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July 28, 2017, 09:54:36 AM
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Author Topic: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Currently Recruiting] - LGBTQA+  (Read 1579 times)

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Offline BlissyTopic starter

Work is now finalized! Game one is in motion!

We are looking to start the role-play once all character roles are filled!

GMS: Blissy & November Bleeds or Ms Catailia. Please contact us for any further questions.

We are currently looking for new players!

What you should know..

Laguna Falls Academy is an 18+ game involving students from a College/University within the town of Laguna Falls. Like any College, Laguna Falls has a series of events that occur each and every year. Dances, Parties, Fairs, Events and even Vacation time. Most students live in dorms, however some may live off campus. The focus is on students attending the school and events that happen on campus. While the world is built for said characters, the characters are what bring it to life. Over the course of the year students are establishing relationships both positive and negative. These relationships will become useful in Deadwood when characters need them the most...

What we are searching for Players who...:
● Write 500+ Words | 3 Paragraphs minimum
● Are invested in school life type role-play
● Are willing to go out of their way to have their characters interact with others
● Can post once every 3 days minimum
● Are LGBT Positive (doesn't mean your character has to be)
● Aren't looking for constant smut thrown your characters way
● Will not create drama OOC, leave that for IC!
● Will not god mode
● May be interested in moving from Laguna Falls (school life) to Deadwood (horror) after a long period of time
● Who will make their characters interact with more than just one character
● Who are willing to move their characters willingly to other people, potentially even start drama with them
● Who can play characters who are unique in their own way and are not always the victim

Deadwood/Laguna Falls is...:
● A very active Big Group Game
● A dramatic school experience
● What you make it

What is Laguna Falls Academy?

Laguna Falls Academy is a role-play about university life. In particular this university is located just outside a region known as Mossdale, which also happens to be the central location of one of the scariest places on earth known only as Deadwood. Laguna Falls Academy or the L.F.A is an extension of the Deadwood world. This is an interest check pitch about role-playing in a realistic university styled life that will later connect to the purpose of our bigger game known as "Deadwood.”

What is Deadwood?

Deadwood is something myself and my partner November Bleeds pitched out as an interest check some time ago. It was an attempt to bring a blend of horror and survival together, while factoring in the choices and outcomes of other’s decisions. The game focuses heavily on relationships and the scale of making and breaking them to ultimately decide a character's fate. The game is still currently active, about midway through, and myself and the GM team have been thinking about what the future may hold for the next game. This all said, the first game was pitched entirely on a random base. We had no group following, no players and only an idea. It was that same idea that became a real marvel of a success at quite an alarming rate. Our goal for this spin-off, or "prequel" as some may call it, is to generate character ideas and background prior to starting the second game.

In a way, this is an invitation for early access to our second Deadwood game and what building up to that will imply. We already have a very strong core idea for the game, one which can be found over at our big-game forum. Currently we are looking for people who may be interested in stepping into the Deadwood world for the next game and we are doing it in a unique way.

Summary of what Deadwood and Laguna Falls Academy is aiming to generate..

The Longer Summary
Deadwood 1
The game starts off with 3rd year College students being invited to a Lodge by their friends Mark and Erik, but Mark does not show up. There's a bit of conflict, they get to know each other, are reintroduced to others and more or less, just slowly start gaining respect or breaking relationships with one another. Somebody at the Lodge goes missing, half the group goes to find them, they find her, she brings back some sort of external force with her from "Deadwood" (a closed off abandoned town). And all hell breaks loose as characters are sucked into Deadwood itself and are forced to experience horrific events before them. Please note that both Deadwood and Laguna Falls Academy are semi-lit to literate games, where we expect quality and thought to be put into our own characters and the endeavours they may find themselves within.


Giving a fake year timeline just to explain.

Deadwood 1- summer 2016
Deadwood 1.5-spring 2018
Laguna Falls Academy-Fall 2015

Laguna Falls Academy is a Deadwood 1 prequel, more or less. The characters from the current game (Deadwood 1) are going to school there (or, most of them, not all). The prequel is about a bunch of Freshmen who are arriving at Laguna Falls, whether they live in dorms or off campus doesn't matter. So the focus is early developed relationships between characters before we jump into Deadwood 1.5. By establishing relationships and bringing romance and drama into their lives, characters are able to connect with others on a personal level and move forward. We will be dealing with Real Life issues from bullying to peer pressure, depression and the attempt to co-exist with others. All we do is push it month-by-month, nothing more as far as we know. This will go on while the other Deadwood 1 game continues and once Deadwood 1 has come to a close, we will bring in more traumatic events.

