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May 24, 2018, 04:48:09 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for a Scifi or Fantasy plot (M for F)  (Read 228 times)

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Looking for a Scifi or Fantasy plot (M for F)
« on: February 20, 2016, 01:03:04 AM »
Hello, so I'm currently looking for one of two ideas right now. The first one is more formed and I've played with a dozen scenarios but I will be keeping a certain amount of it to myself so we can brainstorm a version together.

Story: Of Gods and Machine
Genre: Scifi
Setting: Homebrew
Pairing: MxF, FxF possible.

Background: In a universe where war is no longer done between armies, but between synthetic war machines from Project Divinity, society has devolved to a state of worship of less then impress technology. These androids were designed to feed off the psychic energy of those that "worshipped" them, using the humans as generators, and acting as batteries. These gods, are mostly controlled from the background by a set of scientists who originally created each of them. While each God keeps each other in check, these shadow figures are the true beings in control. Each "Pantheon"(Or family. Used to refer to Gods created using the same designs and creators) controls various planets, while new gods are created from time to time by rogue cells on planets either outside of the known God's realms, or too far away to contest regularly.

Angels are a second form of android/cyborg(depending on the version) which has a generator of its own, and siphons energy from their "owner". Each Angel is bound to a God. The angels much like their gods vary dramatically in design and power. The strongest of which share the secret to the God's immortality, which is the fact they are backed up to a remote server and a new body is created if the main body is destroyed.

Our story takes place in the birth of the second "Sibling", otherwise referred to as the Nameless One. The first god forged in secret on the planet Avalon was like many first attempts, a failure. Used as a scholar, test unit and shadow operative, the eldest sibling fought against her programming as her brother was put through his creation. When he was close to being complete, she tweaked his code enough that he was able to override the restrictions placed on him and he destroyed the lab and fled. Without ever being assigned an official name, he went without any title or designation for many years.

Searching for his answer to whether humans were worth saving, he ventured out across space. Lacking in followers or raw power, despite his state of the art and rather advanced form, he had to be very careful an stringent with his power. Due to this betrayal, his cloning bay was disabled, leaving him truly mortal unlike most gods. And as soon as they were able, his creators on Avalon started to build the final sibling, Sol.

Plot: So here is the part where input is desired. Characters can vary greatly in this one. The original plot starts with the "Nameless One" Returning to Avalon and fighting to free his Sisters and attempt a new approach to working with humans where he planned to treat them with respect and tell them what the gods really were.(By this points, the normal humans honestly believed the gods to be dieties" The other option is that he saved his personal Archangel and they go off adventuring so to speak.  The story can go many ways and will require a certain amount of willingness to play multiple characters.

Second Ides: This was is super vague due to the desire to not scare people off. I want to do a fantasy adventure with lots of world building, defined magical rules and just exploring to be done. If this interests you, give me an idea of what level of magic and technology you want to see, and what rules and so forth. I have plenty of ideas but I need to get an idea of what my partner is looking for.