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March 20, 2018, 07:03:39 AM

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Author Topic: Walking Dead The Last of Us Inspired ( F for M) Updated  (Read 347 times)

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Walking Dead The Last of Us Inspired ( F for M) Updated
« on: March 20, 2016, 02:10:48 PM »

I've always wanted to play a RP in the same setting as The Last of Us, or The walking dead, I love Joel and Ellie, Rick and the groups and the harsh adventure they have to trek. I think it would be fun to have a bloody, gory, gritty adventure, doing the worst possible things to survive just to end up as a clicker. I picture something absolutely brutal and depressing, but somehow we can still find beauty and even fun in this post-apocalyptic world.
I just have idea's I would love to expand upon if they interest you, and please throw your idea's at me I love to hear them!

MC= My Character, YC=Your Character
And I'm open to make changes so don't be afraid to ask !

Idea One :
Picture a band of smugglers/bandits traveling across country ( it can be a different country to, if you want) , doing an important delivery of supplies ( or something). In the more wooded part of the region, the whole group is set on edge by strange sounds emanating from the surrounding woods, following them. Later it is revealed that they are being hunted by a large group of cannibals. A dog fight erupts between the two groups, heavy casualties are taken on both sides and just a few remaining survivors scatter for their lives into the woods as infected start to show up from all the commotion.

So I think our characters should be from the opposing groups, I was thinking MC would be the smuggler and YC could be the cannibal. The weather in this area starts getting worse, food is limited and our characters would cross paths, it would be best to work together but how could she trust a bastard that took out her group. Would he even care to help her if he could just kill her, and devour her.

Idea Two:
We can switch to what ever role you prefer
There's a groups living off in the wood, a small community of half way decent people trying to survive.  Enduring many hardships, dealing with infected and hunters constantly, having to adopt a nomad kind of life. Moving across the regions and never staying in one spot to long. One particular night at their new site and intruder appears cutting through their defenses and leaving them vulnerable and open to possible attacks. This intruder, YC steals their most valuable supplies and almost slips away into the night, only to be intercepted by someone going out for a late night piss.

MC is a valued member of this group and in the morning they discuss what to do with the thief, most voting to kill him while others would rather not be so rash. MC is on the fence but brings up the point that if his group finds them they might be able to negotiate and possibly not have to fight them, better have him alive just in case.

But they didn't consider that YC might actually be running from something more dangerous then hunters or infected, and this my dear people is were I introduce the worst of the worst, the big bad wolf. This man is a psychopath, brilliant and has an army to rival the government, or what's left of it. 

We would have to deal with his men hunting for us, fighting infected and so on, but we would eventually get caught and have to endure more brutality!

Idea Three:
YC is trap in a office building deep in the city, desperate you climb each floor trying to evade the walkers. They're catching up slowly as you try to shut every door you possible could, it seems someone's been her before, rummaged through and doors kicked in. This forces you to escaped momentarily to the roof were you find MC chained up on some piping. There must be a reason someone chose to go through the trouble of trapping her on top of a walker infested building, so naturally YC was wary of MC who begs and pleads for help. But the walkers are coming and the door YC feebly barricaded won't hold them back for long.

Then YC is given a choice to live or die when MC speaks of a way off the roof, but MC won't tell you till she is freed. Time is of the essence and reluctantly YC help's bust the chains. They both would escape the roof him soon discovering the awful person he released from that roof top.

Will she betray him, or save his ass in the future?

We can switch role were YC is trapped on the roof, or if you have any ideas let me know. I do intend to have more character in this, like groups of survivors and I already have other characters created for this to, like with the other two ideas.

Idea Four:
MC ( Or YC we can switch) has been a wanderer for sometime, living amongst walkers in the woods. Over time MC has become feral like, camouflaging themselves amongst the walkers to travel freely in their endless search of supplies. MC rarely has to worry about other survivors as they tend to avoid such large herds,  having watched many people be over taken by walkers. MC has grown numb to people, not seeming to care as they get torn apart before her.

But one day her herd happened upon a group held up in some department store, standing amongst the corpses she watch as the walkers attempt to break through the groups defenses. The roaring of the walkers and the gun shots build till the tension breaks within MC, snapping into an emotional wreck. Becoming an unstoppable murdering machine she takes out her claymore and slices through the walkers, killing what remained after the groups rain of bullets. Collapsing afterwards in a ball of tears MC black out, awakening later with the group she helps save who ( most ) were all to eager to accept her into the group, though many do have their concerns, thinking she's unstable witnessing her break down earlier.

I think this one has great potential to, thinking YC could be the Leader of this group, but as I said we could switch roles if you prefer. I like to think it was YC that won people over on the idea of taking MC in, I would also help make up characters in the groups and help play them to.

Idea Five:
" It's three weeks old " MC shouts, she is a great scavengers, a loner, preferring to be alone. But scavenging one day went terribly wrong, getting caught by a group of people who decidedly pick the same building she picked. Out gunned she is left at their mercy, they look over her body and see a bite like wound healing up, and all she can think to say is " It's three weeks old ". Which might have saved her life, as they through bickering decide to keep her alive and take her with them against her will.

Seeing this group must of taken heavy casualties  as many of the members talk about others people in a pass tense. This groups needs more people and this scavengers has a great skill for getting in and finding good places for supplies. MC will be great at climbing and parkour, invading infect or walkers and climbing out from there grasps with ease. And same with this YC could be the leader or a rival of the Leader, always bickering.

I imagine them coming into a great deal of trouble having to deal with other groups, cannibals and hordes of zombies.

Those are my idea's so far, up for changes or idea's you may have. Please PM me if your interested and be sure to read my ON's and OFF's just down below, I will be selective so it's not like a 'first come first serve' kind of thing.

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Re: Walking Dead The Last of Us Inspired ( F for M) Updated
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2016, 03:42:36 AM »
Updated Idea Three Added!

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Re: Walking Dead The Last of Us Inspired ( F for M) Updated
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2016, 08:10:13 AM »
Updated Added Idea Four!

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Re: Walking Dead The Last of Us Inspired ( F for M) Updated
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2016, 03:13:27 PM »
Added Idea Five!
'Wow I should totally rp with her!'