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Author Topic: The Eye of Undoing [Closed]  (Read 844 times)

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The Eye of Undoing [Closed]
« on: March 12, 2016, 02:03:28 AM »
The Eye of Undoing

Towering over the city of Ailderhon, the Sapphire Tower of the Gehnovan Mage's Guild casts a long shadow over the Grand Forum. The tall marble structure gleams in the late afternoon sun, its cerulean blue banners wave in the sea breeze.Near the top, on the highest balcony of the great spire, the stone figure of the Guild's founder stands in silent watch far above the teeming streets below. Unknown to the city, and even unknown to the great and powerful who reside within the tower's walls, a prophecy spoken of long ago, spoken by the same founder who stands immortalized in stone, begins to take shape, mortal players moving across the chessboard of fate. On the streets below, events begin to unfold, events which will guide even the lowliest of pawns through a great and unknown adventure, one which will shape the fates kings, queens, and gods alike.

|| Slot 1 -- Valerian ||
|| Slot 2 -- Rotochron ||
|| Slot 3 -- Snow Nymph||

Good Evening, Elliquiy! I'd like to thank you very much for coming this far! The Eye of Undoing is a home-brewed campaign that I've been working on for the better part of a year now, and I'm dying for the opportunity to run this game. Before I get too far into the actual campaign ideas and fluff/crunch details, there's a little housekeeping I need to get out of the way-
  • I would prefer this to be a system-based game- 5e DnD is the first choice, but I can also be persuaded to use Pathfinder or DnD 3.5
  • This is an original setting of my own creation, but it shares the core pantheon with D&D's Greyhawk setting/default pantheon.
  • I am completely open to the gender of your character- I will accept players based on how well I think they'll fit, not their gender.
  • While I am not particularly strict on post frequency, I do ask that players consider if they will be able to commit to at least one post every other day before applying.
  • Likewise, post lengths are not going to be very set in stone- I prefer at least a paragraph in response, and sometimes will post several of my own, I don't need a page if one or two sentences will do. I am looking to tell a story, and to progress that story, you don't need to write any more than you feel is appropriate to contribute.
  • Also likewise, while I'm not very strict about grammar, I do ask that players at least try to proofread before posting; nothing throws off my flow more than a series of fragmented sentences and misspelled words.
  • Finally, and this is very important: this is an adult-oriented campaign, but I would like to stress that erotic situations will be circumstantial and that the core of this RP is not sexual, but adult-oriented themes will definitely be explored at certain points.
Alright, if you've made it this far, and you're still interested, let's get down to the brass tacks of it- first, I'll tackle the fluff of the setting, and where our story will begin, and then I'll provide any of the character information needed for us to start talking business, so to speak.

The Story

Our story is going to begin in the Republic of Gehnova, in the aforementioned city of Ailderhon, the capital of the Republic. The adventure will begin on a small scale, and as the player progresses, the scope of the adventure will expand further and further out; prior to the start of this game, your character will have heard that the Mage's Guild is currently enlisting assistance in dealing with a recent rash of spell component pouches being nicked from mages in the city. Whether you heard this from a jobs board, or general rumor, or even if you're already a member of the Guild, you'll be starting off by meeting with a contact at the Guild to get some more information regarding the thefts. Your character's background is pretty much entirely up to you, but for your reading pleasure and inspiration, I've included some details about each country on the map above, though I'm always more than willing to work with players to incorporate aspects from their characters where I can.

More than likely, I'll be taking the role of a secondary character in your quest- it may be a recent travelling companion, a lifelong loyal friend, or even a bitter rival, but that's something that we can work out later on, after you've settled on your character, but there will be some form of constant individual in your own character's life.

The Sovereign Republic of Gehnova
Capital City: Ailderhon
Ruler/Government: The Grand Senate
Demographic: Mixed race, human majority.
Description: The Republic of Gehnova is a naval trading nation, fair in climate and prosperous in wealth. It boasts the largest magical center of learning in the world, the Gehnovan Mage's Guild, though Omben's numerous small guilds have a combined enrollment that far exceeds the Guild's own. Gehnova is currently at war with Etron, though a ceasefire is currently under effect, and has been in various states of conflict with the kingdom for nearly two hundred years.

