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July 10, 2020, 08:38:11 AM

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Author Topic: Galactic Futa Squad! (Sci-fi, comedy, freeform, Starfleet-esk parody) CLOSED  (Read 8313 times)

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Offline Angie

Re: Galactic Futa Squad! (Sci-fi, comedy, freeform, Starfleet-esk parody)
« Reply #50 on: February 21, 2016, 05:50:28 PM »
Yeah I read up on the Asari and I thought that was a cool ability. What I was reading didn't go into the biotics.

Kind of odd, considering it's established in universe that Asari are capable of using biotics without needing the painful implants (if I remember correctly).

Offline Sessha

Re: Galactic Futa Squad! (Sci-fi, comedy, freeform, Starfleet-esk parody)
« Reply #51 on: February 21, 2016, 05:50:51 PM »
 Hope you like it and yeah I'd love to have that whole Asari thing as well. When I played ME Liara was the one I romanced. I just like the idea of people knowing about even a 1000 years later.

Offline Dhi

Re: Galactic Futa Squad! (Sci-fi, comedy, freeform, Starfleet-esk parody)
« Reply #52 on: February 21, 2016, 05:53:53 PM »
I'm interested in playing, but I'd have to give a character some thought and it looks like it's first come, first serve, going fast. If you'll let me reserve a spot I'll get to work on a character, but if not I understand.

Offline bokotousamurai

Re: Galactic Futa Squad! (Sci-fi, comedy, freeform, Starfleet-esk parody)
« Reply #53 on: February 21, 2016, 05:58:09 PM »
I literally had the same idea for a Futa space game.
Might there be room for a mecha operator?

Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Re: Galactic Futa Squad! (Sci-fi, comedy, freeform, Starfleet-esk parody)
« Reply #54 on: February 21, 2016, 06:17:21 PM »
@Dhi yeah it has been pretty first come first serve st this point but I am fine with you holding a spot. Do you have a position you specifically wanted? Right now out of the positions I came up with there is just Cheif engineer left. But as others have shown I did not put up all the possible options.

@botokousamurai hmm... a mech operator seems like they would be good with machines, would you be interested in her also being the engineer?

OK I think I will definitely cut it off at 9 and now we definitely need someone to be first officer along with their regular job.

Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Ok everyone, once I have your profile up on here come to the OOC thread and sound off!

OOC thread:

Offline bokotousamurai

That was my second choice, so that'd work perfectly

Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

That was my second choice, so that'd work perfectly

Huzzahs all around!

Offline Dhi

Since Engineer is taken, how about Communications Officer or Diplomatic Officer?

Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Since Engineer is taken, how about Communications Officer or Diplomatic Officer?

I think communications is a great seat to be filled. We need an Uhura!

Offline Dhi

This character is meant in homage to Stargate, I hope that doesn't clash with the Trek feel.

Writer Name: Dhi

Character Name: Bel-Kharran-Sharrat

Picture/Description: Evenly rich butterscotch complexion marks her as a traveler from the arid desert climate, though carefully cultivated racetrack curves betray that she was never allowed to suffer in that heat. A firmly set jaw expressive with her displeasure is framed by leaden straight black hair with long bangs so precise and uniform that her brow might be considered an intimate secret. The blue of her eyes is brought out by heavy, dark kohl lining and shadowed with teal, and often they are heavy-lidded, suited to the languorous, slinking movements of a woman for whom dignity and being served are paramount. Her dark, dangerous, faintly honey fragrance breaks the social contract of a sterile spaceship, broadcasting how she considers herself above protocol.

Age: A lady never tells (but pushing the equivalent of 30)

Position: Communications Officer

Gear: Communicator, known languages codex, subvocal harmonic translator, a campily short skirt

Biography: Bel-Kharran-Sharrat hails from the Sekhemi homeworld, a pre-human civilization which once colonized distant worlds through conquest. By means of wormhole gates, the Sekhemi shipped a wealth of riches, resources and slaves back to their arid desert planet, where generations of Sekhemi lived out their days in decadent comfort. Inviting the Sekhemi to join Star Command was a controversial move, but a necessary step in mastering transporter technology. Bel is still, thousands of years later, riding the coattails of her ancestors.

Growing up on the Sekhemi homeworld does so prime a young woman for a career in galactic linguistics, since multicultural slaves outnumber actual Sekhemi ten to one. Bel-Kharran-Sharrat was extensively trained in not only known languages but their physiological roots and evolution, allowing her to decipher previously unknown languages such as blinking lights, animal cues, and scents- this is necessary for her people to remain masters of all they survey.

With such an attitude of entitlement, Bel is among the worst examples of Star Command's Sekhemi. At the least, she considers herself an equal with anyone in the chain of command, and for one so privileged, protocol is mere suggestion. As a result of her cavalier attitude and romance with language, Bel has the nasty habit of fucking just about every alien being Star Command discovers, and generally in what passes for the butt.

Likes: Chocolate, wealth, adoration, posteriors

Dislikes: Being mistaken for a human, sandy panties, reprimands

Flaws: Overconfident, unwilling to own to her mistakes

Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

I don't think it clashes. I'll add you to the first post and add you to the OOC thread. Hop over there and say hi!

Offline bokotousamurai

Writer Name: Bokutousamurai
Character Name:  Jean "J-bean" Barret

C cup bust, uncut 9"long 2"thick cock, no balls, doesn't shave pupes, tight heart shaped ass.

Age: 22
Position: Engineer
Gear: Handy dandy toolbelt! Mecha 'The Penetrator', oil and grease proof uniform, replusion blaster modified for ricochet effect, homemade vibrating dildo.
Biography: A total tomboy and mechanics nut from the beginging, Jean was always fascinated with mecha and dreamed of piloting one. That's how she ended up putting herself through training for star command, and ended up on the Eros. Not that it bothers her; shes far away from anyone who bothers her, a fine machine to run and maintain, and there's something to fix around the corner, being the only responsibility she wants.

Likes: parts, machines, Fixing things, video games, big butts, small animals.
Dislikes: Being girly, people who tell her she should be.
Flaws: pervert, slacker, gun nut, mecha nuts, likes lounging around out of uniform


Anything I need to fix?
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