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October 28, 2016, 09:00:31 AM

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Author Topic: Spinky Requests (Multi-paragraph, FxM)  (Read 167 times)

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Spinky Requests (Multi-paragraph, FxM)
« on: March 03, 2016, 12:22:20 AM »
Hello people and welcome to my request(s).

I'm new here so if there are any questions about my requests or Ons/Offs, feel free to hit me up with a PM. I almost always provide a sample post for requests to since I'm terrible at summaries and find it easier to describe the setting and characters through a mock-post but if someone wants more just tell me and I’m happy to provide what I can.

In regards to experience, I've been roleplaying for at least a decade and fancy myself an intermediate writer. I always try to post at least twice a week but I will do more if my schedule isn't loaded up with life stuffs. That said, I'm usually pretty good at communicating with my partner(s) and will rarely just leave a roleplay unless something terrible-horrible happens in my life that prevents me from getting to my phone or a computer. Other than that, sometimes writers block does happen but I'll definitely communicate that.

Hits and Misses

Anything I didn't mention probably means that I'm okay with it but ask first please! I am not a reservoir of sexual slang and terminology, I may not have thought of something or don't know what it is but it's generally safe to assume anything not listed is fair game. Note: I just realized that my Hits/Misses are separated by a check and a cross but sometimes unicode doesn't show up so I should note they are separated by a margin but you can also ctrl+f or command+f "POns" an "POffs" to jump to each section.
✔️Height Difference(s)Gender doesn't matter but I'm especially fond of very petite and small women with tall men and average height women with short men.
✔️Light Bondage
✔️Inter-speciesRobotics, monsters, ghosts, and ghoulies, it doesn't matter to me, I like it all. That said, I also like to play non-humanoid characters as well but not furries.
✔️Interesting and Unusual Character Dynamics
✔️Rough-Play and ViolenceBut total domination and abuse is a no-go. I'm okay with choking, slapping, hitting, lacerations but no extremities like vore or dismemberment.
✔️Story-Driven Roleplays
✔️Abandonment Play
✔️ExhibitionismI say this tenatively because I have mixed feelings on humiliation.
Murder Porn/SnuffI don't shy away from gore but senseless violence and torture really isn't my thing.
PregnancyHowever impregnation may be up for debate depending on the context.
Bathroom Play
Friends With Benefit-Scenarios
Images/PicturesI don't generally like to use images in roleplays unless it's for formatting purposes because I often feel like it breaks the immersion. One persons idea might differ from another and I  prefer to rely on imagination.
Harem/Reverse Harem
Characters Under the Age of 1820+ is preferable but I can deal with 18 years old.


Contents: Post-apocalyptic, magic, demons, survival, humanxhuman

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Magic users used to live among regular humans in secrecy, keeping their identities hidden because of their long history of prosecution from the masses. While they had amazing abilities and could command magics and entities that regular people were unable to, they were greatly outnumbered and the modern world didn't leave much use for their skills. Magic was once a dying medium but that had changed when demons invaded the surface world through unknown origins and means. They brought total chaos into the world with their limitless powers. While regular humans died out rapidly, magic users were quick to adapt. In fact, they held favor from the demons who then ruled the lands because of their similar ideologies/dispositions and some very select magic users were gifted with ancient arcanum and incredible power by the demons who bestowed these abilities.

An indistinguishable time later, the demons have absolute rule over the planet but they have little interest in mortal affairs, leaving the magic users and remaining humans to find their own order. One  city has become a gathering place of magicians. The outer limits of the city are decayed and nature has begun to reclaim the remnants of the past civilization but there are few settlements to be found, often under the control of strong magic users who can defend their own territory. There are rumors that regular humans to live somewhere in the outer limits and that they are protected by clerics--arcanists who have sided with the humans to defend them. Although few are sure about the validity of such rumors.

Lately, magic users have been kidnapped and sold off to some unknown end which has made the outer limits that much more dangerous.

