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Author Topic: [Scion: Hero] Recruitment Closed  (Read 17989 times)

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Offline Angie

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #225 on: February 18, 2016, 02:54:39 PM »
Yeah, her appearance in Kill Bill was kinda what I was going for. Not quite as threatening as the lady with the massive fuckoff flail, but, I've lost many rounds of LARPing to fuckers who had flails (they wrapped around my shield and hit my shield arm EVERY! FUCKING! TIME!), so I'm biased.

The Osafune as a sword is right out of Final Fantasy. Apparently it's also the name of a town that got merged into the city of Setouchi, so I'm going to declare that that town is where Choko's line comes from and the sword was originally made there.

Offline Orange Marmalade

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #226 on: February 18, 2016, 02:56:02 PM »
Those damn flails are always such cheats! lol Love to see them try that with one that actually weighed what they're supposed to.

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #227 on: February 18, 2016, 03:07:21 PM »
*laughs*  Oh, lord!  I remember larp flails! 

I ususaly used classic florentine or a pole arm.  Flails were my doom!

Online ererruzTopic starter

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #228 on: February 18, 2016, 05:05:06 PM »
Muse, the returning/teleporting/hiding has already been answered by Orange. Each of these is worth one dot. The discus sounds about right. The Epic Stamina health boxes are all -0.

Lucy Liu is awesome. Period.

Also, I won't be home till UCT 2 pm / 14.00 so I'm extending the deadline till that time.

Online Phaia

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #229 on: February 18, 2016, 05:49:45 PM »
Muse, the returning/teleporting/hiding has already been answered by Orange. Each of these is worth one dot. The discus sounds about right. The Epic Stamina health boxes are all -0.

Lucy Liu is awesome. Period.

Also, I won't be home till UCT 2 pm / 14.00 so I'm extending the deadline till that time.

Are my health boxes correct on my sheet?
Also as was pointed out I am gonna wait till the characters are chosen to ask about a base. If consensus in no base can I take back the BP spent on Guide group and use it elsewhere?


Offline Angie

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #230 on: February 18, 2016, 05:50:45 PM »
Oh wait, do we get more health for Epic Stamina?

Offline Marie Reynolds

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #231 on: February 18, 2016, 06:27:11 PM »
Okay I am little confused on adding the health boxes from epic stamina. Can someone guide me on what we are doing with that?

Offline Angie

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #232 on: February 18, 2016, 06:29:40 PM »
If I remember correctly, we're apparently getting a number of boxes equal to the free successes we would get. Am I right, most honorable GM?

Offline Marie Reynolds

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #233 on: February 18, 2016, 07:29:48 PM »
      This Sheet only needs the extra Health box things sorted out otherwise everything else is in place.

Calling:Compassionate,Dedicated and Passionate Cafe owner
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation:Asexual(Demisexual)
Pantheon:The Pesedjet
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation:Danso-Kei Cafe owner
Date of birth: March 4, 1985

Motivation:Provide care and relaxation for Scions and their allies as the struggle with life as a scion and the battle against Titanspawn.
Deific goal: To become a goddess of hospitality,perfomers and cilinary pursuits

Weight: 125 lbs
Hair colour: Light Brown
Eye colour: Black
Distinguishing features:smooth flawless porcelain looking skin skin
Face claim:

Personality: Hayami is known for being quite the Extrovert but also seems to have a natural dignified air about despite being out going. She is also very caring individual and will go out of her way to put a smile on people’s faces even if it is the smallest of gestures.

Family: Koizumi,Shigeru(Single Father)
Friends and allies:Matsuoka,Aratani(Guide to look over Hayami and Scion of Tsukiyomi) Oshiro, Eri and Chinami(Twins and oldest friends),Yi Nari( Another member of the Motley crew of friends. Mother is an engineers that have come from South Korea and her father works in the IT field and they came during elementary school), Yi Hwan(Nari’s brother and also member of the motley crew of friends), Michelle Baker(Joined the Motley Crew of friend as a freshman in high school, Her parents came to teach English)
Rivals and enemies:Minami,Katsumi(Friendly Rival is the daughter of the Okiya that has had a rivalry With Matsuoka, Aratani‘s Okiya. Even between the Okia’s the rivalry was friendly. The girls kept it to performances and good natured pranks. Enemies: A unknown Male and Female duo that are scions abducting other scions for god knows what. They Failed once and chased off by another scion did not get his name.
Background: Birth:Well this started off in the 1970’s a business name that liked to live a luxurious life and he would always weasel his way into what he wants. The women who was in training to be Geisha entered into a secret relationship at the behest of the man Koizumi, Shigeru. Luckily the times has changed and a woman could be a Geisha and keep her relationship private but something unforeseen happened and the Geisha in training had become pregnant and the one who was her Onee-san and now friend Matsuoka, Aratani helped kept what happened quiet as the man did not want to draw unnecessary attention to himself.The friendship was very closer and bound enforced by fate happened.When the Child was born and the mother had to return to the Heavens Aratani was led to  bring the child to her father but  Aratani remained close and kept her word to her friend to be present and be there for the child.
Childhood: Hayami’s childhood was comfortable as far as having material goods but rather cold as far as love from her father and due to being a businessman he buried himself in his work and seemed to carry a grudge that Hayami was ever born. Though despite all that she had two bright spots in her life her four friends from school and  Aratani. This started Hayami and her four friends to meet at  Aratani’s home/okiya to do homework and have after school snacks and developed an interest in the Geisha world and  were started to be taught how to sing and dance. Hayami’s most negative things that happened were around her father ignoring her and not loving her but she got through because of her friends and her rock Aratani. The way her father acted incensed Aratani and spent many days taking care of her wiping the child's tears, making sure she was feed, got to school and had someone to take interest in her life and actually be more a mentor and friend. Cause she did not want Hayami to see her as a Mother  because she did not want to feel like she Insulted her real mother and Aratani’s dear friend. So despite issues with her father this time of her life was relatively Quiet which was a relief to Aratani.

Teenager years:
Hayami and her friends were inseparable and even got a new edition to the group an american  girl Michelle joined up with the friends. The girls kept there interest in being Geishas and even Michelle joined them. The training became more arduous but still fun. They began performing as the navy. Also this was when the competition and friendly rivalry grew between Katsumi and Hayami as the two got more active in their respective Okiya’s and started performing and entering competitions. This was also the time when when they got into anime and cosplay as a group. Hayami and her friends were quite excellent studies and did well to be in the top 10 percent of their class.