Picture this? Your character is brand new to the school, they're meeting all these new people, freshmen, other years, etc. They get to know them, love some, hate some. And even though your character doesn't go to the Lodge (Deadwood 1's story line) they may know some of them from school. The students from the Lodge go missing, YC is distraught, then perhaps a week or a month or so later; very few have come back to the real world, having survived. The assumed idea is many are dead and some individuals YC may know may have been killed off. Though the police wont listen, they don't want to. Even though they try to explain that otherworldly creatures/manifestations exist, they aren't having it.

So it's a very long term story line, where YC (or multiple characters of yours) will establish relationships both new and old in Laguna Falls Academy, the effects of Deadwood 1 the following year hit hard. About a year or two later, characters go to investigate what "really" happened. Though some may think it's a joke, others think it's a great way to figure out what happened to their friends, family and whoever else may have been involved. '

Just think of it as...College Life RP, getting to see the characters lives pan out before the danger occurs.

Right now were doing Deadwood 1. Were about half way through, but we've had a couple people who've wanted to join the game during the first. Unfortunately, given the sort of system we have its not easy for people to do that. So as of yesterday I decided that it might be good for us to have an in between game that plays in the same world where Deadwood is, but without the town Deadwood being involved. It gives future players and veteran players time to come up with characters and explore who they might want to be in Deadwood 1.5 which is the next horror game.

Because given the nature of the story in Deadwood 1 (the current on going game) there's a bit of background that's sorta important to know. The first game follows a group of university students that go to a lodge. Its during their summer vacation that things start to go all wrong and inevitably they end up stuck in the haunted town of Deadwood and have to survive against the evil that is the town.

The next Deadwood game follows another group of university students all of which are from the same school from the characters from the first Deadwood. The Academy role-play exists as a bridge between the future Deadwood characters and the current. The Deadwood 1 characters are in there third year while all the Deadwood 1.5 characters are in there freshman year.
Its all structured this way to build a sort of importance to relationships and character building as that's one of Deadwoods key game elements. Our goal is to ultimately enrich characterization and write a very interesting long term story following the lives of these university students and the grim future that will await them!

What is this & the spin off?

Have you ever wondered what a character's story was like before the horror? That's exactly what this interest pitch is about.

By nature, Deadwood is a horror based survival game, one that deals with the misfortunes of college/university students being subjected to a living nightmare where they have to overcome the evils of a very old and mysterious town. This interest check is not about that, well, not about the horror part “yet” anyway. Instead this spin-off known as “Laguna Falls Academy” focuses on the normal lives of many university students in a one year semester. However, these same students will later find themselves to be our next generation of protagonists for the next game. Laguna Falls is a small town that is located off the coast of the Mossdale region (a made up region existing in Oregon) and Mossdale is home to one of the scariest and most notorious places on earth known only as “Deadwood”.

Your character in all of this would be an average student, someone who hasn't been to the haunted town of Deadwood quite yet. Eventually the goal of this role-play would to take them there, three years after the events of this spin-off role-play, but right now the focus isn't any different than average university life. After having a huge success with the growing of the original Deadwood game, myself and the management team wanted to patch up several things we felt could be better implemented.

The first, was the idea of these survivalists having background with one another. Our original cast that is currently enduring the horrors of Deadwood 1 was an interesting bunch of characters, but each of them seemed lacking in background. We threw almost total strangers together in a single lodge where they apparently "only just" knew of one another in some regard and shared a familiarity in where they went to school. The concept was good, but we felt it needed to be revised a bit more to provide a more steady and viable experience for future plays. That said, I bring you this rare opportunity to jump aboard the Deadwood bandwagon early and get a head-start in situating your character and their life leading up to the unfortunate future events that will be Deadwood 1.5, to be started soon after the end of the current Deadwood game.

This interest check is somewhat of an early invitation/access to those who might want to dive into the Deadwood world at a later date and would like to become better acquainted with the world and system that we use. The game focuses heavily on social relationships, building and burning bridges, and how choices factor greatly into fate. There will be no supernatural included in this prequel role-play, as the focus of role-play is set on building origin for next generation of Deadwood heroes.

