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Author Topic: Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul. "World of Warcraft*  (Read 1126 times)

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Offline AragemTopic starter

Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul. "World of Warcraft*
« on: November 23, 2008, 03:17:58 PM »
Alright, I'm an open minded person, but I'm not into anything really extreme.  Read my ons and offs for more details.

I'm breaking this up into categories and please, I like a good story and good story telling.  If you can't write more than one paragraph per post, then please don't PM me.  I'll get bored quick and very unhappy that I wasted my time.

I prefer to play the submissive, either male or female. 

Exotic play

F/M  or   M/M

Planet of the Furries

The human race is dying out and in it's place, animals are evolving into anthromorphic bipedal race of furries.  Now the furries rule the earth and the humans are considered valuable commodities as slaves and exotic lovers.  Free humans live hidden away in jungles and mountains. . . however, that doesn't stop a certain girl/boy from straying too far away from home. . . .

I play the girl/boy.

Wolf's Howl  *in this I'll play the wolf*

In an alternate world where it was the norm to be born with animal ears and tails, a CEO of a international corporation with wolf ears and a tail meets the attractive neko son of one of his many employees, it's lust a first sight.  The wolf incorporates himself as the family's friend in order to be closer to the object of his lust.  He goes from giving the boy rides to school to offering him a part-time job at his office, which are really ways to have sex with the neko. 

The Princess and the Dragon

*some may consider this beastiality.*

Every ten years, a great fire breathing dragon ravages the kingdom of Damasus, destroying towns, crops, and livestock along with people's lives.  In order to placate the dragon, a woman of nobel blood is sacrificed to the monster for ten years of peace.  This time however, due to jealousy, betrayal within the royal family, the king's youngest daughter Noa is to be this decade's sacrifice.  At first the girl is terrified of this terrible fate, but resigns herself to become the great beasts' meal, however, she discover's quite a different fate awaits her.'

*I'll play the princess
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Offline AragemTopic starter

Re: Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul Males and Females welcomed*
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2008, 07:21:27 AM »
I'm often in the mood for M/M situations.  Where I like to play the submissive guy or bottom guy as I heard it called.

M/M Situations

The Slave Prince

A kingdom is conquered and it's people enslaved, their prince, the only surviving member of the royal family has been captured and brought to the conquering nation as a war trophy.  Hands bound behind his back, he is presented to the court and given to the royal family as a gift.  Unfortunately, for the prince, he is a beautiful, young boy and the king of this land is known for his perverted appetites.

*I'll play the prince*

Hooker Scouting

A pimp, who specializes in offering beautiful boys and men to his clients, needs to find new blood for his "stable".  He spies a lovely college student who is deep debt due to student loans and gambling and of course the Pimp offers him a special job.  However, he hadn't counted on breaking the number one rule for all pimps.  Never fall in love with with your own hoe.

*I'll play the male hooker*

Wanting What You May Never have

A very popular highschool jock has it all.  A beautiful cheerleader girlfriend, a full paying scholarship to college, a brand new car, best friends on the team, and an allowance that is bigger than most blue collar workers make in a month.  However, there is one thing that he wants.  And getting it may taking away everything else that he cherished.  The jock has secretly fallen in love with a lovely freshman student who happens to be a fellow guy, who comes from a low income family and is mostly found in the computer labs surfing the net and has NO idea of the admiration he his receiving from the Jock.  Will the Jock give in to his emotions and attempt a relationship with this boy daring rejection and loosing everything?  Or will it turn into the most forbidden romance of the school?

*I'll play the school average guy
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Offline Silent Wayfarer

Re: Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul Males and Females welcomed*
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2008, 11:59:15 AM »
I like the Slave Prince idea!

Offline AragemTopic starter

Re: Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul Males and Females welcomed*
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2008, 07:00:07 PM »

Mostly Transformers related stuff because I'm a Transformers fan and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be interested in mecha erotica to begin with. I do have my own special OC that I like to protray, don't worry, she's not a mary sue.

Many Faces of Insanity

This takes place before the first episode Transformers Animated, during the waning days of the Decepticon/Autobot war.  A young femme, Echo, had been recruited by the Decepticons.  Her speciality is hijacking frequencies and listening in on strategic military moves by the Autobots.  Her alt mode is even a satellite receiver.  She's good at her job and is willing to commit to the Decepticon cause. 

However, she finds her attentions drawn elsewhere.  Toward a certain Decepticon who has a cold demeanor, a hot temper, and a childish persona all in one body, but with three faces.

In case you don't who the Decepticon is, it's Blitzwing.  I want someone that can accurately play him and is a decent writer to boot.


A human woman and a 2007 movie Transformer doing a little exploration of each other.  It can be one of the canon characters or an OC. 

Offline AragemTopic starter

Re: Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul. M/M; Exotic; mecha*
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2008, 01:47:07 PM »

A beautiful angel of purity arrives on Earth from the Heavenly plane.  She comes to Earth to study sins of lust and carnal desire, to understand why humans would commit such sins.  However, she isn't the only arrival on the mortal plane.  A demon of lust comes to earth to infest men and women with the carnal desires of sin.  When he spots the Angel of Purity, his polar opposite and his sworn enemy, something forbidden happens that had never happened in all of the eternities of Heaven and Hell.  He falls in love.

Offline AragemTopic starter

Re: Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul. M/M; Exotic; mecha; World of Warcraft*
« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2008, 09:39:11 PM »
 I got back into playing World of Warcraft and now I interested in an E game within that delightful world.

My character is a female human mage by the name of Aragem.  *Yeah, I named my character after my Username.  So sue me!*

My sweet mage will be leaving Stormwind to attend her father's burial, however, he is being buried on Kalimdor, in Theramore.  Aragem must travel from Stormwind to one of the sea traveling ports, to take a ship to Kalimdor to attend her father's burial.  However, it's a good idea for mage to have some backup along the way.

I'm up for anything with this game.  F/M or F/F 

Should Aragem get into a passionate romance with her traveling companion?
Meet someone along the road and have an adventure?
Or shall she be attacked by the Horde and taken in as a slave?

About my mage.  She is in her twenties *but could be protray younger*  She spent her whole life in Stormwind and most in in the Mage Quarter.  Her mother and brother was killed during the events of Warcraft 3, and her father ended up in Theramore Isle where he dies due to poor health.  Aragem will be leaving Stormwind for the first time to visit her father's grave and to prove her mettle as a mage in the outside world.  She mostly specializes in fire magic and mostly relies on fire spells than her staff and wand.

If you are interested in having your character interact with mine in a game, PM me.
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Offline Darthvegeta800

Re: Come into my Parlor. . . . *Mul. "World of Warcraft*
« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2008, 05:11:43 AM »
I'm a big TF fan also. However does it have to be Blitzwing?