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September 25, 2021, 01:17:17 am

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Author Topic: Star Wars - Sith Corruption, Dark Side Adventures, Old Republic Shenanigans  (Read 626 times)

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Star Wars

Okay, now that we have the cheeky introduction image out of the way, this request really doesn't have much to do with it. But it's sexy, references a seduction to the Dark Side and has both Darth Vader and a redhead in it, so it needs more exposure.

What is this request? It's easy. Quick. Hopefully seductive, too. The classic story of a young Jedi (knight or apprentice, female) falling to the Dark Side and the teachings of the Sith -- in this case, my Sith. A freshly minted Sith Lord. A former Jedi Archeologist himself, who was corrupted and taught the ways of the Sith by the Dark Spirit of Exar Kun.

Ideally this would be a progression rather than a sudden and complete fall, accompanied by space hijinks and adventures in the pursuit of greater power. That's what being a Sith Lord is all about, after all. That and getting rid of all opposition, including those pesky Jedi.

I intend to lean heavily on the Expanded Universe and want to situate the game in the Old Republic era - perhaps after the events shown in SW:TOR are concluded so that there is a certain equilibrium in the universe again that doesn't involve a constant intergalactic war, a status quo to explore in and to upset.

Prominent themes are corruption (to the Dark Side), seduction, exploration, adventure, social intrigue, battle, philosophy and so on.

I am hoping for some genuine attempts at examining the Sith and Jedi beliefs, what the Force is and what it means to the characters.

What I'm looking for

A female character to act as the apprentice and eventually lover to my own. As a prospective writer, the following should be true of you:

-) A solid grasp of English and a detailed writing style. I don't want to put down hard numbers, but if I don't have a solid bit of text to reply to, my motivation to do so quickly drops. I don't want quantity over quality; rather, I want quantity and quality both.

-) Well versed in Star Wars and ideally the Old Republic era. Having played any of the KotOR games or SW:TOR should be sufficient. Having read some of the comics that portray the era earns you a cookie.

-) Communicative. Talking about the game and where you want it to go, what might be fun to include in the future and so on, that's important. Far too many games die because the people involved just silently post at each other. Whilst it's not an absolute requirement (PMs can work instead), text chat over Skype is a bonus.

-) Desire for a long-term game. This could potentially go on for years.

-) Posting speed should be about once a week as an average minimum. I don't like hard requirements for this and whilst I love a session where I and my RP partner post back and forth multiple times a day (which I'm happy to do here too, when time on both sides permits), we all have our lives to live and sometimes have bad days or even weeks. All I really ask is that you post when you can and if you lose interest or motivation for a particular scene, to let me know and I will return that same courtesy.

Still with me? Still interested? If so, let me know via PM and give me some thoughts on the premise, what you like about the themes I'm suggesting and what sort of character you're interested in playing. No big character sheet right off the bat, please, just a concept pitch. Or concept pitches, if you have multiple ideas for potential characters.

I have a character concept I want to use for this, but it's not written in stone and thus not included here. If you want to have a look at the raw version I made for another solo game, let me know and I'll send it.

And that's it. May the Force be with you!


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