While the ultimate goal of our role-play pitch here is to get new members actively interested in the Deadwood world and system, your characters are not required, and will not be forced, to participate in Deadwood 1.5. If anyone would like to give the Deadwood feel a try, but think it's not for them, then that is perfectly acceptable as well. This pitch is centred entirely on an academy based role-play and as such it makes total sense that some students may just fall into the background if interest is lost. Our main goal for these characters is establish bonds, relationships, and traits that will become useful and apparent in the next game. Think of this pitch as a character building opportunity for a more gruesome future.

The idea behind our pitch is relatively simple but can be expanded through many forms. Our goal here is to enrich Deadwood’s characterization for both the present and future games. By doing so we are looking to dive head on into some academy/university based school drama, as relationships are made and others tarnished to prepare anyone that might be interested in taking part in the next big Deadwood main game!

Putting the “Dead” in “Deadwood”

By tradition, Deadwood is a horror based game that works to bring university/college aged characters together to put them through endeavours of unimaginable survival-horror, but we’re doing something different with this pitch. You can be sure that come time for Deadwood 1.5, it's our intention to see your characters faced with the new evil to come. This is still a "horror" game, but will be temporarily lacking in horror plot themes/threats until Deadwood 1.5 is started. Staying true to Deadwood’s origin, we’re instead taking a step into the academic background of who these characters may before be they step into the horror world of Deadwood at a later date. This Academy based role-play does not factor horror into it's set up. Instead the aim here is to role-play in an academy based environment that may or may not have the same students partaking in a survival horror adventure at a later date. All characters applied are subject to removal upon request. We understand some people may drop out, lose interest, or learn the game isn't for them, and that's absolutely fine, but we encourage anyone who may be interested in role-playing in a realistic, academy based environment and are open to horror elements (down the road), to jump right in and try this out! Please be weary that despite this being an Academy based university life spin-off, our intention is to take a horrific turn at the time of the second game's beginning.

Again, this is an Academy based role-play centered on university life. Once the current Deadwood one game is complete we will push into Deadwood 1.5, which will contain horror and a three year jump forward. The two threads will be separated once the second game begins.

Examples of Student-Roles/Stereotypes

Below you'll find several examples of various role types that you may see in an Academy based environment.

Average College Kid
Sorority Girl
Fraternity Boy
Hipster Type
Bad Boy & Under achiever Type
Goth / Punk/ Skater Type
Nerd Type
Gamer Type
Hippie / Activist Type
Academic / Bookworm Type
Athletic Type
Religious Type
Band Geek


Or feel free to make up your own and stray from stereotypes.

Role-play Format = Free form

Our system here is pretty simple, but further explanation can be found in the Q&A section below. We will be working off a free form system, one where you have the freedom to make your own choices and see the outcomes at your own discretion. It's a bit outside the norms of general free form, but for the most part it's relatively simple.


Here it is, the full explanation of how the prompts will work throughout the role-play. Prompts will come in three different forms.

Basic Explanation (TLDR or need to revise!):

Prompts and just what exactly they mean can be found below. In short, they are used to enrich meaning or purpose to certain actions and provide warning or boundary with their usage. When used correctly, they highlight shifts in relationships or single out danger. Orange prompts are used for both positive and negative shifts in character relations and red prompts are only used if the intent is to cause harm or danger is present.

GMs, Monster and fight scenarios use this color
Characters responding to prompts, just colour the sentence in red only if hostility or danger is consented too.

Examples: Alexis was anything but happy and her patience running thin. If you don't stop I’m going to smash your face in! She'd threaten.

Socially impacting questions related to YC. Only used when very important.
Alliance or Dissension.

Examples: Nova really appreciated Koda being honest. or Nova really felt betrayed by Koda's dishonesty.

Removed. Only used in the current ongoing main Deadwood game.

Other Rules

[Aside from Elliquiy's rules, these are a few of our expectations]

We are searching for players who can write 3 or more paragraphs per post preferably. The Deadwood group is an advanced group, because of this we'd prefer people who feel comfortable writing three paragraphs or more per response, so as to keep things in tradition of the game.

Deadwood is a fast paced game and as such we expect our players to post at least within a three day window or provide reason if delay occurs within that window. The Academy game is separate to the on-going Deadwood game. If you're new to the game, don't worry about what's happening in Deadwood 1.

