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Author Topic: Eva's Garden (F for M)  (Read 3282 times)

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Eva's Garden (F for M)
« on: February 20, 2016, 11:11:00 am »
Currently looking

Welcome to my little garden, make yourself at home. I do my best to make this spot a pleasant place to visit, with lovely things to see. I hope you spot something you like while you are here. 

A garden is an ever shifting thing.  As seasons pass, different things come into bloom while others are plucked. This is a work in progress so it will change as I arrange things to my liking, but don't hesitate to look around and see if anything catches your eye. I'll post some ideas I have; I like to keep them simple so that they can be arranged in cooperation with whatever partner picks them.  I will also post some images that inspire me.  Perhaps the image evokes in me a story idea, or simply a mood that appeals.  If it speaks to you as well then by all means speak to me and we'll see if we can pull a story out of it. 

Now for a little about me.  I've been role playing for a good many years now, starting in table top and moving into forums where I found my love and stayed.  I've said a bit more about me in my On/Off thread which I suggest you take a gander at if you think you might like to RP with me. I endeavor to be a good partner, attentive and inventive as well as approachable. I try to add RP at a careful pace so that I don't overdo it and no one has to wait too long for a post from me.  Slow moving RPs are the death of my interest, so bear that in mind.  My sweet spot is 2-4 posts a week.  Which is just enough to move the story along at a reasonable pace but not enough to feel breakneck.  I endeavor to reply within three days of receiving a post, more often it is on the sooner end of that scale.

The thing I am looking for most of all is a writer who wants the story more than the fetish.  We all have our kinks and our wants and I love when they can get worked into a story, but I've never been one for focusing a story on anything but the most general of kinks/wants (werewolves, silver foxes, power struggles, etc). My preferred plot to smut ratio is right around 80/20.  If you have a story idea that you think would appeal to me, please let me know.  If you see something you like here, please PM me rather than post here. 

General ons/offs and posting expectations as swiped from my On/off thread, which you should really check out
Ons and Offs
•   A writer who can write two paragraphs or more, tailoring the post to the situation. I am not a stickler for length, but I do love me some meat to a post.
•   A partner who can move the scene and plot and bring plenty of ideas to the table.
•   A partner who focuses more on plot than on smut. I enjoy smut, but I enjoy the build-up and tension even more. I am and always have been all about story.   
•   Communication.  Talk to me, let’s work together on the story.
•   I get restless and lose interest in the story if it moves at a glacial pace. I liken it to reading a book, a few paragraphs once a week, I just can’t do it.
•   Writes in third-person, past tense.
•   Loves to world build as we go. 

Things I love in a story:
•   Romance (I adore this)
•   Dominant Characters (I’m not afraid to fight back, mind you)
•   Supernatural Elements
•   May-December couples
•   Coercion/blackmail
•   Fantasy (pretty much all flavors but High fantasy)
•   Non-consensual scenes.  I love Gentlemen Rogues who will take what they want.
•   Urban Fantasy
•   I am really very open and willing to accommodate a partner’s current craving.  Just ask! (though don't think that my accommodating nature means I'm going to be a passive partner, I promise I am anything but!)

•   Passive Characters.  Don’t just react all the time, act!
•   Children, 18 or above please.
•   Anthro-Characters (with the exception of Werewolves and Minotaurs)
•   Incest of any sort.
•   Bathroom play
•   Extreme BSDM
•   Straight up smut
•   Fandoms/Anime
•   First Person
•   Obvious self-inserts (By which I mean your character comes across as pure wish fulfillment. Often has the same name as your screen name, same as ALL of your characters)
•   Sci-fi
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Re: Eva's Garden
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2016, 11:11:51 am »
Below are some very loose ideas I have for RPs, very little of them is immutable, so if you think you have an interesting take on one please PM me and we can plot! Or if they recall to your mind another story you'd love to RP, send me a PM about it!

A Priest and a Faithful Parishioner

I've always loved playing with the fire of temptation and an honest religious calling. I'd love to work out some story, fantasy or modern, in which a faithful priest and a devout woman find themselves sorely tempted. I could see this being a young girl, or a mature woman whose husband is away and so she seeks solace in her religion. Perhaps the priest is the young one, or maybe he's been given a cushy assignment in the country and expects it to be an easy one only to find himself tempted for the first time. I could even see this being in a fantasy setting in which he's got to contend with a herbwitch who is needed by the community but whose soul he is honestly worried for. This could be a clash of religious or a gentle bit of conflict. There are lots of routes to take with this one, which way would you like to go?

A Ghost and a Con Artist

A girl with a tough past and a tongue that was both silver and acid, she wasn’t afraid to lie and cheat to get what she needed. She stumbled her way into a great racket working as a Ghost-whisperer, telling people who were willing to believe just what they wanted to hear.  She learned all the tricks to make a hauntings seem real and used her knack at reading people to always give them a satisfying experience. Then she would slip out of town with a heavy wallet, telling herself she was just giving them peace of mind or a lesson in not being so gullible.  They paid for a service and she simply gave it to them. They were foolish to believe.  Only one day she found her way into an actual haunting, a restless ghost who needed help, one she found she couldn’t walk away from.

