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Author Topic: A pair of cravings (F seeking F writer for F/F)  (Read 646 times)

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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

A pair of cravings (F seeking F writer for F/F)
« on: March 21, 2016, 08:00:15 PM »
So, I had a pair of ideas I'm looking to play. One I've done before and want to do again with a different partner, the other I'm hoping to do.

Before I delve too deep, though, let me lay out some rules and expectations.

1. I'm looking for a female player. Sorry, Lords, but I've rarely met a man who can play a compelling female character.

2. These will be plot and character driven stories. So, I would like someone who is not afraid to write a longer post. If you normally post 2-3 paragraphs in your scenes, these are probably not the scenes for you.

3. Semi regular replies. I don't expect daily replies. But, once a week would be nice. I don't want to be left hanging for 3 weeks on this with no updates.

4. Communication. If you're going to be gone or have to leave for a bit, want to discuss ideas or anything of that sort, please don't hesitate to let me know. Nothing worse than a story dying or stalling out because of a lack of communication.

5. Finally, I want someone who is willing to contribute their own ideas. I've had plots where I had to do the heavy lifting and it's not a lot of fun. I may not see all the angles or plot ideas, and you may have some good ones. It's open to discussion, and I'm pretty open minded.

On to the plots!

1. The slave auction

This scene will take place in a futuristic society not unlike Panem from The Hunger Games. After a war that has devastated the country, many survivors began banding together for support. While that worked for some time, the former upper class survivors were unhappy living in squalid camps and scraping by from day to day.

Those with money and a desire for security banded together to begin rebuilding Los Angeles on their own image. It took several years and billions of dollars in construction costs, but the city proper of Los Angeles was reborn into a glittering paradise.

Those less fortunate to live in the city banded together in crumbling suburbs, clearing tracts of land for farming to make their communities self sufficient. Once that had been achieved, the excess was then offered for sale to the glittering metropolis. The larger farms were able to afford such luxuries as indoor plumbing and wind turbines for electricity. But such farms were few and far between. Most families did what they could to survive, growing crops and hunting the animals that had started to return to the abandoned suburbs.

In the end, the upper class living in the city began to look at the outlying communities as resources in and of themselves. The affluent began offering what we're essentially slave labor jobs in the city to those in the districts. Over time, a guild began to regulate the human trade, setting guidelines and restrictions upon the trade. Auctions were set up, allowing the affluent to pick and choose those they wanted to work for them.

For those living in the districts, it provided a way out. But, they became slaves to their masters, forced to perform whatever menial duties were required. Often, slaves became sex slaves of their masters as well. Willing or otherwise.

The scene I have in mind involves the purchase of a slave from auction. (I can play that role, or the role of the purchaser. I'm okay with either role) The purchaser finds the entire system distasteful, but acceded to the fact that she needs help to juggle her various affairs. Her intent is to essentially liberate an enslaved person and hire them as an assistant. However, none of her previous experiences can prepare her for the reality of purchasing and owning another human being.

Pm me and we can discuss this in more depth!


Who says Romance is only found in novels?

The term best friends is tossed around so casually nowadays that even mere acquaintances are being introduced as such. However, in this case, the two characters have been the best of friends since they were 7 years old. Their friendship has withstood the test of time, unchanged despite one character's change of social class, distance and time. 20 years later, the two still communicate with one another daily. Though now it's mostly emails, phone calls and packages in the mail.

When your character moved to the city of Boston for college (paid for by my character's parents), it was with the expectation that she would be returning to Chicago after completing her degree. Now, 8 years have passed since your character left. She's completed her degree and gotten a choice job in her field. (Whatever field and degree you'd like your character to have). The only caveat is that she cannot move home as originally planned.

My character has become an established lawyer in a fairly prominent Chicago law firm. A court case has come up, requiring her to travel to (you guessed it) Boston. Our two characters immediately make plans to spend all their free time together.

What my character does not know is that your character is madly in love with mine, and has been for some time. Distance has only strengthened your character's feelings, and she had made a secret vow. To win the heart of my character before she returns home to Chicago. The catch? She has 7 days to accomplish her goal.

To what lengths will your character go in order to coerce, cajole or seduce my character into being with her?

Setting: Modern day Boston, Massachusetts

Other info: Keeping in mind that the scene is Consensual, no mind control or drugs can be used to induce my character's willingness to stay. It can only be your character and whatever she can realistically do to win over mine. This will be a heavily romantic scene, and I expect a ton of romance. Yes, it may be a tired trope. But, I'm seriously craving some sappy romance.

If either of these ideas tickle your fancy, send me a PM. If not, check my request thread for other ideas that might! I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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Offline SithMistressTopic starter

Re: A pair of cravings (F seeking F writer for F/F)
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2016, 10:04:17 PM »
Gonna bump this, though I'll say here that I'm only looking for the second plot for the time being. If that changes, I'll make sure to denote that.