We are LGBTTQ+ Positive here. Play off any type of sexuality or identity.

Know you are getting into a survival RP. Understand that YC may or may not die during this when the RP moves forward into horror.

Please try your best to get along with the next person. Leave the drama for RP, not OOC.

Do not god-mode another player's character without asking them first. Writing things such as “would try to...” or “would attempt to...” are acceptable. They are requesting a response from another player. Writing things such as "grabs her hand and drags her out" - are not acceptable unless you received the player's permission. GM's -when necessary- are the only individuals who may physically move or harm others characters. That's not to say our characters playing alongside yours (other college students) will god-mode: no. We will follow the rules as well.

General Character Detail & Application

18+ Characters Only!

Please send applications to either Blissy or November Bleeds . Any further questions you may have can be directed to either of us!

Morality List
Phobia List

Code: [Select]

[img height=280]Your image here[/img]
[b]Played by[/b]:
[b]Nicknames & Alias[/b]: [If any at all.]
[b]Astrological Star Sign[/b]: [ex: Cancer, Taurus, etc]
[b]Stereotype role[/b]:
[b]Personality Traits[/b]: [Three key traits please]
[b]Occupation[/b]: [Only fill out if relevant]
[b]Hobbies & Interest[/b]: [Help further define your character, what makes them who they are?]
[b]Pet peeves[/b]:
[b]Habits & Mannerisms[/b]: [Little things that define your character physically or mental. Ex: Biting your nails, negative thinking, quick to assumptions.]
[b]Pessimistic or Optimistic[/b]:
[b]Morality[/b]: [Is your character good or evil by nature? See above character application.]

Strengths & Weaknesses

[b]Majors in[/b]: [Purely academic, what is your character studying?]
[b]Excels in[/b]: [Study subject of characters strengths, provide two. Ex. Math]
[b]Lacking in[/b]: [Study subject of characters weakness, provide three minimum  Ex. English]
[b]Phobia & Fears[/b]: [These are vital, as GM's will often deliberately associate various character fears with the on going story]

[b]Distinguishing Features[/b]: [Besides their photo, what else defines them?]


[b]Writing Prompt Of Your Character[/b]: [We ask for a two paragraphs minimum. Example of your character in role-play format doing anything at all. You can choose to define their personality with this, working on a hobby, yelling at somebody, anything.]


[b]!Disclaimer! By filling this character template out you are giving consent to take part in a role-play where your character will not always win. You accept this and the consequences that come with your characters actions and decision. No one character in this role-play is immune to death. Please provide your E-RP username at the end of your application with the words “Sincerely”.[/b]

Please note:: Deadwood 1 is still ongoing. This academy interest check is a pitch to get new players that may be interested in the Deadwood world or system involved in the game early. The purpose of this game is for players to establish social relations with other characters in an Academy based environment, which may later influence who they are if they partake in the events of Deadwood 1.5.
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Offline November Bleeds

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!]
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2016, 05:12:43 PM »
Are you new? Read below!

All new players are freshmen, vets from Deadwood 1 (first game) can play any year.

What/where is Deadwood?
The cities (starting East and traveling West) are as follows: Laguna Falls, Mossdale, Deadwood. The town of Deadwood is a heavily restricted zone, an abandoned town that is no longer available to the public. This is only accessible during official "Deadwood" games which will take place Three Years after the current Laguna Falls Academy Game (don't think too much on it, just have fun at the academy). Mossdale is a location filled with swamps, cabins and forests.

Isn't Deadwood a horror game?
Yes. Deadwood is. However, this game (Laguna Falls Academy/Beyond Deadwood) is a prequel to the official Deadwood 1 story. In Deadwood 1, characters from Laguna Falls have a party at Mossdale Lodge, a location in the first role-play where individuals are lead through a series of events that cause them to become trapped in Deadwood. As the game currently stands, they are trying to escape. This prequel game will be a reason for relationship establishment whether positive or negative and drama. This way, character do not go blindly into Deadwood 1.5 without knowing others around them. There will be no horror and if there is any, it will be limited.

Need help with character creation?
Let us know! Throw either of us a PM!

Want to sort your character into a dorm with another character?
Let us know! We'll help place YC somewhere, unless you would rather them be alone.

