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May 26, 2018, 09:11:45 AM

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Author Topic: glorious request thread coming soon! (m writer for f characters)  (Read 373 times)

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Offline jvj9000Topic starter

glorious request thread coming soon! (m writer for f characters)
« on: February 18, 2016, 01:44:23 PM »
at some point I'm going to get really great at html and make this a truly amazing thread.  I'll probably do an on/offs and link it here along with links to all of my forum stories...  There'll be pictures and links and maybe even music and dancing.  By then those things might be expected because it will be the future.  For now, though, I am rather awful at these things from a technology standpoint, so if we're lucky I'll manage some hidden texts and not leaving any tags hanging about.

Besides, you can click the "posts" thing under my name and see those stories if you want to. 

You'll notice, if you opt to do that, that there are several.  Many of them, through no fault of my own, are actually spectacular.  Honestly, you ought to just play with my partners...

That being said, I am looking to take on another partner or two, maybe. 

A few ideas:

If you've seen the show "The Fall" or don't care if bits of it are going to be spoiled, there's this idea:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The show is about a serial killer, and the dynamic that I am interested in exploring is represented in the series by the killer's relationship with his family's babysitter.  She's young and naive and super into him.  She's willing to overlook the mounting evidence that he's guilty or she simply doesn't care.  For his part, she's not really a fit for his victim profile but there's something about her all the same, and her insistence on getting close to him and playing along with him and alibiing him actually give her a certain amount of power over him.  I recently, barely, started a version of this which will unfortunately not be moving forward and would be amenable to discussing a continuation of that or an entirely new version.  Age and connection are entirely up for discussion, but playing with obsession and desire are key.  Could be that she tries to help him resist his impulses by trying to replace his victims, or perhaps she becomes more directly involved.  This would involve some pretty dark stuff, but I'm more interested in that being in the background and the consequences and impacts the killings have on the couple being the focus.

The rest of my notions aren't going to spoil anyone's enjoyment of any ongoing TV series in any way.  In brief:

Ghosts -- the idea of a haunting and a romance is wildly appealing.  A house with a spirit who can come into dreams or communicate in some other way...  there are potentially dirty applications at work here if the spirit can possess bodies ("that one," she said, pointing to the tall, powerfully built man.  "can you be him?"  The man suddenly straightened and turned to her, smiling, his eyes communicating volumes.  Without a word he closed the distance between them and bent to kiss her, oblivious to the stares of the people surrounding them in the crowded shop.)...  Of course, it could also involve attempting to find him (or her) a permanent body.

Killers -- I once had a story that got abandoned involving a serial killer inadvertent targeting a vampire or some other creature that could not be killed.  Imagine his (or her) shock when the perfect victim falls beneath the blade only to absolutely fail to die?  How inconvenient...  and what if the "victim" is more intrigued than upset?

And, of course, my super-hero/espionage desires remain as strong as ever.  My limited Canon willingness (Batman, James Bond) will go some way toward explaining the directions these stories could take whether you want to use these characters or our own. 

Someday we'll all look back on this sad little request thread and have a good laugh from the vantage point of my eventual coding mastery, but until then, do consider dropping me a message if you think you'd be keen on writing something together.  Oh, and if you've gotten this far and are super-interested, one final caveat.  I prefer to play men (though women and even futas aren't off the table) opposite women.  If that didn't eliminate you, get in touch.  I'm at least as friendly as this post makes it seem.