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May 23, 2018, 10:51:25 PM

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Author Topic: Eva's Garden (F for M)  (Read 1974 times)

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Eva's Garden (F for M)
« on: February 20, 2016, 11:11:00 AM »
I'm in talks with a few people so I'm full up for now.  Thanks for your Interest.

Welcome to my little garden, make yourself at home. I do my best to make this spot a pleasant place to visit, with lovely things to see. I hope you spot something you like while you are here. 

A garden is an ever shifting thing.  As seasons pass, different things come into bloom while others are plucked. This is a work in progress so it will change as I arrange things to my liking, but don't hesitate to look around and see if anything catches your eye. I'll post some ideas I have; I like to keep them simple so that they can be arranged in cooperation with whatever partner picks them.  I will also post some images that inspire me.  Perhaps the image evokes in me a story idea, or simply a mood that appeals.  If it speaks to you as well then by all means speak to me and we'll see if we can pull a story out of it. 

Now for a little about me.  I've been role playing for a good many years now, starting in table top and moving into forums where I found my love and stayed.  I've said a bit more about me in my On/Off thread which I suggest you take a gander at if you think you might like to RP with me. My preferences are also a fine thing to look over. I endeavor to be a good partner, attentive and inventive as well as approachable. I try to add RP at a careful pace so that I don't overdo it and no one has to wait too long for a post from me.  Slow moving RPs are the death of my interest, so bear that in mind.  My sweet spot is 2-4 posts a week.  Which is just enough to move the story along at a reasonable pace but not enough to feel breakneck.  I endeavor to post at a speed that matches my partner, so if you post faster, barring real life interference (work, school, commitments) I will post faster as well. 

The thing I am looking for most of all is a writer who wants the story more than the fetish.  We all have our kinks and our wants and I love when they can get worked into a story, but I've never been one for focusing a story on anything but the most general of kinks/wants (werewolves, silver foxes, power struggles, etc). My preferred plot to smut ratio is right around 80/20.  If you have a story idea that you think would appeal to me, please let me know.  If you see something you like here, please PM me rather than post here. 

General ons/offs and posting expectations as swiped from my On/off thread, which you should really check out
Ons and Offs
•   An advanced writer who can write two paragraphs or more
•   A partner who can move the scene and plot and bring plenty of ideas to the table.
•   A partner who focuses more on plot than on smut. I enjoy smut, but I enjoy the build-up and tension even more. I am and always have been all about story.   
•   Communication.  Talk to me, let’s work together on the story.
•   Someone who will post at least twice a week.  I get restless and lose interest in the story if it moves at a slower pace. I liken it to reading a book, a few paragraphs once a week, I just can’t do it.
•   Writes in third-person, past tense.
•   Loves to world build as we go. 

Things I love in a story:
•   Romance (I adore this)
•   Dominant Characters (I’m not afraid to fight back, mind you)
•   Supernatural Elements
•   May-December couples
•   Coercion/blackmail
•   Fantasy (pretty much all flavors but High fantasy)
•   Non-consensual scenes.  I love Gentlemen Rogues who will take what they want.
•   Urban Fantasy
•   I am really very open and willing to accommodate a partner’s current craving.  Just ask! (though don't think that my accommodating nature means I'm going to be a passive partner, I promise I am anything but!)

•   Passive Characters.  Don’t just react all the time, act!
•   Children, 18 or above please.
•   Anthro-Characters (with the exception of Werewolves and Minotaurs)
•   Incest of any sort.
•   Bathroom play
•   Extreme BSDM
•   Straight up smut
•   Fandoms/Anime
•   First Person
•   Obvious self-inserts (By which I mean your character comes across as pure wish fulfillment. Often has the same name as your screen name, same as ALL of your characters)
•   Sci-fi
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Re: Eva's Garden
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2016, 11:11:51 AM »

Below are some very loose ideas I have for RPs, very little of them is immutable, so if you think you have an interesting take on one please PM me and we can plot! Or if they recall to your mind another story you'd love to RP, send me a PM about it!

A Ghost and a Con Artist

A girl with a tough past and a tongue that was both silver and acid, she wasn’t afraid to lie and cheat to get what she needed. She stumbled her way into a great racket working as a Ghost-whisperer, telling people who were willing to believe just what they wanted to hear.  She learned all the tricks to make a hauntings seem real and used her knack at reading people to always give them a satisfying experience. Then she would slip out of town with a heavy wallet, telling herself she was just giving them peace of mind or a lesson in not being so gullible.  They paid for a service and she simply gave it to them. They were foolish to believe.  Only one day she found her way into an actual haunting, a restless ghost who needed help, one she found she couldn’t walk away from.

