~Cherri seeks partner~ (mxf, mxm)

Started by Cherri, February 23, 2016, 11:52:52 AM

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~Cherri's Role Play Ideas~

I will add more to the list as I think up more ideas!

A little bit about me:
*I love a good Romance, but I also enjoy sex driven plots... maybe a sexual encounter forming into an actual relationship.

*I'm not an author and I don't expect you to be. However with that being said, please don't give me just 1-2 sentences... I'd like you to at least try on your end like I would mine :)

*I'm looking for an active partner since I have some free time on my hands, I'm ready to start up a story today if possible.

*Please don't be afraid to message me!! I love chatting with people and discussing plot ideas! The more the merrier :D So please pitch in your thoughts~

General Rules:

* I'd like our characters to be preferably 18+

* I'm looking for someone to play the more Dominate role, though my character won't be completely submissive... unless that's what you like :)

* I don't care about post size! So long as you try to match what I put out and contribute to the story I'm cool with it!


Darkest Temptation (FxM/Incest/light non-con/romance/fantasy/pregnancy down the road?)

 To put the plot in simple terms... Our characters will be Vampire/Demon Hybrids raised in a very influential and wealthy family. I'd like the setting to be in a fantasy/steampunk genre... maybe in a time around the 1920s. Your character will be the elder brother to my character, he'd been away for several years, experimenting and learning more about his powers, bloodline, and will soon take over as head of the family. I'd like his character to border along the line of evil and good. His point of view being, their kind should have the right to whatever they want, perhaps a hatred towards humans. He would be open to interpretation though! ^_^ I'd just like a partner who can dabble with good and evil... blur the lines a little. Have him take what he feels he deserves. I'd really love to dabble with incest with this...

Attack on Titan (FxM, FxF, MxM- Open Kinks)

Our characters are intertwined in the AoT universe, can either struggle to survive in the MP, Garrison, or Scouting Legion. I'd like to keep the plot going during some parts, but I'm also interested in keeping it casual. For this rp I'd like a partner experienced in at least the anime or manga. This plot is open for discussion as well ^_^

Private School (mxm, mxf: Non-con/Con/Dub-Con, BDSM, ect... can discuss kinks :) ) **Craving!**

*Can either be a studentxstudent or teacherxstudent pair*

For the TeacherxStudent- My character is attending a wealthy and well known private school. However they're relying on scholarships to attend. Your character can come onto my character and purposely start failing them if my character rejects their advances. Pretty much black mail my character into becoming your toy.

For the StudentxStudent- Our characters are roommates and perhaps your character comes from a prestigious family. Depending on the situation it can be a situation (if mxm) where your character gets frustrated about being sexually attracted to someone of the same gender. Perhaps it's a big taboo in the family to act in such manner. Finally your character takes out their frustration on mine-- not in the sense of violence, but showing just how sexually charged his roommate makes him. If the situation were (mxf) Then perhaps they live in a co-ed dorm. Maybe early one morning your character sees mine walking into the showers, with no one around your character decides to take a chance. I'm pretty much open for any scenarios you think of and would like to change!


Hey there, 

     I am Ryuu007 and i am a new player on this site. How do you do? I was looking through your page and i would be willing and more than happy to take the first idea you have about the vampire/ demon siblings in a romantic/ incestuous relationship with each othet if you're still offering it. Message me if you are interested,y friend.