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May 21, 2018, 10:17:18 AM

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Author Topic: In The Shadows (f/f, exotic N/C, possibly extreme)  (Read 348 times)

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In The Shadows (f/f, exotic N/C, possibly extreme)
« on: March 23, 2016, 05:32:36 AM »
In The Shadows

You are sitting watching television when out of the corner of your eye, you see a movement. You turn to look, but there is nothing there, just a shadow cast by the TV screen.

You are walking home alone one dark evening, and begin to feel like there is someone watching you. You look around, but can see no-one, just shadows.

Walking through a crowd, someone bumps you. You look up at them, and the face seems vaguely familiar. Your instinct is to check your wallet is still in your pocket or bag. It is. But when you look up again, the person has vanished, and you can't see them anywhere... And for the life of you you cannot remember what they looked like, just that you felt as if you ought to know them.

You are looking for something important. You could have sworn you left it there, but it's not. You've checked three times already. You are now looking in places where it couldn't possibly be - and then someone says "Is this what you're looking for?"

"Yes", you reply, "where was it?"

"Right here, where it was supposed to be....!"

But.... You looked there three times already, didn't you?


Yes this is a spooky demon-based story. A few years ago British TV station ITV showed a miniseries called "Demons". It could have been so much more than it was. The premise was great but the plots were thin and weak and it was far too "goody-goody". But the premise has stayed with me - that those weird glitches, movements that you see in the tail of your eye, those odd feelings and random occurrences, are actually supernatural beings that you really don't want to know about!

And I want to write a story in that setting...

The Characters:

You will play a totally bad-ass demon hunter, who goes around kicking the arses of evil spirits who are causing too much trouble.

I will play a totally bad-ass demon, who goes around causing trouble and kicking the arses of demon hunters.

The two characters will have a few scraps, which neither of them wins, and then end up on the same side...

The plot:

Demons are necessary for the world to work. If nothing bad ever happened, then nothing good could ever happen either. If people didn't die, the world would quickly become full of very hungry people. If parts didn't wear out, there would be no need to make replacement parts and people would be out of work... Just two extreme examples.

Or, my favourite - A man shoots someone in cold blood. Good or bad? The man he shot was an assassin who was about to shoot someone else. Good or bad? The assassin was about to shoot a ruthless politician who is about to order the deaths of hundreds of people. Good or bad? Those hundreds of people are contained within a sealed aircraft that has been contaminated with a lethal virus, which if it escapes will kill thousands... good or bad?

See, it's all shades of grey. There is no good and evil.

Demons make the world work....

And someone out there is killing them off at a prodigious rate, endangering the very fabric of the space-time continuum.

Some demons get carried away, go too far, get out of control. Those need to be taken down, and it is those that your character hunts. But most demons just lurk in the shadows, steal you pen, hide your keys, fiddle with your wiring, put a nail in your tyre etc... They make the bad things happen that allow the good things to happen.

And there are a whole bunch of amateur demon hunters out there suddenly, hunting down and killing the lesser demons. Yes the demons will regenerate, but this wholesale slaughter is threatening to tip the balance.

Your character can see thus and so can mine and so they must team up to find out what is happening and stop it.

Player Requirements: A female player, please. If we can manage to keep this moving by at least one post every two weeks, that would be great. The D/S roles are going to switch back and forth, but it will most likely be my character in the D role most of the time. I would appreciate someone who can manage about 300 words per post most of the time, knows how to use a spelling checker (the occasional typo is  fine, but proof reading is something everyone should do) and preferably knows the difference between "then" and "than".

If interested: Please either post here or PM me with the word "shadows" somewhere in your PM so I know what we are talking about.