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May 27, 2018, 09:13:32 AM

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Author Topic: ApexScribbler's Bazaar of Bizzareness (M Seeking F)  (Read 480 times)

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ApexScribbler's Bazaar of Bizzareness (M Seeking F)
« on: March 09, 2016, 11:55:52 AM »
Please forgive the rather bland appearance on this page compared to some others I’ve seen here. I’m still getting the hang of the site and I hope to make this look nicer sometime in the future. I’m terrible with designing things, heh. So, here’s where I post what I’m looking for, huh? It’s safe to assume that this is going to be a wild place full of all sorts of crazy plot ideas and pairings. I’ll be updating it as I go along and learn how to use the site better.

I think we should start with some basics: I’m a straight male who plays straight, normally dominant males. This can be changed around but it’s what I’m used to doing most. I’m searching for females writing as females, usually submissive, but this can be changed and adjusted too. As for my preference towards story vs smut, I like a ratio of about half and half, 50/50. I like plotting, developing characters, and fleshing out the world we’re in just as much as I like the smutty goodness of it all. It’s important to keep in mind that this is not set in stone. If you prefer story over smut, I’d be happy to write more story-based interactions than erotic interactions. If you like smut over story, we can have our characters going at it nonstop.

Potential Plots
– Here are some plots that I’ve been interested in doing for quite some time now. These are intended to be long-term with lots of character development and other elements aside from the usual erotica.

Plot Idea #1 – Childhood Memories

MC and YC were once the very best of friends growing up in the same neighborhood. They were the boy and girl who were always together; jumping in puddles in the rain, snowball fights, playing House in the backyard and being pretend-married. This lasted for years until one of them (either works) had to move away just before they started middle school (for whatever reason). As they grew up, they never quite forgot those cherished memories of each other, hoping that they would be reunited one day.

Twenty (can make it more or less) years later, MC is going through a harsh divorce where his wife had been caught cheating repeatedly on him. He needs a change of scenery and when his job offers him a promotion at the cost of moving out of state, he takes the opportunity right away. He moves into this nice little neighborhood that reminds him of his childhood home and that’s where YC comes in. She’s been living here a while now – she can be married, divorced, or single, kids or no kids. She’s the first to welcome him into the neighborhood and this is where they realize that fate has brought them together again.

Plot Idea #2 – Embracing Darkness

MC is a twisted and wicked man who has spent most of his life in the seedy underworld as a master thief and criminal. He has gone through some terrible things that have left him scarred and paranoid. Now, all he can think about is being selfish and greedy. He wants to take over the entire world but hopes to start in his crappy neighborhood first. After taking over the drug trade that plagued the streets and putting the pimps in line, he works on his next devious plan. He wants – no, he needs, - a woman to serve him, to please him at the snap of his fingers. It’s been far too long since he’s had any sort of attention from the opposite sex, after all.

YC can come in as a multitude of different characters and personalities. She can be the stripper who wants to milk him of his money, the naïve prostitute who think he can save her from her treacherous pimp, the angry detective who’s hot on his trail, the innocent good girl who wants to change him, or just a random victim or passerby. This is not a romance plot, it’s a dark tale of angst, bitterness and pain. He doesn’t think he can be changed after the things he’s done and the things he’s gone through. He doesn’t seek affection, he craves attention and obedience. MC is cruel and a lot of this plot will revolve around learning why and how this happened.

Plot Idea #3
– A Man’s Dream Come True

MC is a young, wealthy bachelor who made his fortune before he was even 21. He dropped out of college and has already sold three of his companies for billions of dollars. However, he has found himself bored with life and nothing seems to excite him anymore – that is, until YC comes along and awakens the dormant dominant side within him. His relationships have always been plain ol’ vanilla – he meets a girl, they date for a while, the fire dies out and they break up. He has never met someone who outright claimed to be a Sub – he never thought about such things. However, when she encourages him to try it out, whispering a new title into his ear one night, she brings out what she craves most – his possessiveness in the bedroom and an insatiability that no one has ever been able to fill. YC finds herself smitten by this side of him and wants more; she’s just as insatiable as him. Together, he takes his place as her Master and they dive into their many shared fantasies and kinks.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, not in the least. On another occasion, YC reveals that she’s actually bisexual and loves the company of a pretty girl. She’s never done a threesome before because she felt like no man has earned that from her until MC came around. She wants to try it out and asks one of her best friends to join them. Her best friend ends up becoming infatuated with both of them to the point where all three of them live together and constantly play with each other. Such a polygamous relationship is sure to satisfy our characters, right? Wrong. The idea manifests itself simple enough – MC will purchase a new mansion filled with and surrounded by luxury. He will, naturally, be the Master of this Mansion. YC is the Mistress and the second-in-command. Her best friend becomes the first of many sweet Subs/Pets/Littles to have her own room in the Manor. The Manor becomes a place of experimenting and pleasure, where guys and girls come and go to live out their deepest, darkest desires.

Pairings: These are just some of the pairings I'd be willing to do. Key word: some, I'm not limited to these alone because I'm quite flexible. We can even make whole plots based off of them.

Student x Teacher/Professor
Maid x Client
CEO x Secretary
Athlete x Trainer/Cheerleader
Musician x Fan/Musician/Journalist
King x Peasant
Queen x Peasant
Father/Uncle/Etc. x Daughter/Stepdaughter/Niece
Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Angel x Demon
Werewolf x Human
Wizard/Sorcerer x Human
Hunter x Furry (Cat-girl, etc.)
Alien x Human
Kidnapper x Victim
Assassin x Target
Celebrity x Agent/Manager/Celebrity
Starlet x Director
Deity x Human

Other Possible Plots/Pairings:

Harry Potter x Hermione Granger
Harry Potter x Luna Lovegood
Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley
Harry Potter x Other Females
Vault-Dweller x Piper from Diamond City (Fallout 4)
Deadpool/Wade Wilson x Vanessa
Deadpool/Wade Wilson x Other Marvel/DC Females
Batman/Bruce Wayne x Harley Quinn
Batman/Bruce Wayne x Wonder Woman
Batman/Bruce Wayne x Poison Ivy
Batman/Bruce Wayne x Talia Al Ghul

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Re: ApexScribbler's Bazaar of Bizzareness (M Seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2016, 01:25:11 PM »
Just a bump since it's been a month (ha, ha). Haven't really had too many offers but still actively looking for a partner or two! I have a bunch of potential plots to work out, all you got to do is come into my messages and we can discuss them.