College years:

Hayami  worked on her  bachelor's degree with a dual major in Hospitality Managment/ Business Managment. The twins focused both on Hospitality Management. Nari worked on a degree in Marketing and human resources. Hwan studied accounting and Michelle went straight to culinary school. Everyone joined a anime  club and when they could kept studying with Aratani on the Geisha skills. Since they don't have as much time to compete anymore but still like to stay in practice. This was the time they also developed interest in the Danso- Kei scene. Also to earn extra money and offset costs of conventions they opened a traveling Danso-Kei cafe to test the waters for when the friends open their actual cafe. Also in the anime club is in passing  and have made the acquaintance of Choko Hideki. Then as time went by and a lot of hard work Hayami and friends graduated their respective schools  Aratani held a party for the girls And Hwan at her home. Food singing and dancing together filled the evening. Hayami announced she will go onto Culinary school so the group had two chefs for the cafe. then the time flew by now and Hayami age 29 now graduated the culinary school.

The creation of Rippa Neko: The Rippa Neko is the name of the Danso-Kei cafe that Hayami and her 5 friends opened after acquiring a loan to open the business. The name came from what the girls became known as in the cosplaying community, The Rippa Neko 6. They had a celebration to celebrate the opening of the Cafe at Aratani for when they had any big accomplishment in their life this is also her thirtieth birthday. So the friends and their Mentor celebrated the start of the business and the birthday. Things did not go as planned however the party was crashed by  something that come out of a mythology book. It was a kitsune and it came in and demanded them to entertain her and if she was  not pleased she would cause them great misfortune. At this moment Aratani and a new japanese women walked in  together and the women  without any pause and showed great confidence  and picked up a shamisen. As the theme of the party was everyone dressed in Geisha outfits and  so did this new arrival and Aratani gathered Hayami and 3 of the  girls  and hand one prepare Sake to serve and prepared them to start a dance. Hwan sat  dumfounded and unsure what to do.Between the Sake and the entertainment and the pleasure it brought the Kitsune to be pleased and  a small blue see through worm looking thing slipped from the  Kitsune and The women enveloped it in sunlight causing it to disappear the Kitsune took a human form and left. Aratani had all of Hayami and her friends sit and assured them all  things would be explained. The strange women explained Hayami’s parentage  to her and her friends that with the events had seen their lives bound together.  I am Bastet and  Hayami’s mother and what you witnessed was an assault by the enemies of the divine the Titans and their spawn but do not fear Hayami Aratani is a child of the gods like you and she will help guide you and I will do my best to keep tabs when i can but I am very busy.Also I will leave some things to help you but I am afraid I must leave Happy birthday Hayami.

Going to america for a convention as a business trip:  It has been 13 days since Hayami found out she was a scion but did not have much time to dwell on it. As she had to help get the three girls ready to go for there debut in america to set up a cafe in an American Anime convention. However  as she stepped out she felt a hand around her mouth and one man and a women began to drag her to a van  but a third muscle bound man jumped from a rough and Aratani round the corner  the two figures dressed in all black including ski masks ran away. The man  than jumped from the roof  and looked to the two women of you need to be careful an unidentified group has been abducting Children of pesedjet deities. The man from the roof continued his pursuit.

Likes:Sweets,Baby Metal,
Dislikes: Rude people, Sour food
Hobbies: Sports, Anime, Cosplay, Sewing and Cooking, Music, Dancing and Singing, Performing as a Geisha. Capoeira
Fears and phobias: Being Possessed or controlled due to do things against her will
ONs and OFFs:Ons: Bondage, Being bound while wearing clothes, Gags, Tickling, Sensory Deprivation Offs: Mutilation, Anal, Vore, Gore, Toilet play Water Sports and Incest.

Character Sheet
b]Legend:2 [/b]
Legend points: 4

Experience (spent):
Experience (unspent):
Experience (total):

b]Bonus Points (spent): 6 Craft (Coffee)3
6 Craft (Tea)   3
2 Integrity     1
1 Awareness     2[/b]
Experience (total):15


Strength  #2
Dexterity  #4
Stamina  #3
Charisma  #4
Manipulation  #3
Appearance  #4
Perception  # 2
Intelligence  # 3
Wits  # 2

Academics  #3
Animal Ken  #
Art  #3 (Pastry Decorating)
Athletics  # 3(F)
Awareness  # 2(F)
Brawl  #3(F)
Command  #3
Control  #1
Craft  #3 (Cooking)
Craft  #3 (Coffee)
Craft  #3 (Tea)
Empathy  #2
Fortitude  #2
Integrity  #1
Investigation  #
Larceny  # 1(F)
Marksmanship  #
Medicine  #
Melee  #
Occult  #
Politics  #
Presence  #3
Science  #
Stealth  # 1(F)
Survival  #1(F)
Thrown  #

Epic Attribute:Epic Dexterity  # 1
  • Untouchable Opponent - Description:The Scion might as well be a ghost for all her enemies can’t lay a hand or a weapon on her. The Scion doubles the  benefit  that  her  Epic  Dexterity  dots  add  to  her
    Dodge DV. She also ignores an amount of DV penalties due to unstable terrain equal to her Epic Dexterity dots. Only  the  normal  Epic  Dexterity  bonus  applies  to  the character’s Parry DV, though, and this Knack’s bonus to  Dodge  DV  doesn’t  apply  if  the  character  is  merely
    hiding behind cover or tucked in behind a scutum like a lowly turtle. Only if the character is physically dodging the  attacks  that  are  coming  her  way  does  this  Knack help her out. Activating this Knack costs one point of Legend. Its effects last for one scene.

Epic Attribute:Epic Stamina # 1
  • holy fortitude - Description: The character is the epitome of the holy ascetic. The periods for which she is able to go without food, water and sleep all double. The amount of time she is able to work at a strenuous task without stopping also doubles.

