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Author Topic: Wolf in a Cage (F lf M character)  (Read 286 times)

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Wolf in a Cage (F lf M character)
« on: March 19, 2016, 03:10:16 PM »
She had been to this circus every year for the last twelve years. It was a way her and her father had bonded. But he had passed just three months ago and she wasn't going to let the memories of the man die with him. So as much as it pained her, she got up and dressed and went.

The circus only came once a year and it was always set up in the same spot in town, near the edge, so packing up and leaving were an easy venture. As she parked her small car, she looked around at all the people. It had never been this busy in all the years her and her father had come.

A brow rose as she got out of the car, the sound of crinkling paper beneath her foot. She looked down at the paper and the words  WORLD’S LARGEST WOLF caught her attention. She bent and picked up the flyer.

The picture beneath the words showed a large black wolf, but it wasn't a wolf she had ever seen before. It was easily three times the size and it's snout was shorter, it's ears slightly lower on the side of it's head.

It was bulky almost like a pit bull, but the wolf features were there as well. It was beautiful and something within her told her she needed to see it.

She walked to the entrance, stood in line for a couple minutes, then paid her entry. When she entered, there were clowns doing their tricks, children laughing, and adults talking among themselves. She walked forth, her eyes looking over everything, taking it all in.

A man, looking like an acrobat almost, came twirling through the cloud, pointing to a large tent near the back. “Come see the mystical wolf who is straight from a story book and maybe even your nightmares,” he said with an insane giggle. Then he was twirling off.

She went to the large tent and before she entered, she heard the snarls, and even yelps, followed by the sound of running electricity. Were they tazing the creature?

She pushed her way through, into the tent, and in the center was a large cage, it's bars looking to be made of silver. Inside was a large wolf, hackles raised, lips lifted in a snarl, looking at the man on the other side of the bars holding what looked to be a cattle prod.

The wolf's body stilled then and it breathed deeply in, it's body straightening and then he looked right at her with the most gorgeous green eyes. It was as if something inside her clicked into place.

But then the cattle prod slipped through the bars and jammed into his side, volts of electricity shooting through his body. This time it wasn't meant to annoy, and it caused him to fall to his face, his large body twitching as he whined. The whole time, those green eyes looked at her and it was as if he were crying for help.

She pushed her way through the crowd, past the ropes surrounding the cage and to the bars, where she gripped them. “Stop it! You're hurting him!” she yelled out.

Arms circled her waist and began pulling her from the cage, but her grip was tight on the bars. The wolf didn't like this and even with the electricity running through him, he got to his feet and stalked to the bars, barking and snarling at her assailant. But that only got another jab from the prod.

He jerked and fell to his side. This time though, those green eyes closed and stayed closed.

She screamed as a pain of her own filled her, clenching her heart.

I want the story to begin this way. Got the crazy idea this morning. I was thinking he is a werewolf, but do to something they give him, he stays in wolf form during the show.

My character is the one female destined to be his and even though she doesn't understand what is happening, the undeniable urge to rescue him needs to be filled.

They remove her from the premise, so she sneaks back that night, only when she goes to his cage, a man is within it. An attractive man. Very much in shape, rippling muscles. Though not like someone who spends a lot of time at the gym but of a man who has done hard labor in his life. And I'm thinking since he has been in captivity for some time, a full beard as well.

I am looking for a partner to play the male werewolf. Sex of player is irrelevant. Just that you can pull off a male correctly is needed. PM me if interested. We can discuss how this story goes. But I am looking for them to be mates in this story and she saves him and sets him free in more ways then one.
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