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July 21, 2017, 03:35:09 PM
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Author Topic: FNaf-Inspired idea to focus on Mangle-character  (Read 292 times)

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Offline Quinz128Topic starter

FNaf-Inspired idea to focus on Mangle-character
« on: February 20, 2016, 04:47:19 AM »
This is an interesting idea for me that I can't get out of my brain and wanted to see if I can get someone involved in this. I was considering the idea of a more science-fiction nature with a company that developed the code to such a degree that they unintentionally created actual A.I. in the performing animatronics for an old fun-house/restaurant entertainment, like how FNaF had set up. However, the discovery of this made them, practically, rip out the software and start from scratch, but they missed one. The reason? They had forgotten that the software had been installed in one of the favored characters that had broken down. This broken down character, though, to save money on the repairs, had just been tossed to a new attraction of a 'build your character!' that had soon become a bit of a controversy, because of the dangers to children with the idea they were working with real electronics - even if under supervision.

The A.I. of this character had remained during these controversies, but had a sense of self preservation so functioned what was expected of simple Virtual Intelligence. While the controversy did start building up more business for them It was decided to 'retire' this section of the restaurant until they got confirmation from their legal team. Without being constantly surveyed, this means that it may not even be noticed if missing, having the A.I. try to leave. Because of the initial attempts, first breaking a window to try and get through, it's programming prevented it from doing so. Because of this there was even more notice on the news. In a way to foster some kind of good will with the press they tried to assure the safety, but there has been more damages inside the area, as the A.I. tried to find a way to overwrite it's programming.  Due to this, the company broke down and hired an overnight security to keep an eye on this place.

Because of this security, the robot had figured it may need to be more careful... Or maybe that new worker has a way for it to escape? It all depends on what it sees as best. It does have the resources the guard wouldn't know of, after all. No one suspects it being the one that dealt damages, after all.

This plot can have either person as the Animatronic, as it will be interesting to see the plans I have unfold and see the reaction of another person, or if another person controls the animatronic, see which direction it goes with finding a way to escape in spite of the initial programming...

So! Any takers? [ Rubs Hands ]
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