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Author Topic: [RECRUITMENT THREAD] - Skyreach - [Trapped in an MMO type freeform game]  (Read 15203 times)

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Offline LynnetteTopic starter

    A freeform trapped-in-an-MMO type roleplay

    You woke up, overlooking the glorious view of a world who’s horizon is so far away it makes the world seem endless. The wind carries a smell free of pollution, free of all the nastities that the “normal world” has to offer. However, despite knowing this, your memory of the “normal” world is distant, faded, as though it’s something you weren’t supposed to know of.

    Though, sightseeing soon ends. You’re led towards the door leading to the staircase returning your feet to earth. You walk along with the small crowd of people. Little is said, the men in iron keeps the phase of the group up, leaving little room for chatter.

    Eventually, after what seemed like an endless flight of stairs, your shoes sink into the mold that makes up the ground floor. You’re led down a small hallway, before ending up standing by a grand wooden door. There’s a small table with a crooked old man standing next to it. To his right, there’s an array of backpacks of varying colors. He hands you a form, and you’re made to fill it out. It starts out with a name, simple enough, underneath is when the challenge begins.

    “Chosen profession”

    It says in a grand handwriting, with four beautiful prints underneath it. A warrior, with his shield pushing away what looks like a vile demon, with a sword ready to swing away at it.

    A crouched man with a dagger in his hand and a bow on his back, creeping in on an unknowing victim.

    A lady dressed in blue with a staff in her hand, spewing out fire at a wicked being.

    And a lady dressed in white, dagger in one hand and a wand in the other, tending to a wounded peasant.

    The old man tells you to rely on your intuition, the one thing that can’t lie no matter how much it wants to. You circle around what your mind tells you to pick, and you’re issued a backpack from one of the soldiers that led you down the stairs, and the door opens for you to step outside. You have the weirdest sense of familiarity as you stand in the town center of Bastion city with a backpack on your shoulders.

    With a weird sense of curiosity, you find yourself rummaging your pockets, and find a small note telling you to check your backpack. Doing so, you find a small book. You open it up, and read the first page, proceeding to chew through it slowly.

    ”Welcome to Skyreach

    As a new player, your book of knowledge will inform you of the necessary parts of getting started”

    Starting to read, it explains a lot of weird things not making too much sense, but it has one thing written in a clear black writing.

    “Talk to the guildmaster”

    The same nagging underlying knowledge pecks at you again as you subconsciously make your way to the guildman’s office and find yourself signed up to the adventurers guild, a lucrative but in the end relatively meaningless title, but you’re given a set of clothes, some a set of armor, and your weapon, free of charge, so there is no ground to complain. You’re led on to the old keep, what used to be Bastion before it expanded. While old, the building is still standing fair at its ground, and still has everything that is needed, and you’re told you can stay there free of charge for a few weeks, until you had adjusted to the game.

    With that, you’re now an adventurer, congratulations! Your job is to explore, acquire loot, and enjoy yourself in the vibrant world of Skyreach Online, what had used to be a reasonably popular video game in the “real” world, but that had now become your reality.

    Game explanation
    As the introduction implies, in this very game, you find yourself in the world of what used to be the game Skyreach Online, a reasonably successful MMO back in the real world, though you know nothing of that. You have an underlying knowledge of what to do, how the game works, and whatever you don’t know, the guidebook explains. The game will feature a cast of adventurers, aka. the players, as they take on an array of tasks, from adjusting themselves to their new reality to handling massive events that could permanently change their future, for better or for worse.

