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October 21, 2018, 12:44:06 PM

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Author Topic: Healing a Broken Youth - Male for M/F/Futa  (Read 385 times)

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Offline DringdarTopic starter

Healing a Broken Youth - Male for M/F/Futa
« on: February 24, 2016, 01:51:08 AM »
Good day/evening/morning/whatever E!

I'm currently seeking to explore certain elements of roleplay outside of my usual comfort zone. To specify, this is usually a dominant, older male character with many traits commonly seen as masculine. The broad shoulders, the heavy, square jaw, rugged facial hair, muscular body, authoritative tone of speaking, and more that I probably don't even think about. In this game, I want to try playing something different. A young man, small, slender, androgynous or even feminine in appearance who is out of control with his own life, and in a situation which for whatever reason, he cannot escape on his own. Details below.

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My character's story begins in his early life. His parents neglected him, choosing their vices over him. Maybe they're rich and just don't care. Maybe they're drug addicts, alcoholics or otherwise unable to care. Whichever we choose, the result is that he acts out. He tries violence first, but because he's smaller than most, this ends up being an unsuitable means of attention seeking. By his teen years, he's switched to delinquent behavior, but aside from the use of alcohol, drugs and petty vandalism, he doesn't get too deep into life ruining behavior... At least up until one of his friends doesn't take no for an answer. Humiliated and in agony, the young man reports the crime to the local police.

That's where your character would come in. Who you are exactly is up for discussion. A police officer, a counselor, a teacher, a doctor or nurse; those all come obviously to mind, as each of them would naturally involve themselves in the young man's life after such trauma, though who the other person is could be really anyone, so long as they can meet certain criteria.

First and foremost, they must be moderately older than my character. He'd be a teenager, or in his early twenties, and I'd prefer my partner to play a character at least ten years older than him. Ideally thirty to forty. Second, though equally critical, they must be dominant. I want a partner who is seductive and hands on, teasing, leading, and willing to give that last little push, though not with force. A main element of this game will be that this character I intend to play will be vulnerable emotionally and physically, and in need of affection and warmth. How this manifests is up for discussion.

This is territory I'm fairly inexperienced with. I've played submissive characters in the past, but always a woman, and never one who has a damaged backstory. As such, I'm not sure what details or information needs to actually be provided for this game. Of course, this is not the only role I'd be interested in taking. My current desire is simply to go beyond my comfort zone, and play a submissive male character. While this scenario is my preference, its not the only thing I'm willing to do. As such, if you have a plot, pairing or game you'd like to suggest to me, please do!

I eagerly await replies from all and any who may be interested! If you have questions, please ask!
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