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Author Topic: Endless Eiselmann m lf f  (Read 877 times)

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Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« on: March 14, 2016, 08:40:23 PM »
HI all

Its been a hectic start to the year , in real life , however things are finally starting to calm down and I'm able to get back into writing , with that in mind I'd like to add a couple of extra stories so have a few plots I'd like to throw out there, if interested please PM me.

So before we get to the plots , lets deal with the other stuff.

I only post on this site in the forums.
I need more than a line a time, I'm happy to post 2-3 paragraphs at least. I do try to match my co-writers efforts
I like a fair chunk of smut in my stories however I really perfer plot driven writing
I'm happy to drive the plot or do most of the work in that regard , however its always fun to have a cooperative effort. Saying that if you want me to effectively GM the story I will still bounce ideas of you and would value any input.
Age play...most of my stories and ideas involve the male character being younger than the female character , this is a strong preference and I am more than happy to have my character be 16 as per site rules, saying that I am completely aware that this doesn't suit many of you, so if a plot appeals but you want the age of my guy to be 18 or older I'm completely open to that . (the reason 16 is okay with me , is that in my country its the age of consent and has been for a very very long time so its want I grew up with )
NPC's I love them, expect them.
I'm also a very visual sort of at least one real person photo of each major character please

ONs and OFFs

My offs are male on male, cross dressing, sissification, domestic violence by my main character,gore and vore

My ons, single male on multiple women , submissive female, cuckold stories (I'll play the hubby as an npc) older females , Taboo relationships

Anything not listed can be considered a likely on


Harry Potter

Hermione/Tonks(or as a pair) x OC (perfer non magical character) /Ron/ Neville

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy/ Faith/ Cordelia/(any combination) x Xander or OC (perferably someone with limited talents )


Prue/Piper/Phoebe x ordinary guy (strong preference for all three female characters to be after one guy ) happy for guy to have some powers

Son's of Anarchy

Tara/Ima/Lyla  x OC

Walking Dead

Maggie x OC in a world where Glen never existed or has died some time ago
Maggie/ Rosita/ Tara/Andrea/Beth (or any combination) x Carl


Lagertha/Aslaug/Judith x Bjorn /OC

 Lara Croft x OC have a story idea for this around the Lost City of Atlantis , again my charatcer will be younger than Lady Croft

Also if anyone has a plot that involves  Katherine Middleton or happy to use her image then it would be difficult for me to say no if the plot stayed away from my off's



Sister in Law- Brother in law.

Your character met my charatcer and his older brother several years ago, one was very confident and funny , the other quiet and shy, you liked the quiet and shy one , they pity was that he was just too young so you agreed to date the older brother. A few years later that date turned into marriage. For the most part its been a happy marriage, you travel and have loads of friends and your sex life is spectacular( looking at them regularly having both male and female for threesomes and more somes) There is one growing cloud , financially your life is a disaster, your husband spend money quicker than he earns it and after several years your house deposit account is zero you are quite literally living on debt.

For my character (the younger brother) life has been the opposite, I studied hard , got a high paying job working as a programmer for a games company and I've build up a sizeable financial portfolio. Sadly , I've also never had a real girlfriend and for the last few years have basically given up on the idea of marriage, even if I wish more than anything to actually get married.

So , when the financial situation reaches its limit and bankruptcy looms your character and her husband bit the bullet and come to the one person who can help. My Character. Of course I will help but I have one condition... I want my sister in law to help me find a wife.

The idea is that your charatcer will introduce me to a number of women(who you'll play as npcs), while helping me become a more social and appealing guy, while all this is going on you're slowly falling for the 'new' me. (looking at our characters being mid twenties to late thirties , your character would be 2-4 years older than mine)

Teacher(YC) student(MC) Blackmail

Your character is one of the most popular teachers in school. Not only is she beautiful she has sex with several of the students (can be both male and female) always with jocks or alpha's. One day a quiet student(MC) comes to her with video proof of the encounters and blackmails your character into having sex with him in order to keep quiet , or else he'll tell the school board and your husband.