Despite the disorder of the outer limits, the closer to the center of the city, and by extension, the closer to the demon who actually controls the land, there are more advanced forms of civilization ran by magic users. However, only then strongest live in the heart of the city. It's often a battleground for control and it is said that it's near impossible to survive in the inner city without the favor/protection of a demon. But it has been described as a place of bliss, indulgence, and civilization to the outsiders who often struggle for survival.
Name: Ensly
Nickname: None
Age: 20-something (She stopped keeping track)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: Doesn’t remember
Born: Doesn’t remember
Profession: Unemployed/Sometimes hired-hand

A hexer who specializes in curses that cause involuntary bodily reactions, usually in the form of a target expelling foreign substances from their orifices. Her magic/curses only work when someone consumes her blood but has the convenience of not needing an incantation or ritual to invoke (it should be noted that some of her more powerful spells do however). Her magic is ill-suited to killing and instead causes ailments and temporary disability.

Ensly is an awkward and graceless woman who can handle emergency situations well but isn't very observant. That said, she is easily startled and somewhat jumpy but otherwise calm and quiet. Despite her timid demeanor, Ensly is not particularly pacifistic, rather, her abilities and physical capabilities are ill-suited to combat. An adept survivalist, she wouldn't shy away from underhanded methods if it was to her own benefit/survival, but she is also not a cruel individual and doesn't take pleasure in causing misfortune and pain, on the contrary she is somewhat of a masochist. People often perceive her as a gloomy sort because she rarely smiles and has a dark sense of humor but in fact isn't bothered by much. She is usually friendly (in her own awkward way) and isn't one to judge others.
Sample Post
The building that Ensly was walking beside had collapsed from the top down, the broken concrete made for uneasy footing and she stumbled over twisted metal—a car half jutting out from the debris. The remnants of a past civilization surrounded her, signs much larger than she were worn away, their text only half legible, street lights were but metal spikes jutting from the pavement, windows broken, and the wind caused shaky structures to howl and groan with their decay. Nature was a scarce variety in the city but moss grew from one corner of a broken streetway and a building, tucked away in the shadows where water leaked from what seemed to be below. She made no noise but hauled her tiny form to the greenery, her eyes drooped and mouth hung open in exhaustion. She knelt beside the makeshift pool, removing a gloved hand and dipping her bare fingers in it. Lifting a wet hand to her face, she sniffed the water before licking it off her fingers. It didn’t smell particularly putrid and it tasted only slightly dirty, much to her relief. Dropping her pack beside her she removed a drought canister from the bag and made to refill it. Only for her to find herself being knocked into the water with extreme force.

“Ah—blugh—!” Her exclamation was cut short when water filled her mouth and nose, wincing as her chin scraped concrete.

Despite her almost comical flailing in the shallow pond, her reaction to danger was almost immediate and she made to counterattack but yelped in pain when an elbow slammed into her back, forcing her to the ground and by extension, back into the water. She suddenly felt her hands snap together with an unseen force. Ensly struggled desperately as she choked, half-anticipating her attacker to drown her. She was then pulled back only slightly and one very large gloved hand reached towards her face before quickly gagging her with a cloth.

Her light frame was lifted from the water and unceremoniously brought to her (shaky) feet. It was then that she was able to make out her attackers(?) features. Or the lack thereof. Their face was completely covered by some sort of militant gas mask, a hoodie pulled over their head and concealing any discernible features. She couldn’t tell the gender but they were certainly much taller than herself—by three heads at least.

A voice soon approached them, “…al…? Cal?...Hm? OH! There you are!” a similarly dressed figure appeared from over the rubble she had just been previously clambering. She vaguely wondered if she had been followed. Her attacker (“Cal” evidently) seemed disgruntled, “Shut the fuck up or someone’s gonna hear us.”

Unperturbed by the harsh language, the other man quickly made his way down the concrete remains, much more gracefully than she had, she noted, “Wha—t…?” he stopped suddenly as if he had just noticed her, “Who is that?” it was hard to tell because of his concealed features but she almost felt like she was being harshly scrutinized by the considerably shorter man (when compared to her captor anyways).

