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June 24, 2019, 06:28:32 PM

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Author Topic: New cravings! Asian-themed fantasy adventures of all eras! All writers welcome!  (Read 861 times)

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This request is going to be a little on the vague side, as it's more about the setting I'm looking for than a specific story. After a few of the games I've been playing recently, I've really had the desire to write something set in a fantasy-style Japan. Originally, this was just going to be a brief paragraph about how I'd be willing to write in any setting; a feudal era fantasy, an urban fantasy or some Ghost in the Shell/Shadowrun style dystopian future, but the more thought I give to each, the more I want to talk about each separately. So that's exactly what I'm going to do!

Feudal Era Fantasy:

The whole idea originated here, with me picturing sprawling coastal trade cities, shrines bursting with color and blossoming petals, feudal lords, honorable samurai and stealthy ninja clans, with just the right hint of magic, from bound spirits to legendary enchanted blades, Oni and monsters roaming the land. Non-human PCs and NPCs are welcome as well.

What I'm looking for in a plot: I always like to start small and build from there. Starting as a lone ronin trying to defend a small town against some random attack that turns unto a fight against a major lord, or an adventurer that happens to stumble upon some great power that could effect the balance of the world, and so on. The specifics of the plot I  like to discuss with a potential partner,  but I have a few ideas depending on your tastes. In any situation, I love travel as part of an RP, writing new places, new people, and new obstacles.

When it comes to plot and smut, I like a good mix. I'm more than willing to work out those details in PM based on our preferences and O/Os. As long as there's some plot to go with the fun, I'm happy. Maybe you're playing a character that keeps the spirit possessing her bound via a ritual that involves actual bobdage? Fine by me, as long as the plot keeps moving between rituals!

What I'm looking to play: Again, part of this depends on what I decide with a partner, but I see my character starting out as a wandering ronin, or a ninja sent by his clan/lord to undermine the authority of a rival lord, before getting swept into something bigger. It's also kind of tempting to play a thief who ends up getting swept up in something…

What I'm looking for in a partner’s character: Almost anything, really. I'm very open when it comes to characters and pairings. Catgirls, Oni, and any other non-humans are akways welcome, especially in a setting like this. Gender-wise, I prefer M/F or F/F pairings, with anything in between welcome as well. The only thing I prefer to avoid are “helpless” characters, damsels that need to be constantly rescued or reassured of their worth. Starting as a normal villager is fine, so long as they grow and evolve over the story, and it doesn't turn into a repeated cycle of endless rescues.

Last thoughts/notes: I’m not super familiar with this period of history, so please don’t expect much from me in the way of historical accuracy; I’m more looking for a lighter game of swordplay and sorcery.

Specific Ideas (more to come):

The western invasion: A coastal lord or clan finds themselves attacked by a group they have never seen before; their weapons, armor and dress are all vastly different, even the destructive way they wield magic is unlike anything seen before. They move across the countryside with an intense purpose, and it’s up to someone to stop them before all of Japan is endangered. Whether this is a samurai of the lord, or just some villager with a grudge is up to us.

One Shot Idea: The Hot Spring (Casual, potentially exhibitionism, could go just about anywhere, from light to heavy, though I don't really write NC with people I'm not very familiar with, sorry). Taking a break from their normal routine, a group of adventurers stops for a rest at a secluded, moonlit hot springs. Perhaps they're not the only ones there. The exact details can be worked out over PM, but between the pale moonlight, the sake, and the relaxed environment, anything could happen...

Edit: I'm more than willing to play a couple of characters for anyone willing to do the same, turn the Hot Springs fun into a party affair. Or perhaps this is the initiation for a new member...

Modern/Urban Fantasy:

This one is going to be the most vague of everything I put up, as there’s so many ways we could take it. It could be presented in sort of an anime feeling Harry Potter-esque setting, in which there’s a secret world of magic and monsters that most people know nothing about. It could be an alternate present day-Tokyo in which the world has always had, and known about magic and fully embraced it, or one where magic and mages are feared and carefully controlled. I’m happy to work out the exact details with anyone interested, but in short, a modern world in which ninja, yokai, and magic are still very real.

