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Started by Dringdar, March 14, 2016, 09:54:06 PM

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Thomas was a good boy. He worked hard in school and at his job, he did well in sports, was beloved by his friends and teachers, and even volunteered every now and then for various good causes. This stereotypical perfect young man had a dark little secret. One which feared would one day come to light. One which would ruin him, destroy his good image. Once or twice per week, when no one else was home, Thomas would become Tammy. He'd put on some sexy clothes; nothing dirty, nothing bad, but every bit of it womanly. He was smart enough not to make it incriminating, not to do anything which might get him in trouble.

At least, so he thought. One day, he makes a mistake by trying a new routine. He'd planned it for weeks, the route he'd take, how he'd handle himself, where he'd go. Then, at last, the day came. He put on his dress, his stockings, and looked cute as could be. Giddy, he got in his car, started the ignition, put it in gear, started to back out... Only to hear the terrible sound first of a horn, and then of a crash. His heart fell into his stomach as he looked in the rear view mirror, and spots his nightmare's beginning.

Enter your character. You could be anyone so long as your character knows Thomas, and is older than he, though I would prefer a futa. Ashamed, all that Tammy can do is sit in the car, humiliated, terrified, on the verge of tears. A light tap on the door commands he roll down the window. He doesn't look, but listens as the familiar voice lays out terms. In exchange for your character's silence, Thomas will come to their house at once, wearing his current outfit. If he accepts, this goes away. If he refuses, then the police, and his parents will be involved. There's no question.

What all this game includes is up for discussion. I'd like to include feminization, hypnosis and mind control, some humiliation, and BDSM. Other elements are up for discussion. Send me a PM if you're interested in discussing this game!