    Game mechanics
    The game is completely hud-less. Anything that would previously involve using an interface has now been replaced with subconscious commands. You have the knowledge of how to use skills, what items are roughly worth, what level you’re at, what you can and can’t use efficiently etcetera.
    There is no clean-cut health bar. Health is handled through blood-loss, like in real life. If you’re hit, you will bleed. A healer class can close your wound, but you’ve still suffered from blood loss, which will cause the game to become significantly tougher, especially if you’ve lost large amounts of blood. Blood is regained over time, or through blood-production increasers like potions or high-level spells.
    Cooldowns are subconsciously handled. You know how long you have to wait until you can repeat a certain skill or spell, and if you try to fight it, it won’t do you any good aside from leaving you vulnerable.
    Mana is only relevant for magic-based classes. Melee-classes can repeatedly use skills, but are more prone to exhaustion. Mages rely on their mana-pool to be able to use spells. No mana, no magic, you’re just in the way. Trying to use spells while they are still on cooldown causes the mana to use the spell to be taken, but the spell will still not trigger. Mana is slowly recovered over time, but can be increased through trinkets and buffs.
    Players are required to eat, sleep, drink and so forth to maintain a good physical condition. Players will die if they don’t drink for three days, or eat for three weeks. Food, depending on quality, will cost 50 copper per person for the most basic of meals, but food-items can be scavenged while out of the city to cut down those costs.
    Adventurers make their money through looting monsters that they defeat, simple enough. Most items have some interest and can be sold to the right vendor for a good price, or sold through the adventurer guild for a moderate price of an appealing buyer can’t be found. Items can be vanity-items, or can serve a purpose such as upgrading weapons, so selling them is not always the best option.
    The economy is simple. Coppers are circular, and it takes 100 coppers to make one silver. Silvers are triangular and are worth 100 coppers. It takes 100 silvers to make up one gold. Golds are rectangular and are worth 100 silvers or 1 000 coppers. Do note that vendors can be tougher to deal with if you try to pay for say an item worth golds in coppers or the other way around.
    The backpack that is issued as you enter the overworld is simply referred to as a bottomless bag, and will hold a large amount of smaller items for you. It’s not actually bottomless, but it will hold most users’ need of supplies for day-long trips, maybe two days as well. For mass storage, players would need to get a bottomless backpack or recruit a beast of burden that would carry items and return them to the player bank for them, in exchange of a small premium. Very convenient for longer trips, but it can get very expensive very quickly.

    About mechanics for this roleplay
    This is a freeform roleplay, keep this in mind. A lot of the information that has been presented is mostly just for the sake of having a lot of information to go by to avoid contradictions between posters.

    The game will operate in two separate threads. One for GM events, and one for player events.

    GM events will be events that I present. All players are recommended to participate, but are not forced to. GM events will have a set theme, and will be cycled regularly. They will provide bonuses for the participating players though, so keep that in mind.

    The player event thread is for non-GMed stuff. That means I’ll still be vaguely overlooking things, but I won’t be telling players which route things should go. This is more so the thread for normal interactions, smaller groups, and, well, smut. After all, this is E, no smut no life.

    I won’t be pushing my fingers too far into things, but keep “oh, look, this totally OP wand just dropped, can’t wait to shove it up my vagina for pleasu- I mean defeat some goblins!”. Random OP gear spawning is no bueno. I mean, it wouldn’t make sense if things never dropped, but don’t use my lax attitude as a method of building up mad bank, if you do, I’ll likely dictate a way to take it from you or devalue it. It’s not because I hate you, it’s because I love everyone.

    The main hub of the game will be Bastion city. More cities will be progressively discovered and accessible, but Bastion City will remain the most generally available and helpful place to be for most general purposes, and, with it being in the center of the game map, it’s convenient for travelling to other cities as well.

    It has yet to be documented what happens when a player dies, but there is no respawning, so it will be treated like it’s just death.

    The game features four classes, each with their separate strengths and weaknesses. They are largely customizable, but will largely so dictate your progression.

    Primary melee class
    Only class with slowed bleeding
    Primarily carries long swords and shields. Will become the team tank, a distraction for the enemy so to speak.
    Their skills are based around aggro and ground control through both defense and offense.
    They have no access to any form of magic or self-buffing until ascended.

    Primary archer class
    Uses smaller melee weapons, archery in its varying forms, and thrown weapons
    Only class with consistent critical hit chance. Critical hit opportunities will show up more regularly, and the rogue will know how to make use of them.
    Skills are based around burst damage and stealth. Have no self-buffing other than cloaking spells.

    Primary magic class
    Uses offensive magic in varying forms, normally in the form of elemental magic
    Has some single-target buffs and debuffs, but are later unlocked and have to be chosen between several alternatives that deal more raw damage.
    Has a large mana pool

    Primary healer class
    Uses healing magic in varying forms
    Unlocks some group buffs over time.
    Has a secondary weapon in the form of a dagger or equivalent, normally used for self defense.
    Has a large mana pool

    About Ascension
    Ascension is an alternative once a class has been “Mastered”. A player’s class can be ascended in the adventurer's guild, either to an upgraded form of their current class, which will unlock them more powerful spells and skills, or to another class, which will have a completely different skill-set.

