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May 06, 2021, 08:58:55 pm

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Author Topic: Medieval story [Male needed]  (Read 703 times)

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Medieval story [Male needed]
« on: February 22, 2016, 04:51:30 am »
Faint heart never won fair lady

Set within the early middle ages in a country named Tribain, rules a king of the Tarly dynasty. A strong, proud and undefeated legacy holds to the Tarly household, one that soon comes to threat at the death of the Kings only son and heir. Though the Prince died in the Valley war, a yearlong campaign against invaders, Tribain was lead into victory. The country celebrated the life of the Prince with twenty days of games and feasts, before the welfare of Tribain was once more put into jeopardy. The King, though a much feared and respected leader, grows weary with age and is rumoured to be unable to sire anymore children. With one legitimate daughter standing, the act of succession refuses to allow an unmarried woman to rule.

The King though, once a licentious and handsome man, was rumoured to have fathered many a bastard about the lands. Within the kings council is an ambitious and deceitful man by the name of Eagbert Massey. At his command, every single bastard of the Kings has been slain, all claimants to the throne dead, aside from the Princess. All this is done so that none can challenge him in his plans to take the throne of Tribain.

However, not all bastards were accounted for. As a rule, all illegitimate children are registered, and the king would pay a sum of money to provide for the first few years of their life, and to keep track on their movements to prevent civil war or an attempt on the King’s life. The women are then banished from having any other children, and forbidden to marry.

One woman who was taken by the King refused such a lonely life; being married already she did not want to be abandoned by her husband. So she did not declare her pregnancy and raised the child, a boy, as if he were her husbands.

But the boy had the blood of a warrior in him, and the life of a farmer just did not satisfy him. He was always fighting with the boys of the village, and by his uncles hand learnt how to wield a sword and hunt. At the age of 11 he joined the army, but very quickly displayed an exception expertise with weapons and in combat, and at the age of fifteen was recruited into the Kings personal guard, known only as The Shadow. Only the absolute elite are drafted into this exclusive organisation. Skilled in all manners of combat and weaponry, they are the masters of stealth. No one knows who they are, not wives or friends, only the King and their fellow Shadow members. There are only seven members, and his joining made him known as Seven.

To the real world he is a soldier, but when in his armour and as Seven, he is one of the most proficient warriors the world has seen. He has captured admirers the world over, something he frequently exploits. However, he has eyes for one person only; the youngest lady in waiting to the Princess.

Little more information
It isn’t a fully formed idea, but it is the general gist of what I have in mind. The idea has been influenced by a few films and TV shows, and the odd legend, and also the pictures below.

The fact that your character is the last surviving bastard to the King is an important part of the story (as you may have already guessed) but isn’t something that will come to light for a long time.

I intend to throw in a bit of battle, an uprising for your character and his men to tackle and much more, and I am completely open to ideas and coming up with plots together. I can also change my character to the Princess herself, though that would make the story taboo, as it would be an incestuous relationship (half-siblings). I do also intend for her to discover who he is, though I do think a few masked romps would be quite fun.

NPC’s will be a must, so be able to play multiple characters, and I shall do the same.

Rules and Stuff
I must let you know I am a mother to a young boy and he does come first, so I post when he has a nap or is at nursery or in bed. On top of him I work nights and have a boyfriend to keep satisfied and a home to run. So yeah, I will reply regularly, just keep in mind that sometimes it may be a little slow.

* My O/O's are in my signature, but I do not want to include all of them in one story.
* I prefer story over smut. The sex will fit in to the story when it suits, and not within the first few posts!
* I would like a partner who can post a few paragraphs, although if it is quality writing just the one will do. However, I do have a fondness for long and detailed posts and have no problem hitting the 1000+ word count mark.
* I must admit I am looking for a frequent poster. If I have to wait too long without an explanation, I will lost interest. If you're delayed with a post, just send a message to say.
* Third person, past tense only.
* Please be of advanced standards.

Visual inspirations