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Author Topic: Baiting the Trap : Cere's Cravings [MF|MM|FF; Original & Fandom]  (Read 668 times)

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Baiting the Trap
Cerevan's Story Cravings

Current Status :  Selectively Available

Hello there. Welcome to the woods and remember to stay on the path. I'm your fox: first name Cerevan, last name negligible. If you like you can call me Cere. You understand, we don't stand on ceremony hereabouts. It's important for predators to be familiar with their prey. I'll let you guess who is the hunter and who is the hunted in this equation.

If you're curious about what it takes to engage in a hunt, please look here. If you're wanting to know about current hunts, you'll find that here. If neither of those quite sate you, or if you find something here that makes you hungry, please send a PM. Gmail will be supplied upon request.

Welcome to the woods, sweet. May the odds of the hunt be ever in your favor.



Long-term game concepts. High interest level; "cravings."
Short-term (one-shot) game concepts. High interest level; "cravings."
Long-term game concepts. Medium interest level.
Long-term game concepts. Low interest level. Mostly archival.
Game concepts currently in play. Archival.
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Tally Ho!
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2016, 09:30:44 PM »

Leave the (Red) Light On for Me

Setting : Contemporary - United States - Preferably the South - Fancy Fuckin' Hotel / Resort

Pairing : Male Escort & Female Socialite

Story : It's been seventeen years, three hundred and sixty four days, and twenty-three hours since Isobel married Peter Sinclair. Quite a long time to stay faithful to a man whose libido relies on little blue pills and whose mistresses are all twenty something tartlets. Which is why tonight, like every anniversary for the last decade, she's renting a high priced call boy to play her very wicked and very much in love husband.

Isobel is a forty something woman who lives her life in the elite circles of the 1%. Most of her time is spent dedicated philanthropic causes and attending events looking stunning on her husband's arm. Like most women in her position she's long since given up on the idea of true love...but once a year, she indulges in the fantasy.

The owner of the service she uses knows Isobel's exacting standards. He must be handsome, of course, but also intelligent and wicked and a very, very good actor. After all, he's supposed to convince her that he's wildly in love with her if only for the night. After ten years, word has gotten around the service about the eccentric woman. Namely, that no one has ever quite managed to satisfy her but those who've gotten close have received truly insane amounts of money for their troubles.

For the last few years, he's wanted a chance at her. This year he gets it.

Kinks : Consensual sex work, adultery, possible light bondage. Other kinks are open to negotiation.

& Oddments : Class divide, cat and mouse, possible May/December romance.

Seeking : Looking for someone to play the male escort/call boy. He's at least eighteen years old but younger than thirty, fairly experienced at his job, and preferably has something of a dominant streak. All other traits and history is up to the player. Would die of glee if Nick Bateman or Theo James was used as a face claim, but am open to other suggestions. Player gender is irrelevant. Willing to write between 2 - 4 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story) at a relatively quick pace.

Bonus : Heavily inspired by this scene (SFW).

Notes : This story idea falls into something of a grey area. At this point, it's honestly a 99% cat and mouse style porn prompt meant to cover the night she purchases his services. But if things work well, I'd be very open to making things longer term. Obviously the hook is there for extending. E.g. he catches her interest so thoroughly that they begin an actual affair, etc. But I'm also fine with it just being one bittersweet and sexy as hell night.

Family Fortune (Favors the Bold)

Setting : In the city of Kavanagh dystopia hasn't quite settled in yet. People have food on the table and reasonable hope for better lives. Still rebellion murmurs at the edge of things. The elite have been in power for well over a century, and the cities have only gotten more crowded, dirtier, harder. Desperation has crept into the dark places of the world, and given another few years things may erupt into open rebellion. While the ruling elite are aware of this and attempt to stem the tide, there's still many who dance through their glittering world of parties without the slightest clue that it might soon be shattered.

Pairing : Uncle or Elder Brother & Niece or Younger Sister

Story : It's the event of the season. If only the consequences weren't quite so...disastrous. One of the famed indulgence parties known for being a testament to all the best debauchery that money and power can purchase. Aisling Kavanagh, the city's porcelain princess, has never been one for such things. But this night finds her following along with one of her anarchist friends Peregrin. Convinced to play as his pet for a laugh she soon learns that there are consequences for this seemingly harmless bit of fun. Here, dressed as a pet and grown into her womanhood, Aisling attracts the attention she's always craved...and he's decided it's time to mold her into a true pet, his pet, and damn the consequences.

