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May 25, 2018, 03:46:36 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for Badass Female to help blow things up....  (Read 542 times)

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Looking for Badass Female to help blow things up....
« on: February 22, 2016, 09:47:58 AM »
I posted this in the One-shot request thread yesterday, but I'm aware that not everyone necessarily looks there. And I have a really bad craving to do this. So I hope people won't mind too much if I post the request here as well?

Name: TBC, But something BADASS

Content: F/F Sci-fi War adventure, lots of violence and explosions, Could be exotic, could be  n/c, could even get as far as extreme, but don't expect too much sex. Just lots of violence.

Scenario: Yea, not really well thought out, but I have a SUDDEN URGENT CRAVING to play a seriously bad-ass sci-fi story, just a quick easy one-shot, nothing complex, just LOTS and LOTS of explosions, violence and death (of NPCs of course). The actual story is obviously going to be some sort of raid on some sort of installation. Exactly what sort of each will largely depend on which of the following options gets chosen:

Option 1: One of us plays some sort of hostage and the other plays the rescuer.
Option 2: One of us plays some sort of hostage and the other plays the kidnapper.
Option 3: We both play heroines raiding the bad-guys' place
Option 4: We both play villains raiding the good-guys' place
Option 5: One of us plays the heroine the other plays the villain.

Of the above I think my favourite is option 4. But I'm willing to consider any of them. Exact details are not important concerning who, why or what.

Setting: The distant future, an Original Setting, so not TrekWars, Not Firefly, Not ... Any of those games that everyone knows except me. In fact the exact setting is irrelevant. Just two women fighting impossible odds (and possibly each other) to achieve some sort of goal. Yes, a McGuffin Hunt if you will.

Requirements: A female player interested in making lots of explosions, killing lots of (male?) NPCs, who is turned on by BadAss scifi chicks and doesn't really care about the back-ground to the characters or the setting just so long as they get to blow stuff up and generally create mayhem

Other Info: I will play either the "leader" character or the "sidekick", but if you want to lead, please do so according to the parameters I will give, most of which are already in this post anyway.

Characters can be human/human, Human/Alien, Human/Android. I think I'd like one of them to be human, but it doesn't matter which, and we could, I suppose, do Alien/Alien or Alien/Android if you really want. I will play either

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