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Author Topic: Play with Pan [kink, smut, story, fetish, romance, anthro ] FxM & FxF  (Read 741 times)

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Offline HeyThereLittleBearTopic starter

Welcome to Bear's Cave
enter at your own risk

Hey there!

I'm Bear. This thread is going to be a topic with a lot of requests all lumped into one. I'm gonna separate things into categories so you can skip around to read whatever information you'd like.
Category titles will be in bold.
PM me if you're interested in anything!

I only role-play over threads!
I'm willing to chat over messengers.

Want pics? Take a look at this!
Female character picture options (most NSFW)

Males that pique my interest (some NSFW)

About Me
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You can call me Bear, or Oddie. I don't mind each. I prefer my aliases over my real name. I'm currently twenty-two years old and a resident of North Carolina. I'm married and have a daughter and another kid on the way. I own three cats and two dogs. I have a full-time job that keeps me busy during the work week (Monday - Friday), but my role-playing is to keep me from going insane (all work and no play, y'know?)
If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask. I don't bite.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- Respect me. I don't give a flying fuck what you do to my character but out of character, if you think you have a right to insult, degrade, or harass me, think again. I have no tolerance for it.
- If you are losing interest, please tell me. Even if it's just to drop the role-play completely, tell me. I won't be mad.
- I will only role-play in third person POV with someone who also role-plays in third person POV. I am a fat fuck shoveling potato chips in my mouth. My character is the one getting the shit beat out of. Get it? Got it? Good.
- I severely dislike people talking to me OOC in a flirtatious or politely demeaning fashion. I don't know you, don't call me 'babe' or 'hun'.
- Do not waste my time asking for a character younger than 17. The site permits as young as 15 but I will only go as low as 17.

Turn Ons
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- Male dominance.
- Female virginity. Preferably with blood included from breaking the hymen.
- Very large cocks.
- Non-consensual situations.
- Humiliation / degradation / desecration.
- Blood. I fucking love blood.
- Large insertions
- Animals / animal cock / bestiality
- Knotting / tying
- Multiple partners
- Cum facials / cum on breasts
- Face-fucking, with or without gagging / choking
- Torture / mutilation / death
- Descriptive blowjobs

Turn Offs
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
- parent/child incest
- pregnancy
- anal play. Like jesus fuck man, have you ever actually had anal sex? It's the biggest fucking shit ever going back in. Not sexy. It's fucking awful.
- Bathroom play. Um, no. No thanks

For the full list, my F-List is here.

* - actively seeking this plot
* - still accepting role requests
* - temporarily closed
* - craving badly
* - has sample writing
* - has pictures in spoiler, probably NSFW
underline - role that I would prefer to play

Plot-less Pairings

Game of Thrones
* Hound x Sansa
* OC x Sansa
* OC x OC

Harry Potter
* Draco x Ginny
* Draco x OC
* Snape x Lily
* Fenrir Greyback x OC
* Fenrir Greyback x Luna

The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
* Azog x OC

* vampire x human
* werewolf x human

Real Life / Modern
* older male x younger female
* teacher x student
* tutor x student
* dog x owner
* dog x pet-sitter
* friend x friend's sibling
* wife x husband's brother


*** FANDOM ***

AHS: Freak Show *
Includes: slight romance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I don't have a definite idea in mind, but I would love to do a non-con role-play with your character being the absolutely dreadful young man known as Dandy. Perhaps I could make a character that is a freak? Or perhaps just someone that understands his particular... Affliction?

Frozen & Rise of the Guardians Crossover * *
Includes: corruption, possible mind control, slight romance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Cold and dark go so well together... And since Pitch Black wasn't able to coerce Jack Frost himself into working with him, he'll take the next best thing. And what is more vulnerable than a young woman whom has just isolated herself from the rest of the world? She is a lonely being and so in need of love... And so easy to twist to his will.
Elsa, NSFW
Elsa blowjob, NSFW
Elsa, SFW
Elsa, NSFW

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book One *
Includes: romance, corruption, bribery, possible non-consensual turning consensual
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
After a failed attempt to destroy the fire nation from the inside, a young rebel is sent to Zuko as a tease. His father makes Zuko an offer that is hard to refuse -- get the girl on their side and he can come home, honor restored. All he needs is to know where the rest of the rebels are hiding.

