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July 23, 2017, 02:00:18 PM
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Author Topic: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]  (Read 1565 times)

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One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« on: March 06, 2016, 11:46:44 PM »

Currently Closed for RPs

One soul calling to another...

Hello and welcome. Here you will find a collection of stories that the muse has been nagging me to write. Some are newly thought up and others developed from formless ideas that have been floating around my mind for quite some time. Read through what I have to offer and if anything interests you just shoot me a PM (but please do not reply within this thread).

Table of Contents

Things to Note
  • You can expect a post back every two to three weeks. This writing frequency isn't set in stone. I have been known to writer faster or slower than that.
  • I am all for smut but a complex plot is what I am looking for.
  • I'm pretty adaptable and easygoing. If you have anything you would like to add to these plots, please don't hesitate to share your ideas with me. All that I ask is that you respect my offs. My O/Os are linked in my signature.
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2016, 11:48:33 PM »
Seeking a Male Character

Story : It has been 15 years since her best friend Kai disappeared, 15 years since the big winter storm nearly tore apart their village. The storm had struck one evening when Greta was just a child. She was snuggled next to the fireplace with her best friend Kai as his grandmother regaled them with stories of the Snow Queen that brought winter upon the land each year. The peaceful evening ended when the windows flew open and the harsh winter winds whipped through the cozy cottage. The trio rushed to the windows, attempting to close them and shut out the chill but as Greta crossed the room something flew into her eye and she fell to her knees as the searing pain nearly blinded her. Before she fell into oblivion she saw a stunningly beautiful white haired woman exit the cottage, her friend Kai's levitating form following close behind her.

Fast forward 15 years, Greta is not the same girl that she had been on the night of the storm. She is haunted by terrifying hallucinations and night terrors. Everything around her is ugly and distorted. She has become a recluse, believed to be crazy by her fellow villagers, but she refuses to cower in the shadows any longer. She is going to embark on a journey to find answers as to exactly what happened that night, not only to her but also her friend Kai. Essentially the story will about both the main characters overcoming their magical afflictions. Their love of each other is the only thing that can set them free.

Setting : The characters are from a small Scandinavian village far up north (loosely based off of the real life village of Reine, Norway), near the Arctic Circle. Most of the RP will take place in the Snow Queen's palace. Although the fairytale itself took place in a medieval sort of setting this story will be modern. The palace itself isn't really effected by the modernity of our world but it is the year 2016.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play Greta's childhood friend, Kai. They were around the same age so he would be somewhere in his mid to late 20s. The Snow Queen used to possess a mirror and during that storm the mirror was shattered, shards of the glass spreading throughout the world. If a sliver of glass found its way into someone's eye they would perceive everything to be ugly and gruesome, if it found its way into someone's heart they would become a terrible person, committing bad deeds. Kai was pierced in the heart. During his time with the Snow Queen his heart is nearly covered in ice, rendering him numb to any true emotions but there is still a portion of his heart that is free of ice. Through this portion he feels all the anger and hatred from the piece of the mirror that is still lodged in his heart. Kai is often cold but there are rare moments when he will go into a rage or commit cruel acts, often times for no real reason.

Things to Know: Considering the nature of the story and the relationship between the main characters there will be some non-con and/or dub-con involved and some level of violence both on Kai's end and Greta's. The parameters of how extreme the game could become can be discussed. Please consult my O/Os as well as there are some things I am not willing to negotiate.

The name Kai is not set in stone. This is simply the name of the character in the original fairytale. All I ask is that the name chosen is of Scandinavian origin.

Tags : Romance, Modern Fairytale, Magic, Redemption, MxF

Story : Hana is a young anthousai who resides in a forest near a lake. Living near a town, she has often seen humans who come to the forest to hike and partake in other human activities but she has never interacted with one. She has been cautioned from a young age that such a confrontation could lead to the loss of sanity or demise of the human in question. For these reasons, Hana has kept her distance until recently. She saw a young man and found herself struck with infatuation. Unable to control herself she has begun to stalk him, using a glamour to make herself appear as a normal human. Hana is debating whether or not to confront him. Once she does, how long does she have before her charade must end?

