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Author Topic: The Kinky Korner  (Read 1259 times)

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The Kinky Korner
« on: March 04, 2016, 11:39:08 AM »
The Kinky Korner

Welcome to my little black book of Ideas. Here you'll find all manner of curious ideas and inklings. Hopefully, something will suit your needs. I aim to please. Message me if you're interested.

Updated 17 August, 2017.

The Queen's Consort (F for F)
The Queen and Her King have ruled the land for only six years. But their marriage is one of convenience, not love. Everyone knows about the King's young playthings. He does little to conceal his disdain for His wife. She has decided it's time to play His game. She has ordered a young maiden to be brought to her from the city. From there, things get interesting.
(Bondage, non-con)

Spellbinding (F for M or F)
Sarin is a witch for hire in the modern age. She sells tonics, potions, and an assortment of other magical items. She even performs spells for those who ask nicely. But when a customer asks for a lesson, Sarin finds herself in a unique position. A few of them, actually...

Into The Dark (M for F or M)
In the distant city of Gehenna, there are strict rules governing everything. Don't wear bright colors. Don't drink from the well. Always keep a light burning. And never go beyond the walls. One night, a child goes missing. Against the elder's advice, Matthew and his loyal friend set out to find the missing boy.
(Horror, exotic)

Supernova (F for F or M)
The back alleys of the big city are known for dark dealings. So, when gunshots break the night behind K Street, no one bats an eye. Or calls the cops. And that's exactly what Mr. White is banking on. He stands over the bodies of four dead small-time gangbangers. Slipping on a latex glove, he scrounges around in their pockets, but finds nothing of interest. He frowns. He looks over the bodies again. The girl who was seen on the video tape isn't among the dead. His frown deepens. She must have slipped away before Mr. White arrived. Well, no matter. As far as the police would be concerned, she just murdered her former gang allies. All he has to do is wait. She'll surface somewhere. Little does he know that somewhere, someone is actually helping her decrypt the information on the stolen flash drive. It's a race, now, between the killer and the conspiracy.
(Crime, suspense)

In Their Image (F for F)
Since the discovery of metahumans - people whose DNA has evolved beyond normal human genetics, allowing them access to unique mental powers - those with the Gift have been the subject of global controversy. Some extremists hunt the Gifted, while others openly embrace them, and others still actually worship them. One thing everyone can agree on: the existence of metas (or Gifted) changes the world dynamic. Elise, a young woman who discovered her telekinetic abilities during high school, is on a government registration list. When two humans are killed by some form of telekinetic attack, the government descends on her. There's no other evidence tying her to the victims, but she knows that if the real killer isn't found, the police will eventually lay all the blame on her. So, she sets out to track down the killer and bring them to justice, one way or another.
(Crime, mystery)

Quick Story Ideas
Superhero/Supervillain Duo (FxF)
Prisoner x Captor (FxM)
God(dess) x Mortal (F/MxF)
Harry Potter EU (FxM/F)
Marvel/DC (F/MxF/M)
Vampire x Human (MxF)

The Elder Scrolls
Mass Effect
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Dragon Age
Death Note
Kingdom Hearts
Star Wars
Star Trek
... more to come!

Characters Seeking Action

Leila Scarlett     Age: 29     Human - Sorceress (Fire & Ice)
Leila was born with the ability to wield magic. She discovered this power at a young age, and was taken to the Mage's Guild to complete training and to be registered. She graduated from the Guild Academy when she was 16 and began taking up jobs as an escort into the dark and foreboding Drist Forest. Her skills with magic were quite useful in combating the creatures that would attack a regular traveler. With her help, a road was established through the Forest, and is now patrolled by Imperial soldiers. Honing her art in the wilds taught her how to survive even without magic. She is a skilled herbalist and hunter, though she prefers not to kill anything unless necessary.

At the age of 24, Leila became a court magician to Tsargard, one of the minor holds in the Empire. The Duke of Tsargard kept her in his employ for three years, allowing her access to magical research and experimentation. After three years, the mild life grew boring. So, she left the hold in search of her destiny. She currently travels the Empire seeking more magical knowledge, hoping to one day become an archmage.