Kinks : Incest, bondage, collaring, master/pet, discipline, sensual pain, mild exhibitionism, controlling/possessive behavior. Other kinks are open to negotiation.

& Oddments : True Love, anarchy & rebellion, high class gangs, dystopia, political intrigue, class divide, class warfare.

Seeking : Someone to play the uncle / elder brother. It's up to player whether the relation is uncle/niece or brother/sister. Would prefer character be extremely possessive, perhaps cold/dominating generally, but is up to player. Player must have some interest in world building. All else up to interpretation by player. Player gender is irrelevant. Should be comfortable with or at least willing to try playing a dominant role. Willing to write between 3 - 5 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story).

Bonus : Much more in-depth interest thread can be found here. Additions from it (such as a third party) would be most welcome.

Price of a Crown

Setting : Low fantasy/fantastorical. For comparison, look to Starz' Spartacus or History's Vikings. Personal inclination runs toward a Romanesque empire on the brink of a civil war and/or slave rebellion, but this is open to negotiation.

Pairing : Male Slave & Female General

Story : Battle-hardened and fierce, the General is not known for showing mercy. There are some, in fact, who would wonder if she is capable of it at all. During a bloody battle, General Aglaeca finds herself facing off against a man who matches her blow for blow. Though she manages to conquer, it is not without cost; and she finds herself sparing him in a surprising act of mercy...and curiosity. It is a moment of impulse, but one that may have untold consequences for the Empire she serves.

Kinks : Institutionalized slavery, dub-con sexual relations, reversal of power dynamics, rough sex. Other kinks are open to negotiation.

& Oddments : True Love, power struggles, grey morality, war & conquest.

Seeking : One male slave. What he was prior to his capture (soldier, prince, rebel leader?) and who his loyalties lie with is up to the player. Face claim is up to the player. Player gender is irrelevant. Should be comfortable with or at least willing to try playing a dominant role. Willing to write between 3 - 5 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story) at a relatively quick pace, e.g. once every couple weeks.

Bonus : Would be very interested in bringing in impregnation (if not actual pregnancy) as a plot point/kink. In this case, it would be something he might try in order to assert dominance and/or a more physical claim/commitment.

Notes : This is a reboot of a prior game. A character sheet as well as the former thread is available upon request, but I'm not necessarily looking to recreate the old game. New twists would be appreciated and are fully open for discussion. The trappings, such as they are, are mere starting points.

But, this would fundamentally be about power. While Aglaeca holds the upper hand in terms of political/social power and they are relative equals in terms of physical prowess, it's expected that he will have an equally strong personality able to hold against her. And, in fact, he'll attempt to conquer her in turn. Lae is not necessarily a submissive person...but she would be for the right person. Hopefully, he'd be that right person. The constant shift of power between private and public, mistress and slave, conqueror and conquered is the goal.
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Double the Horn
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2016, 09:31:06 PM »

Into the Woods

Setting : A fairytale kingdom wherein magic is common. In the courts of royalty its hardly unusual for events to be attended by fairy godmothers, but that doesn't mean all is well. There are assassins, rouge knight, thieves, and wicked princes. Not to mention the less sparkly side of Faerie.

Pairing : To Be Decided

Story : Once upon a time in a land far, far away...there lived a beautiful young maiden named Isadora. Though she was born to nobility and wanted for nothing, she found no pleasure in her daily life. How could she content herself to sewing, dancing, flirting when all of it seemed so meaningless? Always she longed for the dark woods that bordered the capitol—woods that people whispered were full of strange creatures and magic.

Now, on her twentieth birthday, her betrothal to the Crown Prince is announced. While he's all the things a Prince is meant to be, Isadora can't bear the thought of marrying him without having ever set foot outside the palace walls.

But the dark woods are no place for a maiden alone. Beneath the thick boughs is a world full of fey, desperate bandits, lordless knights, and many other dangers besides. All the cleverness and beauty in the world may not be able to grant Isadora safe passage through the woods and a "happy ever after" of her very own...

Kinks : Dub-con to con to (maybe) non-con, nonhuman character(s). Other kinks are open to negotiation.

& Oddments : Smut, potential romance, etc.

Seeking : One player for any/all of the above male characters. Also open to suggestion on character "types", e.g. bastard prince, etc. Player gender is irrelevant. Should be comfortable with or at least willing to try playing a dominant role in a con to dub-con (and very possibly non-con) situation. Willing to write between 3 - 5 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story) at a relatively quick pace, e.g. once every week.

