Friendzone Tease/Cuckold Type Of Story [M Seeking F]

Started by pleaseteaseme, March 15, 2016, 11:14:50 AM

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Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading my thread.

Two quick things if I may before getting to the roles:
- I don't care what your real life gender is. If you're willing to play the female role then I'm more than happy to discuss it with you.
- No one liners please. I don't expect pages of text in every reply but some detail is desired. Naturally shorter replies are sometimes all that is required and that's totally fine, I don't expect anyone to type for the sake of typing.

This idea revolves around two teenagers (Open to other ages though!) who are really good friends. The catch is of course that she is way out of his league. She's beautiful and could have any guy that she wants whilst he on the otherhand is a little nerdy and somewhat out of his depth when it comes to conversing with the opposite sex. Despite that they get on well, though he often spends much of their time together devouring her with his eyes, trying to hide his boners and running around after her doing whatever she asks of him.

He's firmly in the friendzone and though he badly wants out of it he is somewhat resigned to being there. He's willing to accept it because he just wants to be around her, he likes her so much that he doesn't want to be the one that ruins what they have. She's not blind to this though as she knows how much he likes her, how much he wants her and she loves to play up to it. She tells him that he's cute; she kisses his cheek, squeezes his thigh and even playfully giggles and prods his bulge when he gets stiff. She knows doing that makes him fall further under her spell, allowing her to have him do her homework and drive her places when needed amongst other things.

The cuckold element comes into play in that despite leading him on like this she is clearly having sexual relations with other guys. It might be the big, hunky guys she likes, the guys with big cocks and so on. She doesn't hide this to her friend, and even openly talks to him about it, telling him how she got fucked so well, who she blew, who her friend got with and so on. She enjoys being sexual around him, flirting with him, making him pop erections and then giggling at him when he gets them. She might mock him if he's been stiff for a while, asking if his balls ache or if he wants to go and rub one out in the bathroom, before giggling hysterically and telling him that he's not running off to the bathroom to masturbate whilst she's here! It would be playful and flirty, but also somewhat cruel and mean too as she knows what she is doing to him, however this is masked behind the fact that she is nice to him and doesn't want to hurt really him (outside of making him ache for her!).

This isn't an exact plot as I would be willing to tweak and adapt it if you had any preferences or likes of your own. I'd also be open to playing the other guys in the story if needed, however that would only be something I would be willing to do if it is understood that I don't want to play those characters more than my main one. A good healthy mix of scenes and scenarios could be a lot of fun as she drives one boy wild whilst ensuring that other select boys don't have to feel anything but sublime.

If you're interested then please send me a PM as I would love to discuss things in more detail with you!

Thanks for your time!  :D