The Divine Kingdom of Etron
Capital City: Highmount
Ruler/Government: King Byrne VI, Protector of Humanity
Demographic: Human majority, large dwarven population
Description:The Kingdom of Etron, ruled by King Byrne, is a military superpower- Etron is the home to numerous metal ore veins, which are mined and traded with nearby nations, especially their dwarven allies in the Ennion Dominion. Ennion and Etron have been allies for centuries, though relations between the two are somewhat shakier recently, after Etron refused to send troops to aid Ennion during the barbarian uprisings in Ymror, claiming that their ongoing conflict with Gehnova had to take priority. The royal family of Etron claims to be descendants of Saint Cuthbert, and have proclaimed themselves the protectors of Humanity as a whole, and frequently send paladins far and wide across the globe.

The Highcliff Collective
Capital City: Highcliff
Ruler/Government: The Council of Lords
Demographic: Halfling majority, large human and elven populations
Description: The Highcliff Collective is not so much a single nation as it is a loosely organized group of like-minded fiefs and communities. Each community sends their individual leader, be they hereditary, elected, or otherwise appointed, to the Council of Lords, which in turn establishes the few basic rules by which their federation agrees upon. Due to the somewhat looser legal structure and "live and let live" attitude of many living in the Collective, it has become known as a sort of pirate's haven, with notorious marauders putting down anchor alongside legitimate merchant vessels.

The Ennion Dominion
Capital City: Deephold
Ruler/Government: Lord Hafdan Thunderthwart
Demographic: Dwarven majority, minor human population
Description:The high peaks and deep caves of the Ennion mountains serve as natural defenses for the dwarven nation known as the Ennion Dominion. Once one of the most well-defended and uncontested nations on the map, increasing barbarian activity in the North and in the region formerly known as Culbrom, now known as Ymror, over the last few decades has slowly whittled away at their reputation. Most recently, they were dealt a massive blow when the barbarians ransacked Culbrom's fortresses and claimed the region for their own, taking a large portion of their territory and many natural resources within the valley.

Ymror, the Valley of Strength
Capital City: Hroan Hall
Ruler/Government: Ymror the Lesser
Demographic: Human majority, large half-orc population, minor dwarven population
Description:Formerly known as Culbrom Valley, Ymror is a region of land formerly controlled by the Ennion Dominion, which was liberated by the barbarian hordes of Ymror the Greater, who gave his life in the final battle for Culbrom Keep, now known as Hroan Hall. While Ennion feels that it has been sorely wronged by this change in power, many of the other nations support the fledgling country of Ymror, lead by Ymror the Lesser, the half-orc son of the barbarian hero; it was an accepted fact of life that the native peoples in the valley had been treated poorly by the dwarves who they later turned upon.

The North
The Untamed North
Capital City: N/a
Ruler/Government: N/a
Demographic: Human majority, large half-orc population
Description: The Untamed North is not a nation so to speak, but rather, is the term given to the unaffiliated swathes of land north of the Ennion Dominion's grasp. Largely populated by native clans and barbarian tribes, the North is considered by many to be the most difficult place to survive, and is the subject of many legends and myths, likely contributed to by the superstitious nature of its inhabitants.

The Free Lands of Loriande
Capital City: Llyne
Ruler/Government: The Free King
Demographic: Elven majority, large gnomish population, minor halfling population
Description: The Free Lands of Loriande are a wide stretch of dense forests, fertile meadows, and dark marshes, where it is believed the borders between the Material Plane and the Feywild are thinnest. The so-called Free King lays claim to the land from the city Llyne, located deep within the forests, where he partakes in his own hedonistic pursuits, while the forests do as they may around him.

