PM me if interested or if you got questions. More likely to get a response that way! :)

>> my O/O thread <<
Some of this will be a repeat from there.

I’m looking for something short, though open (and hoping) for something that can be expanded on in the future.

- I prefer playing original characters however, if an existing character inspires your character I don’t mind.
- I’m a sucker for the Victorian/Edwardian and 50s-70s era but sorry if I am not historically accurate. I do try!
- I’m mainly experienced in modern day and high fantasy settings.
- I tend to play men between their mid-twenties to mid/late forties.
- I strongly prefer play men that are tops in M/M relationships but I’m open to your character being anywhere on the gender spectrum.
- Prefer some plot, even if it is simplistic
- I may average around 2-3 paragraphs. I prefer someone who can do the same instead of one-liners. If you do much more, I’ll try to match you but 2 paragraphs is my average thus far.
- I really enjoy light-hearted, funny RPs (though don't mind a balance of the dark and tragic either)

Art featured in this post by JC Leyendecker.
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Offline IyvandTopic starter

general plot and character ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2016, 01:18:53 am »
// more to be added //

(YC: Your Character, MC: My Character)

This is what I’m strong at writing as but I can go beyond them.

I’m a freelance artist in real life so I do pretty well with the creative characters. That can be anything from illustrators, painters, designers (graphic design, industrial, furniture), musicians, and writers. As for fantasy settings, I’ve played barbarians, bards, clerics, a few vampires, demons and werewolves.

Gonna be up front – I haven’t had experience in BDSM but am curious about it. Being respectful of your boundaries is important to me regardless of the scenario but just let me know if I’m out of line or am teetering on it.

MC: In contrast, I can play the unrefined and crude sort who is more in tune with his physical needs than emotional ones.

He could be cocky, arrogant and self-absorbed – used to getting what he wants. In a fantasy setting he could be a king, barbarian, werewolf or what have you. In modern times, he might be a jock/athlete. Doesn't necessarily have to be burly and macho, but obviously can be.
On the other hand, instead of being a straight-up jerk maybe he’s misunderstood - whether from feelings of inadequacy for being uneducated and poor OR he's the black sheep of his affluent and influential family. His behavior as a means of keeping others away as he seems to just draw in trouble.

This “character” is very general but would easy to adapt to any setting. If you have something in mind just PM me and I can develop him around that.

YC:  Again, can be anything… For example, maybe your character is athletic but more agile than he, can easily run circle around him so they could have some sort of underlying rivalry adds a bit of playful tension. Or maybe your character needs some sort of protection or feels safe around him. Ooor... they could even be equals, and relish in finding someone akin.

Steam punk
Mafia gangsters – possibly running an illegal booze operation
Underwater – MC as a merman, and another scenario as a sailor
MC as a single father

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC: His eyes brighten as he lectures about the legendary artists of the past. The students can at least appreciate his passion, despite his a dorky sense of humor. However, when he shifts back into his personal life he becomes reserved and withdrawn. He’s deeply involved in his paintings and stays in his studio for ours on end. He’s starting to smell like turpentine and his students playfully tease him about the paint smudges on the back of his neck. He’s going through life not realizing he has been ignoring is own wellbeing and desires. He simply puts on a cheery facade for others but is so used to doing so that he doesn’t recognize it.

YC: Could be a student he runs into at an art show, perhaps a gallery curator or another professor – possibly new to the faculty.

This could be really sweet, vanilla love story where I can play a more nurturing aspect. OR it can have more of a dom/sub aspect that can easily inspired by something like Secretary (2002). He doesn't necessarily have to be an art history professor, but could easily teach anything else (preferably creative).

The character I have in mind for myself has sort of a dominant streak but has been positioned all his life in the lowest pecking order and thus he's learned to take orders. He's stern, serious, and doesn't say much. YC is a willful submissive who allows him freedom - even encourages him to be more forceful - which greatly excites MC. Their relationship must take place in secret either because YC's family frowns upon it, could possibly lose inheritance or respect within their social circle (or even all of the above) and MC could lose his job, his only means of supporting his family.

This could be set in whatever time period. YC could be royalty or just from wealthy prominent family.
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Offline IyvandTopic starter

character inspiration
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2016, 01:19:50 am »
I really love illustrated or painted images but will have a section photograph avatars in the future.

Dapper dudes, intellectuals, reserved, gentlemen. Basically anything by JC Leyendecker, haha.

Handsome fellas of the 21st century. Beardy hipster dudes.

CREDITS // ROW1: JC Leyedecker, ROW 2: Kevin Wada


S'more classic guys - old school actors.
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