What I’m looking for in a plot: Any number of things could work, but I really like the idea of something involving the Yakuza, and what they would be like with an army of ninja and diviners. Since I put it out there in the intro, I have to admit, the idea of a more oriental version of Hogwarts sounds super fun too.

Like I said above, I prefer a good mix of story and fun, and if there’s something a partner weants to work in, I’m always willing to hear them out.

What I’m looking to play: That really depends on the exact setting. If someone’s actually interested in Asian Hogwarts, I’d be most interested in playing a new student (in this world, the school would be recruiting at 18+, as per E’s rules and my own preferences). If someone actually wants to GM a world like that, even better. In a world where magic is well known, I’d be most interested in playing a lieutenant in the Yakuza, even better in a setting where they are currently at war over territory with the Triad.

What I’m looking for in a partner: Once again, just about anything. While I prefer M/F or F/F pairings in terms of smut, I’d be willing to write just about anything, including NA stories if we both wanted to play male characters, or a few non-male NPCs in a non-NA case.

Specific Ideas (more to come later):

The Judicar

Set in an alternate present in which magic is a known and accepted part of society, where the government has long embraced what magic can do for the country’s prosperity. Mages are present in all walks of life, and every part of society, including the justice system. Certain individuals have been empowered by society to act as Judicars in court; magical mind-readers who can find evidence in a person’s mind when none other can be found. They’re only used in special cases when absolutely necessary, and their personal information is kept strictly private for their own protection. Their testimony on what they see inside a person’s head is as solid sd sny other evidence in court.

Kaze is one such Judicar, called into service for a high profile case when a Yakuza leader is caught and tried. When Kaze reads the man’s mind, he finds far more than he expected to see, evidence of drug running, human trafficking, countless, brutal murders, and more than enough to have him locked away forever. He also sees his own family and friends, where they live, their fears, their daily routines, and a very clear message; this man knows exactly who Kaze is, despite the system in place to protect him. In a panic, Kaze testifies to have found nothing indicating the man’s guilt in any crime, closing the trial and letting him walk.

He returns home to find someone waiting for him, a mysterious woman who believes Kaze to be Judicar on the Yakuza payroll, determined to bring him to justice. If he survives her assault long enough to explain, perhaps they can find some way to work together against the Yakuza that holds his family ransom…

Magic School- Set in a modern society with a hidden magical world, this story would focus on a school that trains people to use and more importantly, control their powers. Because they recruit students only when they discover the truth of the existence of magic for themselves, the school has a broad range of students. I'm looking for something that's sort of a mix of Harry Potter and the school featured in The Iron Trails, though specifics can always be negotiated with my partner.

Dystopian Future:

Set in a distant future of machines, magic, and strict corporate control. Traditional warfare has largely been replaced by cyber-warfare, and once notorious gangs like the Yakuza and Triad are now legitimate businesses, and major players in politics. Few people remain truly free in such a world, and fewer still are willing to fight for that freedom.

What I’m looking for in a plot/What I’d like to play: This one is my least fleshed out idea, and I’m willing to go just about anywhere with it.We could start just about anywhere, from a couple of datathieves just trying to get by to corporate indentured servants, or part of a futuriestic giesha brothel if we wanted to go a more risque route. One way or another, something would happen to put our characters together and on the run.

I like the idea of playing a peacekeeper, someone who wanted to make the city a better place, and instead ends up a frustrated guardian of corporate assets. Something happens while meeting your character, be it as an informant, at a ‘massage parlor’ he was sent to bt a corp head trying to recruit him, or any other scenario, that causes him to leave the force, not necessarily by choice, caught up in a web of intrigue.

As I mentioned in the other settings, I'm open to a variety of characters and pairings for this setting, and am happy to negotiate in detail.
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3/2 - Added The Hot Springs and updated the thread. Really looking to write a fun little one shot in this setting. Longer games are still more than welcome.

Online Galactic DruidTopic starter

3/4 - Added Magic School to the modern ideas.