Spacey Wacey Timey Wimey * *
Doctor Who. I want something Doctor Who. I prefer ninth or eleventh Doctor.
Includes: romance, 50/50 smut/story play, action/sci-fi
Plot One:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ninth doctor (Chris Eccleston) has been drawn to earth by the readings he is getting telling him that the living plastic is somewhere in England. Chance would have it that he meets Rose Tyler, or rather... Doesn't meet her. At last second, he is instead thrown together with someone else, making it so that the Doctor has never met Rose.
Plot Two
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(Eleventh Doctor) After Amy's announcement of her impending pregnancy, the Doctor feels an overwhelming guilt that he has, once again, stopped the life of humans and interrupted what is their normality. Rather than putting them and their future child at risk, he sends them home. But he still desperately craves a companion, and finds one rather easily when he discovered that the Cybermen are back. He'll need help quick

   It was the age of the Cybermen, and life had never been so full of adventure. If she said that she hated life on the run, constantly fighting for survival and to save what was left of the human race, she would be lying. Previous to this, she’d had a boring job of installing power networks in major cities, high risk certainly, but never quite as fun as her days had become now. Her friends then had been mates she knew at work and work only. But now, now she had a family like never before, a group of friends that would lay down their lives to protect each other.

   Piper found that this day was like many of the others - waking up to the light of the morning sun on her face, a light breeze tickling her skin. Next to her, she could hear her bunkmates still sleeping, their steady breathing. She glanced about the room for a moment, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she rolled out of her bed and started towards their makeshift command room. The room was extremely low tech, only the bare minimum of technology running to keep them under the radar. At the main control, a boy with glasses that covered a good portion of his face sat rapt at a screen.

   “Mornin’, Gilly,” She mumbled as she took a seat next to him, snatching his drink off the console to steal a sip of it, “Whatcha got on the telly today?” She asked, wrinkling her nose at his cold tea before placing it back. The boy was quiet for a longer bit still before finally swallowing, looking at her as if he had only just realized she was there. “Oh, Pip,” He still seemed distant, as if he weren’t sure what was going on, “Strange things, very strange things indeed.” He said, tapping on a strange line that kept spiking across the screen, “Lookit, this thing’s been going bonkers since midnight.”

   Her eyebrows raised a bit, leaning in to watch the line level out then spike, level and spike again, “Huh,” She bit her lip, glancing over her shoulder at the door, “You don’t suppose they’re trying a new transmission, do ya? I mean, they didn’t get us all with their first two waves. They might be trying a new thing.” She scratched at her head, trying to think of the possibilities. The Cybermen had formed quite the plan - their first line of strike was through the telly - a transmission inside a transmission that whispered to people about conversion.

   Conversion is good. Conversion is good. Obey the Cybermen. Conversion is good.

   It played day and night as men, women, and children watched. A week later, the First Wave began. The Cybermen converted those who heard the message. It was almost too simple to infiltrate. Fear spread like wildfire through those that weren’t converted, and then the Second Wave started. They used the same method - a transmission inside transmissions, but this time through the cell phones that everyone had. It whispered in their ears, convincing everyone that conversion is good.

   With that Second Wave complete, humanity was at its weakest. Small pockets had survived, but far too many of them had decided life wasn’t worth fighting for anymore. It was a frightening existence, and those that were still surviving were running for their lives, fighting tooth and nail to take the world back. And Piper was among those that were ready for fight for humanity, to work to fight back the Cybermen. Her group was small, but they were true fighters.

   “No… Doesn’t look like a transmission at all.” He said after a long silence, pushing his chair away towards another screen, playing with a knob that brought a speaker crackling to life. All around them was a soft noise, a strange whooshing that was rhythmic and almost comforting, but still very strange and… In a world already so full of terrible things, quite scary.

