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September 23, 2017, 08:07:13 AM
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Author Topic: Cravings! All Male LF Female  (Read 2952 times)

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Cravings! All Male LF Female
« on: March 08, 2016, 02:59:23 PM »
I'm looking for games set in any of the following fandoms. I would like to use the fandom in question as a background for the story. I don't care if we play canon characters or original characters, that can be discussed. I will play a male, heterosexual character and I'm looking for a writer willing to play a female character.

At the moment, I'm having a strong craving to play in any of the following settings:

Teen Wolf
Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Netflix
Invincible (the superhero from imagecomics)

I'm also looking for anyone interested in playing any of these models/face claims in pretty much any sort of story:

Crystal McCallum
Naomi Scott
Barbara Palvin

Settings I'd like to play in:

Power Rangers

The Seven Deadly Sins (Netflix original)
Highschool DxD

Doctor Who
Code: Geass
Dresden Files
Codex Alera
Mass Effect
Star Wars
Dragon Age
Teen Wolf
Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess mostly)
Warhammer 40k
Walking Dead
Daredevil/Jessica Jones/ all New York Superheroes
Spider-Man (amazing and ultimate)

If anyone is interested, please contact me by PM
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Re: Fandom Cravings and other cravings!
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2016, 05:29:12 AM »

Vegas Wedding - Light to Extreme - consensual

A party, booze, too much luck gambling... Started as an adventure of a young man or woman, wanting to see the city that never sleeps, the city of sin... And instead, he or she wakes up with a hangover, in bed, married to someone of the opposite sex. A stranger they met the night before, got drunk with, got married after raunchy sex, had more raunchy sex, before blacking out in exhaustion. The only thing that tells you their name is the marriage contract on the night stand.

What now?

There are several possibilities for this story. I would play the male role. You would play the female role. Either the male came to Vegas for a week of fun, before... Settling down with the girls he'd been seeing for years, before getting married, or after discovering he is terminally ill, or before taking a job in another country, or, or, or. If the male character is the visitor to Vegas, the girl, played by you, could be a newly starting stripper, a stranded, small time singer that never made it big and now has small shows at the smaller casinos, a girl fleeing from a life that was decided for her, or just an adventurous young woman that wanted to travel the world, or at least the States. Ideally, there would be a major class difference between the two characters, with one from old money or the heir(ess) to a Fortune 500 company, the other only barely scraping by with their recently obtained high school degree. Yet... For some reason, they don't get divorced, or certain rules are in place that prevent them from easily annulling the marriage or getting divorced just like that.

We would explore their life together in a long term roleplay, with all its ups and downs. No adultery of any kind, though. This is strictly one on one! A growing romance? Fitting in with the lifestyle/family of the other? Explaining things to family and friends? Perhaps, depending on the background of the higher class partner, dealing with the media? All while trying to make things work. To make things even more dramatic, a pregnancy fro my hat first night together could also be thrown in.

As smuttier version of the above could also be played, a bit more as a one shot story, focusing on how they stay together at the start because... Well... The sex is great! Fits even better in a bondage setting than plain vanilla.

Diaries of a Porn Star - Light to Extreme - consensual

A young woman (your role) has the ambition to make it big on the white screen. So, with nothing more than her high school degree, she sets out for Hollywood. She has great looks, but zero acting skills... And she ends up at a casting for an adult movie. She is seduced into having sex even after she realises what the casting is for. She impresses the pornstar/director so much, that he hires her.

Two versions.

One, I'm not a fan of sharing with other male characters, so in this version, we would follow the female pornstar, played by you, and her adventures, explorations with a single male pornstar (my character). This version would work the best if it was a porn journal of her ascension from a nearly vanilla virgin, under the guidance of my character, into the world of bdsm, gradually building up from light bondage to heavy bondage, from light submission, to pet play, in scene after scene, with requests being made by fans through their website.