A Nurse and an Injured Soldier

I would love for this to be a sort of Beauty and the Beast story (I’m a sucker for those!).  I would play a nurse taking care of someone, a soldier perhaps (or a police officer or fireman, etc) who is injured, disfigured and requires care. I’d love for there to be some outside elements and drama involved, conflicts with her family, the tough neighborhood she lives in, even an ex perhaps.  For him, there would be the difficulty of coming to grips with his injuries and the way his life has changed.  Perhaps the things he’d done while in service haunt him, giving him nightmares.  Perhaps he’s angry at what was done to him and resentful towards those who are whole, whose freedom he was protecting when he was hurt.  There are lots of layers we can add to this, it could be modern or not as suits our mood at the time.

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Re: Eva's Garden
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2016, 11:12:08 am »

Here are some images I like, they are scenes that call to me or evoke a mood I find appealing. If they are from recognizable things (movies, games etc.) I am unaware of it and chose them simply for some cinematic element that appealed to me.  I could work a story with elements of any of them.  If one calls to you, maybe we could make a story together.

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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2016, 03:49:50 pm »

Just a few more images that tickle my fancy, some of them seem like story seeds, some contain an ambiance I could happy see in a story, be it because of light or a gesture, or an expression of emotion. 

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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2020, 04:41:58 pm »
I've got lots of story seeds in the form of a great many images and a few written out ideas in my little garden here. If any of them strike your fancy please reach out via PM and we can see if we'd suit each other.  I'll add more ideas to the thread as they come.

I'm in the market for one story at the moment.

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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2020, 04:42:04 pm »
I'm looking again!  In the market for a once or twice a week pace

I've been thinking lots about the sort of story I'd like to write, and the type of character I want to play.  There are a few more ideas here, which appeal to me.  Please check out my ON/Off which can be found here, where you can find what I like as well as some writing samples and the usual. I am up for a great many sort of ideas, more than I could list here, so if you have one you think I'd like, PM me and we can talk. Now for the latest crop of ideas.

One of my old RP ideas from years ago that never got off the ground was something I titled, Into the Labyrinth.  It was intended to be a sort of fantasy/steampunk twist on the story of the Minotaur, with a real beauty and the beast feel to it. Below is what was my opening post for the last attempt, which we could tweak to start fresh or could be scrapped entirely.  In this my partner would play a Minotaur (or some other beastly sort) and what follows their escape from the labyrinth remains to be seen.

Into the Labyrinth (something I'd also be interested in reviving as an RP)
In the still, smoke-filled air of the family shrine the oil lamp that sat at the base of the terracotta statue of Demeter, flickered. The flame sputtered on the wick, threatening to go out. The white robed figure kneeling in the center of the room, as still as the statue, broke her vigil and lifted her head at the change in light. Sad, dark eyes fixated on the sputtering light and then lifted up to the shadow wreathed face of the goddess who lost her daughter annually before returning to look at the flame with a tense air of expectancy. Was it an omen, this light that would sputter and go out? Or was it simply the fact that the family fortunes had dipped so low that not only could they not afford the bribes that would save their only daughter, but they could not afford to keep even the gods in comfort?

Melantha did not know which and dared not let herself hope that the gods would speak to or for her. Her future, such as it was, was in her hands. She looked down at her lap where her hands rested on her thighs. Slender, delicate hands, stained with ink that her mother had always despaired of. She was terrified of what lay before her, but she was also resigned. The order had come, the annual lot had been drawn and her family had to pay the price. It was how things were done.

No one in the whole of Milatra believed that the lottery was random. The picking of the tribute was too powerful a control to let it be random. But everyone pretended it was, because to play otherwise was to add to the already overwhelming burden the conquered city faced. The Labyrinth and its monster must be paid. So it was, so it had been since the engines of Nikostratos had rolled over the city some twenty years before. Milatra had resisted his rule, foolishly perhaps, as he did not take kindly to such resistance. He had made an example of the city by having one of his constructions built on the backs of the conquered soldiers. Soldiers who were then the first to be fed to its eventual occupant, the Minotaur. No one who had seen the monster lived to tell of it, but there were rumors a plenty describing it in all manner of nightmarish detail. Two-headed, scaled, the head of a bull, the body of an alligator, metal limbs that worked with the alchemical machinery that had allowed Nikostratos to conquer the whole world. No one agreed on what it looked like and there wasn’t even a consensus on whether it was real or not. So many in the city, Melantha included, who believed the monster was nothing more than myth and that the true monster resided half a world away in his luxurious palace which was stained with the blood of the conquered world.

