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July 26, 2017, 01:50:31 AM
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Author Topic: Arkham's Ideas [Requests Filled]  (Read 221 times)

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Arkham's Ideas [Requests Filled]
« on: February 15, 2016, 05:37:55 PM »
I'm looking for someone to do some unusual RPs with. I have a particular interest in doing RPs that involve transformation, incest, unrealistic anatomy and stretching, humiliation, non-humans with humans and/or non-consensual scenes. I usually like doing RPs set in a fantasy/sci-fi adventure or a modern magical setting.

I have a few simple plot ideas floating around in my head. Some people like to say they like 50% story and 50% smut, however, I like 100% story and 100% smut. I just like my RPs saturated in both. Some of my ideas are long term and some are short. If you like any of my ideas, PM me and we'll work on something. All of my ideas are easily adapted and I can develop ideas on the spot.

Short Term RP Ideas:
Mortal Kombat: Queen of Kombat
This idea involves a tournament where Shao Khan is looking for a bride and they must fight and rape each other to prove their worth. Those who refuse to participate are sold into slavery or burned alive.

Boss Monster
Bowser is sick of his plans being thwarted again and again. It's now time to end the cycle by taking his ultimate revenge, by finally taking the one prize his nemesis prizes most, the Princesses virginity. (This can be done with other iconic villain/hero match ups.)

Dominant Futa Sister
A young man has gotten into trouble and is blackmailed by his sister. She now uses him to fulfill her dominant fantasies. This could also lead to long term.

Long Term RP Ideas:
Futa Wife Swap Family Incest
A local TV network has offered two families to be involved in their show Wife Swap. The idea is based on the actual show wife swap. However, the wife they swapped with has her own way of bringing the family together, incest.

Sister Corruption
A young man has found a tome on demonic rituals and summoned an incubus. Unfortunately, the young warlock has little experience and to keep the incubus from ruining his life and potentially taking his soul, he made a deal to corrupt his innocent and young sister.

The Crisis of Skyrim
The focus of the Oblivion Crisis was in Cyrodill, but in Skyrim, the invasion was quite different. The land of the Nords was swarmed by the Daedric lords of lust. The creatures swarmed from the gates raping and enslaving all that could not resist and corrupted Magicka around the portal. Now contact with the Daedric fluids and the usage of Magicka causes unusual mutations. A young pair of twins, recently imprisoned, have, by fate, been broken free and they must find a way to either flee the Crisis or aid in closing off the Oblivion gates.

Fallout: Vault 69
The experiments that occurred in Vault 69 are unspeakable, and frankly the people of the Commonwealth aren't keen to lean about it. But, once the vault door creaked open for unknown reasons, The Smog began to flood the landscape changing it forever. All the creatures strongly affected by radiation began to mutate further and go into a lustful rage. Feral ghouls, super mutants and the mutated flora and fauna began to swarm and rape the uncorrupted souls around them.

Corruption of Champions
I am a big fan of CoC and always wanted to play it with someone else. If you are interested in doing this, let me know. The plot doesn't change and it would play almost exactly like the game.

Monster Trainer Team
A brother and sister Monster Trainer duo is heading out into the world starting their adventure. However, the Professor of their little town warns them that a new illness is spreading around and causing monsters to evolve in strange ways and acting strangely around young trainers. The two still want to fulfill their destiny and hopefully find a cure for the illness that has befallen the local monsters. This is a play on Pokemon but using Monster Girls/Boys.

These are all the ideas I have right now. If you are interested send me a PM. I prefer to PM by email, since its more accessible to me outside of the house, please let me know if you are fine with RPing via email.
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