    Alternative classes will be added over time, and I will take more specific class requests over time if you have something specific in mind for your character.

    • Be aware that I won’t be constantly monitoring all threads. If you see something in a thread you’re participating in that you think is breaking the rules, send me a PM, link the post, and tell me what it is about the post that makes it rule-breaking, and I will handle it from there.
    • All metagaming, god-moding etcetera will not be tolerated. This includes overpowered characters, knowledge of things your character should not know of, and controlling other characters in your posts without permission from the character-owner.
    • This is a freeform game. However, in the event of PVP where both parts can not agree on the outcome of the fight, I’ll determine it through E’s dice-roll system. PVP will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • All sheets will be sent BY PM to me. I’ll review them, and once accepted, you may put them up in the sheetlet thread.
    • Drama in the OOC is no bueno. Do it by Pm or contact me and I’ll clear it out or whatever, just don’t bring it upon everyone else.
    • Each player may have as many characters as they want, provided they can keep up with them.
    • Without setting a clear-cut range, if your partner takes an awful long time to get back at you and you can’t get back to him/her, PM me and I’ll work it out. If I can’t get in contact with you despite you having been online, you’re entering the area of risking your character going MIA.
    • Please look at the other sheets before you make your own, to avoid sheets becoming too similar. It’s never any fun to come up with an original character, only to have someone else make the exact same character a day or two later. I’ll keep moderate control over this while reviewing shets, but there will always be something that slips. Look for the niche that the game lacks, and try to fill it.
    • All posts are to be at a minimum length of one full paragraph. I won’t dictate this too strictly, but try to give your partners something to work with.
    • No super-shy/meek characters. They are too tough to work with for the counterpart and generally contribute very little, so there will be no room for them. There is some leeway for people I know can pull it off well, but generally, treat this as a guilty until proven otherwise case.
    • All smut is to happen in other threads than the GM event thread. The GM event thread is reserved for plot-progression, and should be treated as such. There is plenty of room for smut and general interactions in the other threads.
    • Images are to be kept hentai/anime, this is simply for the sake of unison.
    • [/li]

    Character creation and sheet
    Provided is the sheetlet that is to be filled for new characters. A class has to be picked from the initial four classes, but it is very flexible as far as what you can and can’t do. A warrior doesn’t have to be a big guy dressed in a couple tons of armor, and a rogue doesn’t need to be a crookbacked guy with a knife in his hand. How the game is played is largely so up to you, so make your character, and think what class they fall best into afterwards. If you’re unsure, ask me and I’ll tell.

    Each new character will start off with two basic skills. For warriors and rogue, these are two class-related skills, while with the wizard and cleric, the wizard gets two offensive spells, while the priest gets one healing spell (Initial spell will always be cure, which will close a wound) and one offensive spell for self defense.

    Name: The name of which your character will be referred to as
    Age: Pretty straight forward. Should be around 16-20 for most players
    Personality: A summary of how your character will be presented towards other characters.
    Sexuality: What genders are you willing to let your character have sexual intercourse with? Should reflect stance as far as writing goes, not the character’s idea of it.

    Class: What class your character falls into.
    Playstyle: With classes being flexible, how does your character make use of the class.
    Skill 1:
    Skill 2:

    Ons: Compile a few, don’t just link to your O/O threat
    Offs: See above
    O/O thread link: Optional

    Faceclaim: What is the name of the character of which you’re basing your images off of, if there is one? If you’re unsure, I can probably help you out on the matter.

    Code: [Select]
    [floatright][img height=350 padding=2][/img][/floatright]

    [b]Skill 1:[/b]
    [b]Skill 2:[/b]

    [b]O/O thread link:[/b]


    My sheet
    I put my own sheet here to show off the flexibility of a class. This is of course just to exemplify, but the point still stands, it should make a somewhat better picture about how far away from the generic MMO character you could go during this initial write-up.