   Piper chewed her lip, “I don’t like the sound of that, Gilly. I don’t like it at all. I’m going to wake Tally. If Flick wakes up, let him know that we’ve gone out on a raid or something,” She said, rushing back to the sleeping area to change quickly into more suitable clothing and to wake her bunkmate, a young bloke that preferred to be called Tally of his real name, Thaddeus. “Tally, get up. We picked up something… Strange.” She told him, almost literally rolling him out of the bed.

   While Tally got himself ready, Piper busied herself in getting armed, mostly creations that she’d made in their so-called lab, all interesting inventions of electricity that would at minimum stun a Cyberman, but at worst kill. Flick insisted they kill as few as possible, since the Cybermen were really just forcibly converted humans.

   Piper finished her ‘getting ready’ by pulling her long blond hair back into a bun, keeping it out of her face so that she would have no distractions. “Come on, Tally. You’re worse than a girl,” She called out to the boy, frustrated at his sluggish movements as he pulled on the last of his armor against the Cybermen. With her urging him on, the boy was quicker to dress, ready in under five minutes.

   “Gilly, we’ll be back! Stay safe.” She called out, leading the way out of their little encampment. And encampment was truly the best way to put it, as it was in the woods, disguised as a large pile of rotting logs. A clever way to hide from the high tech world where the men were mostly robots. “I’ll lead the way, Tally. Keep the stunner ready.” She whispered, leading through the trees towards the source of where the odd ‘transmission’ was coming from.

   Instead of finding something that would be expected, she was brought to a complete stand-still, eyes narrowed at the oddity she was presented with. It was a box. A wooden box. To be more specific, a blue wooden Police Box.  “Bloody hell,” Tally whispered behind her, the more offguard of the two.

   “Bloody hell, indeed…”

*** INCEST ***

Family Traditions *
Includes: incest, non-consensual, older/younger dynamic, smut heavy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Energy cannot be created, only transferred, and the same can be said for evil. When he came of age, he was molested by an older relative who quietly assured him that it was a rite of passage in the family. The 'first time' must be with another member in the family and it was not to be discussed. Now that his sister is of age, it's time that he teach her about the family tradition, even if she doesn't want to be a willing participant.

Sisters *
Includes: lesbian, incest, virginity, reluctant consent, twins
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
As the two girls come of age, they couldn't be more similar. They look the same, act the same, and are developing at the same rate. But it also seems that they are failing in their love lives in the same way, as they are inseparable and men don't seem interested. Rather than trying to pursue a man that doesn't know them, one of them makes the offer for them to pleasure each other. The other is reluctant, even shy about their encounters but eventually comes to love them. But god forbid their parents ever find out...

The Cock tease *
Includes: incest, dubious consent, knotting/tying, coercion, MxMxF, human on human on animal, bestiality
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The younger sister is caught teasing the family dog by letting him lick her into orgasming and playing with his cock but not finishing him by the older brother. Tired of her being a cock tease, the brother catches her in the act and makes her submit and let the dog fully take her... And now he has something to hold over her head, so she will do anything he wants... Anything.


Dirty Girl *
Includes: humiliation, non-consensual sex, possible public humiliation, force
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She is a neat freak. There is nothing she hates more than clutter, except perhaps dirty. When she is offered the job of a lifetime, she simply can't say no. She's become the personal assistant for the CEO of a massive company. Only, she wasn't aware of how much of a "personal" job she would be doing. He delights in making the neat freak a dirty girl, even if it's against her will.

Too Old for a Sitter *
Includes: older male / younger female, non-consensual turning consensual, possible mouth fucking
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Her parents might be just a bit too over-protective. But then again, that's their only little girl. Even though she's far too old to need a sitter, they request a family friend to come stay at their house while they're away on a month-long vacation. But while the parents away, the friend will play... Even if she isn't a willing participant at first...

Forgive Me Father *
Includes: religious themes, non-consensual, humiliation, forced chastity
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young woman has decided to forego a life of sin and take the black. As part of her vows, she has to take a vow of celibacy... But the Father has something else in mind. She lives to serve him and the Lord, but he has come to serve only himself.

Last of the Fairies *
Includes: size difference, extreme large insertion, painful sex, non-consensual
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She is the last of the fairies, a small and fragile thing that is stuck in the human world. In desperate need of help, she seeks out a person that seems to be fascinated by the fairies. She relies on the thought process that if he loves fairies so much, he wouldn't dare to harm one. She is horribly wrong, and her thought to be savior is now her captor... And he is still very fascinated in the fairykind.

