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May 24, 2018, 10:32:55 PM

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Author Topic: Cybernetic repair shop - scifi - 2MC, growing NPC cast - looking for a co-writer  (Read 398 times)

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Offline SainTopic starter

This is an idea inspired by
fantastic .gif (
extra image of those two
). The story would be of those two young cyborg women and of their everyday struggles as they attempt to set up a cybernetics repair shop in the more
neighborhood of
a spaceport
. It would be a spin on the idea classic of two close and rather idealistic friends fresh out from high education trying to pursue a noble idea rather than a lucrative career and of them staking their lives to help others less fortunate. They would be our main characters; I don't mind which one you pick. We could start out with some other characters as contacts in the upper class areas of Midnight that they left behind and maybe just one friend in the slums who helped them get their clinic/workshop set up. Then we would expand with patients, neighbors and friends as they meet these two. We could even take a look at some of the individual NPCes stories if we come up with something interesting and sort of make it a collection of short stories with these two as the pivotal point connecting it all together.

Relationship of the 2MC Could be anything from just friends to lovers, I don't mind exploring either. I do want them to have a deep connection though that keeps them together despite all the troubles their workshop will face.

Setting. It's clearly the future. There are advanced full body cybernetics and space ships. Midnight is probably the biggest city of some foreign planet, named so because it's in the arctic circle and in perpetual midnight. I want to keep most of it pretty open. Aliens? There could be some, there could be none or humans could be the 1% minority. The government? Federation, planetary government or maybe some kind of corp controlled thing? Warp travel or some more down to earth cryosleep space travel, both work. People would still be people with people needs and weaknesses - vices and violence. Gangs of the slum not all that different from those in modern day except in scale and technology they have. I haven't thought much about the details of what sort of gangs, troubles and neighborhoods we would have in the slums. I rather we co-operate in hammering out those details into an image that excites us both.

What kind of theme I'm looking for with this. I rather prefer this be hard-scifi rather than science fantasy (this means no psionics or force magic either). Even if our characters encounter awesome things we don't really bathe in the awe and special of it. Say a mighty sky blocking space vessel arrives above their city. They do not stare in wonder, but rather say, "Meh... Titan class II looks kinda fat." or complain about it ruining the nice weather with the atmospheric disturbance it causes once it leaves the planet. This would be a bit more slice of life-y than I'm used to. Rather focus on more mundane problems and organic plot development rather than have the characters be whisked into some big conspiracy. I want to zoom on these two and their development as they go through problems that follow from trying something so ambitious from the goodness of their hearts. For the mood I would like to contrast the light chipper attitude of these two against the angst of the slums. In the two MC I'd like to see us bring out their cuteness in their interactions with each other. They might get a gangster patient bleeding to death, but it would not hold them down for long. Some romance would also be nice to see to blossom either between MCes or MC - NPC or just showcase some really sweet NPC-NPC moments.

Smut? Hmm... depending on the writer I might be up for CoC level of sexiness, but I'm thinking I would rather we keep focus more on the stuff that doesn't happen panties down. Something like 20/80 smut/plot or even 10/90. For smut scenes though we could use any NPCes we like. I'm pretty open to any kinds of pairings. See my O/o for more details about the kinks. 

What kind of writing partner I'm looking for. Attention to details is important for this kind of game. Posts should only be as long as they need to be, and for this they would usually need to be somewhat lengthy. I dislike writing with people who prefer quick fast replies or genuinely struggle with descriptions. You would be a co-writer rather than a player to a story - as much in charge of things as me. A proactive writer who can pitch ideas for plot, characters and setting and help us build something glorious out of this little seed that I've presented. Most importantly I'm looking to find someone who on some level gets what kinda core idea I was going for and is interested in exploring it as much as I am. Check my O/o for my preferred posting rate.

Don't reply to this thread. Send me PM and we see if things click.