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October 23, 2016, 03:34:54 PM

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Author Topic: Our Twisted Love (M Seeking F)  (Read 799 times)

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Our Twisted Love (M Seeking F)
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:43:21 PM »
Hello and welcome to my interest check!

I'd like to keep things relatively simple and straightforward. First, before we get to the plots, I would ask that you please take a look at my On's and Off's listing. It's not very fancy looking, but for now I'd trying to keep everything straightforward and simple. Second, I would ask that you please PM me if any of the plots below interest you. Not only does it make it easier for us to communicate but it also lets me know that you've actually read this! Always willing to talk about any of the plots listed below in greater detail and willing to swap things around depending on which role you prefer. Going from having a Prince to a Princess, it's all good, don't mind swapping what gender is in what role.

If all that sounds good, then by all means, read on!

Bullet To The Head

The Plot: At the ripe age of twenty, I'd joined the military. Not for the love of my country, to bring justice to a foreign land, but because a friend of mine walked about how easy it was to make money once you were transferred overseas. How selling military grade weapons to anyone, locals or mercenaries or terrorists was simple once you understood what you were doing. Lucky for me, the war was going terribly and the recruitment centers were desperate for any able-bodied men or women. By twenty five, I was running arms deals all throughout the wartorn region, the whole process coming naturally to someone as messed up in the head as I was, psychopathic or sociopathic, maybe a mix of both? Either way, by the time the war started to simmer down, I was back home with my new business running smoothly across the seas, landing myself a wonderful trophy wife to help spend my ill-gotten gains. I told her I was an overseas contractor but I don't really think she cared, so long as I had pretty gifts to give her after my trips.

Now I'm in my late thirties, early forties and business continues to be booming, figuratively and literally. Only difference, is that I have a family now. Kids. I wouldn't say that I really care for them...just another set of things to me. I'm happy to play the part of the loving father, especially to my older daughter. I even let her have friends over, so long as they don't interrupt my work, which means don't come into the basement when Daddy is torturing the latest CIA or FBI agent to come after him.

And then one day during a sleepover, it happened. I had some poor bastard strapped to the table when someone walked in. One of my daughter's friends. It was an unfortunate circumstance, having to get rid of her...I had my gun trained on her, and she didn't even flinch. More curious than disgusted or frightened, a look I recognized. Just like myself when I was I flipped the gun around, offering it to her and motioning to the bloodied man on the table "Give it a try?"

What I'm Looking For: I'm open for this either being about one of the daughter's friends or even the daughter herself who finds out that her dear father has been hiding a dark secret. Regardless of who the female role is, my ideal type would be someone whose 'cut from the same cloth' as the arms dealer as far as emotion and ruthlessness go, someone who might feel themselves on the edge of darkness but just needs that final push. The father might see them as a possible heir to his empire, a new assistant or just someone to corrupt. He starts taking them on arms deals with him, training them and feeling conflicted feelings...does he genuinely care for her? Are his feelings of the fatherly sort, a mentor or is it more intimate? Looking to keep this in a more modern setting.

Demonic Boredom

The Plot: She'd prepared the spell carefully, looking over dozens of different sources and comparing ancient spell books. She would summon a demon and gain powers she'd never dreamed of, finally take revenge and maybe even take over the world! Casting the spell, she can feel the dark energies forming, lashing out and crackling, the veil between worlds tearing open as a demon emerges into the summoning circle. A feeling of dread overcomes her as she looks up at the devilish looking figure, cloaked in wings of shadow, piercing red eyes glaring down at her...and then is shocked as the figure sighs and shakes his head "Really? This is who summons me? Some magical nerd?"

What I'm Looking For: A bit on the lighter side, the summoned demon isn't exactly thrilled at finding himself in the hands of an 'amateur' magician. Being summoned continuously throughout history, he's grown bored with being evil and finds answer summons more as a chore than anything else. Sure, he'll do as commanded but he won't be enthusiastic about it. The female in this case can be just a regular girl who experimented with summoning, a student at an actual magical school or something else to be discussed. I'm very open to ideas and brainstorming on this one. Can be a fantasy or modern setting.

Wasteland Stories

The Plot: It's been a decade since disease and war ravaged the Earth, breaking apart nations and driving humanity to the brink of extinction. Twisted monstrosities now wander the once peaceful lands as those who survived scavenge for what they can from the old world. Those who live find themselves lost and broken, unable to comprehend with what the new world has brought to them. The comforts that were once taken for granted are now long forgotten in an age where even a good nights sleep is a valuable commodity. But there are those who find themselves thriving in this new age where survival is no guarantee, where turning your back on someone can be a bullet or blade to the back of the head. Those who do not look upon the world and see despair, but see potential. Even if taking it means doing so by bullets and blood. 

