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Author Topic: Silverhawk's Roost [Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse] {M for F or M}  (Read 787 times)

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I'm back from an extremely long hiatus and looking to jump into a good story.

    Dynamic and deep characters that develop throughout the entirety of the story are necessary! I don't like playing with characters that are flat and have nothing inside.
    I average about 2 paragraphs per post, though I'm fine with more or less. It's entirely understandable to only do a couple sentences when the situation doesn't require more or you're not sure what direction the other
        writer is headed. Don't force it. Communicate with me if you're not sure about something.
    I think posting once a day is adequate. Longer periods (not too long) between posts are fine as well. We can discuss that if necessary.
    We build this world and story together. It doesn't fall upon you or I alone to make every decision. We share the choices in the story and we share the final outcome.

-Us/Our Characters-
    Actual gender/sex does not matter.
    I will play a male character.
    You will play a male or female character. Either gender is acceptable for all stories.
    Characters will be 18 or older.
    Original Characters only please.

Settings & Ideas
High Fantasy - Medieval
The Kingdoms of Man and the War Tribes of the Orcs have been at war for 86 years. Up until this point the two forces were at a stalemate. There would be the occasional skirmish and casualty, but overall the war front hadn't moved in 25 years. Recently, seemingly from nowhere, some of the orc tribes have been bolstering their forces with strange creatures. They appear to be orcs, but reports have been coming in that they possess impossible strength, experience little pain, and their eyes are completely white. The Kingdoms rallied the villages, calling for any able bodied citizens to fight. The Elven Empire, having abstained from the fighting thus far, was concerned by these reports. They sent their own scouts to observe and return with news. They brought back accounts of these orcs tossing catapults from the battlefield, pressing on while missing limbs, and confirming their eyes were a ghostly white.

The Elven Empire recognized this magic as necromancy. Some of the tribes had been resurrecting the dead to be used as mindless war machines. The Empire, while not wanting to actively be involved in the war, could not stand idly by while the tribes committed these crimes against nature. News went around the empire and it was strongly suggested that people should volunteer as troops for the human kingdoms.

I would Like to play a Human Male on his way to the capital to volunteer for the war. You can play whatever you want. Preferably Human or Elf though.

About the different races:

Elven Empire
Country of Iolden
Geography - The Elven land consists of a great forest stretching for hundreds of miles full of enormous trees (think redwood size as average, some trees bigger and some smaller) and scattered plains. Their lands are bordered on the North and East by the Dwarven mountains, the ocean expands out to the South, and Human lands lie to the West.
Architecture - Largely made of wood. The Elves build their cities incorporating nature as well as possible. Their structures look as if they could have been grown from the earth itself.
Spiritual Beliefs - The Elves have a strong connection to nature, explaining their disgust at the use of necromancy by the Orcs. They believe that when an Elf dies, it's spirit is returned to the earth to strengthen and nourish the flora of their land. They believe it is why the trees grow as large as they do in Iolden. The Elven people often seek guidance from their ancestors that have passed and thank them when harvesting anything from nature.
Physical Appearance - Elves and Humans share many similarities. The most notable difference is the ears. Elven ears come to a point at the top and are generally longer than humans (though they vary in size and shape). Male elves are usually between 5'10"(177.8 cm) - 6'5"(195.58 cm). Female elves range between 5'7"(170.18 cm) - 6'7"(200.66 cm). Elven people have naturally fast metabolisms making it difficult to maintain a bulky muscular physique, but gives them their slender and toned figure. Of course there is the occasional elf who breaks the stereotype. Whether it's height or bulk, etc...
Physical Aptitude - Elves are known to be faster than most other races. Their speed in combat makes up for their lack of muscle mass. The archers of the elven lands are known to be the best in the world.
Magical Aptitude - Magic users are fairly common in Elven society. Each elf has a different level of magic potential, a few maintain no magic. This ranges from small spells which nearly every elf can do, to large magnificent displays of magic which only small portion of the population has the ability to do, and everything in between.
Society - The Empire is run by the Emperor and a council of elders. The oldest and wisest elves serve on the council. Elves are a very polite people, though extremely observant and wary. Elven society is very modest and reserved. Low cut shirts and high skirts were unheard of in the capital. Of course the further away from the capital, the less reserved the people were.

Human Kingdoms
Country of Andlara
Geography - The Human country is made of forests, mountains, and flat land, the majority being plains. Elven forests lie to the East. Ocean to the South and West. Orc lands to the North.
Architecture - The Humans use stone,wood, and brick in their buildings. (Think medieval era buildings). There are many small villages, towns, and castles.
Spiritual Beliefs - There exists a pantheon of gods for the humans. (Specific gods can be hashed out during the story)
Physical Appearance - Humans look like, well... Humans.
Physical Aptitude - Humans are about average archers. As a race, they extremely proficient with bladed weaponry.
Magical Aptitude - Magic in Humans is a rare sight. In the few that possess magic, it usually manifests as alchemical magic. Potions, poisons, remedies, etc... The extremely rare that possess magic like Elven sorcerers do usually make their way quickly to high ranking positions in society as they are considered blessed by the god their magic aligns with.
Society - Humans farm their lands, maintaining herds of cattle and acres of crops. They hunt for food and skins as well. The lands are dotted with farmsteads and small villages. Their country is made up of many kingdoms, each run by their own king. A council and the High King reside in the capital in the center of the country.