Two, but only if the mood strikes and you are very convincing, we could play the career of a starting pornstar through all possible sorts of sex, and her private life, with you playing the sexy, young pornstar and my playing the variety of male roles. Boyfriend(s), male pornstars as her coworkers, list of gangbangers for a few group scenes, master for the bdsm scenes, producers/directors that need convincing to give her the better paying roles or that need to be convinced to give her a raise, perhaps lucky fans that win a visit by their favourite pornstar....

Pokemon Adventures - Light to Extreme - consensual

One! You play a female Pokemon trainer, just starting out her career as a trainer, in Kanto, Unova or Kalos, with dreams of grandeur in becoming an Elite Four, Champion of even the nearly mythical title of Pokemon Master. As a generous dash of road adventures, from evil organisations to rampaging legendaries and... Meeting my character, who is only a few years older, but started his career much earlier. A known winner of leagues and perhaps even the latest champion of Unova, or one of the prophecised heroes of Unova... While your character could be the prophecised heroine of her own region... Their adventures, their romance and exploring a more adult, mature version of the Pokemon world together, with fierce competitions, rivalries, corruption and perhaps even exploring the political clout a powerful trainer can have in this society.

Two! You play a female Pokemon trainer... With amorous feelings for her fully evolved starting Pokemon, who is played by me... Enough said, I think?

Undercover Operation - Light to Extreme - consensual

An undercover agent, infiltrating the organisation of an infamous villain, crime lord or gang leader... And the only way to get close to the source, is sleep/seduce/romance with one of the lieutenants. The agent can be played by me if he's male or you, if she's female. Sleeping with or seducing is putting it simple. For actual plottiness, the organisation could be far larger in scope than anticipated, the lieutenant in question could have a code of honour and a set of looks that combined make him/her a very appealing, attractive catch, so real feelings can start interfering with duty. Especially when it is discovered the Agency in question might not be as upstanding as it appears. This can take place in a modern day or a science fiction setting, or with some imagination, even in a fantasy setting.


The captured Superheroine: a female superhero of your choice (Original or Canon) is taken captive by my character, who can be, depending on preferences, a genius villain, an alien warlord or a venom-symbiotic sort of monster. A game with preferably as little limits as possible. Bondage from light to heavy, slave play, humiliation, torment, torture, non con, public humiliation (video streaming the sexual acts) forced and denied pleasure, agonising pleasure, pleasurable agony, marking, branding,...

Bondage (to extreme depending on preferences)!

The arranged marriage: a kingdom/empire based on Ancient Rome, but set in a medieval sort of time period. A king in need of an heir. A society where slavery is still practiced, where warring nations vye for magic and resources, where politicians and nobles struggle for influence and clout, where sex is something publicly acceptable. The young woman he sets his eyes upon, heiress of an important family, though perhaps lacking nobility. A marriage arranged, a ritual marriage ceremony and mating,... Elements of bondage, of public sex, of wearing sexy, revealing clothing in public, of women being submissive to men. Possibilities that are NOT a must include impregnation and light Harem play.

Star Wars

A new beginning:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

There was a mercenary called Kyle Katarn. Son of an Imperial military commander, he joined the Storm Troopers, intent on working his own way up the ranks of the Empire. He was an Imperial in heart and soul, holding the values of his Empire and his family high. He was an exceptionally prodigious recruit and rose through the ranks swiftly, before he was eventually selected for the Dark Trooper project. Elite soldiers, commandos, for the Empire, each one selected for their tremendous skill and their Force sensitivity. Even amongst them, he was the best and most talented, the only one with a high enough midi-chlorian count to have been a Jedi.

As the Galactic Civil War started, Kyle Katarn, Lieutenant of the 302nd, Dark Trooper operative, was deployed agaisnt the rebels. He was an efficient soldier, hunting down some of the last surviving Jedi from Order 66 and taking out rebel hotspots. But when news came that his parents had been brutally murdered by the Rebels, his efficiency increased with a vengeance...

