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March 26, 2017, 06:02:51 PM

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Author Topic: Lady Hecate's Mystic Desires (F lf M)  (Read 509 times)

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Lady Hecate's Mystic Desires (F lf M)
« on: February 15, 2016, 11:14:09 AM »
Greetings from the Lady Hecate

Dear all, welcome and enjoy with me my humble abode. It's not much, but it's home. I have an old request thread, which can be found here, however I have decided to craft a new thread for my current desires. Plots on either page are welcome to a bid and some are shared between both. Additionally, please have a peak at my Rules of Desire (On & Off) thread to guarantee that we will mesh perfectly.

I have been absent lately due to a heavy schedule for the past few months. With things slowing down to a comfortable pace, I am interested in picking up another RP or two. I am in the market for a story with a growing romance and perhaps some D/s if it fits. But come and tantalize me with your own ideas swirling with mine. More importantly than anything else, I am in search for a partner who I can shape ideas with, not for. Let's play.

Now to be fair, I would like to recap with my most important points when deciding if you will be a suitable partner for me:
I expect posts of 2-6 paragraphs. What can I say, I like to write.
Imagination and creativity are a must.
Follow the plot that we decide upon. Twists and altercations with purpose are much appreciated, however.
I crave fantasy and magical realism. Be it humans in a mystical lands or the mixing of races, I love it all. Humans in our natural setting bore me. Bring out the demons, vampires, and elves!
Romance is a must. Build up to it. Make it believable.
Communication! Let me know what you like and do not like! I love PMing between posts.

Now, if you have survived all that, let me show you my cravings. These are simply the plot(s) I have in mind at the moment. If you think of something, feel free to share. I welcome all opportunities.

My Cravings

Till Death Do Us Un-Dead
~Highly Craving~

Scenario: Emmaline Hallows has been an apple of communities eye since twenty years ago when she arrived at Saint Mary's Orphanage. Young, beautiful, and kind hearted, the woman has found herself with a hard life. Not knowing anything of her past, Emmaline dreams of one day traveling far beyond the city limits of London to explore the world and set her future. Since coming of age, Emma has worked beneath the protection of a local innkeepers, finding their hospitality more than she could ever ask for. She is content with her quiet life, until he appears. No one knows his name or who he is. But he has a dark secret. And a fascination with the angle woman, Emmaline. From the first moment his eyes set upon his, the stranger knowns one thing as being an absolute truth. She will be his.

Setting: Victorian Era. London, England.

Requirements: Small mind control, mild to extreme NC. Darker fantasies with a creative and manipulative mind to seduce the poor Emmaline into accepting her fate. I would like to fall back on traditional vampire views, which we can discuss within the beginning of the plotting stage.

Other info: I would like this to eventual bloom into a twisted romance, eventually turning Emmaline into an Un-Dead (vampire). Emma is either a virgin or at least very pure in body, which is one of the reasons she entices the vampire. I would prefer if he believed he loves her. The vampire will need to seduce her slowly but tactfully, eventually showing her that she cannot live without him. There can be minor mind control, or swaying with her thoughts, but nothing over the top. Perhaps the inn keepers have a son, who is interested in become a suitor for Emmaline.

Love thy Land

Scenario: You are a prince of a brutish land. The earth is meant to be owned and bent around the labor of human hands. A woman outside the kitchen must be a whore or nurse. Your woman are quiet and meek, seen but never heard unless in shrieks of sexual pleasure. As the human territory expands, confrontation between the Elves has only increased as you each battle to protect your land. In a recent victory into Elvish territory, you have stumbled upon a large willow tree which the Elves referrer to as Earth Mother. Some claim it is the secret to understanding the mythical nature and seemingly eternal youth of the Elves. As the first ax is raised to destroy the tree, the Elvish king suddenly appears with an offer you cannot refuse. The Earth Mother's protection for the Elvel princess's hand.

