Hi, just a few game idea's I am looking to play in.

Started by shasha, March 25, 2016, 06:23:25 PM

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Hi everyone, these area few idea, I would like to play, I would prefer you to be the main story teller of this rp's

my character works for a warlord, she can be a captain or maybe general of one of his leugues. somehow she got the attention of a Death-Night (yc) and now he wants to her as his concubine or lover. This is idea came to me after seeing a dragon lance book.

You character is a noble man/ Knight, your character saved my father that is from the tribal lands, as your payment for a life debt,, my fahter gives my character to you, as either a wife or  concubine.  This could cause your character all kinds of trouble, (if he is already married). also my character will not know your societyis etiquute. (so this could be a really fun game on social mishapes.

My character works for MI:6 as a spy, your character works for the C.I.A as a spy, and we have to team up and go under cover to stop different crimanals that are trying to destroy the world goverments. I got this idea from the show, MI:5, it an U.K show if you have not watched this show and you like spy show you should.

Mordern / horror
I like to do a rp that is like supernatural but I would work for the F.B.I.

I like to do a Fallout game rp, I could be your companion,  we could both be from brotherhood of steel, or we could do caravan bussiness, or maybe your the shierf of a town and I am your deputy.

Other fallout idea, we are part of a raiders or the khans gang.
I am pretty much open to almost all idea of the fallout game.

the other futre one is maybe a mad-max or zombie survival type game.

Well let me know if you are interested in any of this idea's or have one that you like to try to run.

not sure what to put here, at the moment.