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Author Topic: Star Trek : The USS Longbow - recruiting closed for now  (Read 3383 times)

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Star Trek : The USS Longbow - recruiting closed for now
« on: March 09, 2016, 06:46:00 PM »
The USS Longbow
 - a light and erotic Star Trek group RP

Tags: futa, female, sex focused, comedic, star trek

Classified transmission incoming from Starfleet Command.

Identity confirmed, message relays

If you are reading this message you have been selected as a potential candidate for a long term deep space mission into the as yet unexplored outer reaches of the beta quadrant.  This mission will involve a new experimental coaxial warp drive based engine, and you have been selected based on your unique physiology resistance to the effects of that engine.  For further details on the proposed mission, please consult the documentation attached to this transmission.

message ends, begin data download

Thanks for taking the time to look at this recruitment thread.  This will be a group based game run by Rhev with assistant GM duties by Blue Eyed Bard.  At the outset we are seeking three or four players who are interested in playing in this game, and are willing to show dedication to posting and the story, as well as a minimum level of writing quality and quantity. This will be a non system game set very loosely in the star trek universe.  The plot will revolve quite heavily around themes of a sexual nature, as will become more obvious as you continue reading.  Due to the fact that the ship will have Futanari and Female crew, and likely be experiencing all sorts of alien creatures, I am expecting that this game will be played in either the NC-exotic small group forum or the extreme small group forum.  We can land on that when we get a feel for the players.

Each player will create a character that will thematically fit into the star trek universe.  It does not have to be a starfleet character, or even an established star trek alien.  Creativity or borrowing from other sources is fine, say an Asari (from mass effect) or a Twi’lek from Star Wars.  However the character must fit into the general storyline of the Star Trek universe.  So no making a human that served with Captain Mal at the battle of Serenity Valley, or a force sensitive child of a sith lord.  These are different universes, and the backstory needs to remain at least vaguely rooted in Trek-lore.  The player must be either female or futanari, as will be explained further in the ooc or worldbuilding thread.  In addition to their main character, we are considering allowing a player may choose to make another ‘secondary’ less important character as well if they desire (but is not necessary at all)

The plot of the game will be a general mix of about 60% smut to 40% plot, with the plot being used to drive the story and keep things from just turning into a space based porn.  However the plot may have erotic elements, including an experimental coaxial warp drive, that when activated increases the libido of everyone on board.  To mesh the idea of the rigidity of the Star Trek’s starfleet rules with the sexualized game we are going to play, there will be a new starfleet protocol in place on board the Longbow.  Protocol 4194 states that Captain Morgan and the crew of the Longbow are relieved of many of the formal strictures of starfleet protocol since they will be operating so far outside of its purview.  They are expected to keep to the general spirit of star fleet’s law, even if they don’t follow the letter.  This means that things like uniform dress code, fraternization rules, and official procedure might fly out the window, the crew should still attempt to maintain the ideals of starfleet when possible.  For example, an orgy in the crew lounge would be fine, starting a war with the Klingons would not.

Plot lines will include classic star trek tropes of exploration, discovery, and of course eventual conflict.  However the Longbow is not a warship, and diplomacy and strategy are going to be required, as the crew will not be able to simply shoot their way out of most situations.  Overall the theme of the game is going to be much more light hearted and sexy then it will be serious or dramatic.  Light comedy mixed with eroticism set in space is the idea we are going for here.

The setting itself will take place a few years after the return of Voyager to earth after it’s 7 year stint in the delta quadrant.  That being said, only a basic knowledge of Star Trek is needed to play the game.  I will try to list all information that your characters will need in the OOC, and other than that, no special knowledge or trivial will be required as long as you know the basics  (phasers are space weapons, warp drive is how they move faster than light, transporters are perfectly ‘safe’ heheh, and space is actually pretty crowded out there, populated mostly by humanoids whose only noticeable difference is skin color and something on their heads)

Play will be handled from the day everyone arrives on the ship as it prepares to leave star dock in the Sol system.  This will give the players to have their characters interact with each other before they begin their voyage deep into unexplored space of the beta quadrant.  Each ‘day’ on the ship in game will last two weeks real time, or less.   After 12 days (real time) I as the GM will post on the OOC thread that people need to wrap up any open threads if possible, as we will move the story line ahead in order to keep the plot flowing.  There may be exceptions if all players are still active and engaged or if there is a very crucial plot point being addressed by most of the players.  But in general we will try very hard to continue to move the story along at a decent pace so that no one is waiting too long for a chance to post again.  To this point; we will be looking for people who post with regularity, and if your character is in a situation where there are others waiting for a response from you, and you haven’t replied to their post within 24-48 hours, I as the GM may step in and post for your character in order to keep the story moving.  I will keep responses short and as neutral as possible, but if you have a problem with other people playing your character, you need to make sure you’re checking the boards often. 

