Themed RP ideas? (Most intended to be FxF)

Started by freeko, February 14, 2016, 08:49:37 AM

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My interests revolve alot around gaming. I have been involved in gaming around what feels like at least 30 years now. I have also spent a good part of my time as a referee in a local wrestling promotion. These two things along with my desire to rp on these forums have brought me to an idea that I would like some help in expressing.

The actual game is unimportant, but for me.. I think I have the focused idea that could easily be adapted to fit into a less constraining environment. I would like to be placed in the character creation screen of a game, for example Rumble Roses. However, something goes wrong. A glitch occurs which changes the very fundamental nature of the game. Instead of matches being determined by pinfall or submissions alone, the created character would break the confines of the game and allow it to go to the next level where sexual moves were not merely suggested but taken so much further.

I might be looking for someone to almost act as a GM of sorts while the created character causes all manner of havoc within the game worlds. Maybe something like Wreck-It Ralph! where the character is placed in the hub to then explore from game to game? I would prefer fighting games, but the sexual havoc does not need to stop there. I feel that there is so much possibility within this idea that I would be open to suggestions that any potential partner had toward this front.

I think I just have an itch to scratch in the way of getting some combatative ideas out of my head. If anyone is interested or has other similar ideas, feel free to contact me via pm to work something out.