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May 11, 2021, 06:19:56 pm

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Author Topic: D&D, Freeform, or Other (M open to playing as and with anyone)  (Read 685 times)

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Offline AEvumTopic starter

I am currently seeking a partner for almost any kind of ERP. I both play and GM D&D 5e and 3.5 as well as Pathfinder and I am open for a freeform RP as well. Any other sort of system or ideas may or may not work; you'd have to send me a message explaining it. As far as D&D goes I prefer 5e over 3.5 or Pathfinder but if your idea is good enough I'm willing to work with you.

Beyond that I am open to playing as anything; men, women, futa, mindless tentacle monsters, etc. I have very few limits on who I enjoy playing as. I'm also open to other people playing anything such as a male partner playing as a female character. That said I'm not interested in MxM pairings and I generally don't enjoy FxF unless you have a particularly interesting idea.

While I'm open to more story driven RP I need some degree of eroticism to actually want to play. As far as smut or RPs with little story go I'm open to those as well. When it comes to D&D I enjoy making and playing worlds that range from full on pornographic worlds where everything wants to violate the player to worlds indistinguishable from normal D&D other than the occasional NPC attempting to seduce the player. With freeform or other I'd need a rather interesting idea or prompt to run with. Obviously if you're not sure about a particular idea send me a PM and I'll let you know what I think.

I am open to playing via forums or PM. I'm also willing to use IM if we play D&D to get through some combat since forums are a poor format for such things though I'd most likely want the non-combat interactions to be forum based as I prefer to plan out my posts a little bit.

If you do send me a PM make sure you let me know what kind of RP you're looking for (D&D, freeform, etc) and what your idea or which of mine you're interested in. Also let me know if you're wanting something more smut or story focused and if we're playing D&D if you want to play or GM. If we get an RP going I should mention I like receiving and giving some feedback in addition to some idle banter over PM so let me know if you're fine with that as well.

D&D Ideas
These are just some rough ideas for getting a game started that can be adjusted in any way. Most of these can be as lewd as you want. If you have any ideas other than these send me a PM.

Elvish Messenger - I like the idea of a young and somewhat naive elvish girl being sent out into the world on some minor task and having it go horribly wrong. If not a messenger she could be an outcast after breaking some sacred tradition. I imagine the girl getting into trouble due to her naivety and inexperience outside of elvish society that could lead to all sorts of naughty scenarios. Perhaps she has to continue her mission despite the risks or face terrible punishment if she fails.

Paladiness - Another idea is a bit more stereotypical of D&D but with the potential for erotic activity. A paladiness finds herself in desperate situations due to her vows to destroy evil and protect innocents. Perhaps the story could begin shortly after she is released into the world by her sacred order to defeat whatever evils she can find.

God of Lust - The idea here is that the God of Lust or some similar powerful figure tied to lust is corrupting the land. Perhaps the player is simply a barbarian wanderer who was wronged by the god after passing through its lands and now seeks revenge or the player could be a noble hero sent to vanquish the god of lust. Hell the player could be about anything here. From orcish tribes raping nearby villages to succubi and incubi taking over the ranks of nobles there should be a good chance for adventure in these corrupted lands.

Freeform Ideas
These are all rough ideas obviously so I'm perfectly willing to adjust these or open to ideas not mentioned here at all.

Corporate Slave - A low ranking worker in a company suddenly finds him/herself in a rather uncomfortable situation when a superior begins sexually harassing them. Unfortunately quitting isn't an option and complaining to HR falls on deaf ears and likely results in punishment. Although harassment starts somewhat minor over time the employee finds themselves made into his/her superior's slave.

Living Doll - The idea of a doll in the shape and size of a woman coming to life is both odd and appealing to me. Perhaps the creator did this intentionally or perhaps it was accidental. Either way I think this concept has potential although I'm not sure where to take it beyond then initial idea.
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