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June 22, 2021, 02:06:05 pm

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Author Topic: Forbidden Fruit. (F/F, or Futa, Angel/Demon, some religious play) (Closed)  (Read 1868 times)

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The Most Forbidden Fruit of All.

The cackling and laughter of the demons around her echoed out for miles. They held her down and threatened to cut her wings off. Sarah didn’t know how they knew of her patrol, but they did, now all the others of her flight were dead and as the only survivor they were planning on taking their sweet time with her. As is their way they prepared to do unspeakable things to her, slice off her wings, disembowel her, crucify her. But they ‘promised’ that if she renounced her God that they would spare her.

She would rather die than do such a thing, and spat in the face of the leader. She shut her eyes in preparation for what was to come and listened as the lead Demon prepared to violate her, only for him to suddenly scream in agony. When the captured Angel opened her eyes she saw a female Warrior Demon, had turned on her fellows, swinging her heavy sword around and cutting the others to pieces, with a pure hatred in her eyes hotter than the fires of Hell itself. Within moments all of the other demons had been killed and only the female stood, her greatsword held tightly in hand, till her grip relaxed and the sword fell to the ground with a clatter. And the demoness soon followed, with tears in her eyes.

Sarah wasn't sure exactly what was going on, until the demoness moved closer, her face changing to something more Human, and she spoke. "Sarah...its me...Jasper...Your Wife! Don't you remember me!?"

That was all it took to remind Sarah of the woman she had spent 10 years of her life with. And the only person she had ever truly loved. The two held eachother tightly and sobbed and kissed, filled with so much joy after having lost sight of each other for more than a Human lifetime. And Sarah learned the truth of why her wife, despite being a good person, wasn't at least in Purgatory.

Upon Sarah's death from an allergic reaction to a pain medication, Jasper, her wife, had been sent into a depression and couldn't live without Sarah. And after a while she just decided that life wasn't really worth living without her better half.

While Sarah was in heaven, trying to rise up in rank and searching for her Wife in both Heaven and Purgatory, Jasper was trapped in Hell, held by chains and forced to either die of hypothermia or drown over and over again for all of eternity. Time goes faster in Hell so Jasper suffered for a century within her own private pit of agony, her will and strength slowly being eaten away. With the torture stopping once every six years as a Demon asked if she would fully surrender her soul, in exchange for the pain stopping.

There was only so much pain, and suffering one soul could take before she cried out. Jasper had called out for God for mercy, only for there to be no answer. Instead there was only Silence, and the laughing of her tormentors. Pure despair began to fill her soul, for she was in the place even Angels did not go. So when the time came again, she offered up her soul and begged to serve Hell if the torture would just stop. A response was given, and Jasper joined the Legion, unwillingly dedicating herself to fighting heaven and putting all of existence under the rule of The Fallen One.

But after all these years, her beloved Sarah was here before her! She looked even more beautiful now as an Angel than she ever did on Earth. Like she was always meant to have those wings. It almost made Jasper feel unworthy to be in her presence. But there isn't time for sweet talking, her betrayal will not go unpunished.

Even if it means for her to suffer a torment that would be legendary even in Hell, she couldn't let them have Sarah. Not even if they promised to give her soul back. Jasper had to get Sarah back up to Heaven, no matter what. Sarah did not belong down here.

In the meantime she knows a place where the two of them can hide out, and maybe even catch up on lost time.

This is an idea that has been kicking around in my head for a few weeks and I finally decided to just buckle up and post it already :P I am not intending to offend anyone. I'm a Christian myself (But not a very good one *Shrug*) and if anything im probably more offensive to myself. But its just a roleplay....a fantasy.  :-[

So in case it slipped your mind, this story would follow a Lesbian pairing, who were married when they were alive, but when they died one went to Heaven and the other fell to Hell.

This can go a variety of ways, I don't think there is even a limit to what could be done. We could follow the pair on their journey to escape through hell and to Purgatory, flash backs to some of the Naughty and Sweet things two did when they were alive. Could be the two want to find a more remote place of Hell and live the rest of eternity together, alone, only caring about each other.

I have a few provisions for this but the main one is that I...err would like it if this were a Futa/Female pairing.  :-[ With Jasper having been packing a respectable member even before she became a demon.

We could also have it be similar to a more Hentai like version of heaven, with pleasures beyond mortal comprehension and pretty Futa angels who can change things around at will.

If interested PM me and we will see if we can discuss something and work an idea out :-)

Edit: Some of the things the two might have done with each other on the Naughty spectrum would have been having sex in a church, doing their own version of 'Communion' late at night. Nun cosplay for Sarah.

I'm perfectly fine making this unsure how to put it but I wouldn't mind just making this naughty all the way. Angel Sarah tied to a cross and taken by Jasper over and over again. *cough* errr...I will just go and sit in the corner now. >_>

As for Sweeter moments it could be one comforting the other when they were sick, doing something special just to see them smile, their wedding day etc etc. All cute sugary things that happy couples do.
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