Dance to the Devil's Swing *
Includes: torture, rape, possible multiple partners, possible mutilation, possible death & resurrection, large insertions
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
People are warned about Hell but it never seems all that real... Until you're down in Hell playing victim to the devil's nightmares. His demons have full control of you, and no matter how much you scream or how bad it hurts, you'll be their bitch. Forever and ever, amen.

*** BLOOD PLAY ***

The Love Affair with the Vampire * *
Includes: heavy blood play, possible snuff, torture, heavy smut, heavy romance, possible multiple partners
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A vampire and a psychopath -- what could be a sweeter love story? Their insane minds play together like awful children and they have found the one thing that connects them stronger than anything else? The lure of the Blood. Even though she is just a human, she feels the call of the Blood and feels the urge to drink it, spill it, and bathe in it. So together they have a wonderful affair of love, bonding over the death of others and the delight in draining

Millions of years of evolution didn't amount to nothing, but by just looking at the collection that were packed into this room like sardines, you would never tell. Top of the food chain and yet they were driven by a simple desire to mate, grinding against each other as they consumed enough alcohol to subdue their great mental capacities. They were literally dumping thousands of dollars a night to not think for just a bit.

But among the herd of humping and grinding cattle, there lay the ultimate predator, a wolf in the sheep's clothing. She was a woman, having groomed herself to meet the requirements for the ever-lusting man. Eva had always been a beautiful woman, but the last few years her descent into madness had treated her well. She worked out as often as most people prayed to god, ate a rather strict diet, and kept her body in near perfect physical condition.

And it was because of her strict regimen that she had attracted a fly into her pretty little honey pot, a rather attractive man that was rather intoxicated. His hands were hungry on her body as they danced -- well, it was closer to dry-humping than anything else. She could feel his cock press against her with every bump and grind, his need plain on his face. It was when she was sure he was just about to toss her to the ground in the club that she leaned close, whispering in his ear that they should return to her place.

The man was more than willing, following her like a good pet ought to. It was all a part of reeling him in, then, her house quite inviting to her guest. Her bed was a lovely thing, scarlet sheets and soft, warm comforter. He practically walked to his own death, tugging her along to his quite literal death bed. It wasn't until this point that she had returned his affections, her lips hungry on his body, hands grasping him and fondling him. She wanted him excited, wanted his blood rushing.

Sex was a messy thing, always had been. And it was never interesting with those that were drunk. He'd been far too eager in removing her clothes, his own following suit. The man had a cock that was rather impressive, but she wasn't paying attention to his swollen length, far too interested in the veins that stuck out on his body, her fingers trailing one.

Eva permitted him to get forceful, to push her down onto the bed, wrestling his way in between her legs as he position his cock against her opening. He thrust inside of her with a grunt, his cock delving deep into her sex as he started to move, his only pace to fuck hard and fast. He was a selfish lover, caring more about his own cock being satisfied than his partner. But that was fine. Eva arched under him, her hands sliding beneath the pillow. She faked a moan, arching up against him and proclaiming something along the lines of him being the best lover she'd ever had.

Her fingers found what they sought, the hilt of a blade that she'd hidden there before leaving in search of prey. Her moaning, writhing bullshit came to a swift halt, a true smile coming to her lips as she brought the blade across his belly, his blood gushing over her in hot gushes, his intestines falling out onto her stomach.

"Ah, yes," Finally, her lover wasn't so selfish, emptying himself upon her to make a hot, sticky mess of red on her sheets and between her legs. She was finally enjoying the sex, her hips bucking up into his now unmoving hips, his weight coming down upon her as his strength died with him. She came to her orgasm as he died on top of her, the last of his blood seeping out in slow drips.

As satisfying as it was to control man like this, it was always so disappointing afterwards. Such a mess to clean up, what with the blood and the body to dispose of. It was second nature to her by now, a process that was well worth the rewards she got.

And again, tonight, she found herself in the breeding grounds again, primed and ready for the hunt...