Until he learned that it was the Empire itself that killed his parents, for speaking up against the Abomination that was the Death Star. At first, he refused to believe it, when the evidence was provided in a rebel transmission his unit intercepted in the base they were infiltrating. But then came the news of Alderaan's destruction, his homeworld. A world full of peaceful people, many of which loyal to the Empire. Worse... orders came down from High Command. Orders for him to destroy a Rebel Base and make an example of the nearest city for 'allowing their presence'. When his men started murdering whole families, children and all... raping everything of age that wore a skirt and torturing as they pleased, he saw the truth behind what he once believed in...

A deserter, he was called. A traitor. All because he stopped several Storm troopers from raping and killing a Twi'Lek girl. He killed them all and helped the girl to escape, reaching one of the smuggler ships that worked for the Rebel Allaince, evacuating what little they could rescue from the city and the base. He didn't go with them. Instead, he went his own way, cutting all ties with the Empire and determined to find those who killed his parents as a first step in his revenge. He felt powerful, his training in the Force with the Dark troopers helping him along, now fuelled by the overwhelming Dark Side burning strong with his lust for revenge. He collected money and information as a highly paid mercenary, his long list of skills coming in handy.

But he was just one man...

Until he was hired on by the Rebellion for a mission that would bring him close to his parents' murderers.

I am looking for someone to play: Leia Organa, Winter, Mara Jade or perhaps the young Twi'Lek girl (Or any other female canon character at the time of the Rebellion), either as the one who hires him or ends up in this adventure together with him. This mission is just the first step of a brand new beginning, an alternate story to Episode 4-5-6 and the EU, where we make the Star Wars galaxy our own, full of adventure, epic battles, an all-encompassing Galactic Civil War and more, blended with passion, romance, erotica and a deep exploration of the Force to its fullest potential...

The Torture Session - Extreme!!! (I am open to altering this 'plot' to a different setting as well, from sci fi to modern times, any setting that can be imagined. If based on fandom, I do prefer something I am at least slightly familiar with)

There are two possible starts to this story:

- A Rebel operative (Leia, Winter, Twi'lek, any other human or near-human female character, original or canon is captured by the Empire. She is delivered to a highly secured prison facility in orbit over Caridas, the military training grounds of the Empire. Here, she is assigned to Lt. Colonel Soren Dace, an Imperial loyalist. After a career as a Spec Force Stormtrooper, he made it up to the ranks, becoming an officer and now, after certain talents came to light, he is one of the Empire's most skilled interrogators. His assignment: Make her talk, using ANY means necessary. This story will be extreme, focusing on torture, rape, pain, degradation and humiliation, all aimed to make the girl break and confess all her knowledge about the rebellion, from names to locations and coordinates.

- Alternative start: A Jedi or other female related to the Old Republic (Padme, Aayla Secura, Shaak Ti, Ahsoka Tano, any human or near-human OC or other canon character) is captured by one of the Dark Jedi or Mandalorian Mercenaries working for the CIS. Assignment: same as above.

For both stories, we will discuss the limits, but I prefer them to be as few as possible. The story can either focus purely on the torture and smut, or grow to a more epic scale by either character converting to the other's faction and taking things from there... leading to an escape or a co-op.

Crossing Worlds

Star Wars and Harry Potter... an interesting mixture. I have no straight plot outline for this story, just a slew of suggestions and plot elements, depending on which era is chosen.

- The Chosen One: What if the Star Wars Prophecy of the one to bring balance to the Force was about another subject of Prophecy? What if Anakin Skywalker was destined to fall. What if the Force itself, just another manifestation of Magic (or the other way around. Who knows?) calls forth a true hero, one that once before had been Prophecised to destroy a Dark Lord. What if Padme Amidala, Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano, or another interesting Jedi or character of the Clone Wars Era find a young, adult Wizard by the name of Harry Potter? What effect will this Wizard with his own tragedy-filled past, yet an undeniable inner strength and courage mean for the future of Star Wars? Alternatively, this story could also take place in the Galactic Civil War, with the female lead being either Leia Organa or Mara Jade, preferably. I will take suggestions as to other canon or non-Canon/Original characters. While the characters will be based on canon characters, I am looking to take the entire story AU, so no canon knowledge required besides the basics. (This story can also be played with an OC version of a Harry Potter Wizard)

