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Author Topic: Eliza's Non-Genderswap Roleplays  (Read 765 times)

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Eliza's Non-Genderswap Roleplays
« on: March 20, 2016, 06:06:46 PM »
Hey everybody,

If you know me, either through a game or discussion, I'm heavily invested in the idea of genderswap, where a person of a certain gender gets transformed into the opposite gender. That doesn't leave room for roleplays that does not contain genderswap.

New Plots & Ideas:

Below are the following ideas that have manifested in my head (old ones are in SPOILER bubbles):

Priestess of Paradise
This roleplay is about a paradise (for example, Shangri-la, Eden, Valhalla) where its denizens are almost immortal. It can easily be accessed by those who have died and have reserved a place in this paradise. To mortals, it is close to impossible to access it, but it can be done, though not without life-threatening risks. Characters of importance are number of priestesses, tasked with duties such as tending to those who have crossed over from the mortal world to delivering prayers to the reigning deity itself. Though they have been mortals like the rest of the population, they have been sanctified and made pure through a ritual that even the normal denizens of the paradise have no privy to.

The conflict comes with a person, seeking to either discover the paradise or plunder it of its resources. Dwindling belief in the reigning deity may account for this. In any case, this conqueror has breached the access into the paradise and have begun to wreck havoc on the place. Directions on how the story may progress can vary.

Who would this visitor/invader be?
  • A treasure hunter - You have scoured the globe in search of 'priceless antiquities' to sell on the black market. Your drive for the next best thing has driven you to an ancient tomb,
     hidden in the snowcapped mountains of a distant mountain range, which is also known to hold a supposed portal to another world. (Leaning towards more romantic, Light-H category)

Salvage (TAKEN)
You are a space farer (space pirate, smuggler, salvage operator). You have your own ship which has the  means of scooping jettisoned or floating cargo into your cargo bay. One day, your crew spot a debris field made of large and small pieces of a derelict ship. Among the wreckage, you find a cryo-pod floating near ones that are either ripped open by decompression or from space debris. Your ship's scanners also detect signs of life inside the pod. Your crew pick up the pod and you get to the cargo bay to inspect it. Once you have the pod in possession, will you be able to open it by a press of a button or will it prove difficult, needing a code to open the lock. No matter how you get it to open, you find a very precious cargo inside, in the form of a human woman.

But the some questions remain:

  • Is she totally human or is she something else entirely?
    • If she is human, will you trust her right away or do you question her first. In other words, do you accept her as part of the crew or do you act paranoid, thinking she is a sleeper agent?
    • Is she an android? A hybrid? A very human-like alien?

You've made it...through however means you've made it. You are no longer living in the suburbs like a middle-class nobody, but you are now in a nice neighborhood in a rather large house, one that you haven't fully utilized to its full potential. Heck, cumulatively, you haven't even lived in it for at least a week. You have so many business meetings to attend that you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor. On one business trip, an undesirable has exploited your lack of security systems and seeing that there is no occupant, assumes it's a vacation home and decides to live in it for a few days, as she gets back on her feet. That means cooking the food in your refrigerator, making use of your bathroom facilities, though disappointed that there isn't a wardrobe for her. Finding your house to be quite comfortable, she gets too comfortable and you arrive earlier, making her stay short. She has no time to clean up the mess she's made and tries to book it from the house, only for you to catch her in the act.

Now that you've found the "squatter," question is, what will you do? Will you let her go and allow her to squat again? If so, then if she does repeat her offense and gets caught again (probably by your new security system), will you let her go? Do you report her to the authorities? Or do you give her another chance at all?

Co-Ed Camping Trip
For the first time in decades, neighboring schools, one an all-girls school and the other an all-boys school, have decided to merge the schools together. This has led to the school building becoming bigger, to accommodate more students in varying classrooms. To celebrate the two schools merging into one, a massive camping trip has been awarded to the graduating class. Boys would be able to mingle with the girls and the other teachers as their chaperones (or not, these are kids we are dealing with).

Having been a freshman who has experienced the last 3 years encountering only my peers and female teachers, as a senior, I can't quite familiarize myself with the change of atmosphere like the rest of my classmates. I've been so used to my friends and not worrying about having a boyfriend like the other girls my age. Now, with a camping trip, I may have the first of many anxiety attacks of having boys and men look at me.

Is love or lust in the air at this camping trip? Depends on who you are:

Are you:
  • The Jock - Confident and strong and able to work in a team. Sometimes you're a little prideful (or maybe the biggest narcissist in the school). You like the attention and enjoy working for the attention. You saw the school's merge as an opportunity to gain more attention, especially with the young ladies.
  • The Brains - You could care less what anyone thought about you. You are more inclined to ignore everyone else while you get your #study on. The school's merge to you was a move done out of necessity and demand of the city.
  • The Party Animal - The class clown, the goofball, the smart-alec, you've made it through your high school days joking around amongst your peers and getting reprimanded by your professors. The school's merge gives you a chance to tease the female population, maybe even one of them will like you for it.
  • The Timid Kid - Face it, you're shy. You probably are outgoing with your friends, but you have no idea how to talk to a girl. You've never had the chance, but can a camping trip allow you to open up?
  • The Delinquent - Cutting class, vandalizing school property, getting in trouble with the law is normal for you. The only reason why you haven't been expelled is because the administrators are probably too scared to expel you. On the other hand, you may be trying to reform yourself, become a better person. Merging the school helped a bit with that. Maybe the opposite sex could help even more?
  • The Big Brother (teacher) - You're dependable and reliable amongst your students and are not afraid to be honest in disciplining. The school's merge has brought many challenges, with the influx of cute female students being the one of the top ones. But you're not one to cross the line. However, with your dashingly good looks (with younger women often mistaking you for another student)

5) Memorabilia - It came sudden. Cancer, car accident, suicide. Whatever the case, at my father's funeral, we meet out of respect. I'm already a young woman who meets one of her dad's buddies from the military. You have experienced several tours with the guy, fought alongside him, and together you grew close while drawing closer and closer to near death. My interest in my somewhat distant father leads me to you over several meetings, as you share with me the countless stories you've shared.

Phoenix Rising:

Below are games that I enjoyed playing, but for some reason (loss of interest, player withdrawing), the story progression came to an abrupt halt. If they tickle your fancy or grab your interest, we can sort to revive or create a new story like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Re: Eliza's Non-Genderswap Roleplays
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2016, 06:48:17 PM »
Added a new plot:


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Re: Eliza's Non-Genderswap Roleplays
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2017, 08:39:08 PM »
Added Co-Ed Camping Trip

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Re: Eliza's Non-Genderswap Roleplays
« Reply #3 on: December 19, 2017, 01:27:15 PM »
Added a new plot at #5, titled, Memorabilia.

Added a new section for stories I'd like to revive.