What MC doesn't know is that you have always wanted to be blackmailed into sex, its one of your biggest kinks. What he also doesn't know is that the school board actively hire beautiful teachers who are prepared to have sex with the top male jocks in order to enhance the sporting reputation of the school.

Head mistress x student, a slave story

Your character is the head mistress of a Private coed school, the school has a very high portion of females among its student body and most of the teachers are female. The female teacher and female students accepted into the school do have to met academic standards , however they also have to meet standards of beauty.

What very few people know is that you (and a few teachers) are property and your masters son is about to start at your school and he has full authority  over you and by extension the school.

Future Sister in law  x future brother in law.

Young and Hung it was a very expensive specialty escort company. Its escorts are all in high school aged between 16 to 18 , and must have a penis at least ten inches long. Rightly privacy for client and escort is paramount. Your character is a long term client of the company, you recently became engaged , your future husband is sadly not blessed with a large member.

Now that its time to meet your husbands family in a medium sized city that also happens to be a tourist hotspot you decide to go a few days early, without your fiance and stay in a hotel so you can get a feel for the place, there is also an escort in the area and according to his reviews he's bigger than any cock you have ever had before.

What you don't know is that this escort is your future brother in law.....this can be a black mail story but would prefer it to be  a romantic story. Also possible that NPC's like my character's young step mother might want to find out who the escort is since everytime she books him he's not available(this is because she's on the list of women my guy can't be booked to-part of the privacy standards)

Always happy to look at cuckold stories have a number of plots which I will add soon.
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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2016, 07:17:46 PM »
The Ten Fantasies of Simon Pitt

This will involve a lot of female NPC and from that one of those characters will become the prime characters for yourself.

Simon Pitt (age any from 30-60) has lead a lonely life, very shy he's never married  or even had a serious relationship with a woman, infact if it wasn't for escorts and hookers , which he goes to infrequently, he'd be a virgin. Every other part of his life has had better success and he owns a nice home in a nice neighbourhood doing a job he loves. He has a number of good friends many of whom can't understand why some woman hasn't snapped Simon up.

Now the fact he doesn't get a lot of sex doesn't mean he isn't up for a lot of sex he just needs something to spark a change of luck.

That happens in a very intense dream which shows him the first step in getting all his fantasies fulfilled.

The ten fantasies are

To have a mother and daughter threesome.
To have sex with a women in her wedding dress on her wedding day and he's not the groom
To have sex with three sisters
To have sex with a woman after her husband invites him to and then hubby watches.
To have sex with a Playboy/Penthouse centerfold
To have sex with a famous person (can be real or made up, if real I have some preferences)
To have sex with a random women by simply walking up to her and asking
To have sex with multiple women at the same time  (over five and as high as my co writer is happy to do )
To have a woman beg him for sex
To have sex with a woman he loves and loves him back and will be open to any of his fantasies .

The last one is of course your principal characters she will also be one of the women in the first nine fantasies (your choice) the tenth one of also going to be the last fantasy written. This story is very heavy on the smut  ...also the first nine fantasies can be changed if one or more doesn't suit however I would prefer to only change one or two at the most.

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2016, 05:14:28 PM »
Sara's Bedroom Party

Your character comes from a very Conservative family/ has a high paying job that requires maintaining high morals(or similar. You life just out of town and your only near neighbour is an old woman who spends most of her time travelling on cruises. You are for all intents and purposes a very respected member of your local community.

You also host one of the most successful porn shows on the internet. 'Sara's Bedroom Party'  subscriber only viewing you are able to block anyone who might know you from viewing the show. Once a week you host a party in your bedroom, any number of male or females will join you in a two hour show, some of them are friends from college and high school , many are pornstars. It makes you a hell of a lot of money.