The Draconic Realm of Omben
Capital City: Drakos
Ruler/Government: The Draconic Council
Demographic: Human and elven majority, large dragonborn population, with additional mixed races
Description:The Draconic Realm of Omben is a curious nation if ever there was one; long ago, when the world was young, the draconic gods Bahamut and Tiamat came into conflict, over a beautiful island, but neither could truly best the other. In response, they each selected their five wisest and most powerful servants, and appointed them to quarrel over the island. Over the coming centuries, the ten dragons would do combat repeatedly, until it finally became apparent that neither side could ever win; upon this discovery, the ten came into agreement, they each would rule the island in turn, and thus, the Council was formed. Now, thousands of years later, the nation is still divided by the ten dragons, five chromatic, and five metallic, and ruled by their descendants.

Assur-Utan, the Land of Origins
Capital City: Talsaia
Ruler/Government: Queen Amara
Demographic: Human majority, large elven population, minor drow population
Description:Assur-Utan is considered by many historians to be the birthplace of many of the races that now dot the world; ancient ruins are scattered throughout the nation, of wildly varying architectural styles, and which long predate other known civilizations. It is believed by many as well that Assur-Utan is playing the role of war-profiteer by supplying trade to both Etron and Gehnova with its vast merchant fleets.

Assur-Eveh, the Land of Bounty
Capital City: Irinoas
Ruler/Government: Governor Dombec
Demographic: Drow majority, large elven and human populations
Description:Assur-Eveh is, in theory, a colony of Assur-Utan. However, very little of the nation is actually settled by those loyal to the queen; the majority of the nation is dense, dangerous jungles, deep within which exists the drow civilization of Blackroot. While Assur-Eveh is home to countless magical and medicinal herbs, very little of these are exported, due to the danger involved in their harvest.

The First Empire of Tultepec
Capital City: Tulta
Ruler/Government: Emperor Lokot
Demographic: Human majority, significant Tiefling and Aasimar populations, minor elf and drow populations.
Description: Tultepec is an ancient civilization, nestled away in a vast desert. It is believed that once upon a time, the nation was a lush green paradise, but legends of a great battle between infernal and celestial armies scorched the land and rendered it a great, sandy waste. Whether there is truth to that belief is unknown, but it is true that the nation has a higher density of Tieflings and Aasimar than any other in the world. If not for their trade with Assur-Utan, it's likely that the nation would be unable to produce enough food to support its population, and would experience widespread famine.

Your Character

I'm not going to cement the exact mechanical aspects of your character at this exact point; since I'm somewhat flexible about what system we'll be using, that's something I'll work with you on after we discuss general terms. If you're not sure what system you want to play most, or don't have a strong opinion, assume we'll be playing Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, but regardless of system, we will be using some form of a "gestalt" character variant.

If you are seriously interested in applying for this RP, please PM me with a little bit about yourself, and if you're really committed, go ahead and send me the a message with answers to the questions below, so I can get a better idea of what you're looking to get out of this game!

  • Preferred Edition/System: (5e is default, and my preferred for this, but I also like PF and 3.X and am willing to use either if I must)
  • Preffered Gender: (M/F/TS/other are all acceptable)
  • Preffered Race: (More or less any of the basic races are OK- if you're in doubt, just ask~)
  • Preferred Classes/Party Roles: (pick any two classes or roles, this game will be gestalt)
  • Personality/Background: (Just a few sentences or abstract ideas for now- we'll work on full character info after chatting a bit)
  • Sexual Orientation: (also completely open, whatever you play works for me! Let me know if you're into dom or sub roles as well)
  • Personal Peeves: (if there's anything you're particularly annoyed by in games, let me know)

Thank you again for reading this far, and I look forward to hearing from you!
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Re: The Eye of Undoing (GM Seeking Player for Long-Term DnD RP)
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2016, 10:53:46 PM »
*Morning/Second reading edits- rewrote parts of the original post with a fully-awake mind, not everything made sense before.
*Changed the information I'd like to hear from prospective players

I'm hoping to open up one or possibly two slots to run this campaign- I'll keep track of slots in the original post. As I really want to make sure I've got the best fit for the game, I would like to apologize in advance if it takes a little while for me to get back to your messages- I've already gotten a little bit of interest, and I really want to make the game as much fun for both you and I as possible.

Thank you!