“A vagrant. It doesn’t look like she’s working with anyone. We can sell her,” Ah, so that was it. She didn’t pay any mind to their following banter, more distracted with her own thoughts. They intended to sell her, which meant they probably weren’t going to kill her. She also noted that the taller of her captors seemed to have experience with such things given how he tracked her without bringing notice to himself and had quickly disabled her upon capture. She snapped out of her thoughts when the shorter of the two began to rummage through her bag. She gave a half-hearted struggle but Cal gave her a painful tug of arm, putting a stop to her squirming. Her other captor seemed to notice this and
stood up, casually making his way over to her and grabbing her chin with unnecessary force. She winced at the contact. Her chin was still lightly bleeding from being knocked down earlier and the pain was exasperated by his rough touch.

He stared at her for a moment and she noted the mask he wore had some kind of foreign lettering engraved into the forehead, “…She looks pretty stupid, you sure anyone would want to buy this?” as if to prove his point she stared at him blankly, having not heard him. He released her and let out an annoyed ‘humph’ seemingly disappointed by her lack of reaction. He returned to her bag and was sorting through her things before he quickly snatched out a poorly wrapped piece of bread that had started to mold. She actually jumped when her captor took an unexpected step forward, bringing her with him, “Red, stop—“ the shorter man (“Red”) lifted his mask (he was much younger than she thought, perhaps an older teen) and shoved the bread into his mouth, only to stare at Cal with disinterest which seemed to upset his companion, “Idiot. It could be poisoned or—“ he was once again interrupted by the shorter captor, “It doesn’t matter,” Ensly could practically feel Cal bristle with agitation but he didn’t say anything more.

That aside, luck was on her side.

He probably should have heeded his companions words, she mused. She could feel a surge of control fill her mind as Red ate that piece of bread. Rather than the bread, her blood was on it from his hand when he touched her bloodied chin and that was all she needed. She didn’t need her hands or incantations to curse someone despite the taller captor’s precautions.

Red tottered for a moment and brought a hand to his mouth looking queasy, “Ugh, maybe I shouldn’t have…” Neither captor had much time to react when Red suddenly expelled a black liquid from his mouth in excess. Distressed and shocked, his hands shot up and tried to contain the black liquid but it did little good to stop it. Cal on the other hand was quicker to recover from the surprise, his attention turned to Ensly, but she was faster, she dug a cleated heel into his leg and his grip loosened in response giving her enough leeway to get out of his grip. She could feel her hands unbind from the unseen force almost immediately, “Shit!” with that, she ran away, making a poor attempt to remove the gag but unable to. Red had since fallen to his knees, punching the ground violently in distress as the dark substance continued to expel from his mouth leaving a putrid puddle around his shaking form.

She avoided climbing any structures and instead kept low, ducking between and underneath any small nooks that would be hard to imitate for the two men—she wouldn’t be able to outrun them but she was much smaller and could potentially lose them in places they couldn’t fit. She could feel the curse lift from Red, she was mildly surprised but didn’t question it too much, she didn’t know what kind of abilities the two captors had so it wasn’t unthinkable that they could break her curse. She had ran for a good while having lost track of time and only decided to stop when she was overcome with fatigued and a vague sense of nausea. The adrenaline was quick to leave her body and she made herself comfortable in a well-hidden nook half-covered in debris.

Struggling with the cloth gag for a bit she managed to finally remove it from her mouth and took a few rapid gasps of air. She also had time to finally lament her lost belongings. She hadn’t lost anything irreplaceable but kept several flasks of her own blood in the bags contents for emergency situations, if her previous captors figured out what was in the vials then they would probably be able to put one-and-one together making a second encounter with them fatal. Dehydrated and tired, she’d decide
what to do when she had her energy back.

Ensly curled into an small ball and without noticing, drifted off into a much needed sleep—she’d find more supplies come morning.
None (right now)[/spoilers]
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