Setting: Fantasy

Requirements: Non-con to consensual. A committed partner who knows their character well. Prior to this RP will also require plotting on the feelings and identities of the characters involved and the story arc. I am open to as much or as little magic as desired. I image the princess as being her own individual, refusing to fall beneath the hand of her husband. Perhaps you are a sympathizer for the Elves. Or perhaps you want it all for yourself. I would prefer this to be a story where the two eventually fall for each other.

The Secret Garden
Highly Craving

Scenario: You've wandered your castle grounds since you have been a child. In fact, you feel most at home in the castle gardens that surround the reminder that once your beloved parents pass, all this land will be your. One day when exploring the outer limits of the castle's garden, you discover the ivy upon the high wall has shifted slightly from a heavy storm the previous night. When returning the foliage original to it's original state, you discover a hidden door that has been sealed. Curious, you enter the secret chamber to see a garden even more lush than the ones you are familiar with. Decant and strange flowers bloom in every direction as the garden is bathed in a fruity, luxurious scent. It is then you realize you are not alone. The garden is home to a young princess who has been trapped in the garden for years. A young princess who has been dead for just as long.

Setting: Victorian Era to modern.

Requirements: Consensual. Someone who is creative enough to make this challenging plot work seamlessly. This would require discussion. Possibly NC if partner would like to also play the darker spirit that trapped the young girl. As a ghost, she may be unaware of how much time has passed since her death. Depending on how we want to play this, she may not even realize she is a ghost. At the beginning she is trapped within the gardens, but as time progresses she may be able to stray further on the castle grounds depending on what we decide her curse is. There can also be the possibility of freeing her, either to pass to the next world or reversing the curse that locked her within the garden to reanimate her. This RP plot was started, but all that was posted was my intro. It can pick up here or in a different direction if you choose.

A Frozen Heart's Warm Palace

Content: Yes. I am a sucker for Disney's Frozen. However, I have always been enthralled by the idea of Hydro/Cryokinesis, and this movie brought it to the front of my mind. And, I was disappointed that the film did not have a character who could match Elsa's powers.
I would love to play as a young princess who can manipulate water and ice. Her step mother, however, is also a strong sorceress but has fooled everyone around her. The princess is either banished from her palace or decided for herself that this kingdom was not meant for her.
A) She runs off into adventure and finally finds her match in the queens hunter, a hotheaded boy who can manipulate fire.
B) She find Jack Frost, or another loner with ice abilities.
Together, both misfits in their land, will they come together for a greater cause or will their differences be to large to overcome? (Left open for creative minds)

Setting: Preferably Medieval, *possibly* modern if you have a good plot.

Requirements: Consensual, if not reluctant romance. Someone to play my princesses other half, someone who can show her warmth be it figuratively or metaphorically. Additionally, I can play Elsa or we can create our own characters.

The Taking of Innocents
I would be indebted to someone who can help me twist a story of forbidden love and corruption of a pure hearted girl.
Idea One-I see this set in a fantasy setting with my character being a princess. She can see only the good in people, and is blindsided when your character comes to sweep her off her feet. They are from rival kingdoms so he convinces her to keep their romance a secret, but he has other thoughts coming to mind. He does not care about her, he simply wants the power her kingdom holds. As they continue on, however, he begins to develop feelings for her and is unable to tell what his true desires are.
Idea Two- Again a fantasy world, my character a princess or simply a town's girl. Perhaps she works as wench her her uncle's tavern. Your character is a demon, who takes interest in her. Perhaps he needs her for a greater plot, or perhaps he simply needs a new pawn in the human world. At first he only think there is something to gain from seducing her, but as they spend time together he begins to develop feelings for her. Maybe she can even bring some goodness to him. He is suddenly unsure what his intentions for her are, unable to believe that such a pure and innocent creature exists.