- The Mad Wizard and the Magical Experiment: A wizard of Earth, exploring all kinds of magics better left untouched. An explosion. the young man, (Alex Hollowfield, half-blood, Gryffindor of 2011) waking up in strange world with no less than two moons! Will he find a way home? Will he do his Hogwarts House proud and be brave and bold, joining the fight agaisnt the Dark Side? Any Star Wars era is good, as is any female canon or original. Action, adventure, magic, the Force and amusing encounters between a wizard out of touch with technology and state of the art starfighters and droids...


An Ancient on Earth - Romance/Intrigue/Action

SG-1 has encountered many strange things over the years. They even encountered an Ancient in Antarctica. She died, however. What if shortly afterwards, they found another Ancient, one unaffected by the Plague? Meet Dace, once upon a time a an Ancient Explorer.  After bringing him to the SGC from PX-345, he is slowly integrating with the human civilization. After all, no man can stay cooped up in that mountain for so long. He is given an identity and is officially a civilian consultant to the Deep Space Telemetry in Cheyenne Mountain. Of course, originating from a civilization light years beyond anything Earth has to offer today and after a million years in stasis, he is a bit out of touch with reality. And coming from a people that looked identical to mankind, yet was socially and culturally entirely different, how will he fit in?

With his new identity, he tries to make a new life, working with the SGC against the Goa'uld, a member of SG-12, acting as both a soldier and a scientist. But he now also has a life outside the SGC.

He meets... you.

You, my partner, can be anything you desire. From Samantha Carter or Janet Fraiser, to any kind of original character you come up with. Preferably, a politician, a journalist or someone that can otherwise come into contact with the SGC or is already a part of it. This story will focus mostly on our two characters, their relationship, possible secrets that come with the job and interactions of the violent or political kind with the NID, the Trust, Goa'uld infiltrators and nosy reporters and others wanting to expose the SGC-program to the world.

Secrets - Romance/Drama/Action

Colorado Springs.

Two people meet. They date. They fall in love.

He is handsome, caring and fun to be around. She is smart, loving and enjoys life to its fullest. The relationship becomes more serious. They meet the parents.


Her dad is a military guy in heart and kidneys. He doesn't want his daughter to get serious with someone who works like a geek for 'Deep Space Telemetry'. This opens a whole can of worms...

After all, he has always been a bit secretive. He gets assigned to missions that don't fit with the Deep Space Telemetry cover he uses. After all, why would he be gone for a week at a time if all he has to do is sit at a desk and look at a blinking radar screen, scanning a corner of space? And how does he get all those scars? Why does she seldom meet his colleagues? And when she does, they all seem to share some 'inside' joke. Of course, for a bunch of geeky desk drones, they are all incredibly fit to boot...

And now, her father is inquiring into Alex Johnson's past and service record.

Things don't add up, but he definitely isn't cheating on her, is he? And then... he asks her to marry him.

Codex Alera - or Original Fantasy, or based on Games of Thrones/Legend of the Seeker

I am craving an epic scaled fantasy Roleplay, preferably based on Jim Butcher's Codex Alera. Furies, politicians, marching legions and all kinds of interesting creatures. Bring it on! I am looking at Court intrigues, Assassins, political backstabbing, the Imperium Alera in turmoil and new enemies at the borders. I want some romance, but nothing fluffy. We can follow the tale of Tavi and his rise to power as Octavianus, the eight First Lord of Alera. Or we can start after the events of the books, where he is already the First Lord, leader of a broken Empire. My preference, however, would go out to a more original twist. We take the world of Alera as it was at the start of the first book and go from there with original characters. My character (either the heir of the First Lord, or a bastard son of a High Lord trying to make a name for himself) would need a strong, skilled and capable woman at his side.
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Re: Cravings! All Male LF Female
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2017, 10:50:38 AM »
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