Orc Tribes
Country of Tur'kal
Geography - The Orc lands are practically barren. Desert (think Death Valley, not Sahara)covers most of the country with scattered forests closer to the Human lands. There is ocean to the West, frozen tundra to the North, Dwarven mountains to the East, and Humans to the South.
Architecture - The Orcs live in huts and homes built mainly with stone, clay, and mud. Their buildings are crude and made only for purpose.
Spiritual Beliefs - Orcs have one god, Marok. Their god is a harsh one. They do not believe in mercy and that there is great rewards for them in the afterlife if they fall in battle.
Physical Appearance - Orcs are large and muscular. About as tall as elves if not taller. Much stronger than humans. The females are more slender than their male counterparts, but are just as strong. Their skin ranges from a pale white to green to dark gray. Different tribes are generally able to be identified by their color. Greataxes and clubs are their go to weapons.
Physical Aptitude - Orcs are strong, but not terribly fast. They focus on brute force to do away with enemies.
Magical Aptitude - Orcs use totems, trinkets, and rituals as their magic outlets. While possessing no magic themselves, they are able to call upon Marok to enchant items, cast curses, and now raise the dead.
Society - The Orcs are a brutish people. They would much rather fight over something than talk it out. They hunt almost all of their food. The Tribes can be identified by their tattoos or paints. Modesty is hardly even a concept to the Orcs. Not strangers to nudity, the tribes rarely wear clothing, the exception being combat . Each tribe has a Chieftain who reports to one of five War Chiefs. Each War Chief controls a different region of Tur'kal. They report to the Warlord, ruler of Tur'Kal.

The Deep
Geography - Dwarves burrow into the mountain, digging deeper and deeper. They have underground roads spanning the entire continent.
Architecture - Stone. Lots of Stone.
Spiritual Beliefs - The Dwarven people have no gods and believe there is no afterlife.
Physical Appearance - Dwarves are short and stocky. Ranging from 3'6"(106.68 cm) - 4'4"(132.08). Beards are common among dwarves. It is in fact extremely rare to see a dwarf without one. The bigger the beard, the more respect a dwarf is given. There have even been accounts of female dwarves growing out large beards.
Physical Aptitude - Dwarves are hard to kill. They're a bit slow, being so small and stocky, but they can pack a punch. They generally deal with heavy weapons and crossbows.
Magical Aptitude - Dwarves are unable to use any magic. However, they are the only ones who know how to work a magic infused ore found below.
Society - The Dwarves are an isolationist group. They do not share details of their society, practices, or defenses. They maintain trade with surface dwellers through "vents" that appear throughout all the lands(it is actually a door entering a mountain setup like an immigration checkpoint. Called a vent for the smoke from their forges that is redirected out of them). They survive off creatures found in the underground and are known to be the worlds best smiths. Due to their constant mining, they have little need for gold or silver from trade. Instead they prefer to barter for items such as paper, or fruit. Things they can not get below the surface.

Magic in this world would not be an endless well that can be drawn from. Magic takes its toll on the body, physically. Using magic too frequently would tire someone quickly or even kill them. Elves, being so proficient, are able to use more magic than a human would before tiring. After resting a short while, a persons would be back at full ability. (think of it like a mana bar in a video game)

OC Star Wars
I love the Star Wars universe and I think it could be extremely fun to play out a story in it. The pairings that I think would go well are:
Jedi / Sith x Jedi / Sith
Bounty Hunter / Smuggler x Jedi / Sith / Bounty Hunter / Smuggler
Literally any pairing in this universe would work with me!

OC Star Trek
Star Trek universe is so vast and awesome. I love it as much as I love the Star Wars universe (if not more).
I am open to ANY pairing here!

OC Firefly
I loved Firefly so much and it would be fun to run a story in it.

OC Universe
Our own universe. It can be anything we can. In my opinion a universe we create on our own can be the most fun to play in!

-Post Apocalypse-
I absolutely love the Fallout games. They're one of my favorite game series that I always come back to. This could be set in one of the areas that was host to one of the games or we could pick a new area to hold our story. I think it would be fun for one or both of us to play vault dwellers, whether from the same vault or separate ones. But really, I love Fallout so much ANY pairing would work for me!

Typical economic collapse or maybe aftermath of a great war (minus nuclear fallout and such). Kinda like how they live in Revolution or The Book of Eli.

Zombie Apocalypse. Pretty self explanatory. Some virus animates corpses. It manifests itself differently in everyone. Most would be shamblers, slow and dumb. Few could be sprinters, or big strong brutes, or climbers, etc...

    I'm always open to suggestions if none of these tickle you!

- Not really interested in this right now. (But feel free to ask me anyway.)
- Currently have one in progress. (Does not mean I wouldn't like to do another.)
- Would love to play this with someone.
- Wouldn't mind playing this.

If you have any questions about anything just ask!

Please send me a PM if you're interested.

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Re: Silverhawk's Roost [Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse] {M for F or M}
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Update :: February 22, 2016 :: Expanded on the High Fantasy - Medieval story.
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Re: Silverhawk's Roost [Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse] {M for F or M}
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Update :: February 23, 2016 :: Added ideas to the Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalypse themes.
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Re: Silverhawk's Roost [Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse] {M for F or M}
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Update :: January 27, 2017 :: Corrected some mistakes.