Epic AttributeEpic Perception # 1
  • Refined Palate - Description: The  Scion  has  exceptionally  precise  senses  of  taste and  smell  (as  the  latter  enhances  the  former).  With  a faint sniff or a tentative taste, the Scion can figure out
    what ingredients compose a certain concoction, and in what proportions. She can also sniff out drugs or poisons that  have  been  added  to  what  she  was  about  to  wolf down, as well as detect airborne toxins by the way they
    make the air taste. This Knack doesn’t tell a Scion what an ingredient is if she isn’t already familiar with it. (She would realize that what’s making her iced tea sweet isn’t sugar, for instance, but she wouldn’t know if it was Equal or Splenda if she’d never had either artificial sweetener before.)  Instead,  the  Knack  registers  each  component separately  and  provides  an  indication  whether  such components would be dangerous to consume. The Scion
    also remembers the taste and smell of various ingredients she experiences so she can recognize and identify them if she’s exposed to them again.

Epic Attribute:Epic Intelligence # 1
  • Fast Learner - Description: By buckling down and intently studying certain subjects, the Scion internalizes them in a fraction of the time it would take a lesser intellect. In so doing, he cuts the experience point  cost  for  purchasing  dots  in  Academics,  Medicine, Occult, Politics or Science in half, rounding down

Epic Attribute:Epic Wits # 1
  • Social Chameleon - Being thrust into a situation full of strangers who have bizarre customs and weird manners (such as a sorority house at the height of rush) can be disorienting, but the character with this Knack handles herself with remarkable aplomb.
    By observing the behavior of the people around her and reacting  preternaturally  quickly  to  their  reactions  to  her behavior, she can fake like she fits in just about anywhere, with any class of people. She still has to dress the part, and the language barrier might pose its own problems, but
    she won’t  embarrass  or  draw  attention  to  herself  unless  she goes out of her way to do so on purpose.

Epic Attribute:Epic Appearance # 1
  • Center of Attention - Description: Whether he’s Hugh Jackman on the set of The View or the Phantom of the Opera going unmasked at the
    masquerade ball, the Scion commands the attention of everyone  in  the  room.  This  Knack  is  best  used  when making an important entrance, but it can also serve as a wonderful broad-spectrum distraction. The character walks into a room, the player spends a point of Legend, and all eyes in the room (as well as the eyes of people watching  remotely  via  live  security  camera  broadcast) turn the character’s way. For every Legend point spent, the  character  can  hold  everyone’s  attention  for  a number of minutes equal to his Epic Appearance dots. The  onlookers  can  carry  on  with  what  they’re  doing and keep talking among themselves, but their attention
    remains fixed on the Scion.Titanspawn and Scions can resist this Knack. They
    may spend a point of Willpower to direct their attention elsewhere.  Should  the  Scion  with  Epic  Appearance spend another point of Legend to continue the effect over subsequent sets of minutes, the resisting party must spend  matching  amounts  of  Willpower  to  keep  from being distracted

Epic Attribute:Epic Charisma # 1
  • Benefit of the Doubt - Description: Sometimes, for a Scion to be able to help people—or convince them to stay out of harm’s way—those people
    have to accept ideas that would seem patently ridiculous if  they  weren’t  true.  The  player  of  a  Scion  with  this Knack  spends  a  point  of  Legend,  and  something  in the  Scion’s  bearing  or  expression  convinces  a  single listener not to dismiss what he’s saying. Maybe it’s the
    fact that the Scion is taking his words so seriously, or maybe he just has an honest face. Maybe he came highly recommended by a respected colleague. Whatever the reason,  the  listener  gives  the  Scion  the  benefit  of  the doubt in regards to what the Scion next tries to explain, despite what he might be otherwise inclined to believe.

Epic Attribute:Epic Strength # 1
  • Holy Bound - Description: Only  characters  whose  Boons  include  the  Sky Purview have more freedom to flaunt the laws of physics. Simply having Epic Strength enables a Scion to perform prodigious leaps that leave mortals standing slack-jawed with  wonder.  For  example,  if  a  Scion  has  Strength  5, Athletics 3 and Epic Strength 3, she can jump 12 yards straight  up  or  24  yards  forward.  (See  “Movement” on  p.  180.)  This  Knack,  however,  doubles  a  Scion’s vertical  and  horizontal  jumping  distances.  With  it,  the aforementioned character could leap an amazing 24 yards straight up (from the ground to a seventh-story balcony, for instance) or 48 yards forward in a single bound.


Purview:Heku  #3
  • Ren Harvest - Description:
    Dice Pool:Charisma + Empathy
    Whenever someone speaks of the Scion’s deeds, or
    whenever he sees news of his exploits in print somewhere,
    his player makes a (Charisma + Empathy) roll. The Scion
    gains a number of Legend points equal to the number
    of successes rolled. The story must pertain specifically to
    the Scion, which the context should make clear. Also,
    it must be uttered or written without the Scion’s direct
    knowledge. He might reasonably expect to see or hear
    it, but he cannot literally command someone to say or
    write it so as to reap the benefits. This Boon pertains
    only to evidence that his legend is spreading—hence the
    Legend-point reward.

  • Prophecy - Description:Dice Pool:Intelligence + Prophecy
    The player of the Scion with this Purview rolls his
    (Intelligence  +  Prophecy)—without  Epic  Intelligence
    benefits—and he may do so once per story. If the roll
    fails, nothing happens, and the player may try again. If
    the roll succeeds, the Storyteller reveals some prophetic
    hints about events that will play out in the future. These
    hints should pertain to either significant plot points in
    the current story or large, overarching issues that affect
    the cycle as a whole. The more successes the activation
    roll garners, the less obscure and more directly helpful
    the prophetic hints should be. The Storyteller can give
    out a number of hints equal to the number of successes on  the  roll,  or  he  can  simply  reveal  a  more  detailed
    prophecy as the player gains more successes.

Guide: 3 Description: Matsuoka,Aratani An old friend to Hayami’s divine parent and a Scion of Tsukiyomi herself. Was bound by fate and respected and caring for he friend to look over Bastet’s  daughter.
Followers: 1 Description: This are her 5 Mortal friends who she  went into business with as partners and have witnessed her visitation one my say fate has touched Their Scion friend and the 5 mortals.

  • Silvery Moon Compact - Purview: Prophecy.
    Description:A silver compact mirror. Which is used as focus  when using the Prophecy purview.
  • Relic Name - Purview


Clinch; Accuracy:7, Damage: 2B, Speed:6 ; Piercing
Unarmed, Heavy; Accuracy:6, Dmg 5B, Parry DV:3 , Speed 5
Unarmed, Light; Accuracy:8, Dmg 2B, Parry DV:6 , Speed 4

Join Battle: 8
Soak: 1A/3B/2L
Health levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incapacitated
Dodge DV:6 ; Parry DV:5
Movement: ; Dash:11 ; Climb/Swim Speed:
Vertical Jump: 12; Horizontal Jump:24
Weight capacity:
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Online ererruzTopic starter

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #234 on: February 18, 2016, 11:01:43 PM »
Don't worry about combat stuff like all the attacks or health boxes etc. I won't be looking at those now, there'll be time to correct it once we start.