Bonus : Feel free to check out my O&Os. Anything on there is considered fair game for this RP. If it’s not in the Offs and you’re interested, please bring it up. I don’t bite. For this particular RP, I'm good with either a "trial" run of just one scenario, or expanding it to include Isadora's misadventures throughout the forest, or even turning it into a "proper" RP with an actual plot.
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Casting About
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2016, 09:31:27 PM »


Setting : Takes place within the Marvel movie universe with specific attention to Captain America the First Avenger, The Avengers, and Captain America 2 the Winter Soldier. Can theoretically take place anytime after Steve defrosts. Obviously cheerfully disregards Age of Ultron and the forthcoming Civil War. While comic book interpretation of the characters isn’t completely out, this is primarily meant to be a movie!verse RP.

Pairing : Captain America / Steve Rogers & Black Widow / Natasha Romanov

Story : Assassination, seduction, and espionage is all in a day’s work for Natasha Romanov. S.H.I.E.L.D. needs her talents. If only she could convince the 1940’s gentleman with a chip in his shoulder and a hard on for justice of that fact. During a mission for S.H.I.E.L.D., things go horribly (if predictably) wrong. Now Natasha’s stuck with Captain Star Spangled Underpants himself, and he seems intent on teaching her the importance of following orders. His orders. Which would be fine if he’d just stick to glaring at her. Because with each genuine smile he throws her way, her resistance wavers. дерьмо.

Kinks : Dub-con to con D/s, above average flexibility (Natasha)/strength (Steve), wall sex, bondage. Other kinks are open to negotiation.

& Oddments : Romance, a lot of snark, dark pasts, superhero styled ass kicking, appearances by the rest of Team America (e.g. Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson), possible appearances by other Avengers, etc.

Seeking : One Steven Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. Player gender is irrelevant. Should be comfortable with or at least willing to try playing a dominant role. Willing to write between 3 - 5 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story) at a relatively quick pace, e.g. once every week.

Bonus : Would love to bring in Bucky and/or Sam for poly funtime shenanigans. Not necessary by any means, but would make me inordinately gleeful.
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Drawing Blank
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2016, 09:31:54 PM »

Kiss Me Hard Before You Go

Setting : Modern day in Prague. Alternately, any European city except Paris. Humans are utterly oblivious to the ongoing war between heaven and hell, though their souls are the ones hanging in the balance. Angels usually keep to heaven, only occasionally deigning to descend to earth. Demons, on the other hand, walk frequently amongst humanity, corrupting as they go.

Pairing : Demon & Fallen Angel

Story : Reports say that a winged girl plummeted from the sky at four in the morning last Saturday, her wings aflame as she hurtled toward certain death. Aside from a few blurry cell phone videos, there's no proof. No body, no feathers, not even a smear of ash to mark where this supposed angel might have fallen. Few would guess the angel did crash to Earth, it's just that a being of fire and darkness found her first. For just as angels may fall, demons walk among the living wearing the guise of beautiful humanity. To be hellspawn is to burn, but one lucky demon has just found tranquility in the form of a broken girl with broken wings on the streets of a dirty human city.

Kinks : Bondage, humiliation, nonhuman characters, dub-con. Other kinks open to negotiation.

& Oddments : Fucked up romance, world building, twisted hurt/comfort, angst, corruption of innocence.

Seeking : One player for the demon. While said demon can have misgivings etc. about his/her position, I would prefer he/she not be a mopey mess of angst about his/her demonic nature. Dominance, conflict/redemption, and extreme possessiveness are major pluses. Character is otherwise open to player interpretation. Player gender is irrelevant. Should be comfortable with or at least willing to try playing a dominant role in a con to dub-con (and very possibly non-con) situation. Willing to write between 3 - 5 paragraphs (shorter and longer is alright, depending on the flow of the story) at a relatively quick pace, e.g. once every week.
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Giving Best
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Update [01/20/17]
« Reply #6 on: January 20, 2017, 09:58:08 AM »
Update @ 01/20/17

Selectively looking for one (or maybe two) new one on one games. The above are things I'm craving, but I'm also open to hearing ideas from people. Particularly open at this juncture to MM or FF suggestions. The cravings are there but the plots are not because my brain's a bitch. Please note that my response schedule can be...irregular, with wait times varying between a couple of hours and a month. If you easily lose inspiration during longer wait times, I'm probably not the best partner for you, apologies.