Setting : A large town that is set near nature (i.e. near a large forest). The town doesn't have to be set in a real country, it could just be an imaginary town. The particulars can be discussed later.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the male character that Hana is obsessed with. He may/may not have remarked on seeing her around of late.

Things to Know: I intend for this plot to be light with just a hint of comedy and melancholy.

Tags : Romance, Stalking, Modern Fantasy, Comedy, Lighthearted, MxF


Story : Home would always be there waiting for you but what if home was out of reach. One minute she had been walking through the old abandoned building, taking pictures for an art piece, and in the blink of an eye the building had changed. It was no longer derelict but a party was in full swing. As for her, well she was hardly dressed for the occasion. What she didn't realize was that she was no longer in the year 2016. For a while she was alone, stranded with no answers. Then she met him. He was like her, lost in time. They wandered through the centuries together and while they saw a great many things, they never saw the way home. Home seemed like a distant memory. The longing for it began to abate and Rhiannon has begun to wonder if maybe this was what her life was meant to be. As for her companion, his desire to go home, although diminished, wasn't completely extinguished. Was it so wrong to want to stay where they were?

Setting :

Seeking :

Things to Know:

Tags :

Story :

Setting : Pawnee, Oklahoma

Seeking :

Things to Know:

Tags : Adventure, Historical, Western, MxF
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2016, 07:07:24 PM »
Seeking a Female Character

Story : It was your average summer night when David drove down to the city with his friends. They were up to the usual bullshit; getting drunk and high. He got the bright idea into their heads to steal a car and go for a joy ride. His friend was the one driving, the lot of them hopped up on a dangerous mix of alcohol, ecstasy and LSD. Later on he heard that the scene was particularly grizzly. His friend didnít have a seatbelt on so she was thrown through the windshield, momentum dragging her far down the pavement, leaving behind a skid mark of blood and offal. David doesnít remember the crash nor much of the drive itself. All he knows is that his best friend died and it was because of him. This horrific accident pushed him into a world of depression and drug abuse. Just when he thought things couldn't get any worse his friend came back into his life...the friend he had seen buried only a few months ago. David no longer knows if what he's seeing is real or not. Is he being haunted by his best friend's ghost or have the drugs done more damage than he could have ever imagined?

Setting : I picture the story taking place in a suburb just outside of a large city somewhere in the United States or Canada.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the ghost that is haunting David aka his best friend. David was always a partier, someone who experimented with drugs and led a hedonistic sort of lifestyle and so did his friends. His friend can't pass over to the other side. I was thinking it could be that she can't move on because she can't leave David behind blaming himself for her death so until he forgives himself she is trapped on Earth. The more time they spend together the more their feelings begin to evolve but if David does forgive himself for what happens that means he'll lose her all over again. The characters don't necessarily need to know why she's trapped on Earth, David may even take some time to believe that his friend is a ghost and that he's not hallucinating.

Things to Know: This story will be more vanilla in terms of smut content. Be warned though, the ending will not be a happy one. Your character can't stay on Earth forever and David can't go on hating himself for all eternity. Either his bad habits are going to catch up with him or he'll forgive himself and your character will pass on to the other side.

Tags : Romance, Paranormal, Drug Abuse, MxF


Story : The Ink Exchange has been banned for centuries. It is a volatile and outdated ritual but with a new era of peace on Earth the Dark King has no choice but to implement it. The near Utopian society has caused an outright famine in the Unseelie Court, a place where they feed on the misfortunes and despair of others. His people starving, the Dark King carefully chooses a victim, someone that lives in the dark recesses of society, who's life goes from one miserable event to the next. She gets the tattoo thinking it is just your ordinary tattoo, one that she chose to express herself but it is far from average. Instead of regular ink, the blood and tears of the Unseelie Court is used to draw the tattoo, forever tethering the human to the Dark King. Her misery is channelled directly to the Court, feeding the starving faerie kingdom. How much can the woman take before she has been completely damaged and will the Dark King be able to allow such a thing to happen to her?

The Dark King has to protect the Court's asset from other faerie kingdoms that seek the ruin of the Unseelie Court. This means he has to make himself appear as human and implant himself in her life. Unfortunately his feelings begin to get in the way. He has to choose between her or his people.