Online ererruzTopic starter

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #235 on: February 18, 2016, 11:02:51 PM »
Are my health boxes correct on my sheet?
Also as was pointed out I am gonna wait till the characters are chosen to ask about a base. If consensus in no base can I take back the BP spent on Guide group and use it elsewhere?


Yes, of course. No problem.

Offline indarkestknight

Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #236 on: February 19, 2016, 05:39:49 AM »
Name: Bennett "Ben" Smith
Calling: Unlikely Hero
Nature: Pedagogue
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual (1 on the Kinsey Scale, never actually had homosexual experiences)
Pantheon: Shen (Celestial Bureaucracy)
God: Xiwangmu
Nationality: Dual Chinese & American citizenship
Occupation: Graduate student (Asian studies & comparative religion)
Age: 23
Date of birth: September 18, 1992

Motivation: Ben is motivated by a thirst for knowledge; this has only been exacerbated by the ichor in his veins. Xiwangmu has informed his handlers and contacts within the Celestial Bureaucracy to withhold information from Ben that is not pertinent to any missions; if he wants learn the truth, he must do field work in order to acquire it.
Deific goal: Ben will continue to master Taiyi, and as he grows in power, may eventually acquire specific Death & Psychopomp Boons (Summon Ghost, Open Underworld Portal, & Otherworldly Portal) that will assist him in retrieving the ghosts of great heroes to immortalize using Divinize Kuei.

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 157 lbs.
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark brown
Distinguishing features: N/A
Face claim: Takeshi Kaneshiro

Above all, Ben has a voracious appetite for knowledge, and since his Visitation stirred the ichor in his veins, that thirst for knowledge has become so powerful that it drives him to carry out the missions passed to him by the Celestial Bureaucracy, hungry for any scraps of lore, puzzle pieces never unearthed by any mundane scholar.

Though he loves and is loved by his family, he struggles with not feeling like he fits in, which has led to his attempts to connect with his native culture, including, but not limited to, picking up Tai Chi as a hobby and a semester abroad in China during his undergraduate studies.

While not violent by nature, Ben has taken self-defense classes and usually carries a taser with him. His Visitation further augmented his potential.

Growing up, Ben knew it was summer when he saw his father on the big screen, saving the world. He had always thought he knew he wasn't that person, that hero that his father was – or, at least, the hero his father played. Now that he's become a Scion, however, Ben may have no choice but to become that hero he never thought he of himself as capable of being.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith: John & Jane. Ben's adoptive parents; Hollywood power couple. Jane is also a notable humanitarian.
  • Alona & Maddox Smith: Ben's `siblings`; adopted, much like Ben. Maddox has followed their parents into the entertainment industry, co-starring in films with John. Alona has gone into medical research, inspired by Jane's cancer advocacy work to search for a cure.
  • Carlton Banks: Ben's adoptive uncle on John's side. Successful attorney, recently appointed court judge.

Rivals & Enemies
  • The Church of Scientology Visualosity: A controversial cult religious movement widely popular among the rich and famous. Most members of the Church are unaware that the inner circle acting as the highest authority within the Church is, in fact, a cabal of those loyal to the Titans, using the unwitting members of their Church to reap riches and wield influence and power. While presently unaware that Ben is a Scion, the inner circle has set their sights on drawing Mr. & Mrs. Smith under their sway. To that end, they are working on recruiting one of Ben's siblings, with the intent of having them introduce the rest of the family to the Church and its teachings.

Orphaned by a terrible natural disaster, a Chinese child not even old enough to remember his own parents was adopted by a Hollywood power couple known for adopting children left orphaned in the wake of tragedies. They gave him a home, a family, love, and the finest education money could buy. Still, as Ben grew up, he began to struggle with feeling like he didn't belong, feeling different, like a puzzle piece sorted into the wrong box, though he loved his parents and siblings no less. When he began to pursue connecting to his native culture, his parents were nothing but supportive of his efforts to master Cantonese and Mandarin, to read the Chinese classics, to study China's myths. Eventually, he double-majored in Asian studies and comparative religion, graduating from a prestigious university at the head of his class, and has since become a graduate student.

Recently, Ben was drawn into conversation with a stranger at one of his parents' parties. They spoke long into the night and into the early hours of the morning, traversing many topics, from classical Chinese literature to Chinese mythology and comparative religion. Finally satisfied, the stranger revealed themselves to Ben as one of the Eight Immortals as Ben realized they were utterly alone, all others having left the party or retired.

Despite how incredible it all sounded, Ben was surprised to discover that the stranger's words were, in fact, quite compelling as they wove a tale of gods and titans and demigods – Scions – and the tale of the ichor that flowed in Ben's veins, a divine birthright. The stranger explained that the disaster which orphaned Ben was not natural at all, but unnatural – the work of the titanspawn and the titans, and charged him with ensuring no such tragedies came to pass again, that no others would be orphaned as Ben himself had been.

The identity of Ben's divine parent has yet to be revealed to him, though he knows they are among the most venerated members of the Celestial Bureaucracy. He has narrowed the suspects down to Nüwa and Xiwangmu.

In truth, while like all of her children, Ben possesses great potential, Xiwangmu chose him because she felt that giving him purpose would put him on the path toward fully realizing that potential, feeling he might have squandered it without the direction and purpose of being a Scion.

Likes: Meatbuns, mythology, classical Chinese literature
Hobbies: Tai-chi, self-defense classes
Fears and phobias: Not exactly a fear, but Ben does have some anxiety that his pursuit of education and knowledge in lieu of the more concrete ambitions of his adoptive siblings may disappoint his adoptive parents.
ONs and OFFs: Attracted to femininity, competence, intelligence, cleverness, and curiosity. Finds sexual aggression attractive, but modesty is not a turn-off. Significantly more selective about being attracted to men, to the point he's unaware of it, as he's never actually met a man he's attracted to. Could find himself attracted to a sufficiently feminine man, especially one able to convincingly dress as a female. (Essentially, "Traps".)

