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September 28, 2023, 02:39:02 am

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Author Topic: SCP - Containment Scenarios  (Read 5428 times)

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SCP - Containment Scenarios
« on: March 10, 2016, 10:23:34 pm »
Putting in more than one SCP idea here, feel free to take a look. I spoilered them due to size.

Scenario 1:Canary Team (F/F)

Canary Team

The SCP, the shadow organization that protects Humanity from threats beyond this mortal coil, be they anomalous objects, aliens, extradimensional beings. Anything that presents a clear and present danger to Human survival and that of society is dealt with and either eliminated or contained. They are people that the boogeyman looks under his bed for. By being just as vicious as any monster they ensure everyone gets to see the sunrise tomorrow. They are the last best hope for Humanity against all that dwells in the dark corners of the Earth.

Due to budget and manpower restraints (not helped by the high Casualty Rates of the SCP) the O-5 higher ups have elected to create a new type of field team. Canary Teams, which consist of two agents who go out and handle lower level threats and investigations, or calling for heavier teams when they find more dangerous threats. One half of the team is a low level (and expendable) researcher and the other is a Field Agent who is placed there for whatever reason the higher ups see fit. (sometimes to help them grow accustomed to working with non-combat personnel or sometimes as a punishment.)  Due to manpower limitations and the stretching of funding and resources, Canary Teams have been in service now for several months and proven a cost effective way of making due with the momentary financial and personnel difficulties, so much so they may remain as an initial scout force even after things return to normal.

Your character would be a former field Agent who just a week before had been fighting against the Chaos Insurgency, the ORIA (Even though the FBI's Unusual Incidents Unit does a good job of handling them) and all other groups that threatened global security and stability. On occasion she had even been deployed to aid the Mobile Task Force units as they captured escaped anomalies or newly discovered ones. Though she specialized in Human/Humanoid combatants. Now though, she finds herself being assigned to Canary "Kappa 2-3".

Her new mission was to aid and protect researcher Caroline Denton. Since her last Agent got himself killed by a swarm of scarabs crawling out of an Egyptian artefact in a pawn shop. According to the researcher it wasn't her fault and the guy was an asshole anyway. The investigation cleared her of wrong doing and she was put back in the field. Their initial meeting seems to go well as the Agent meets with Caroline Becker Denton at a truck stop where her ride dropped her off, the Researcher had even bought some cheap hamburgers for both of them. After a quick meal Carol lead her new partner over to where she parked her vehicle. A lab disguised as an RV. But closer inspection would note that it was slightly larger than normal and the wheels were obviously designed to take bullets and keep going.

The Agent settles in and begins preparing for their first op as the Researcher drives the vehicle. She can tell the little egghead is nervous, and tried to be friendly, giving her the stoic soldier speech that most agents give to Researchers.

"Doctor Denton, you don't have to be nervous around me. I'm here for your safety and the success of the mission. Whatever you need, you just call it out and I will get it done. When were in the field I will take out anything that is dangerous, so you can just focus on the numbers." The agent said as she slipped on her coat, hiding the shoulder holster she had on and looked to the Researcher who seemed just as nervous as before.

"Actually I uh...never got my doctorate." The young woman said, and the agent realized then that she was truly stuck on a Babysitting Op. She half wondered if the 'not a doctor' researcher had been shoved into lockers a lot by the schoolyard bullies.

So this rp will consist of the Canary Team going around on behalf of the SCP, possible encountering enemy agents, but mostly searching for anomalous objects and events. Feel free to PM me if interested. Id love to brainstorm and work a better idea out to make it fun for both of us.

One of the events I have planned is for them to track down some band that was playing ancient eyptian music (Its actually a curse that the band turned into music lyrics)  that causes one to go crazy and act on their inner desires. It has already led to quite a few murders, thefts, robberies and orgies. The Agency wants the singer either captured or eliminated and any records of the music to be treated the same way.

Here is the song I had in mind, if you dare to listen >:)


(This idea was actually partially inspired by the song and partially by reading SCP articles on their website

OH! Or we could have this be a low value operation (in the beginning at least) With the Canary Team hunting down Anomolous ducks.

BUT if you want something less lighthearted at any point we could instead have the Canary Team back at base for whatever reason when the worst thing possible happens.

A Containment Breach.

Or if you want another lighthearterd thing we could get stuck in SCP 1357...the place with all the insane people dressed up as Winnie the Pooh.

Scenario 2: To catch a wolf. (F/F) (Craving)

To catch a wolf

Reality Benders are a lethal and consistent problem for both the Foundation and Humanity as a whole. They are literally capable of altering the fabric of reality as we know it by sheer force of will and desire. They could turn a person inside out or melt an entire skyscraper at a moment's will.

Most Reality Benders fall into the trap of using their own powers for personal glory, sex, drugs, money etc. They overindulge themselves and go down the usual emo, Mary sue route and then have to be eliminated. 'Power corrupts' and all that. But in extremely rare cases (less than 1% of Reality Benders) some of them either prove to be of use or are able to lock their own powers away from fear of causing harm to others. Aside from a few extremely rare cases they are usually eliminated on sight. As of now there are only [Redacted] RBs who are within either the foundation's employment or peacefully sitting in a cell behaving themselves. The rest are either dead, in hiding, or willed themselves out of the universe.

The low level Bender code named 'Runt' is one of the few sane Reality Benders. She was captured on [Redacted] in [Redacted] Kentucky after she was caught injuring a number of GOC personnel. (She made a point to not lethally injure any of them, only making their weapons misfire or the guns become too hot to hold and surrendered when she saw the foundation wasn't out to kill her, yet.) Runt had been in the middle of fighting two other Reality Benders, who had attempted to recruit her into their group as they planned to combine their powers with as many Benders as possible and overwhelm the entire world.