Having trouble figuring out where to post?
Please contact a GM! We will be more than willing to create a scene with you!

Below Written By: Ms Catailia

Here are some helpful links in order to help you become more accustomed to Deadwood. These links will give you an idea of how the Deadwood system works as well as some helpful history and lore around Deadwood and Mossdale to prepare you for Deadwood 1.5 that will take place after L.F.A. and Deadwood 1 end.

Deadwood 1
  • Game Information - Become more acquainted with how Deadwood all got started, the lore behind the game, as well as other valuable aspects of Deadwood's roleplay systems.
  • Butterfly Effect - A system that drove Deadwood 1 forward in the beginning but was seen as unnecessary later on. This is a great system to review in order to have a better understanding of how character choices effect other characters.
  • Characters & Monsters - Meet the concept of the characters that started it all, as well as a few of the urban legends they have come to face or will face in their journey to survive Deadwood.

For those of you interested in reading how Deadwood 1 has gone so far and what to look forward to from Deadwood 1.5, here are some links in order of when the locations were presented.

If you would like to see the current details, please see below.

« Last Edit: March 19, 2016, 05:59:03 PM by November Bleeds »

Offline Rayelynn

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2016, 12:06:21 AM »

Offline November Bleeds

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2016, 10:01:21 AM »
Glad to hear it! <: We welcome your application at any time!

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2016, 10:44:37 AM »
We've obtained several new players and we are still looking to take on more!

Offline Rachubka

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #5 on: February 18, 2016, 05:32:32 PM »
I'm in this RP, so, like, totally join and stuff because you get to talk to me more. omg

Offline AmandaWho

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #6 on: February 19, 2016, 01:42:16 AM »
If you're still looking, I'm interested. Any character archetype holes that need filling? See what I did there, the sexual innuendo? Holes, filling...? hehehe

Offline AmandaWho

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #7 on: February 19, 2016, 02:31:57 AM »
Bah, I sent in a sheet anyway. Hopefully it's not a stereotype that's been overused yet.

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #8 on: February 19, 2016, 12:14:55 PM »
The gothy archetype is fine. There's a junior character or two that sort of play into it, but were not limiting in archetypes. I'd be more then happy to answer any ones further questions about archetypes upon request.

Offline Dashou

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood spin-off! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #9 on: February 21, 2016, 02:55:36 PM »
Come join us. :> Most of us don't bite! Most.... We'll leave it to you to figure out who those are. ;D

Offline November Bleeds

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #10 on: February 29, 2016, 02:22:04 PM »
Still searching for some new people in our quick, semi-literate paced game.
Do not hesitate to ask us questions (here or PM)!

Offline Etherealgirl

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #11 on: February 29, 2016, 03:36:59 PM »
This sounds like a lot of fun. Going to have to come up with something.

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #12 on: February 29, 2016, 03:38:42 PM »
This sounds like a lot of fun. Going to have to come up with something.

Glad to hear it!

Can't wait to see what you come up with. ;D

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have as well.

Offline Etherealgirl

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #13 on: February 29, 2016, 03:42:21 PM »
Thinkin' about making a punk/goth chic who makes money as a cam girl. Payin' her way through college.

Offline BlissyTopic starter

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #14 on: February 29, 2016, 04:18:55 PM »
Thinkin' about making a punk/goth chic who makes money as a cam girl. Payin' her way through college.

Sounds very interesting. :-)

Feel free to send your profile to me via PM at any time and I'll be more then happy to help you get started.

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Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2016, 01:37:49 PM »
Just submitted a character for the Academy

Offline November Bleeds

Re: Laguna Falls Academy - A Deadwood Prequel! [Interest check!] - LGBTQA+
« Reply #16 on: March 01, 2016, 02:04:17 PM »
Received and Accepted ^^ Welcome to the game.

Offline November Bleeds

We are currently recruiting new players! Please post here if you are interested, or send us a PM!

Offline November Bleeds

LFA is still recruiting! We are searching for players who are willing to create troublemakers, bullies and victims. We are searching for a few newcomers who are willing/wanting to help push the story and develop characters as the school year presses on.

If you have any questions please feel free to send a PM to either Ms Catailia or (myself) November Bleeds. We are willing to help you get acquainted with the game before throwing your character into play.

Please send all applications to the GM's listed above as well!