Setting : A major city (think New York).

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the woman in question. Your character has had a harsh life. She has likely suffered some abuse or neglect from her family among other things. I'll leave the details up to the potential writer but that should give you an idea on the character's background. The character should be in her 20s. Other than that I am pretty flexible.

Things to Know: This is a dark plot. While your character has to be protected from others, she needs to be unhappy for the Unseelie Court to be kept fed. This means that the Dark King himself may sometimes be the source of her unhappiness. There will be extreme elements to the story. I don't really see any Non-Con or Dub-Con happening but that is something that can be discussed.

Tags : Romance, Urban Fantasy, Faeries, Alternative Universe, MxF

Story : Rayner has been a member of a hunter's guild his entire life. He had been born into the life of a hunter but he had always excelled at experimentation and developing weapons to better battle their supernatural opponents. His father had been the same unlike his mother, the type of hunter that worked in the field rather than the lab.

Rayner has always been more ambitious than his father. He aspires to create an antidote to rid creatures of their vampiric curse, lycanthropy, or whatever magical powers they possess. For him to truly come up with a cure he needs a live specimen on which to administer his trial cure. His experiments are not supported by everyone in the guild, he continues to work on the project at the risk of his life. Why risk his life for this? This is about more than just finding a cure, it's about making amends to a specific person, whether they want to accept his help or not.

Setting : The story is set in modern day Gothenburg, Sweden. The world is exactly like our own except that in this world vampires, werewolves, and witches exist.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the vampire or werewolf that Rayner is using in his trials. This is someone he knew well, someone who's turning was his fault. They have no interest in being cured but Rayner feels he owes it to them so he's captured them and now he's working on curing them of their curse.

Things to Know: This is more of an extreme plot. That being said I am more than happy to discuss the parameters of what that means. I highly doubt there will be any non-con but the cure will have a significant effect on the supernatural in question both mentally and physically. There may also be blood and gore aspects considering your character is a vampire or werewolf.

Tags : Romance, Thriller, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy, Horror, MxF

Story : Two kingdoms are at war, the avians and the serpiente shapeshifters. It is a bitter conflict, fought since time immemorial, one that the serpiente have no hope of winning if their own kingdom continues to be divided. The white vipers have never recognized the rule of the Cobriana royal line. The white vipers are the descendants of Maeve, the high priestess that stood above Keisha, the ancestor of the Cobrianas. While the black cobras have enjoyed the luxuries that come with royalty, the vipers have been pushed to the edge of serpiente society, forced to dwell in the wilderness, a fierce tribe of warriors. Unlike the serpiente, the avians do not discriminate, to them a snake is a snake. It is for this reason and this reason alone that a shaky alliance has been reached between the two warring factions. The white vipers have sent their best warriors to the palace in order to help with the war effort, among them is the son and future leader of the vipers.

Setting : The story is set in a historical world where animal shapeshifters exist and live in kingdoms, separated by the species of animal to which they can shapeshift. Our story would focus on the avian and serpiente kingdoms. The time period is somewhat medieval (think Europe during the Renaissance but with obvious influence from Middle Eastern cultures). The serpiente are a very passionate people. Their culture is a mix between Europe and the Middle East. Dance is a huge part of their culture, as is other art forms. Their traditional dance is quite similar to belly dancing. Not unlike snakes they possess a fluidity to their movement and are open with their passion and sexuality.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play a princess of the Cobriana line. She is a warrior and has been brought in by her father to help with the war effort against the avians. Naturally she will be working with my character, Nikhil, the son of the leader of the white vipers who has been sent by his father to aid the kingdom against the avians. I imagine the two will clash at first, especially since there will be little to no trust between them, but they will eventually begin to understand and respect each other and these emotions will give way to something more.

Things to Know: This story is meant to be a romance and so any relations between these two will be mutual. The smut will most likely be pretty vanilla but this can be discussed later on as well.