She supposed, wryly, that she would soon know for certain if she was right.

Beyond the door of the family shrine she could hear the household waking up. Her mother’s strident voice, tinged with tears, barking orders to the servants woke everyone who had not yet risen. It was not the morning song she would wish to be her last in the house that had seen her birth, but little had gone the way that Melantha had wanted. She stood and blew out the guttering lamp, mercy for the wick.

An all-night vigil had given her no insight into her fate, the gods had not spoken though she had not expected them too. The vigil had been at her mother’s insistence. She wanted her daughter purified enough so that when she died in the black depths of the labyrinth, she would find her way more easily to the Elysian Fields where a draught from the river Lethe enough to wash away memories her horrible death. Melantha had no such intentions. There was no monster, just an endless maze made by a madman where poor souls wanted and died in the dark. She had a plan, it might not work but she would not lie and wait to die.

Behind her the door to the shrine opened and her weeping mother, stone-faced father and guilty-eyed brother stood waiting for her, their thoughts their own. Melantha turned, keeping her expression serene. She would not look them in the eyes but looked into the middle-distance as if she was coming to terms with her fate. She knew that if she looked at them, she would weep or rage and she could not distract herself. Her life with them was over, she could not and would not come back to this house. She had to look forward for however long that would be.

“I am ready.” She said to the world, the gods, to fate.


It was harder than she though. She stood before the hole in the ground underneath the palace built by Nikostratos, now occupied by his puppet, Lysander a fat, debauched creature who, shamefully share a bloodline with her ancient family. Such blood-connections would not spare her in the absence of gold to remind him. Not that he had come. The lowering of an offering into the Labyrinth was not of any note to him any longer. Much like pouring the night-soil out the window come morning, it was simply a needful chore. It was clearly such for the hard-eyed guards who had escorted her there to the room, her family left weeping at the gate some turns back. She could still hear her mother’s weeping. One of the guards stepped towards her and with a rough hand gripped her chin and lifted her face to his. He spat on the ground, his hard eyes roaming over her face. She wasn’t a real beauty, not one that songs could be sung about, but she was pretty enough she supposed. Big brown eyes, a fine nose and soft cheeks with a mouth that was just a bit too wide for fashion. Her hair was her pride, long and brown it fell in soft curls to her waist.

“It’s always a shame to send the young one to it.” He said to his companions. They grunted in agreement and stepped closer as if he was saying words that indicated some act of a play was about to commence. She pulled her chin from his hand and looked haughtily away.

“It’s a bad way to die, miss.” He said with patently false kindness. “We can make it easy for you.”
She looked at him, her mouth tight but said nothing.

“You do for me and my boys and we’ll see you drop into the maze beyond caring about what that monster will do for you.” His hand dropped to the front of his tunic and rubbed idly across a growing bulge. Her face twisted in disgust.

“I’d rather face the beast.” She spat her words and then spat in truth. Snarling he wiped at his cheek with one hand while the other cracked against her cheek brutally. The world exploded in pain so she was only distantly aware of being tossed into the pit. She landed hard, with a grunt and recovered her senses in time to hear the clang of the metal grate closing overhead.

Here are a few fresher ideas that I've hopefully left enough room in for my partner to sink their hooks into.

The Lady and Her Empty Bed
In a remote estate lives a woman, whose husband has long since fled for warmer climes, leaving his wife behind to manage things at the estate as well as raise his heir. While he's out living the life and running the small estate's coffers dry, she's left to try to hold things together and see that her son has something to inherit. Lonely and tired of her cold bed, she finds herself attracted to someone and must fight her desires. Perhaps a tutor she'd hired to educate her son, perhaps it's the new priest or minister who has come to serve the local parish.  Perhaps the stable hand who takes care of what remains of her beloved horses. Or even a faithful retainer who has watched her neglect and struggle for years. There's lots of ways we could go with this one.

Weather Witch

She hadn't intended on being a recluse, but it was the only way to keep her power from being misused. The first weather witch in generations, she'd been snatched up and trained to obediently serve a generous king. Humbly born and used to scarcity she'd come to love the life that living in his opulent court had provided her, until he became comfortable using her powers to control and conquer the neighboring kingdom. Faced with the results of her meddling on his behalf, she'd fled and vowed to correct the wrongs she'd done. My partner could play someone sent to hunt her down and bring her back, or perhaps playing the rebel leader of some movement to overthrow the kingdom.  They could even play some traveler who crosses paths with her at an inopportune time and sees what she's up against and what she's capable of. There are lots of ways we can take this story.
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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #6 on: October 19, 2020, 03:07:48 pm »
I am in the market for a story that would have a once or twice a week posting rate.  I'm not sure what genre or plot I'm up for specifically, my tastes are varied as you can see in the thread above.  Please do check out my On/Off thread to see if we might be compatible. PM me if you think we'd work well together.
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