A Nurse and an Injured Soldier

I would love for this to be a sort of Beauty and the Beast story (I’m a sucker for those!).  I would play a nurse taking care of someone, a soldier perhaps (or a police officer or fireman, etc) who is injured, disfigured and requires care. I’d love for there to be some outside elements and drama involved, conflicts with her family, the tough neighborhood she lives in, even an ex perhaps.  For him, there would be the difficulty of coming to grips with his injuries and the way his life has changed.  Perhaps the things he’d done while in service haunt him, giving him nightmares.  Perhaps he’s angry at what was done to him and resentful towards those who are whole, whose freedom he was protecting when he was hurt.  There are lots of layers we can add to this, it could be modern or not as suits our mood at the time. 

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Re: Eva's Garden
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2016, 11:12:08 AM »

Here are some images I like, they are scenes that call to me or evoke a mood I find appealing. If they are from recognizable things (movies, games etc.) I am unaware of it and chose them simply for some cinematic element that appealed to me.  I could work a story with elements of any of them.  If one calls to you, maybe we could make a story together.

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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #3 on: March 03, 2016, 11:45:19 AM »
I've had a story casualty owing to an absent partner and so I would love another story to round out my roster.  If you are someone who can post 2-3 times a week and like what I do, I'd love to hear from you.  Check out my threads and my preferences.  I've got a range of interests and am happy in a great many genres.

No story casualty this time, but a creeping slowness.  I'm looking to add one more RP that focuses more on story than smut. Not that I shy from eroticism- I am here after all, I just find the build up to be more satisfying.  Flirting, teasing, tragedy and interruptions are the best way to get under my skin.  That and a good, thick, vigorous plot.  Yum. 

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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2016, 05:53:01 PM »
I'm looking to add one more RP that focuses more on story than smut. Not that I shy from eroticism- I am here after all, I just find the build up to be more satisfying.  Flirting, teasing, tragedy and interruptions are the best way to get under my skin.  That and a good, thick, vigorous plot.  Yum.

All of the above.  I'm looking for someone that is after a good story first and foremost, who will bring their own plot elements to the table and accommodate mine as well. I love building up to plot as much as I love building up to erotic scenes. If you are the sort to pick up on my carefully laid story seeds and give them what they need to grow (and expects the same in return, then I am the partner for you.

I'm open to a great many plot and settings and at this point I'm searching for a good partner rather than a specific story, that we can build together.  I'm looking for writing that gets me excited as a reader, someone's whose word craft intrigues me and I hope to do the same for them. Please check out my RPs to see what I can do. Updated links are in my On/Off thread which is in the first post and my signature.  Thank you for looking.

I've updated the image area, just tossing up a few images that appealed to me at the moment. 

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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2016, 03:49:50 PM »

Just a few more images that tickle my fancy, some of them seem like story seeds, some contain an ambiance I could happy see in a story, be it because of light or a gesture, or an expression of emotion. 

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Re: Eva's Garden (F for M)
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2017, 08:15:39 PM »

He's broken, shattered physically by some traumatic event.  A fire, a car crash, shot on duty, combat overseas, somehow, someway he's been broken at the prime of his life. There is physical pain, lots of it.  Worse, perhaps, is the mental pain that comes with his new state of being.  Formerly vital and active he now faces a long road to recovery that at best, will leave him considerably less than he was. There is anger, resentment and perhaps a little hopelessness thrown into this emotional cocktail as he struggles to find equilibrium.

She's almost at the breaking point. Burdened with the care of a troubled younger sibling and mounting debt, the job to take care of the broken man seems like a godsend. Nursing duties, a little light housework, some chauffeuring of him to various appointments, maybe even some physical therapy are well worth the pay offered.  How can she pass it by? It feels good to take care of someone when she can't even take care of herself. She goes to work everyday, whole and bright on the outside, hiding the cracks that lie under the surface.

He's not easy, she's not the first nurse he's tried to drive away.  He's angry but he doesn't take into account how badly she needs this job.  No matter how surly his is, how cruel and cutting she shows up each day like a bit of sunshine. She keeps tending to him even when he rages at her simply because she is at hand and the world that cheated him is not. Eventually he sees her as more than a target for his surly ire. He begins to see the tracery of cracks that lie just beneath her serene surface. In puzzling out the mystery that is her, he is distracted from his own pain and finds in aiding her a measure of the vitality he once had. Moreover he finds a reason to live. In the end they both heal each other, but along the way there are jagged edges and places rubbed raw.

The above is a very loose description of a RP I have long wanted to write. Many of the details can be adjusted to suit whatever partner I take on for this, his character can be a soldier, a cop, a fireman, a common man in the wrong place at the wrong time, it's all up to them.  The nature of his injury is also fluid, I just want to capture the tension and emotion I tried to lay out above.  I need an assertive partner for this, someone who can bring a lot of emotion to the table as well as move the plot along.  This isn't a Dom/Sub story, though there will be elements of that given their roles. I need an active partner who will not make me wait a week for a reply. I don't want speed posting either but I want to see it move along at a nice, regular clip (2-3 times a week is ideal).  If this story interests you and you've checked out my On/Off and feel we would be compatible, please drop me a PM.

This idea is happily, delightfully taken. <3 However...

I might be in the market for another story, feel free to run one by me if you like what you see here.
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