Legend: ••
Legend points: 4
Willpower: ••••••

Experience (spent): 0
Experience (unspent): 0
Experience (total): 0

Virtues: Duty • Intellect •••• Loyalty •• Valor ••

Strength ••
Dexterity* ••••• (•)
Stamina* •••• (•)
Charisma ••• (•)
Manipulation ••
Appearance ••
Perception ••
Intelligence ••••• (•)
Wits* •• (•)

Academics •••
Animal Ken* •
Art -
Athletics •••
Awareness* •••
Brawl*  •••
Control  • (cars)
Craft -
Fortitude •••
Integrity* •••
Investigation ••
Larceny -
Medicine -
Occult* •••
Politics -
Presence* •
Science -
Stealth -
Survival -
Thrown -


Epic Attribute:  Epic Charisma •
  • Never Say Die
    Not every Scion can knock down foes like bowling pins and scatter titanspawn body parts in his wake. Yet some are just so full of optimistic joie de vivre, even when they take a beating for some spectacular failure, that you just can't help but love them. A Scion might be accident-prone or have an infuriating talent for picking fights with titanspawn that are out of his league, but he takes his lumps with a smile and inspires his fellows with his can-do attitude. All he has to do is flash a thumbs-up, holler an "I'm okay!" or show a smile full of dangling teeth. When he does, all the Scions in his Band who can see him gain one Willpower point per health level the character has suffered (i.e., however many are marked on his character sheet at that moment). The character can inspire his fellows thus only once per scene, but he can do so even if he is knocked to Incapacitated or killed -- after which, he collapses.

Epic Attribute:  Epic Dexterity •
  • Untouchable Opponent
    This knack gives a bonus equal to 2x dots (and not successes) in Epic Dexterity to DV.

Epic Attribute:  Epic Intelligence •
  • Tactical Planning
    Usually, personal combat relies heavily on quick thinking and razor-sharp timing. A Scion with the Tactical Planning Knack, though, thinks three moves ahead of everyone else on the battlefield. With his excellent command of the battle situation and his prepared contingency plans, he is able to react by using a previously-developed script instead of falling back on reflexes. As long as he is not surprised, the Scion can choose to substitute his Intelligence score (including Epic Intelligence) for his Wits when making Join Battle rolls.

Epic Attribute: Epic Stamina •
  • Skin-Shedding
    Not only is this Knack a life-saving power, but it can also be an effective (if surreal) means of escape. If an enemy's attack against the Scion inflicts enough damage to cause knockback, the Scion may spend a point of Legend and a point of Willpower to reflexively negate all damage from the attack. The attack still inflicts its knockback, though, seemingly knocking the Scion completely out of his skin. The empty husk collapses at the attacker's feet, disintegrating over three ticks. The Scion who was apparently knocked out of his skin lands perfectly unharmed however far away the knockback threw him, retaining all of his clothing and possessions and radiating a golden sheen until the shed skin disintegrates. The Scion can use this Knack only once per scene.

Epic Attribute:  Epic Wits •
  • Opening Gambit
    Sometimes, victory in conflict is all about being the guy who makes the first move, and the Scion is usually that guy. When he joins battle, his player can either make a Join Battle roll like everyone else, or he can simply spend a point of Legend for his character to automatically go first in the reaction count. This Knack cannot automatically preempt an otherwise unexpected attack, though, as the character must actually be able to join battle for this Knack to function. If more than one character involved in a combat scene has this Knack, the character with the highest (Wits + Epic Wits) total goes first. If characters with this Knack have equal totals, default to a separate Join Battle roll to see which of them acts first.


Purview: Animal (dog or lion1)
  • Animal Communication
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Animal Ken

    Cost: None

    The Scion can understand and make himself understood by an animal as he speaks his native language and the animal responds with its own postures, scents and/or vocalizations. This Boon does not make animals smart, calm, or loyal, but most are curious enough about having a person address them that they will hear a Scion out before defaulting to aggression, panic, or indifference.
1 See notes

Purview: Darkness
  • Night Eyes
    Dice Pool: None

    Cost: None

    Darkness no longer inflicts visibility penalties on the character. He can see in pitch-blackness almost as well as He can see in bright sunlight, losing only the ability to perceive colors. (Objects he sees in darkness are black-on-black yet perfectly distinguishable in a way that is conveniently impossible to describe to someone who does not have this Boon.) The Scion cannot see through physical impediments, however.

Purview: Magic
  • Unjinx
    Cost: None

    Dice Pool: None

    The Scion with this boon is uncannily lucky, even when he takes on contests or tasks that are clearly beyond him. Once per game session when he botches a roll, he may call upon Fate to grant him a little luck and mitigate its effects; the roll still fails, but it no longer counts as a botch and the catastrophic consequences of such a failure are not visited upon him. Single-die rolls made to determine boon effects (such as those in the Out of the Frying Pan or Deus ex Machina boons) are not affected by this boon, but any other action the Scion takes is fair game.[/spoiler
  • Unlidded Eye
    Cost: 1 Legend per use

    Dice Pool: Perception + Occult

    The Scion with this boon is able to open his perceptions to stimuli far beyond the normal ken of mortals, becoming able to see magic and even the footsteps of Fate itself as he chooses. Once the Scion has spent the requisite cost, he is able to see any magical auras, spells, or items, which light up to his inner eye; he can also see Fatebonds as shimmering lines, and may instantly pick Legendary creatures or people out of a crowd, gaining an accurate assessment of whether they are Hero, Demigod or God-level in Legend rating. Legendary beings who are intentionally and successfully hiding from him are not betrayed by this boon, but any who are simply going about their business are immediately apparent to his second sight. Other normally invisible marks such as Vigil Brands also become noticeable. The dizzying overlay of the world of the magical levies a -4 distraction penalty on all the Scion's actions (unless he uses the Parallel Attention knack), and his second sight remains for the duration of the scene, after which he returns to a normal range of vision.
    This boon also allows a Scion to attempt to identify unfamiliar Birthrights; whenever he is confronted with one while The Unlidded Eye is active, he may pay a point of Willpower to roll Perception + Occult against a difficulty equal to the Birthright's rating as if it were an Epic Attribute (so a six-dot relic would require him to overcome a difficulty of 16). If he is successful, he knows the Birthright's capabilities, powers and exact rating.

