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June 24, 2022, 11:33:39 pm

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Author Topic: Adventures in Talamah (Homebrew World, Variety of Settings)  (Read 603 times)

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Adventures in Talamah (Homebrew World, Variety of Settings)
« on: March 01, 2016, 06:36:14 pm »
The World of Talamah - Map

Right Click + Open in New Tab to see Full Size version of Map

Talamah is a fantasy/medieval world with (generally) low levels of magic.

Racial distrust exists in various regions as does open conflict, while other regions are much more peaceful and accepting of ones race.

The climate is varied depending upon which region you are in.

The Cultures, Religions, and Peoples of Talamah are also widely varied and diverse, also changing wildly from Region to Region.

More World Information Will Be Posted Here As Required.
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Re: Adventures in Talamah (Homebrew World, Variety of Settings)
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2016, 07:34:05 pm »

Champion of Quarr Elements; Sci-Fi meets Fantasy, Damsel-in-Distress, Romance/Passion, Others

Captain Jack Decker didn't know what the hell was going on, but damned if he was going to die without his Battle Armor. As part of the Cymru Space Dragons, Jack Decker was a Space Marine wearing armor emblazoned with a Red Dragon to reflect the unit he was with. It was a very well known symbol throughout the Galaxy and the Special Forces unit had taken part in many famous battles and campaigns.

Jack Decker, at 32 years old, was in peak physical condition - both from training and some genetic manipulation. All of the Cymru Dragons went through the same process, making them stronger, faster, more agile, and with better stamina then your typical Spacie or Soldier. It helped them deal with plus-G and negative-G situations, putting less stress on their bodies, making them able to adapt to situations faster than your run of the mill soldier.  There were side effects, of course, but so far Jack hadn't experienced many of them. Deep sleep, however, was one, taking something major to wake him up not of his own accord.

Alarms sounding, red lights, flashing had Jack slipping out of his bed-bay and into his Battle Armor that hung next to his berth just like all Cymru Dragons. They had to be able to react within seconds to any situations so their gear was always ready to go. In this case, if there was any loss of gravity or air pressure, Jack wouldn't be screwed. As soon as he stepped out of his berth, he realized that emergency lighting was on. His onboard computer quickly connected him to the ship-wide system.

Alarms and warnings quickly popped up, along with ship status and life-signs onboard that active scanners were picking up. The situation was bad - very bad. Something had struck the ship in multiple places while the ship was traveling at light speed. The Early-Warning-Detection-Systems (EWDS) should have picked up whatever objects they were long before impact but for some reason seemed to have failed. But Jack didn't have the time to think about that. Half of the ship had been damaged severally and evacuation orders were echoing over the functioning comm-system.

A map brought up on his visor showed the location of the nearest escape pods and his path to them. He barely noticed the 'Unknown System' warning blinking at the edge of his vision - the ship had come out of its light-speed travel in an unknown sector. Not good, not good at all, but Jack needed to get off the ship.

Explosions rocked the ship as he made haste to the Escape Pod, the gravity sliders in his boots keeping his footing firm the whole time. He soon made it to his pod and strapped himself in. The Escape Pod had no windows and had a thick hull, along with massive amounts of shock-absorbing padding, mostly located around the seat he strapped himself into. A months worth of supplies were in a storage locker, along with some ammunition and a rifle in-case he landed somewhere hostile or needed it in some other emergency.

Once he was set, he punched the big red button, transferring the information read from his visor to the screen in front of him in the pod. A split second later, g-forces pushed him back into the chair though his suit negated the effects of most of them. The pod cleared the ship and hurtled towards the nearest planet before its burners burned out. The pod shook and started to burn up, readings on its outside letting him know that the planet had an Earth-like atmosphere and habitat, meaning that it had breathable air. It also read a slightly lower gravity reading - 0.7 G's - but otherwise detected nothing overtly wrong.

Despite the padding and his own suit, the ride down was rough and bumpy. Part of the pod had been damaged before launch and no amount of padding could protect him from the jostling of the pod, nor the impact when it finally landed. The last thing Jack remembered was warning signals going off before he blacked out.

What am I looking for?

Essentially, Jack is going to appear to be super-human with his strength and virtually indestructible in his Armor - which, luckily for him, looks much like the Armor that the Knights wear in on this strange new planet.
The planet itself - Talamah - is a Medieval/Fantasy setting, so characters reflect that. He will become the Protector - and Lover - of the Woman who finds him. Perhaps she is a bandit, or a runway bride/princess? Perhaps he inadvertently saves her from being attacked by crashing on top of her pursuers or scares them off when he emerges from his fireball? Perhaps she is a priestess who has known of his coming? The possibilities are endless.

I did see him becoming a Champion Fighter of some sort - potentially freeing her from whatever bonds bind her by becoming her Champion. Or perhaps helping her regain the throne, etc.

The possibilities are endless!