When the old lady dies , the house next door is inherited by the woman's granddaughter and her young step son(my character) character's now deceased father was a big fan of Sara's bedroom Party and my guy realizes who his new neighbour is.....time for a lot of blackmail

Would perfer my characters to be 16-18 , this will involve blackmail and maybe progressing to a genuine romance...possible step mother-step son incest - definitely multiple npc males and females

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #3 on: March 16, 2016, 09:50:51 PM »
Your characters is one of the top female porn stars in the world (would work better if she was from Asia or Eastern Europe) recently you got married to a much older man (I'll play as an npc)who also happens to own one of the biggest Adult Entertainment empires in the world. While there are genuine feelings for each other its not a deep love . For starters, the old man is very much still in love with his long deceased first wife , added to that he actively encourages you not only to do more porn but to take on both male and female lovers.

The marriage of course has not been welcome by the old man's daughter, who while estranged form her father and havingrejected any offers of financial help, does want to protect her own son's(my character) inheritance as the rightful heir to the business.

She sends her son to L.A (can be anywhere in the states or in Western Europe) to spend the summer holidays with his grandfather. In part to cement the grand-father/grandson connection but also so that she can find out if this marriage is 'real'. The old man knows this(or at least has correctly guessed it) and he also knows something else, he only has a few months left to live. In order to secure his wife's financial future he realizes that he has to give his grandson a reason to care about his new he actively wants them to get together not just sexually but as a couple.

Only he can't bare to tell either of them the truth about his impending demise.

The story will start as the young guy arrives (he'll be anywhere from 16-19) he'll know what his grandfather does and while he's a little shy and naive he also wants to take advantage of his grandfathers contacts and have sex with some porn stars.

Your character would be over 22 but under 30 , happy for her to make my guy work to get between her legs, thou very heavy flirting and teaser could happen immediately, would also imagine that while she's happy to have sex with others both in front of the camera and off set its just been either a job or a bit of fun til now, so the insistency/urgency in which her husband is acting could be an issue for her. Would definitely like to see her (and the grand dad) hook my guy up with other pornstars as well.

 Multiple npc's mainly female

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #4 on: March 17, 2016, 08:36:27 PM »
Cockhold. sub dom possible Master Slave

Your characters is a very respected member of the local community, a housewife , you are on several local committees  and you support your husband (a Vicar or a local politician) . People think you have a wonderful life and while you enjoy your community involvement , all is not as it seems.

Infact on the inside your screaming in impotent rage , when you met your husband he seemed so perfect , everything you could hope for , a man who would take charge and be in control, a man who knew how to treat a woman and keep her in her place.

Instead you got a sad weak male who defers to you about everything and what is worse he has no interest in sex. You'd have an affair but the idea of ruining your community reputation and that of your parents stops you mostly because you know you'd never get away with it.

Then your husband (who I'll play as an npc) announces that he got talked into hosting a foreign exchange student for a year. Turns out the foreign exchange student is a teenage male and he's not very good at masking his interest in you.

Figure the exchange student would be 16-18 from either Britain Australia or New Zealand (thou I'm happy to also play his as a central/eastern European) and your character will be mid 20's to late 30's ...also please note I'm open to pregnancy for your character

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2016, 07:01:21 PM »
Slave /Master or sub /dom open to this involving incest(mother son- Aunt nephew, sister in law-brother in law)

My character (16-18) parents have been regularly going to parties every other weekend for years, , in the last several months I've become curious about these parties and have been promised that when I'm old enough I'll definately get an invitation.

Well now I'm old enough ,but I can only go if I have a date and only if I choose someone my parents what me to go with....that doesn't seem fair at all, but they won't change their mind so two days before the party they invite some females over, since there are loads of single ones going to these parties.

Your character is the one I select, she'll be older can be anywhere from 19-40. Would perfer her to be someone already in my characters life, like a teacher, or friends mother or friends older sister. The parties are sex parties so there will be an array of characters. The story would start a couple fo days before the party....

This is very much a smut heavy story however the reason I would prefer your character to already be someone in my charatcers life is that I want to build a story showing the impact that sexual relationship has on every other part of the lifes of our characters.