Purview: Taiyi
  • Five Cycle Augmentation
    Dice Pool: None

    Cost: 1 Legend

    The first art of Taiyi is learning to pass Qi to another being to augment his own supernatural force. The Scion concentrates, touches another character who is using a Boon or spell, and spends a point of Legend. This enhances the target character's use of the Boon or spell as if his Legend were one higher than its actual value. For instance, a dice pool that included the character's Legend would gain one die, or the recipient's Legend would be treated as one higher than its real value (for purposes of Boons whose effectiveness depends on the attacker's Legend being equal or higher than his target's).

    Shen can perform Five-Cycle Augmentation in a series, each character passing her point of Legend to the next in line until the final character receives the boost in effective Legend from all of them. This boost cannot exceed the highest Legend value of any of the participants, though, and it cannot raise anyone's effective Legend above 12. Thus, if four Scions used Five-Cycle Augmentation in series on a fifth, and they all had Legend 2, the final recipient's effective Legend could not rise above 4.


  • Dragon's Tear Black Pearl
    A dragon's tear, harvested at the nadir of the greatest sorrow of the dragon maiden's life. The relic grants its bearer access to the Darkness purview.
    - Relic •
  • Dragonslayer's Red Envelope
    Once upon a time, a young man saved a village from a dragon. In gratitude, the villagers gathered money in a red envelope with which to reward him. This is the same red envelope from that legend. Presently, only a single coin is sealed inside.

    The red envelope grants the bearer great fortune. In addition to granting its bearer access to the Magic purview, the bearer may spend 1 (or more) Legend and roll Charisma + Presence. On a success, Fate itself guards the bearer of the envelope. The most improbable -- even impossible -- escapes can be delivered by the relic. If the bearer hangs from a cliff by his fingernails, a sudden earthquake might cause a ledge to jut out beneath him, catching his fall. If he is tied to a train track before a speeding train, the train might leap the track over him, continuing on its way as if he were not there. The bearer cannot choose the manner of help he gets; he has thrown his lot in with Fate and gets whatever destiny brings. Basically, the Storyteller can get as dramatic and creative as they wish, but they are under no onus to do so. They can choose a quite mundane rescue if they so desire (the Scion hanging from a cliff is pulled to safety by a boy scout).

    The bearer is Fatebound to the person, place, or means of her rescue. The strength of the binding is 3, unless the bearer spends extra Legend points -- on a scale of one point per -1 strength -- during the casting to lower it (minimum strength of 1).
    - Relic ••••
  • Family
    While Ben's adoptive family is utterly ignorant to the existence of the supernatural, they are a Hollywood power couple and have access to considerable resources and wield considerable influence, opening doors that might otherwise be closed.
    - Guide ••
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power
    This carved jade statuette of a foo dog (or lion) fits in the palm of Ben's hand. The relic grants its bearer access to the Animal purview. Furthermore, by spending 1 Legend, the bearer of the relic may call a food dog (or lion) to their side.
    - Relic ••
  • Foo Dog/Lion
    On his first mission after his Visitation, Ben was assigned to rescue a shipment of foo dog puppies (or foo lion cubs) from smugglers. One became very attached to him.
    2 - Creature •••
  • Immortal Guide
    One of the Eight Immortals acts as Ben's divine handler.
    - Guide ••••
2 See notes


Clinch; Accuracy: 8 (+1 success), Damage: 3 B (+Threshold successes), Speed: 6; Piercing
Unarmed, Heavy; Accuracy: 7 (+1 success), Dmg 6 B (+Threshold successes), Parry DV: 4 (+2 dice), Speed 5
Unarmed, Light; Accuracy: 9 (+1 sucess), Dmg 3 B (+Threshold successes), Parry DV: 5 (+2 dice), Speed 4
Taser; Accuracy: 5 (+1 success), Dmg 6 B (+Threshold successes), Range 20, Clip 1-2, Speed 6; Piercing

Join Battle: 8 (+1 success)
Soak: 5 B/ 3 L/1 A
Health levels: -0/-0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-3/Incapacitated
Dodge DV: 6 (+2? dice)
Movement: 6 yards; Dash: 13 yards; Climb/Swim Speed: 3 yards
Vertical Jump: 5 yards; Horizontal Jump: 10 yards
Weight capacity: 450 lbs.

Notes & Plot hooks
  • Which titan/titans/titanspawn is responsible for the incident that caused the death of Ben's mortal birth parent is deliberately left unspecified so you can slot in whichever one suits the plot best. Likewise, the titan or titans is pulling the puppet strings of the Church of Visualosity.
  • Similarly, whichever sibling suits your purposes better for the one the Church of Visualosity is trying to recruit.
  • Possible plot hooks include one or both siblings being latent Scions (that is, Scions who have yet to have their Visitation). Whatever pantheons or divine parents that suit the plot.
  • Alternatively, Mr. & Mrs. Smith adopt a new child – another latent Scion – and the child is targeted for kidnapping and/or assassination by Titanspawn or cultists, ala Herakles. The PCs must defend the child. Again, whatever pantheon or divine parents would suit the plot. Neither plot hook need be used, just making them available if you'd like to use them.
  • While nominally based in the greater Los Angeles area, as a grad school student, Ben could be attending university just about anywhere, inside or outside America, where a reputable university could be found, for ease of plot.
  • As there is a PC with a phobia of canines and another PC with a phobia of felines, I will be refraining from establishing whether Ben's Birthright Creature is a Foo Dog or a Foo Lion. If both PCs and Ben are selected, I will confer with the players of those PCs to see whether they'd be comfortable having a Birthright Creature of the type they fear on their side.
  • All the Food Dog/Lion's BP will be invested in giving it Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, and Epic Stamina. Its Knacks will be Body Armor, Crushing Grip, and Perfect Partner. A Foo Dog will have Duty 2, Loyalty 4, Intellect 1, Valor 2. A foo lion will have Duty 2, Harmony 1, Intellect 1, Valor 5
  • Which of the Eight Immortals performed Ben's Visitation – and whether the same Immortal is his handler – is whichever suits your purposes best.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith have an open marriage.
  • Takeshi Kaneshiro is a little older than I would have liked but I haven't found others that I liked for Ben. Suggestions from both fellow players and GM for alternative PBs are welcome.
  • All BP was invested in Birthrights.
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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #237 on: February 19, 2016, 05:40:23 AM »
I'm sure I missed something (hopefully not the deadline!) but here's my entry. Good luck, everyone!

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
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Jacob's done.  ish. Maybe.  I think.