Post length does not have to be longer than a few sentences per post, but obviously the more you post the more ‘developed’ your character will feel. In addition you should shoot for posting at least a few times a week if possible, every day or multiple times a day would be amazing of course, but we would only require every other day.  If you know you’re going to be away for more than a day or two, let us know.  If, as you’re reading this, you know that a few times a week is too often for you to likely post, this probably isn’t the game for you.

The following is a list of the bridge officer positions that can be selected for a main character:

Position   Duties   Example from show

Captain    (CO) - The captain is responsible for interpretation and execution of starfleet orders as she see’s fit.  The captain is the commander of the ship. 
 - - -Note: This position is taken by Captain Morgan, played by Blue Eyed Bard
   Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, Archer
First Officer    ( XO) - The First officer is the commander of the crew and makes command decisions regarding their welfare and safety.  When the captain is not on the bridge, the first officer assumes all responsibilities of that station.   Spock, Riker, Kira, Chakotay, T'Pol
Operations    (OPS) - Utility position on the bridge, runs sensors, communications, monitors ship status, coordinates various other stations.   Chekov, Data, Dax, Kira, Kim, Sato
Tactical    (TAC) - In charge of ship defense, phasers, torpedos, and shields.  Also manages tractor beams, damage reports, and internal security on the ship. Can also handle communications and internal sensors, if OPS is unable.   Yar, Worf, Tuvok, Odo, Reed
Helm    (HELM) - Pilots the ship.  Sets course and coordinates with science and astrometrics for optimal routes and planning.  Can also handle sensors and monitor ship wide status, if OPS is unable.
   Sulu, Wesley Crusher, Nog, Paris, Mayweather

Other important positions:
Position   Duties   Example from show

Engineering    (ENG) - The chief engineer is the head mechanic of the ship.  They are responsible for power generation, computer systems, propulsion systems, anything mechanical on the ship falls under their purview.  While the bridge has an engineering station, they are more often found in main engineering then on the bridge.   Scott, LaForge, O'Brien, Torres, Tucker
Medical    (MED) - Responsible for the wellness of the crew and treating the injured.  This includes routine checkups and physicals as well as trauma care, surgery, and environmental health checks of the ship.  A doctor’s patient may not always be a member of the crew, as the ship encounters alien species, and the ship itself makes use of bioneural gelpacks in it’s construction.  While the chief doctor on the ship might be found on the bridge, it is more likely she would be stationed in her med bay most of the time.   McCoy, Beverly Crusher, Bashir, The Doctor (EMH), Phlox
Science officer    (SCI) - The chief science officer has duties that include taking and interpreting sensor readings and probe data.  This position is often the most creative and requires a large variety of scientific knowledge on many subjects.  This position may overlap with that of the first officer, if the character has the command experience and personal skills to handle both positions.   Spock, Data, Dax, Samantha Wildman, T'Pol

These positions are not set in stone, as we are using the star trek universe as a basis, not a strict guide.  If you have an idea for another position you’d like to play, we’d love to hear it.  Below is a form you can use to fill out to make your character.

Writer Name:
Character Name:

Gender: Futanari or female
Picture: At least one picture of your character will be required, to use when you post, and should include their face.  However you can include multiple pictures or drawings that represent your character.
Description: Feel free to include a description of their personality as well as physicality. 
Age: If non human, please include generally how old they would look in human years
Position: Their position on the ship.
Biography: This should include why they picked especially for this team.

If you’ve made it this far, please go ahead and contact either myself, Blue eyed bard, or post on this thread with any questions, comments, concerns, or desire to be one of the players for the game.  We will NOT be taking the first people who apply, but will be considering players based on activity, post quality, and character concepts.

Thanks for reading.


Additional note:
This is the 'worldbuilding' thread for the USS Longbow.  I ask that you please do not post in the worldbuilding thread as it is primarily an 'info dump'  Keep posting to this thread, thank you.
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Offline BlueEyedBard

Re: USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2016, 06:56:59 PM »
Fantastic! I can't wait to bring back captain Heather Morgan. I'll get her character sheet up in a bit.