The Beast's Beauty
A Beauty and the Beast remix.
Annalise is a young, youthful woman. Promised to a prominent loyal in her village, Annalise is regretful of the life she is loosing, destined to be a noble's prize rather than equal. Lover of books, Annalise has always envisioned that she would be swept away by her prince and carried off into the sunset on some grand adventure. She is the town's innocents, known for being unable to hurt a soul. One day, out of curiosity, Annalise decides to explore the ruins of a castle in a nearby abandoned town. The rumors are that a monster calls this retched place home. That could not be true, could it?
It was. There is a master of the palace, be it vampire, fallen angel, or beast, that is enraged someone dared to trespass. Rather than simply killing her on sight, however, she captured his interest. And so he captured her.
Desire- I see this as playing rather true to the original story, but with our own twists and desires. Perhaps the beast is just lonely or also has a curse to break. Maybe he does not even realize he wants to break the curse.

Order of the Violet Moon
For entuaries, wolves have marked our earth. Beastly creatures that are said to hunt upon our young and leave no survivors. But these are not ordinary wolves, you see. These are much worse. These are werewolves. They live in packs deep in the forest, mingling only with human society when necessary. But their forces may soon be coming together as the end is near. It is all said to happen on the night of the violet moon, when the red and blue moon fall upon the same night. This will be the night that she fully awakens. The child of the purple moon is prophesized to hold unlimited power. Her blood, once awoken, will answer your deepest prayer.
Desire- I will play a young werewolf, Shiya, that is soon to have her twenty-first birthday. However, this will not be a merry event. Plagued since birth with a weak body, Shiya is said to be the child of the moon that will bring about the purple moon. She has snow-white hair and soft violet eyes. Since the prophecy of her birth, her father, the leader of a strong pack, has kept her locked away to use her once she is fully awoken. It is your decision if you play a werewolf or a werewolf hunter that has come to save or kill Shiya. I have left many details blank so we can work them together.

Prophecy of the Sun and Earth
Many years ago, a prophecy was revealed to the land by an ancient elf claimed to be an oracle. In her delusional state, her words rang strong and clear: The Son of the Sun and Sky must come together with the Daughter of the Earth and Moon. Only they have the power to stop the darkness spreading through this land and bring upon the new order. No one knows the true meaning hidden beneath these words. That is, until now. A new power has taken over the land, a king that suppresses the elves and forces the mages to work for him, slave for him. The elves are considered the lowest class, some are enslaved while others hide deep in the forests. Although the heroes come from different places, the two are bound together by fate and power, forced to put aside their differences for the greater good.
Desire- I will play the Daughter of the Earth and Moon, a young elf named Elsmaria, Elsie for short. You will play a young human noble, the Son of the Sun and Sky. This land is demeaning to the elves, believing humans to be the superior race. You may decide if your character agrees to this or thinks the elves as equal. Our characters, brought together by fate, hold the powers of the elements within them. As they hold clashing elements, it should be expected that their personalities will also clash. As they journey together, they must learn to cast aside their differences and work together. Perhaps, even fall in love.

Image Inspiration

I would Love to play something with these images:

Sleeping Beauty - What does this innocent or not so innocent princess have in store for herself? Are you a prince to sweep her off her feet, or a warlock to shove her to her knees? ******
Angle and Demoness- An Angle finds hims trapped by a Demoness, or a Virtue by the Sin of Lust with the goal of corruption.
The Sorceress- Queen of Ice with a frozen heart that must be warmed.
The Secret Garden- Come to the little place of our own creation.
Chained Down- The only thing separating you from freedom is a soft tempered girl that plays hard in bed.
Abandoned Palace- I adore this photo. I can easily see a plot of a masquerade ball from the Victorian Era or even a current day fling where the palace is under new ownership of a young woman and one of its past tenets is haunting the halls.
Protector of the Forest- A kitsune goddess is the protector of the dark forest. Is she the prey, or are you?

Anything with elves, bloody vampires, mages, magic, mythology, or supernatural.

More to come.....

Current pondering of themes & characters:

~Greek Mythology~
~Forbidden Love~

Nothing is limited to what I have suggest here. Feel free to message me with your own ideas!

Like what you see? PM me! Original ideas are welcomed!

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Re: Lady Hecate's Mystic Desires (F lf M)
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2016, 09:51:45 AM »
Many needed updates have been made! Looking for my next adventure!