Jacob Stone
Name: Jacob Isaac Stone
Calling: Ink Fanatic
Nature: Trickster
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Pantheon:Aesir (Norse)
God: Loki
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Age: 28
Date of birth: Nov. 15

Motivation: Himself
Deific goal: It’s obvious that Loki wants something.  No one’s altruistic, and sure enough there’s no way that Loki could possibly want to just ‘help’.  So let’s get Loki out of the way and take over before the other shoe falls.

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue
Distinguishing features: Tats.  Duh.
Face claim:
No idea who this guy is.

Personality: Out for himself.  Cynical, sarcastic, and pretty much a jackass.

Family: Believe it or not, he has some.  His baby sister, Lisa.  Unfortunately last time he checked she was following in Jacob’s footsteps.  Regardless, Jacob would do just about anything for her, and wishes she could actually end up somewhere safe.
Friends and allies: What is this friends you speak of?
Rivals and enemies: That seems to be basically what Jacob does.  He meets people, pisses them off.
Background: Jacob Stone spent his entire life in New York.  Mostly in NYC proper, but he grew up in the ‘burbs of Long Island to start.  It didn’t last very long, however, as one day Jacob and Lisa were together with their parents, and the next day they weren’t.  Lisa doesn’t even remember it happening.  Jacob just remembers loud noises, flashing lights, police men… and then they spent the next few years bouncing from foster homes.  It was all very tragic, and all very cliché, and it did little to make Jacob into a model citizen.  If anything his grip on the irony of the situation ended up turning him worse, turning into the skid, as it were.  Everything about his childhood seemed to suggest he would end up screwed up, so he just went with it, rather than trying to prove anyone wrong.  Seductive and easy, the dark side is.  Of course, the homes never suited them, and very often Jacob found himself sabotaging more and  more meetings with perspective parents in an attempt to make sure that he never was separated from his sister.  Soon they became almost like unwelcome guests in the various homes.

From there it was only a matter of time until Jacob was living a life of crime.  The cliché stuck.  Stealing things in order to earn money to take care of his little sister.  She was his excuse.  Take care of her so she didn’t have to be like him.  And yet, she wasn’t the real reason.  He liked it.  There was a rush behind it.  Excitement.  Not so much in the danger, but in knowing that he was smarter than someone.  That he was challenging however they had created their life, and was winning.  Stone knew he wasn’t a smart man, skipping opportunities for school in ‘the system’, but he was cunning, and sneaky.  That’s what he loved. 

Over the years that cunning turned into a fairly lucrative gig as a thief.  Mostly small jobs, wallets and purses, snatch-and-grabs, etc.  The occasional B&E (and associated jail time here and there).  No matter how hard Jacob tried, Lisa ended falling into the life, of course.  It went from Jacob trying to keep her out of trouble to Jacob trying to make sure Lisa didn’t start trouble.  She was drawn to men like Jacob, and that never went well.  And it was Lisa who finally drew Jacob to the tattoo parlor where she wanted her first ink done… and he changed careers.

Oh, he was still a thief, that was for damn sure.  But he learned how to use a needle and gun to create some real works of art, talent that he never knew was hidden in there.  It was actually him that did Lisa’s first work (a rose and thorns on her shoulder blade), and most of his own work was done by him too.  Whatever he could reach.  He started working at a local parlor, where the rest of his own work was done, and where he started making money outside of illegal methods.  Or maybe that just augmented his illegal methods?

And then there was the day the weird guy walked into his shop…

Visitation: Booze.  It always starts with alcohol, doesn’t it?  He was supposed to be closing up the shop.  Tuesdays were always quiet nights, and the last customer (damn she had been a hottie.  He even got her number for after work.  To ‘treat the area’) was now an hour gone.  He had had a couple of shots, counted out the drawer, and was at the door to throw the deadbolt when it opened and the man walked in.  Shorter than him, with an expensive, spiky haircut that just screamed ‘money trying to slum it’.  And his eyes, hidden behind some funky shades that didn’t let anyone see his eyes.  Stone liked those immediately.
But money was money, and if the guy wanted to spend it here, Jacob wasn’t going to turn him away.  The request got weird though.  Spiky hair pulled out this old, long silver needle, and started babbling about how tattoos used to be done with a needle and a mallet.  You dipped needle in ink, and tapped the whole thing out, putting the work right under the skin.  Made sense.  Instead of modern guns…  But who the hell was this guy, explaining all this?

Loki.  That’s who.  It took half a bottle of whiskey for that to really be believable, and by then the Norse God had a wonderful hand drawn landscape of some frozen tundra, with wolves, giants, there was even thunder in the sky.  Hell, Jacob barely even remembered doing it.  And all with that needle and a mallet, rather than his gun!  Of course, when he was sobering up the next morning the rest flooded back to him… or did it never happen at all?  But the sunglasses were there, and he wore them ever since.  And he had the needle… he never did another drop of work with a gun, in fact. 
Bastard stiffed him, though.  The only thing he paid with was an old – really old – coin, and Jacob kept that, because it was just too weird to keep laying around.  Not the kind of thing you tried to deposit.

Likes: Sex.  Money.  Ink (duh).  Fast motorcycles.  Chinese food (the good stuff from NY).  Money.  Hard liquor and harder women.  More money.
Dislikes: Know-it-alls.  Authority.  Don’t tell him what to do and the rest is negotiable.
Hobbies: Street racing, darts, gambling (Cards)
Fears and phobias:
ONs and OFFs: Rough sex.  He likes a vocal woman, a little bit of begging, to show he’s ‘the man’.  Bondage.  Roleplay.  Flirting.  Brats.
Legend: 2
Legend points: 4
Willpower: 6

Experience (spent):
Experience (unspent):
Experience (total):

Courage  1
Endurance  2
Expression  4

Strength  3
Dexterity  4
Stamina  3
Charisma  4
Manipulation  4
Appearance  3
Perception  3
Intelligence  2
Wits  3

Academics  1
Animal Ken  0
Art  4 (Tattoos)
Athletics  2
Awareness  1
Brawl*  2
Command  0
Control  2 (Motorcycle)
Craft  0
Empathy*  2
Fortitude  1
Integrity  0
Investigation  1
Larceny*  3
Marksmanship  0
Medicine  0
Melee  3
Occult*  0
Politics*  1
Presence  2
Science  0
Stealth*  4
Survival  0
Thrown  3
Epic Dexterity:  1
Epic Charisma:  1
Epic Manipulation:  1
Epic Appearance:  1
Epic Wits:  1
  • Takes One to Know One – pg 132
  • Cat’s Grace – pg 127
  • Benefit of the Doubt – pg 130
  • Come Hither – pg 133
  • Rabbit Reflexes – pg 136

