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Author Topic: Seeking partner for a romantic story (f for m)  (Read 1041 times)

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Seeking partner for a romantic story (f for m)
« on: March 15, 2016, 03:29:13 AM »
  I've had a lot of non-con stories and smut driven stories and honestly... it's starting to get a little depressing XD As much as I enjoy those, I need to bring a little romance back!

Just a few things I ask from my partner~

1.) Post length I can range from 2-3 paragraphs or more. But I'm also understanding that not all scenes can extend long. All I ask is that you try to add to the story and please- please no one liners. If you don't add then I'll lose interest ^^;'

2.) Please understand these are Romance themed. If you want to toss in scenes that are outside of this in hopes I'll agree- sorry but I won't. I have enough stories with a rougher and grittier feel. However, that being said- I'm alright with it getting rougher with sex scenes :)

3.) I play a more submissive role and so I'm looking for a partner that is alright with taking the more dominant role. That said, my character will not be a complete pushover ^_^

4.) Open communication! If you have any ideas or questions about something please don't hesitate to talk OOC! I love talking to and getting to know my partner!

5.) I'm going to revamp my ONs and OFFs a little. So I'll post here what I'm alright with and what kinks I'm looking for ^_^

[Yes!: oral, vanilla sex, light bondage, sensual scenes, foreplay, some public scenes, maybe rougher sex if the desire is there. I'm open to anything that fits the mood~]

{NO!: Anal -not for mxf stories-, humiliation, bathroom play, abuse, and non-con. //this is a romance story... I want it consensual//}

6.) These will be cheesy ideas... but you know- a girl needs her cheesy romance sometimes!! I'll update later with more story ideas ^_^

~That being said, I hope that you find something you'll enjoy and I hope to hear from you!!! Please PM me if you are interested!~

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Story Ideas

*Princess and a Knight- For this story, I'd like the characters to be familiar with eachother. Perhaps he was sworn to protect her ever since she was a young teenager and in a way grew up with her. Now they're both young adults and he must deal with keeping his promise to protect her, but also his growing feelings for her. This could be a forbidden love since she may be promised to another prince. I have some cute scene ideas for this one! I'd also like to have this in a Fantasy, Medieval Era with a Celtic vibe to it. I'd like them to try and keep their romance hidden, but maybe when a suitor comes and starts forcing his way onto her, YC reacts without thinking and barges in ready to fight. This could lead to tension later on and move things along. Maybe even a pregnancy scare forces them to make the decision to flee together. That doesn't happen until later on down the road ^_^
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*Vampire Story- I've always had a love for vampire stories //Please- not the Twilight ones >.<// But I love the idea of a vampire falling in love with a human, maybe even turning her so they could live together forever in damnation. I'm open to any possibles ideas you may have for this one!!

*Modern Slice-of-life -Either a High School Romance, Chance meeting, or Childhood friends separated and reunited later on down the road! For this one I'd like to deal with the everyday life struggles and maybe even planning a family down the road for them. Again, I'm open to any suggestions you may have or
want to see!

Fandom Stories!

**Attack on Titan: OCs based in the world of the anime/manga. ((I'll make an exception and have this be more of a darker theme))

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Re: Seeking partner for a romantic story (f for m)
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2016, 03:43:17 AM »
**Searching for a role play partner :D **