*** ABUSE ***

Broken Promises *
Includes: abuse, rape, slight romance, bondage
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Every time it happens, he promises it will never happen again. And every time he breaks his promise, he swears that she made him do it. They've been dating for a few months now and she is head over heels in love with him. The only problem is that he has a bit of an issue with his anger. He is a rotten person to the very core of his being and he takes all his frustrations out on her. She is the perfect victim, because she will take it all. But he is insatiable. All is never enough

The Genie *
Includes: abuse, confinement, non-consensual, possible consensual, possible multiple partners, master/slave relationship
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
While traveling in the deserts of Egypt on vacation, a man comes across a very unique item -- a lamp. More specifically, a genie's lamp. And as long as he doesn't use his wishes up, she's his servant until the end of time...

*** ROMANCE***

Nuclear War *
 Includes: romance, plot heavy, post nuclear war,
PM for details

Genetic Perfection *
Includes: human-animal mix, Stockholm Syndrome, romance heavy, forbidden love
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Illegal genetic experimentation has been ongoing for at least fifteen years and finally, finally they have created the perfect creature. It's a perfect, living mix of human and animal, a beautiful specimen, but still quite wild at heart. The animal side has inflamed her more basic instincts and turned her more beast than girl... But still, one of her caretakers takes pity on her... And finds that there is a mutual attraction between the two of them.

Stranded *
Includes: vampire/human pairing, romance, deceit, smut heavy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The vampires are having the gathering of the century, but to cover up their existence, they are requested to travel by human means only. Unfortunately, a plane crash strands a group of people on an island with this skilled and now hungry killer. As the other survivors slowly pass away, a human female starts to suspect the handsome man she is developing feelings towards...

Forbidden Love *
Includes: princess/servant, taboo pairing, female virginity, secret romance
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The princess is arranged to wed the Prince of an enemy kingdom to secure a peace treaty. As a sign of good faith, she is sent to the kingdom to be romanced by the Prince. Instead, she falls for his personal servant. And the attraction is very mutual, but very forbidden as the wedding contract demands the princess to remain a virgin for her husband to be

Kidnapped Princess *
Includes: princess/savior, taboo, heavy romance, female virginity
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
On the day before her wedding, the princess is kidnapped by a band of rebels against the kingdom. The king puts out a bounty for the gang. Before the gang is ever captured, the princess has already been rescued by someone completely unaware of the situation, to which she uses to her advantage. She doesn't wish to marry, and instead convinces the young man to help her escape her life. Except, the problem now is that the band of rebels have convinced the king that the rescuer was their leader.

Ghost and the Hunter *
Includes: romance, time travel, murder mystery
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A ghost is trapped reliving the night she was murdered over and over. A hunter, set on destroying this frightening specter, finds himself transported back in time to investigate her past, and maybe prevent her from dying in the first place. He has limited time to figure out what happened and possibly save her. But what happens when and if he does?

Teacher / Student *
Includes: taboo relationship, age difference, female virginity, undefined dom/sub roles
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A high school teacher has noticed that one of his brightest students has lately started to fail. He asks her to stay after class one day and finds that her father has lately turned abusive towards herself in response to her mother leaving him for another man. The teacher isn't sure how to comfort her and steps perhaps a bit out of line by inviting her to come to his home. What started as just being a safe place slowly buds into a risky relationship between the two, of which the originally timid girl is becoming bold, even daring to hide beneath his desk so that she can have her way with him as he attempts to conduct parent/teacher meetings after school...

*** EXTREME ***

The Serial Killer *
Includes: death, non-consensual, psychological torture, sexual torture, torture that leads to death, possible necrophilia
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It is his nature to kill. He has been this monster for as long as he can remember, and he craves nothing more than to continue being the beast. He delights in taking life from people, but has lately found a sexual side to his play that he never knew of before. And now, he can't get the image out of his mind of a woman taking her last breath around his throbbing, hard cock... It's only a matter of time before he finds his latest victim.