Chaos:  1
Illusion:  1
Darkness:  1
Artistry:  1
Jotunblut:  1

  • Eye of the Storm – pg 140
  • Night Eyes – pg 140
  • The Subtle Knife – Rag pg 39
  • Fundamentals – Compendium pg 149


  • Eyes of Night – Darkness, Illusion
    Created out of ancient lenses of obsidian and now made to look like a pair of completely reflective mirror shades, somehow when Jacob wears these he can see better than without them, no matter the situation.
  • Lover’s Kiss – Unique 1-dot power, 3-dot enhancement
    Crafted and ‘forged’ from a piece of mistletoe, Loki’s favored ‘weapon’ of choice, this blade is short enough to pocket easily, but keen-edged, and always seems readily at hand.  Indeed, Jacob barely has to think about it to have it drawn and handy, and if were to ever throw the weapon, it’s back to his fingers in a blink… and a smear of blood.  Adds Legend to any Dexterity-based check.  Returns after being thrown.
  • ’Old School’ - Artistry
    A long needle made of silver, worked with all sorts of weird runes along the length of it.  Sometimes it takes him longer, but he gets great results with it.
  • Lucky Coin - Chaos
    An old, rare coin that Jacob got from a ‘client’, that has always brought him good luck, even in the worst circumstances.


Lover’s Kiss; Accuracy +2; Damage +3L, Speed 4,
Clinch; Accuracy:, Damage: B, Speed: ; Piercing
Unarmed, Heavy; Accuracy:, Dmg B, Parry DV: , Speed
Unarmed, Light; Accuracy:, Dmg B, Parry DV: , Speed

Join Battle:
Soak: B/L
Health levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incapacitated
Dodge DV: ; Parry DV:
Movement: ; Dash: ; Climb/Swim Speed:
Vertical Jump: ; Horizontal Jump:
Weight capacity:
Points spent: Dexterity 4 (4), Intelligence 2 (4), Birthrights (4), Stealth 4 (1), Art 4 (2)

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
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Wait.  I know I said I was backing up, but...are we taking more than half a dozen now, or...?

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #240 on: February 19, 2016, 03:28:56 PM »
Wait.  I know I said I was backing up, but...are we taking more than half a dozen now, or...?

It's still 6 except it's not on a first-come, first-served basis.

I just wanted to say that I'm still debating. It's a difficult decision. If I was confident I could run this game with more than 6 players, I would, but unfortunately I know I wouldn't be able to manage.

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
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Okay.  No, that's fair enough.  Thanks for the clear-up.

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #242 on: February 19, 2016, 03:43:40 PM »
Have you considered the idea of a co GM to share the load?

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #243 on: February 19, 2016, 04:19:08 PM »
I would Like to join, can I make a character?

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #244 on: February 19, 2016, 05:02:32 PM »

More Exalted than Scion, but if anyone needs inspiration for relics or stunts, this should help :)

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #245 on: February 19, 2016, 05:08:44 PM »
Man Volume 3 has been a ride, hasn't it?

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #246 on: February 19, 2016, 05:10:03 PM »
I would Like to join, can I make a character?

You're late. Deadline was today.

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #247 on: February 19, 2016, 05:14:20 PM »
Man Volume 3 has been a ride, hasn't it?

I only got started on it. I need to sit down and spend some time with it one of these days :)

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #248 on: February 19, 2016, 05:54:06 PM »
Make sure you have your permission slip signed. You're going on a feels trip.

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Re: [Scion: Hero] Interest Check
« Reply #249 on: February 20, 2016, 11:20:19 AM »
Some numbers first. I've received 10 applications but I could only choose 6. Many characters have the same Purviews. In fact, I've received 4 (!) characters with Magic, 3 with Prophecy (although 2 with the original Prophecy and one with JSR Prophecy first Boon), 1 with Mystery; 2 with Animal Purview, 1 with Artistry, 2 with Chaos, 4 (!!!) with Darkness (and one with a Relic with the first-level Darkness Boon), 2 with Death (and one with a Relic to use Death Purview, but has no Boons), 2 with Emotion (Lust and Fear), 2 with Guardian (and one with a Relic with the first-level Boon; and a Relic to use Guardian Purview, but has no Boons), 2 with Health, 1 with Illusion, 2 with Psychopomp, 1 with Sound, 1 with Sun, 2 with War, 2 with Water. Because of these similarities, I will allow you to switch some Purviews and Boons if they want to once we start.

Half of you took Epic Strength (5 characters) and Epic Intelligence (5 characters), almost everyone took Epic Dexterity (8 characters), Epic Stamina (9 characters), Epic Charisma (7 characters) and Epic Appearance (7 characters). 4 of you took Epic Wits and Epic Perception, and 3 - Epic Manipulation.

We had only one character specializing in Brawl, everyone else went with Melee, both Melee and Thrown or Marksmanship.

Relics-wise, I'm not really surprised that most people went with them the way they did, especially not surprised that almost everyone took +Legend to some rolls. We have 4 people with weapons that can be called when needed, 4 with returning weapons, and 4 with shapeshifting Relics, and 2 with Relics that enable them to attack or do some other physical actions at a distance. But I am surprised that we've got 3 sets of enchanted glasses or shades o.O Also, lots of jewelry (which is more understandable than all these glasses XD )

Okay, so to cut it short. I have decided to go with two Bands of 4 Scions each.
Band 1:
  • Bennet Smith, Scion of Xiwangmu (Shen)
  • Mateo Herrera, Scion of Huitzilopochtli (Atzlanti)
  • Ezio Chrysos, Scion of Dionysus (Dodekatheon)
  • Choko Hideki, Scion of Amaterasu (Amatsukami)

Band 2:
  • Selena Marie Jeansonne, Scion of Baron Samedi (Loa)
  • Jacob Isaac Stone, Scion of Loki (Aesir)
  • Sean Pierce, Scion of Morrigan (Tuatha De Dannan)
  • Peter Roland, Scion of Vishnu (Devas)

Apologies to everyone else. I'll be sure to tell you if anyone drops out or I decide to expand either of the groups.