Runt opposed them and turned down their offer, and was soon engaged the other RBs as they attempted to kill her for knowing too much and being a possible threat to their plans. In the ensuing fighting (Which ended up in the water tower of [Redacted] being knocked down and drawing the attention of the GOC) Runt managed to kill one by conjuring a cinder block in her hands when she had the target on the ground and proceeded to beat the subject to death. The other RB was killed when GOC personnel arrived and was overwhelmed by both the overwhelming firepower of the operatives and from Runt's own attacks.

Despite aiding the GOC in killing the other RB, they soon turned on her and Runt barely held them off until Foundation personnel arrived. She surrendered happily to them and gave no resistance after initial capture. Afterward she was placed under foundation containment, classed Euclid due to her Reality Bending powers. Usually one such as her would be classed as Keter or higher, but given her underdeveloped powers and lack of hostility towards the Foundation or its personnel, the subject is given a lower classification. To date the subject has only caused minor incidents due to boredom, such as summoning food, or entertainment, but has never attempted to either break containment, or harm/impose her will upon foundation personnel.

Runt's real name is Caroline Becker, she has been in a Foundation containment cell at site [Redacted] for almost 3 years now. There are alot of bad things out there, most of them contained by the SCP. But many of them roam free and hurt people, sometimes they do it just to feed, sometimes for the sake of causing pain. Caroline doesn't want to be like those monsters. Shed rather help people instead of being one of the monsters that the GOC and SCP and such hunt down. Its a shame some of them wont listen. Either way, Caroline has remained in her cell with little incident and has occasionally been allowed to a break room that allows one to see the open air/sun for an hour a month if the staff feels she has earned it.

At the moment she is one of the better behaved Reality bender's encountered and has led some ponder on her possible usefulness to the foundation, though it mostly remained in the realm of speculation and thought experiments, until things at the foundation took a turn for the worse.

After the incident involving Dr. alto Clef, the foundation has found itself in a difficult position. Many personnel were lost after [Redacted] , and a useful operative was left paralyzed from the neck down. A dangerous vacuum has been left that the Foundation's enemies could use against it, not to mention the need to continue acquiring SCPs before they prove to be too much of a threat to the public. One of the more forward thinking doctors in the higher levels of the Foundation's management puts forth a proposition. They have a Reality Bender on hand already, who has shown willingness to work with the SCP, and has had little to no incident in her entire stay.

"It takes a wolf to catch a wolf, even if its just a runt."-Dr. Ouda at foundation security meeting.

After approval by the O-5s, Caroline's case is approved and after being assigned a handler, they decide to put the Reality Bender girl to the test. 

Maybe Caroline starts to develop a Highlander complex. With every other Reality Bender she deals with, her powers become stronger and she starts becoming eager to fight more of them or other types of entities and SCPs. Perhaps she even thinks that she should be the only R.B. in the world.

'There can be...only me.'

I haven't done much thinking about her Handler because I want it to be something you bring to the table and make your own.   

Another possibility is that the foundation needs a heavy hitter when SCP 2399 begins growing hostile and no conventional weapon can truly stop it. So they decide to go with an anomalous weapon.

Though for a good taste of the kind of atmosphere or feeling I want to go for, take a listen to the
Reality Bender Class
to get a taste of how it is to be on the receiving end of a Type Green's assault.

Scenario 3: UnLondon (M/F or F/F)


This idea came from me wondering what would happen if Unlondon was populated when the SCP moved in.

When the SCP foundation moved in to secure the massive, underground verison of Victorian London, they had been expecting it to be completely abandoned and devoid of Human life, instead it has proven to be full of Humans, who have been living down below since the time of Queen Victoria. The people weren't the happiest living down there but for most UnLondon was their home, and they looked to these newcomers with inherent hostility and active violence. SCP Mobile Task Forces [Redacted] and [Redacted] have built a permanent defensible position in the underground version of Hyde Park. After the secession of initial hostilities, the Underlundoners discovered that everything they knew was a lie.

The Arrival of SCP agents seems to have caused a rift among some of the populace of UnLondon, as all of them were told that the world above was gone and no longer habitable for Humans. But the presence of Human forces, along with the revalation that the world has been (relatively) alive and well since their imprisonment has led some to rebel against the supposedly immortal Overseer. (The SCP itself would like to see if he is or is not immortal.)

Some of the rebel underlondoners have even chosen to aid and work with the SCP agency as spies, fighters and guides within the city.
Most are quite surprised by the . Some are even more surprised by the presence of female agents and science staff among the SCP forces at the Hyde Park FOB. But they would rather deal with the impropriety than to remain stuck under the overseer's thumb.

Either way those who join the seperatists express a desire to see the surface and learn of what has been going on up above, or at the very least to see The Overseer removed from power. Since the Foundation caused this rift in the first place, the O5s have deemed it necessary to take part for both Ethical, scientific and Humanitarian reasons. (Not to mention the great boon of having a massive underground city ready in the event of an XK-End of World event.)

Just a random craving which probably wouldn't work but is still cool...Sunset Shimmer as an SCP agent.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

EDIT: Another possible scenario could be the SCP discovering a female version of the Plague Doctor. Only she refers to herself as a nurse, and her surgeries can not only heal but also bring the dead back to life. (Non zombified and provided the body is brought to her quickly.)

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Re: SCP - Containment Scenarios
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2016, 03:09:21 pm »
Added in two extra scenarios, spoilered them for size and cleaned them up abit. if anyone is interested PM me :P