Adam & Eve * *
Includes: corruption, fiction heavy, blood play, murder, female dominant, interracial
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The very first sin to ever be committed was the sin of the forbidden fruit - and the original sin began with Eve. The Bible details the curse of Eve, from a woman now having menstruation to the pains of labor to bring a child into the world, but no one talks about Eve's true curse. Instead of death, she was stuck in limbo as the Original Eve. The eve of it. She has been nothing but a spirit, influencing the weak minded and corrupting people. The first time she got too much power, God flooded the earth and left only Noah's family to survive. And so she was weakened, at least for a while. But opportunity has struck again, and oddly enough in a man named after her husband. He is a weak man, already suffering from the beginnings of mental disease. She uses it to get inside his head, first as a whisper but steadily gaining strength until she can force him to commit horrible acts without being aware. As he starts to believe in her powers, she is able to manifest as her true self - a gorgeous, brown-skinned maiden with round ample bosoms and wide hips. She's a treat for the eyes, but she is truly still a dark creature full of evil. And Eve is only getting stronger.

Inspiration pics for Eve:
Pic one, safe for work
Picture two, safe for work
Pic three, safe for work
Pic four, less safe for work


Little Red & The Big Bad Wolf *
Includes: anthro/beast on girl, non-consensual, female virginity
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The story of Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf is a tale as old as time, but the  details have gotten lost over the years. The Wolf was never a wolf, and Little Red as not as young as you'd might think.
The general idea of the story is still the same.
Little Red is on a journey through the dangerous, dark forest to take supplies to her quite ill grandmother. And on the way she does encounter the Wolf. The were-Wolf that is.
Let's role-play out the rest of the details.

The Princess' Pet * *
Includes: heavy romance, anthro on human, some smut, taboo, master/pet dynamic, knotting/tying
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a society where anthro exist, they are viewed as pets for the wealthy, so it was no surprise for the princess to have been gifted a handsome young pup to have as a playmate. But the princess isn't a little girl anymore and her pup has grown into quite the large beast. They are as. Lose as ever, but the relationship is different. Even though it is forbidden, the princess can't get him out of her mind. They already share a bed together and she can't help but wonder what other ways her pet could serve her...

The princess was a pampered soul from the day she was born, a sweet creature that had been born into the lap of luxury and truly belonged there. As a child, she had been blessed with everything she could ever want. But money could not purchase a friend for the lonely child.

At least not until she was seven. On that birthday, she was gifted her closest friend, a young anthro pup that was to be her pet. The creature was older and taller than her even at that age, but was still pampered enough that there was play left in his heart. The princess had found what true happiness was at last. The first few years were the best, with days full of play and laughter. As she grew older, the play turned to hours of talking. He was her closest friend and only confidant.

After a while, the two had become inseparable and it seemed only natural that the anthro be permitted to sleep in her bedchambers -- first, on a padded bed on the floor, then later at the foot of her bed. It wasn't long before the two were found nestled together in innocent embrace, the epitome of close friendship.

Even with the years of play behind them, she found it impossible to let her friend go. She had blossomed into a woman, and he from pup to full canine. The years had changed them but had not separated them. At the age of eighteen, she still refused to have her pet sleep anywhere besides her bed.

The cuddling had remained innocent. For a while.

In the quiet of the night, Elle slid her hand over to find him, her fingers brushing softly through the fur on his chest. He leaned in to her touch, their bodies so close she could feel the heat of his breath on her neck. He nipped at her gently, bringing soft little gasps from her lips, her body arching up into him. His hand moved on her body, first grasping her breast, fondling her through her silk nightdress. It moved then, following the curve of her side until his fingers found the edge of her dress.

Her breathing was ragged, electricity thrumming through every inch of her skin. His hand formed a trail of static, moving from her outer to inner thigh then finally cupping her sex gently. Elle blushed. She hadn't been aware she didn't wear panties. He pushed up her night dress to her stomach, sliding his hand away from her just enough to tease at her clit, making her press up to him in eager anticipation. Her breathing had grown heavier, body absolutely aching for him now.

His tongue was on her neck, followed by another nip. He worked his way down her body in slow motions, finally stopping between her legs. His tongue brushed her slow, teasing before he began. It wasn't long before her hands were on his head, her teeth biting into her lower lip to stifle her sounds of pleasure. He stopped just as she was on the verge of orgasm, grinning from between her legs. As he leaned up, she glanced down at him. His cock was erect, the tip almost dripping with precum.

