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September 22, 2021, 02:38:07 am

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Author Topic: Fantasy Romeo and Juliet and a few other ideas (M for F) Also Fire Emblem  (Read 421 times)

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I have some new ideas and I just can't seem to stop thinking about them. So I'll get right down to it.

Fire Emblem or Fire Emblem inspired ideas:

A Meeting of Two Worlds- (Possible Spoilers for Fire Emblem Fates) (Long Romance)
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This idea is the Fantasy Romeo and Juliet one. I got it from playing Fire Emblem Birthright. In the game, you play as the child of the Hoshido royal family who was abducted and raised by the Nohr royal family. Then, while on a mission into Hoshido, you discover your brothers and sisters and go home to meet your birth family. Then tragedy strikes and you end up having to choose which side to take in a war between Hoshido and Nohr.

The thing about this that interested me so much is the differences between the two countries. Nohr is typical European fantasy land common in Fire Emblem games but Hoshido is a land that's basically a fantasy analogue of Japan.

So what the actual idea for my roleplay would be the young scions of two different nations that are on the brink of war with each other that end up meeting and maybe they rub each other wrong at first, but they would eventually start to have feelings for each other. I figure maybe they would be in some kind of situation where maybe they're trapped in the wilderness or stuck in a third country or something, somewhere where they have to spend time together without their respective families. Or maybe there is a nearby neutral country and during some kind of meeting where the two families are trying and failing to come to a treaty, the two interact with each other in the city. But I figure fighting and war would be involved, given the source material.

Some things about this idea:
1. It doesn't have to be Nohr and Hoshido, or even Fire Emblem based. It would just need to be some kind of fantasy type of thing.
2. It doesn't have to be an east meets west thing, but I would want it to be a clash of cultures. In Fire Emblem, it could be like a human kingdom and a beastman kingdom or something. If other fantasy, it could be like elves and orcs or something. I'm open for discussion. Although I am in kind of a rare Asia kick. Maybe I could play the prince of fantasy Japan and you could play the orc warlord's daughter or something.
3. I'm wanting to play male opposite female, since this would be more romance based and less smut based. Although if you are looking for a futa partner, I could make up a futa race, or you could play one. But see my O/Os because I'm picky about my futas.

The Prodigal Child Returns- (Possible Spoilers for Fire Emblem Awakening) (Long Romance Incest Time Travel wierdness)
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This idea comes from Fire Emblem Awakening and I realize is a bit weird. In the game, your characters can be paired up and eventually fall in love and marry, and due to some calamity in the future, these children, as grown ups, come back in time to help their parents fight the war. Also, their future might have been destroyed. I dunno, never finished the game.

Anyone, the actual game idea is that one of our characters is some type of adventurer or maybe a soldier in a war, and due to some calamity, like in the game, a bunch of people from the future have come back in time. One of the people who comes back is the first character's child. So the two of us would play parent and child, who...due to time travel, are much closer to the same age. And the other parent? I dunno, maybe they died or it was a one night stand or it hasn't happened yet. Which, now, as I'm typing this, it occurs to me how this game could be riddled with paradoxes. But the idea would be that the child doesn't actually know who their parents are and they only find out later somehow.

Again, this one doesn't have to use a Fire Emblem setting, just some of its plot points.

General Fire Emblem Smut-
For this one, it could probably just be a one shot, smut based. The games are all about war and I figure the characters all know they could die at any time, so they would be less likely to say no to a night of passion with no attachments. There are a lot of Fire Emblem ladies I wouldn't mind having someone play. I'm also into incest pairings.

The only games I'm that familiar with (and girls I'm interested in someone playing:
Fire Emblem Birthright             (Rinkah, Setsuna, Mozu, Felicia, Hinoka, Orochi, and Scarlet)
Fire Emblem Awakening        (Lucina/male Morgan, female Morgan, Panne, Sumia, Sully, Miriel, maybe Thar'ja)
Fire Emblem Sacred Stones         (Eirika/Ephraim, Amelia, Neimi)
Fire Emblem (the GBA one with Eliwood and Lyndis)     (For this one, I wouldn't actually mind doing a scene between Raven and Lucius, a very effeminate looking guy)

Some other ideas:

The Witcher and the Werewoman-
I recently read one of the Witcher books and would maybe be interested in doing something where I played a Witcher (not Gerault) and played opposite a female monster of some kind. Could be really serious, could be not so much. Could be in that setting, but probably I would rather import Witchers to another setting, like something D&D esque or something. Doesn't have to be a werewoman, I just like alliteration.

Something based loosely off of the Persona games.

Superhero School-
During the Great War, people with extraordinary abilities arose to take part in the war, weather scientists with inventions dar ahead of their time, sorcerers and conjurors of otherworldly powers, or those with inborn gifts unlike any others. And ever since, more and more heroes have appeared donning colorful costumes and monikers ranging from menacing to ridiculous. But in the 70's and 80's, things were getting over crowded in the hero community and the battles between good and evil were becoming more and more destructive. Then, in the early 90s, a group of interdimensional beings declared war on the earth, wanting it for their own. The war was long and bloody, but it served as a sort of population control until, two years after it started, the war ended when the heroes were able to lock out the invaders.

The governments took this opportunity to step in to try and regulate heroes, requiring them to register and setting up schools for young people who had immense powers falling into thier laps to learn the proper ways to use them without leveling city blocks and harming bystanders.

I'm looking to play students at this school. Opposite a female or female-like character. Most powers are okay, but I'd rather not play opposite someone like Supergirl. Tech and training are okay, too, so long as it's not godmoddy.