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September 26, 2022, 04:40:17 pm

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Author Topic: Poltergeist The Legacy Roleplay  (Read 1827 times)

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Poltergeist The Legacy Roleplay
« on: March 25, 2016, 09:34:07 am »
Poltergeist The Legacy  (PTL) Roleplay

"Since the beginning of time, mankind has existed between the world of Light and the world of Darkness. Our secret society has been here forever. Protecting others from the creatures who inhabit the shadows and the night. Known only to the initiated by our true name, The Legacy."

For those not familiar with the title I am trying to start a roleplay based on the tv show that ran from 1996-1999 called Poltergeist The Legacy.  It is a supernatural tv show where the characters dealt with ghosts and demons to protect the public from being hurt or killed.  The main story centers around a group of men and women that live in the San Francisco area and used a place that has a mansion which is called Angel Island as their home base.  But they are not the only ones, there is several houses around the world that has such members and they are all called the Legacy.  Each house has a day use that covers up and hides what the members of each house is trying to do.  As example The San Francisco House in the show operates under the guise of the Luna Foundation, a philanthropic institution that collects artifacts and antiquities.

Now what I was thinking was if I can get enough people interested in this is that we go off oc's and even tweak the world a bit as we need to.  We can make houses in various places in the world were the teams of the Legacy reside.  There has to be a "Precept" or leader of each house and I would like to get 4 or 5 other members into each house.  Also, members from various other houses can help each other and join each other for cases.

Now there is a couple of houses I do want:
The First House/Ruling House-  London, England
The Cairo House from Egypt
The Boston House from Massachusetts 

I am debating on having a San Francisco House...

All right, so to tell you a little bit more about the world and character types.  In the original series The "Precept" of the San Fran House Derek Rayne had second sight and could see things before it happened.  It was a similar gift that one of the members of the House's daughter Kat had.  One of the other members was a Reverend and could holy water and words of the bible to battle the enemy.  Another member had psychometric abilities, the ability to see what happened in the past through touching certain objects and sometimes people.  Not everyone has abilities and powers that are supernatural in origins like the member Nick Boyle who in the series uses his weapons and tactics from his military training to help.  So this gives you the main idea about the background I hope. 

Not only can you play members of the houses you can also play various villains and such that pop up in cases if that is more to your taste.  And Houses themselves can fall to the dark where the house is considered rogue. 

I am working on ideas for cases where it can be something as simple as a child ghost looking for peace or a big bad demon wanting to destroy everything in it's path.

Now I am bouncing back and forth between having the group in NC or Extreme...  I haven't decided yet.  Both which would give us a little leeway when it comes to the storyline being a supernatural/horror variety.

All regular E rules apply.

1.This game is open for everyone.  So it should go unsaid that everyone is meant to be respected.  If there is a problem that can't be resolved please, you have to let me know.
2.Respect other players ons and offs. Ons and offs are there for a reason.
3.Try to post at least once a week. If you know you will be unable to post for a while please let us know in advance in the OOC or me over pm if need be. Players who fail to post for a considerable length of time will have their characters will either have their character placed on hold or disappear on a case.  If you have to go away for a time like vacation or such let me know where we can figure out where to place your character in the storyline until your return.  If you need to drop out of the game please let me know so we can figure out what to do about your character.
4.If you have any questions about anything in the game, ask.  Likewise if you suggestions or ideas.  I am always willing to listen. 
5.I will create a tag if need be so everyone knows where other characters are and who is around to engage in a scene with.
6.I am not one to usually impose a length of post, but I do ask you to try and post about three paragraphs.  I know there is times that won't happen with what might going on in a scene.
7.No God-moding please.
8.And please...  Try to have fun...  It is just a game after all.   :-)

If I get enough interest I will put a couple of character sheet examples which people can fill out.  If you have questions ask and if you have ideas I am willing to listen.  This is the first time for me to try and start a group rp so advice is welcome. 

But otherwise......

Welcome initiated to the Legacy!!!!!!

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Re: Poltergeist The Legacy Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2016, 09:36:05 am »
Hey Hotaru. Long time no see.  ;) You can put me down as interested.  And if you'd like some help running things, I may not be the best at it, but I'm willing to give a hand.
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