What I'm Looking For: I don't have any specific idea in mind for this setting, but I've always been intrigued with doing a Zombie/Apocalypse type of RP. Perhaps one where a group of survivors begin building a settlement from the ruins and have to come to terms with how they're going to act, if they wish to work within a diplomatic society or revert to a more barbaric time where the strong rule over the weak. I could also see a plot about a pair of survivors, perhaps one of which is learning from the other on how to survive in such a harsh world. Or maybe they're a pair of psychopaths who revel in the destruction of the world and take advantage of all the death and destruction to indulge in their twisted needs.

King of the Seven Seas

The Plot: Some claim that he is actual royalty, a prince from some long lost line of ancient kings destined to rule. Others claim he is more than a man, one of the many nameless gods of the sea given corporeal form to take from those who would defy his kingdom. For the price of a bottle of cheap rum, any sailor can find themselves drowning in tales of the King of the Seven Seas, the pirate ruler of the ocean who dares to strike against even those sailing in Imperial waters. He commands a fleet of ships of all shapes and sizes who bare his flag of the Crimson Serpent. Those who serve him have his mark tattooed upon their left shoulder and any who are found to be false in their loyalty are subjected to unspeakable acts, as are those who would attack his crew. Regardless of what's true and what's fiction, it's clear that this King is real and is growing his power for something big...

What I'm Looking For: I have many ideas in mind for our sinister pirate captain and the role to play alongside him. One of which is that of a princess who finds herself captured and delivered to him, a beautiful slave who is presented before him as a gift, or a spy who is sent to join his ranks and report back to her Imperial masters to learn more about this King. Any of these ideas can be played either in a light or darker romantic sense. As for the setting itself, it can be played out as a more realistic historical fiction or more fantasy orientated setting.

He's Coming Back

The Plot: Her brother had always been trouble. The bad boy of the small town, the one that caused fights to break out in school and had a different girl over every night the parents were away. The one with the permanent smirk upon his face, a cocky attitude that went with everything he did. A dangerous predator that had no trouble with taking what he wanted and made it a challenge to turn every 'No' into a 'Oh god yes'. Toing the line had always been his specialty until the one day someone made a mistake. They tried to bully his sister. When she came home crying that one day, he made sure she was comforted, promising that it would never happen again.

They never found the body.

He was questioned, repeatedly but nothing ever turned up. No evidence, no witnesses, and it wasn't long before he disappeared as well, leaving a letter for his sister upon her pillow. It wasn't a long letter, just a simple promise of five words 'I'll Be Back For You'. Since then, rumors of him increased tenfold. Everything from talks of demonic possession to vampirism, to more disturbing rumors of incest and rape. After a year, it all died down and the small town returned to normal, the sister keeping his letter and promise a closely guarded secret. It wasn't until a five years later, when she came home to a familiar looking motorcycle parked on the driveway that the memories returned to her.

What I'm Looking For: The basic gist of this idea is that the brother returns to take his sister away with him to what he believes to be a better life for her. It does not matter to me which one is considered 'Older' or 'Younger' or even if they're twins, but I do like the idea of the sister being the 'good girl with bad ideas', being the prized child in her parents eyes, but always being somewhat jealous of how her brother always acted on his instincts and desires. His return can be something she outwardly dreads but secretly desires, the corrupted version of a prince coming to save her from a life of boredom. What the other has been up to for the past few years is up for debate, it could be he's simply been a wanderer and has returned to take his sister with him in a 'Bonnie and Clyde' type crime spree. Or perhaps he's found success in life, become ruthless in the corporate world and swiftly climbed the ladder with his sharp instincts. More likely, he has his own gang of criminals working for him, possibly as a biker gang or other criminal enterprise. All up for brainstorming!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Plot: The kingdom was at the edge of civil war, the dukes and counts plotting a coup against the king. The princes were frightened, not wanting to give up their power, sought out a solution wherever they could, regardless of the cost. A dark wizard appeared to them one evening, promising that he would be able to solve the prince's problems easily, in exchange for the princess. He would return for her eighteenth birthday and take her away, but until then, she was allowed to live in peace at the castle. It was an easy decision for the desperate prince's, none of them really caring for the life of their younger sister. So long as they remained in power, they would be willing to sacrifice anything. That night, every man and woman the list of names provided to the wizard was killed and the princes were able to hold onto their power for awhile longer. It wasn't until the princesses' eighteenth party and dark storm clouds grew outside the castle grounds, was the royal family reminded of the deal they had made...