[suitable for light consensual, light bondage, or non-consent]

Joan Hart     Age: 34     Human - Starship pilot, gunner, brawler
Joan was always into starships. When she was six, she built a model ship that she still has to this day. Her mother and father bought her many holo-vids and instructionals about piloting, and enabled her to learn how to run a ship by the time she was 15. But then, the war came. When the terrorist organization Liberty bombed the Federation flagship, they set themselves against the most powerful entity in the galaxy. But, Liberty was well-funded and entire systems had given their support to the organization. Joan enlisted when she turned 18, and summarily destroyed the piloting test record. She was given a gun, taught how to use it, and given command of a starship. The galactic civil war lasted longer than anyone expected. During the worst of it, when Liberty ran bombing runs over the Federation capital cities, Joan's father was drafted into the Federation militia. He was an experienced gunner, but only two days after his enlistment, he was killed in a gunfight.

The war came to a grinding halt in 2231, when the Federation used the first antimatter weapon. The resulting explosion devastated the surface of the planet Turgn VI, one Liberty's primary bases. The sheer scale of the weaponry caused the systems that previously backed and funded Liberty to return to the Federation. Most of the loyalists were executed, but one of the leaders escaped with a squad of experienced fighters. The Federation is still hunting for them, even now, seven years later. Joan is still part of the military, but she now pilots a small freighter with no crew. Her job detail is to scout the outer planets and search for any Liberty loyalists.

[suitable for light consensual, light/moderate bondage, or non-consent]

Alek Venris     Age: 32     Human - Runeblade warrior
Alek wasn't always a powerhouse swordsman with magical powers. He was born as Alek Delm, the son of a shoemaker. His mother was always frail and sickly. What little money his father made went toward her healthcare. One day, while on a regular trip to buy more leather, his father was accosted by highwaymen and murdered in cold blood. Alek was tasked with taking over the business and caring for his mother. He was only 10. He found the work difficult, and his income sparse. Nevertheless, he persisted.

When he was 14, a stranger strode into town carrying a large black sword. Alek witnessed a group of would-be assailants try to take the man's sword, only to be slaughtered in a flurry of obsidian steel. One of the attackers struck from a hiding place and cut the stranger deeply before Alek could warn him. Without thinking, Alek snatched up the pitch black blade and struck down the attacker. He looked after the wounded stranger until his injuries healed.

After regaining his strength, the swordsman offered to heal Alek's mother in exchange for the chance to train Alek in the manner of the blade. Eager to end hours mother's suffering, Alek agreed. The training he received came in the form of a magical ritual in which he received a runic marking on his arm. From that moment on, Alek could perform feats regular men only imagined. His strength and stamina increased tenfold. He quickly mastered the different styles his teacher presented, each time earning a new rune to wear on his flesh. The day of his final test arrived, but his teacher never showed. He eventually learned that his teacher had succumbed to old age and passed in his sleep. Alek feared he would never receive the final rune. Until he heard stories of another runeblade who had mastered all of the legendary styles and even the power to summon the gods. With his mother's blessing, he set out to find and learn from this master.

[suitable for light/moderate consensual, light/moderate bondage, or non-consent]
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Re: The Kinky Korner
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2016, 11:08:14 AM »
Miles From Yesterday (F for M/F)
A hundred years have passed since the great nations of the past waged a final, chemical and nuclear war on each other. Now, there is little left. With the fall of the world economy and the subsequent collapse of every developed nation, a new world order was established. Jean has known this life since birth. She and her parents live in a small community of survivors based out of the ruins of what used to be a town. Renamed the Hyde Park, the community does well enough. But when raiders from the West rain fire and steel down on Hyde, Jean is separated from her family and forced to to take on a new life as a wanderer. If not for the efforts of a lone survivor, Jean would have perished in the wastes. Now, together, Jean and her new comrade must endure raiders, fallout, feral animals, and the endless wastes to eunite Jean with her family. That's assuming they're still alive.

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Re: The Kinky Korner
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2016, 05:18:56 PM »

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Re: The Kinky Korner
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2016, 11:01:27 PM »
Updated. Added new ideas, fluffed the thread a little.

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Re: The Kinky Korner
« Reply #4 on: August 17, 2017, 08:42:30 PM »
Added a new character. Thinking about adding some new ideas. I'll update later.