Writer Name: BlueEyedBard
Character Name: Heather Morgan
Gender: Futanari

Description: Tall athletic build. Rarely ever stands still. She has a very dominant and aggressive personality but is always kind, giving and will do anything for her friends.
Age: 30
Position: Captain
Biography:Heather Morgan had been a shining star her whole life. She was the MVP of every sport she played in school. She was immediately accepted into Star Command when most people her age were wait listed. At the Academy she excelled in the command training and was constantly turning heads on training missions. She really was at the top of the academy. The only downside was that she was completely aware of it and relished in it.

The first time she got a mark on her record was when she was accompanying a diplomatic mission and was caught shaking up with the daughter of the diplomat after the treaty was signed. The first time she was given command over an away mission she completed her task in astounding time, but was late getting back to her checkpoint because she convinced her teammate to join her in a hot spring she found on the surface. One incident after another the impressively young futa command trainee was completing missions and using the opportunity and glory to get more sex than she had ever dreamed of. It was literally the best kind of life she could ever have hoped for, her commanders were not as pleased.

Until, that is, the perfect mission came along that may have saved Morgan's career with Starfleet. When it was determined what kind of effects the experimental engine had on the minds and bodies of those exposed to just it's vicinity, and the kinds of sexual appetites of those who seemed to resist it the best, Starfleet command knew exactly the person to have captain the Longbow. Of course Morgan accepted the assignment without even a moments hesitation. 
Likes: action, adventure, loyalty, people smaller than her, her cat Rufus, bubblegum
Dislikes: rudeness, waist, laziness, argumentative types
Flaws: Overactive libido, headstrong
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Online Yugishogun

Re: USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2016, 06:59:35 PM »
I'll copy-paste Sakurako in a sec. :)

Edit: Here :)

Writer Name: Yugishogun
Character Name: Sakurako Tokito

Age: 24
Position: Science Officer
Gear: A significantly advanced tablet, Standard Issue Science Officer Uniform (along with panties modified with a "cock sock"), Labcoat with Star Command Insignia, A secret yuri doujin stash
Biography: Sakurako is your typical bookworm and was at the top of her major in the academy, so she passed with a flying colors. However there was one throughout her days back then though....her stunning cuteness. While most problems for futanari involved taking others in to their bedrooms to shack up, her problems involved getting taken to bed and shacking up. The meek scientist had quite the fertile seed, so she unintentionally left a string of pregnancies in her wake. Hence she was stationed on ship Eros in order to avoid the results of knocking up what the coucil deemed "important" crews.
Likes: Talking to her wives and children on the ship's video phone, cute things, puzzles
Dislikes: Bullies, Anal
Flaws: Meek, easily frightened, too cute
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Online tuckers02

Re: USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2016, 09:13:55 PM »
Hi Rhev and Blue Eyed Bard, thank you so much for considering my character.  I've always thought a Klingon doctor on a Federation ship would be a unique rp experience and have the potential to lead to some light hearted humor so without further ado...

Writer Name: tuckers02
Character Name: B'hlih of house K'rach
Description: B'hlih is a full Klingon warrior, not some half breed.  She is from one of the lighter skinned families of the empire, her hair is a lighter brown to go with it and her eyes are a deep mahogany.  She has a few scars she consider's trophies but they add character to her already beautiful form more than mars it.
Age: 18, old enough to be a warrior and to birth the warriors of the next generation.
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Biography: B'hlih is from a distinguished Klingon family that has served the empire for generations.  Coming from a deep military history, B'hlih followed suit and joined the KDF when she was old enough.  Her first station was in a Klingon trade station's med bay where she started as a field medic and nurse while training under a brilliant alien medical doctor the Klingons hired to treat the other aliens that visited the station and he helped her get her Federation Doctorate.  When the Longbow mission was announced, the Klingons pushed for one of the cultural exchanges to get one of their own on the ship.  Their pitch was who better to keep a crew alive than someone that was stronger, more resilient, and harder to kill than most of the other federation races.  Plus, she had a federation medical degree.  So she was called back to Kronos before being shipped off to her new assignment on the Longbow.
Likes: Pain, humor, fighting, bloodwine, sex (the rougher the better)
Dislikes: wusses, trivial tasks, not having bloodwine and/or sex
Flaws: Bad bed side manner, tends to react before thinking in heated situations, grumpy if she doesn't get her bloodwine.