What I'm Looking For: A plotline of temptation and corruption, I'd like for this to be a transformation from a naïve princess to a worthy successor of dark magic. I'm not exactly looking for a submissive princess, but perhaps a princess whose found herself intrigued by magic and knowledge, whose fears of captivity are put to rest when she realizes she isn't being taken away because of her looks, but because of the potential that was sensed inside her long ago. This could also be gender swapped around, where a evil witch takes in a prince as her apprentice.

The Devil's Son

The Plot: Los Paro had always been considered the gem of the west coast. A place where parties never stop, celebrities build excessively large mansions and the streets are said to be paved with gold. They're not, but that didn't stop the city of getting a reputation for being a modern day Rome, where debauchery and excess flow as freely as the alcohol. And just like Rome, beneath all the shine and splendor, a rotten core pulsates beneath the clean city streets. Corruption and crime run rampant beneath the smooth façade, where smiling police officers and politicians are all on someone's payroll and those make too much noise find themselves either in early retirement or dumped into the sea.

Enter Marcus 'Lucky' Sun, the second in line to the Sun Family Fortune and one of the most dangerous men in the city. At the ripe age of twenty one, he'd already found himself on several law enforcement watch lists for his criminal dealings, from street racing to murder and everything in-between. Now in his late twenties, he's chief enforcer for his father and older brother, the men who run one of the largest criminal syndicates in the city. Using Sun Shipping as their front, they smuggle in all sorts of goods, from drugs to weapons, and have both the Chief of Police and Mayor on speed dial. To say they were untouchable would be an understatement.

Of course there were always those looking to take them down or work there way to the top, by any means necessary... 

What I'm Looking For: My initial premise for this RP was to have a rookie officer take it upon herself to take down the Sun Family. She's tired of the corruption she sees on the force everyday and finds herself in a position to do something about it when she realizes that she and Marcus work out at the same gym. Her plan is to get him interested in her and use him as a means to get closer to the rest of his family. This brings her into a cat and mouse game with Marcus and his family, especially as Marcus finds himself drawn to her and seeks to involve her more closely with his activities. For a bit of drama, we could add in a boyfriend or fiancée for the officer, convince herself that getting close to Marcus and enjoying his company is only happening because she wants to take him and his family down, not because she's enjoying the gits and attention.

Power Games

The Plot: The first attempt was a bomb beneath his car. The second was a rocket fired at his office window. For one of the most powerful CEO's in the world, assassination was just another part of life, especially when your company dealt in robotics and weapons research. These were different, not just some grassroots freedom fighters, but people backed by money. Lots of money. A hostile takeover in the truest sense and one that clearly has help from inside his security staff. So he needs a bodyguard. Calling up his people from the lab, he discovers an older project that was shelved due to 'instability' from the AI. Plainly put, it was a killer and didn't care so much for the whole protection part of it's assignments. It doesn't matter, the CEO wants the program restarted, with the AI taking the role of his new personal secretary. And if there happens to be a few casualties along the way? It's just business.

What I'm Looking For: What I see for the CEO and his cybernetic bodyguard is a relationship that grows between two very broken people. The CEO is a sociopath, paranoid, egotistical and a little insane. The cyborg was literally broken and cast aside, unwanted despite being exactly what her creators wanted, but being too good at it. They find something in each other, the CEO finally has someone he can depend on and the cyborg has someone that finally sees her for what she is, and likes it. A sweet story, if they weren't cold blooded killers.

A Wink and a Smile

The Plot: First day on the job. A brand new start. He'd come a long way, taken a job of much less pay, all to escape the mistakes of the past. A brand new start...he'd been repeating the words as he'd set up his classroom. A long way from marketing a big company, but it was essentially the same time. Stand in front of a group of people and pretend to be smarter than you actually are, all while leering at the pretty ones and internally screaming on the inside at every stupid question. Simple. And then she entered the room...the kind of girl that knew exactly how to push his buttons and that he'd resist if he knew what was good for him...but when forbidden fruit tasted so sweet, who was he to resist?

What I'm Looking For: So this could take place in a College/University/Private School/High School. The modern setting doesn't matter so much, as this plot is centered around the connection that teacher and student find with each other, how they both play into it, while knowing how wrong it is. They tease each other but neither one will take direct action, waiting for the other one to break down first. Flirty texts, dirty pictures, naughty far will they go before it all comes crashing down?
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Re: Our Twisted Love (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2016, 07:31:30 PM »
Still looking for a few more RPs, bumping up with new ideas

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Re: Our Twisted Love (M Seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2016, 04:36:03 PM »
Looking for a few more partners, thread updated with new ideas

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Re: Our Twisted Love (M Seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2016, 08:08:56 PM »
Added some older ideas that didn't get used

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Re: Our Twisted Love (M Seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2016, 05:20:28 PM »
Things are slowing down, so I'm looking to get a couple more games started!