    Name: Lindsay
    Age: 18
    Personality: A fierce hearted individual, Lindsay has a dominating personality with a lot of flair to it. She can be loud, she can be obnoxious, but deep down, she’s a heavy thinker. She has a lot of natural leader instincts, and knows how to present her thoughts to gain a following. She knows when to listen just as well as when not to, and she was one of the earlier ones to realize that the best to do was to just play along with the game set up for them. While fighting, whilst prioritizing communication, she gets significantly more silent, in an effort of upping her concentration. She knows well the dangers that they are ahead, and don’t want to get too far ahead of herself, trying not to get cocky since it has never been explained what happens at death, she only assumes the worst.
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Class: Warrior
    Playstyle: Parrying based, shieldless. Lindsay’s fighting style relies heavily on pulling off successful parries and counterattacking. Using light armor, it has high mobility and hence a good dodge chance, which Lindsay uses to compensate for the lack of heavy armor.
    Skill 1: Left hand counter - A fast swipe with the left hand to knock an incoming attack out of its path, leaving the opponent open
    Skill 2: Riposte - Only eligible after a successful parry, a hard-hitting gut-stab followed by a horizontal slash for massive damage

    Ons: TBA
    Offs: TBA

    Faceclaim: Sakura Saber (Fate/Grand Order)

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    Offline Starcry

    Full of cold but will get to work on a sheet. <3

    Online Dashenka

    OMG this is brilliant. I'm in....

    *works on character*

    Offline EdwardShane

    Writing up a dark element themed spellcaster now.

    Online Zaer Darkwail

    I start work on sheet here :)

    Offline LynnetteTopic starter

    Two sheets are going through the reviewing process at the moment and will get responses probably by tomorrow. I just wanted to make a quick post to make mention of that we are getting a lot of rogues. Both sheets I've gotten so far have been rogues, and I know two more are coming. Is the class overpowered, or is it just that people love rogues? Either way, I'm hoping for some diversity, I know 15-ish people have shown interest so far, so I'm hoping we can get a semi-even mix of the classes.

    Offline Drake Valentine

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    Two sheets are going through the reviewing process at the moment and will get responses probably by tomorrow. I just wanted to make a quick post to make mention of that we are getting a lot of rogues. Both sheets I've gotten so far have been rogues, and I know two more are coming. Is the class overpowered, or is it just that people love rogues? Either way, I'm hoping for some diversity, I know 15-ish people have shown interest so far, so I'm hoping we can get a semi-even mix of the classes.

    Offline Crash

    Hey Lynnette.  I am looking at a full tank warrior.  Sword, Shield, Armor and Taunting!!!!!!!

    Online Steir

    Do you need clerics? I can make one up.


    Offline Starcry

    Hey Lynnette.  I am looking at a full tank warrior.  Sword, Shield, Armor and Taunting!!!!!!!
    As long as my Cleric isn't forced to heal him every 5 seconds I am ok with this. :P
    Do you need clerics? I can make one up.


    Offline Crash

    As long as my Cleric isn't forced to heal him every 5 seconds I am ok with this.

    No promises! ;)

    Online AndyZ

    I'll probably aim for a wizard, maybe Air-based.

    Offline Idlewyld

    Thinking of a cleric myself

    Online Steir

    Will we end up having too many clerics too?


    Offline Starcry

    15 People showed interest so I think we should be ok. :3

    Offline Idlewyld

    If not, I'm open to other options if the GM/players need me to move around for balance's sake.

    Offline El Maligno

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    Is this still open to players?

    Offline Starcry

    This is always open for new players. :)

    Offline Grizzly

    I'm thinking about what I'd like to submit, currently working on a two sword warrior type.  How do the Skills work?  we have to list two on the character sheet but I'm a little fuzzy on just what they are exactly.

    Offline Crash

    Warrior submitted!

    Online Steir

    Cleric has been sent!

    Offline zenpai

    Is it possible to play as a nature cleric aka a druid

    Online Steir

    I think it is hinted that it will be possible as you progress. I picked a Wind-based magic for the other spell slot available and am thinking of working towards the support-based cleric with heals, buffs, and some damage spells for self-defense.

    Offline Dhi

    I've sent in a chakra-based cleric for approval.

    Online Zaer Darkwail

    I send my rogue for approval, I hope my rogue is diverse enough :P