Quick Idea: Mad Scientist's Assistant (F looking for M/F)

Started by Beorning, February 29, 2016, 02:02:23 AM

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Hello! Here's a short RP idea I'd like to try.

As weird as it may sound, it's inspired by the old Demon Headmaster TV show and books (important note: I do not propose underage character to be involved in any shape or form!). For those that don't know it: it involves a mad scientist type with hypnotic powers (one deliciously played by Terrence Hardiman) who embarks on various schemes to control the world. In the first story, he takes on the guise of a school headmaster (hence his monicker - his name is never revealed), but then he becomes a director of a computer facility, a chief of a genetics engineering lab etc.

What am I going for? Basically, in his stories, the Headmaster usually is often assisted by some staff who have been brainwashed by his hypnotic powers. In the computer facility, he has those silent lab assistant in stark-white smocks, in the genetics lab he has brainwashed lab assistants. In one of the books, he has a factory overseen by harsh women wearing grey overalls... The key thing is, all these people are, quite probably, ordinary people who have been brainwashed into following the Headmaster. And I'd like to tell a story of one of them!

For example, my character could be young woman who replies to an innocent job ad. Once she arrives for the job, she meets her boss... who turns out to be the Headmaster or a similar mad scientist type. The scientist promptly brainwashes her into an obedient minion who starts assisting him in his plans...

Here are some screen captures from the show - with a genuinely beautiful member of the Headmaster's staff...

I want to play her!  ;D

So... anyone interested in a story like that? If so, please PM me! :)