"I'm ready." She whispered, watching as he leaned over her, slowly letting his tip rub against her virginal opening. Her arms wrapped around him, enjoying the heat from his body as she anticipated her virginity being broken. His muscles tensed, his tip entered, she gasped and -- and woke up.

Elle awoke feeling an odd mix of excitement and embarrassment. Her sex was alive with need over her dreamed fantasy of sex, her legs clamping together to try and stop the electricity. Her pet, her /real/ pet, lay next to her still. Her cheeks were hot and her body cold with a light sweat. The dream had come before, but never so intense. And as always, it was so hard to shake.

She propped herself up on her elbow, steadying her breathing as she touched his shoulder. "Hey... Are you awake?"

What A Good Girl *
Includes: anthro on human, bondage, collar/leash, non-consensual, face fucking, knotting/tying, rough fucking, smut
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The anthro community lived for years as pets. They were servants, companions, and even guardians. But they knew that they were stronger. Just a few years ago, the tables were turned and they turned the humans into pets. Now the humans can be purchased as the anthro once were and they can be used for any purpose. A lonely canine purchases a human female to serve him in the home. He decides to give her the same treatment that they had -- collars and leashes, stripped naked, and abused. He soon finds that he gets off on her serving so dutifully... If she services his home so well, what's stopping her from servicing his cock?

Beauty & The Beast *
Includes: anthro on human, stockholm's syndrome, vanilla(ish), female virginity, romance
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In exchange for her father's freedom, a beautiful young woman agrees to be the captive of the Beast. He needs to make her fall in love with him, but will he be able to succeed in getting her affections? For who could ever learn to love a beast?

Punishing the Bitch *
Includes: animal on human, non-consensual sex, public humiliation, knotting/tying, breeding
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There is a new form of punishment that has been set in place that has proven to be rather successful -- to punish in a way that is similar of the crime. Murderers are killed, rapists get fucked quite unpleasantly, and even minor offenses get a like punishment. And all of this is done publicly. There are courtyards in every city just for punishments to be performed. And what is more perfect way to punish a bitch than to have her bred like one?

Dog Sitter *
Includes: non-consensual, female virginity, bestiality, knotting/tying
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He finds an ad on the internet - dog sitter, cheap cheap cheap! I guarantee your pet will be well taken care of - at your house or mine! Considering his business trip, he needs someone to watch his prize dog, so he invites her to stay at his place and take care of man's best friend. He divulges all information about the dog's care, but forgets to mention that this dog just happens to be a prize-winning breeding stud... And he is eager to do his job.

The Vet's Office *
Includes: bestiality, forced breeding, knotting/tying, non-consensual, multiple partners, dog on human
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A very well-off vet has decided he would like to take his business and start a new venture - breeding. Part of his curiosity is in breeding large dogs to be larger than ever. But he wants only the best sperm, which requires to keep his dogs 'milked'. He purchases a girl off the black market just for that, to keep his hands clean of the dirty work. She has only one thing she has to do - permit multiple dogs to breed her and fill her with their cum.

Curiosity Fucked The Cat *
Includes: bestiality, consensual, young adult (17-20), masturbation, knotting/tying, female virginity
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Her life sucks. From her part-time job that makes her work herself to the bone, to school, which stresses her out beyond belief, and she needs some sort of stress relief. Masturbation seems like the best route. It's pleasurable, relieves stress, and she doesn't have to hassle with pregnancy. But her dog has been showing great interest in her now, and is curious to join in on her fun... And she is just as curious.... After all, it would be pleasurable, relieve stress, and she wouldn't get pregnant...

The Love Drug *
Includes: bestiality, semi-consensual, knotting/tying, female virginity, multiple partners
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Scientists have created a new 'love drug' that is said to excite those that are around you. It passed animal testing with flying colors, and now they are moving to testing it on humans with willing subjects. Unfortunately, someone dropped a sample in the lab and got covered in it... What they don't know is that it doesn't wash off. The unsuspecting person goes home to her house full of pets.