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2016, 10:03:31 PM »
My character 16-18 has come to visit his older brother and sister in law(your character) for the summer holidays, a long planned stay as my character's parents are contracted to work overseas for six months.

What my characters and my parents don't know is that your character and her husband are heavily involved in the swinger community .

Happy to have this story be one where the husband is sent overseas for a few weeks , just before the hosting of a swinger party

Or you and your husband(who I would play as an npc) always planned to introduce me into the swinger community

Or Your character has always been looking for a male to dominant her and use her, but her husband and all the men in the community are sub's when she discovers my characters won't be ordered around she decides to see if he can still be a master for her...and her friends.

Would imagine your characters is anywhere from early twenties to mid thirties

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #7 on: December 01, 2016, 02:32:41 AM »
Getting back into posting after a chaotic period looking to do one of the stories above

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #8 on: December 03, 2016, 05:50:36 PM »
Six months ago your character found the perfect guy, he was everything you could have hoped for and more. Three months after meeting him you agree to move into his house and there's already talk of marriage and babies.

The night before your due to move out of your apartment your boyfriend arrives with a dozen of his friends and tells your character that she has to prove her love, one little test before he fully commits to you...he wants you to let his friends have sex with you, one after the other...all night.

YOu try to reason with him  but he's insistent. Faced with being homeless and knowing he's the one you wnat to be with (even if this demand is a shock) you agree.

As dawn breaks , your body fully used the prospect of a long day of moving lies ahead....then your boyfriend comes into your bedroom to tell you it's over , you failed the test he can't love a slut like you.

Three months later you are sat a gym, your bank account empty having spent all the money you had storing your belongings while you pay too much for a room at a boarding house. This is your last day in the gym , tomorrow your membership lapses ...and work ugh ....your employer has warned you that your performance has gotten so bad that if there's not an improvement soon you'll be fired....when you hear a conversation that changes everything.

Two women are talking nearby about a guy who sounds exactly like your ex....and it turns out both women had dated him in the past and both had been faced with the same choice have sex with all his said yes , the other both cases your ex dumped them....and theres more , there are at least five other women who have endured the same thing.

You want revenge for the want to do something that will really annoy him.....the one person he hates is his younger half brother(my character), being with him would anger your ex .

Happy with this being romantic and light , or have your character be  dominated by my guy.
Very open to the other women being part of the revenge and having sex with my guy.

Age....I'd prefer my guy to be 16 however I'm open to him being aged up to 22 however if he's over 18 I'd prefer him to be shy and quite which would require your character to bring him out of his shell

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Re: Endless Eiselmann m lf f
« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2016, 06:03:20 PM »
Older male younger female idea. (yes I do these age roleplays as well :-) )

Omnitech is one of the best companies in the world to work for ...once you get on the promotion ladder the pay and perks are awesome.

Every new staff member has to start at the bottom , in the call center, every six months an assessment is done and selected staff are promoted out of the frontline contact into much better paid positions. For a number of years being part of the selection panel has been considered a major perk....since tightbodied new recruits know that performance at the job is just one part of the promotion process...the bigger part of the assessment is being willing to do whatever the assessors want you to do.

This has lead to many people missing out on promotion who would otherwise have done a better job than many of the ones who did get promoted, so the owners have changed the system in order to get the best performers moving forward, they will use the most experienced call center staff to do the promotion assessments...these are people who have been overlooked time and time again.....sure they'll be fairer , they'll give promotion to some who would otherwise be overlooked........but if some tight bodied new recruit thinks they'll be handed a promotion they will be sadly mistaken.

Looking at you playing a young 18-22 female employee desperate to get promoted
My character will be 35-60 (I'll let you pick his age)

Happy for this to be light and romantic ...non con or even become a master/slave relationship....thinking it will cover a two week assessment period (so a short term story) but if it clicks really happy to extend it ....looking for lots of npc's young females vs older men