Tags : Alternative Universe, Shapeshifters, Forbidden Romance, Medieval, Fantasy, MxF


Story : A witch was a foul and evil creature, so why had Hansel promised to protect one? That was because he owed the girl's father a debt. The man had saved his life once and the bond of that debt was stronger than his hatred for witchcraft and its practitioners. His old friend had assured him that his daughter was good but even if that was the case, Hansel knew that magic corrupted the soul. That was the price of such power. There was a bounty on the girl's head. Hansel's only instructions had been to get her as far away from her village as humanly possible but once he managed to get her to safety there was no obligation for him to stay with her or so he thought. He would have never have imagined that he would begin to understand this witch, to see that there was more to her than the abilities she had been born with. Even so, even if he accepts the woman behind the power, he can never accept the magic in her blood.

Setting : This story is a sort of sequel to Hansel and Gretel. It is set in the same fairytale land as the original (i.e. medieval Germany but with magic). Essentially Hansel is all grown up. After he and his sister escape the witch and her cottage made of sweets, the two devoted their lives to hunting other witches. They have been very successful and for their good work have been rewarded with titles. Although still a relatively young man, he decides to retire from the life as a hunter, that is until an old friend of his begs him help his daughter escape their kingdom.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play the witch that Hansel is helping to escape. I envisioned her being a bit younger than him, considering Hansel knew her father before she was born. I imagine that she's not a practitioner of dark magic but Hansel has a very biased view of magic and so he doesn't want to see that there is good and bad magic out there. She may also not be as knowledgeable about magic and may not realize all the cons that come with her gifts. The extent of her knowledge and her backstory is up for discussion.

Things to Know: Although Hansel is saving her and in many ways she is a 'damsel in distress', I want a character that isn't completely helpless. She should be brave and strong (in the emotional sense). She should be someone that has enough self preservation to help herself in a bad situation instead of just standing there waiting for someone to save her.

Tags : Fairytale, Romance, Fantasy, Medieval, MxF

Story : Micah was a young pastor living on the frontier when he was turned. Raised in a Mormon settlement in Nevada, the son of a pastor himself, his tie to religion was steadfast; even after the monster changed him into an abomination, forcing him to leave behind his wife and four children. He struggled with the change, he tried to end his life on many occasions but his maker ensured that he was unable to. Eventually he accepted his fate but not before he escaped the woman's clutches. He's a wanderer now, traveling the world, sometimes tracking down his descendants to see what had become of the Eldridges of Brigham Parish. Although no longer a Mormon, Micah still believes in God just as strongly as he believes that despite a long life of good deeds, once he meets his true Maker he will burn in the fiery pits of hell. Still he has grown used to his undeath. He meets someone new and begins to see that perhaps he no longer has to spend his life alone. Unfortunately that new someone is in the employ of the bloodsucking fiend that changed him, expressly hired as a ploy to bring him back into his creator's circle.

Setting : The story is set in Boston, Massachusetts. Micah has recently moved there for no particular reason other than a change of scenery.

Seeking : I am looking for someone to play a vampire that has been hired to seduce Micah in order to bring him closer to his creator who he wants absolutely nothing to do with.

Things to Know: In the beginning this is a just a job for the female vampire but as she gets to know Micah and they grow closer she begins to truly feel for him and question her involvement with his creator. All sex between the two main characters will be consensual and it would be rather vanilla. There will be reluctance from both ends when it comes to allowing themselves to feel what they are feeling.

Tags : Supernatural, Vampire, Tortured Soul, Unlikely Romance, MxF


Story :

Setting :

Seeking :

Things to Know:

Tags :
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2016, 09:01:33 PM »
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #4 on: April 17, 2016, 09:01:51 PM »
Updated 'Blessed Are the Meek' and added 'Drag Me Through Hell'
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #5 on: May 21, 2016, 08:51:26 PM »
Updated 'Forced Reparations' and posting speed (now every 7 to 14 days)
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
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Updated 'Let Me Be Your Shadow'
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
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Added 'The Whore & the Zealot'

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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #8 on: July 17, 2016, 09:23:50 PM »
Added 'Serpent's Dance'

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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #9 on: July 25, 2016, 03:46:35 AM »
Added 'Long Live the Queen', 'Late Night Escapades', 'An Unpleasant Reunion'
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Re: One Soul to Another [Seeking Female & Male Characters]
« Reply #10 on: October 10, 2016, 04:35:45 PM »
Updated Status: Closed for RPs