If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me.
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Re: USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #4 on: March 09, 2016, 11:05:11 PM »
Color me interested! I've never been huge on Star Trek, but this certainly has tickled my fancy! Probably rare to do, since they were rare to show up on the shows, but any issues with playing a Trill?

Writer Name: WhatLiesAbove
Character Name:Treson Gar
Gender: Female
Description:Like many young and upcoming Trill, Treson was joined at the age of 21. The joining was one of mutual agreement, and the two live together in peace...though there is sometimes disagreements. Treson rarely has bouts of what humans call "schitzophrenia", where she has outward conversations with her symbiant. Otherwise, they speak to each other through the telepathic connection they have.
Treson is quite social, and exceptionally smart. She was lucky enough to have been joined with a symbiant who had once been joined to a vulcan, before the vulcan died. As a result, Treson has quite a bit of knowledge of the scientific world. It has not stopped her from trying to be social and care-free...though it has enhanced her curiosity of the natural world.
Age: Her symbiant is several decades old. Tresan is...and be 24.
Position: Engineering
Biography:  A Trill with the background knowledge that Treson has is an exceptionally rare thing. Her symbiant has been bonded to humans, vulcans, and romulans alike...since symbiants have no cards in any war. Just a desire for experiences and to live life. However, this gives this particular Trill a leg up (no pun intended) on other engineers, since she is quite familiar with a variety of different ship classes and types.
Likes: Sex, meditation, tinkering, alcohol.
Dislikes: Violence, death, gore.
Flaws: Will absolutely die if she's separated from her symbiant. Curious on the workings of machines to a fault. Sometimes forgets there is an outside world while studying new technology.

Offline AndyZ

Re: USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2016, 12:13:52 AM »
Going to keep an eye on this.

Offline BlueEyedBard

Re: USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2016, 02:06:51 AM »
Welcome Yugishogun, tuckers02, and WhatLiesAbove!  Glad to have you all here!

AndyZ,  even glad to have watchers showing interest.

Offline BlueEyedBard

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2016, 01:23:32 PM »
Also, love Treson and B'hlih!

Also Sakurako but you knew that  ;)

Online tuckers02

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2016, 02:46:07 PM »
Awwww, they love you too :p

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #9 on: March 10, 2016, 07:13:12 PM »
Well, I think I've finished with the worldbuilding thread for now.
(BTW please don't post on the worldbuilding thread)

Other than crew I'm sort of drawing a blank on what else I need to put in there.  Hoping we get one or two more applicants to the game... the bridge crew is looking a little light atm.

Offline AndyZ

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #10 on: March 10, 2016, 08:26:47 PM »
So, I've had the concept for an Auxillary Security Hologram, similar to the EMH but designed with Mobile Emitters that double as combadges.  Could this work as a Security Chief in your game?

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #11 on: March 10, 2016, 08:35:36 PM »
It's an interesting concept, let me talk to Blue Eyed Bard and see what he thinks as co-gm.  My main concern is that the nature of the game is somewhat sexual, that the coaxial warp jump creates a lustful urge in the creatures on the ship.  Wouldn't a hologram be immune to this effect?  Also I was going to roll security into tactical, so it would also be a bridge officer manning the tactical station.

Offline AndyZ

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #12 on: March 10, 2016, 08:38:34 PM »
Could be affected in any number of ways, not the least of which being her programming getting altered by one of the lustful engineers.  If the idea doesn't work, though, I can continue to ponder.

Online tuckers02

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #13 on: March 10, 2016, 08:41:34 PM »
Are there holodecks?  ;)

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #14 on: March 10, 2016, 08:57:44 PM »
Are there holodecks?  ;)

2 of them, you can see the ship's technical details on the worldbuilding thread I linked

I put the technical details inside a spoiler tag so it's not too overwhelming.

I'm also open to modifying it slightly, like for example holoemitters in key areas other than just sickbay.

Offline BlueEyedBard

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #15 on: March 11, 2016, 02:17:09 AM »
Could be affected in any number of ways, not the least of which being her programming getting altered by one of the lustful engineers.  If the idea doesn't work, though, I can continue to ponder.