The Photographer *
Includes: bestiality, knotting/tying, multiple partners, nonconsensual
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A photographer wants the best photos of wildlife that she can get, so she has a fursuit made specifically for her body, equipped with holes to permit urination and breathing. She is getting the best shots she has ever taken, but little does she m ow that she is going to soon get a taste of the wild... From a pack of males suffering from too few females in the area.

Becoming Werewolf *
Includes: bestiality, knotting/tying, forceful sex, multiple partners, anthro on human
NSFW pics linked
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For those that are born human, there is only one way that you can gain access into a were pack, and that is to show your loyalty. For a pack that is mostly males, they are in desperate need of a new female in the pack. Rather than finding a willing subject, they capture a beautiful human and subject her to the tests of loyalty - to mate each member of the pack in beast form, ending with the alpha. But they can't stop themselves, finding it too hard to resist taking her all at once. The poor girl is overrun with needy werewolves, each trying to fill her virgin cunt with their thick, knotted cocks. They're willing to settle with filling her mouth, but their fucking is so rough that she won't last that long

NSFW pics:

Family Guilt *
Includes: incest, reluctant consent, bestiality, MxMxF, human on human on animal, knotting/tying, multiple partners, multiple penetrations
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When they came of age, two siblings decided that it would be a good option to just move out together. The older brother had always been a good brother to her, though she didn't know he'd watched her through her door each night. He can't take it anymore, so he corners her in her room and takes advantage of her one night and makes her orgasm. They soon find that they have another guest - the family dog. And she learns that her brother has another fetish in mind that he wants her to fulfill...

Pornography and Foul Play *
Includes: FxFxM, bestiality, human on human on animal, multiple partners, possible knotting/tying
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A porn star is paid a very wealthy amount for a shoot that she is told very little about. From the basics of it, it sounds like she'll be doing a scene with another girl and a male, but the director is extremely sketchy on the details. Regardless, she needs the money and is willing to give the threesome a try. When she gets on set, everything is going as normal until the girl leaves and comes back with the male for their scene - an animal (horse or dog). Now the porn star is forced into submission to the animal for the sake of the camera, and whether she's willing or not, the show must go on...

Life of the Party *
Includes: non-consensual, multiple partners, bestiality, knotting/tying, public sex, drug use
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An older teen is drugged at a party and forced into a skin-tight latex suit that forces her to be in the shape of a dog... It even has a muzzle and tail... And an opening. At first, the boys of the party are happy to pass her around among themselves for free rough fucking, but soon they decide to humiliate her even further by letting the mascot have a go.

Man's Best Friend *
Includes: non-consensual, bestiality, knotting/tying, forced oral, older/younger
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The next door neighbor has always been a nice enough fellow so it wasn't suspicious when he asked if she could help with his dog. He was rather vague on the details and didn't seem to want to say what he needed help with. She finds herself victim of helping to teach the dog to breed properly, and the man just can't help but join in on the fun. After all, why not put her open mouth to good use on his cock?

The Safari *
Includes: romance, anthro on human, female virginity, knotting/tying
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As a gift for her eighteenth birthday, she is given the experience of a lifetime - a safari in Africa. While on her safari, she gets separated from her group and finds herself lost in the wild of Africa's great beauty. She is found by a feral anthro man, who she soon comes to fall for. And he is eager to show her all that there is to what seems like such a terrible place.

The Cock tease *
Includes: incest, dubious consent, knotting/tying, coercion, MxMxF, human on human on animal
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The younger sister is caught teasing the family dog by letting him lick her into orgasming and playing with his cock but not finishing him by the older brother. Tired of her being a cock tease, the brother catches her in the act and makes her submit and let the dog fully take her... And now he has something to hold over her head, so she will do anything he wants... Anything.

The Daughter's Protector *
Includes: taboo, anthro on human, knotting/tying, romance heavy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When the heiress to a large fortune moves out on her own, her father purchases her a gift - a healthy young anthro to protect her from anything that could ever harm her. He didn't think it through that it might not be wise to purchase her a male pet, and the daughter seems to be a little too interested in tempting the beast... Not that he would complain.

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