Rhev and I were discussing this concept, we agree that we like the idea that because of the unknown, experimental nature of the ship's engine it not only has its strange effects on the biological members of the crew but, seeing as how a holographic crew member would be wired into the same system as the engines via the main power core,  the engine could have the same effects on an AI. They may end up feeling emotions for the first time, emotions that they weren't programmed to have, not the least of which being lust.

If you think that would work with your character then we do yoo!

Offline AndyZ

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #16 on: March 11, 2016, 07:37:52 PM »
I'll get to work on it at some point ^_^

Most likely started with a female form but no particular sexual subroutines, then becomes futanari during the anomaly and acquires a driving desire for females.

If WhatLiesAbove is interested, maybe Treson Gar gets called in as soon as the problems begin...

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #17 on: March 11, 2016, 09:08:13 PM »
Talked to Blue eyed bard tonight.

As of right now there's 4 characters on this recruitment thread.  We're going to wait over the weekend and see if there's any other interest.  But it seems like we won't even have to make any choices about taking one player over another.  So by monday, if you've made a character, check your private messages, either BEB or I will contact you to talk about the game briefly before I start it.

Also if the game goes well we can always add new players if we want, it will be a crew of 80 after all.

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #18 on: March 13, 2016, 03:43:38 PM »
Was sorta hoping there might be a little more interest, but going with 4 players might be fine.  I may whip up a GM character to round out the bridge crew.   As I said, if you've posted a character here, keep an eye on your PM box tomorrow.  I'll send out some PMs monday night at the latest.

Offline AndyZ

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #19 on: March 13, 2016, 05:08:55 PM »
Writer Name: AndyZ
Character Name: Ashley
Gender: Futanari
Picture: -->
Description: Before the anomaly, Ashley has always looked like an athletic young woman in a Starfleet security uniform.
Age: Appears 19
Position: Security
Biography: Although most people don't think of it, Starfleet is quite a dangerous profession.  Not only are many ships lost with all hands, but so many Security personnel are lost due to fatal incidents and first encounters gone wrong.  This led to the attempts on the Auxillary Security Hologram, a type of hologram designed in a similar manner to the EMH.  No longer would Redshirts be a derogatory term similar to canary in the coal mine and just as often lost in exploration.

Practical results are far from complete.  The mobile emitter designed for them is easily prone to malfunction, and the large amounts of situational awareness necessary for safety leads to rapid self-awareness of the hologram. 

Ashley took her name rather simply from the first three letters ASH, and has been placed on the Longbow for evaluation due to their large number of holoemitters.

Likes/Dislikes:  Ashley is going to become futanari after the anomaly but only interested in females.  Beyond that, she's not really going to know what she likes and will be interested in experimentation.

Flaws: Ashley can easily be incapacitated by removing any mobile emitters from her location, and is prone to hacking and computer viruses.  Her mobile emitter is a large belt with a holster for a phaser, but she only wears it when planning on entering a place without holoemitters.  The holographic phaser built into her program uses too much power to work with her mobile emitter, and can only be set to stun.
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Online Yugishogun

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #20 on: March 13, 2016, 05:13:01 PM »
I hope you put that sedative gas to good use. :)

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - a light Star Trek ERP
« Reply #21 on: March 13, 2016, 08:43:13 PM »

Sneak preview of the first officer:
(I haven't written up a full bio for her yet)

But say hello to Commander Stéphanie D'Caro

Offline Angel Fire

Re: Star Trek - [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - light hearted ERP
« Reply #22 on: March 13, 2016, 11:19:37 PM »
I could be interested in bringing back one of my older Star Trek characters from when I RP'ed back in the day (Think 2002 and before) and adapt her to this RP.  Right now, I am thinking of Ops if you wish.  I am thinking that she may not be fond of Futas since she is completely lesbian.. but if she really needs to have some sort of sex, than she may reach out to one that she can eventually trust.

Stay tuned!

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: Star Trek - [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - light hearted ERP
« Reply #23 on: March 14, 2016, 03:14:12 AM »
Cool, look forwards to your idea Angel Fire.  Thanks for checking in.   A character who isn't overly fond of futas is fine, and might create some interesting dramatic tension!  :)

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: Star Trek - [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - The USS Longbow - light hearted ERP
« Reply #24 on: March 14, 2016, 01:40:32 PM »
Private messages sent out to everyone who posted a character on the thread so far.

OOC can be up within 24 hours if I hear back from everyone and game thread within 48.

If you haven't posted a character yet, but are interested still, please don't think the recruitment thread is closed.  If this thread is open, the game is still open.