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June 18, 2018, 10:49:33 AM

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Author Topic: Looking for a few new companions! Mxf, FxF, MxM Updated (late night hopeful)  (Read 1460 times)

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It has been an awfully long while since I have made a request for new partners, but as of late my current ones are busy with real life and it has prevented many of them from rping with me, which is sad because I am concerned that the older I get, I will eventually hit those points as well and I don't want to. SOOOOOO, I am on a search for a few new rpers who might be interested in an experienced writer who has been rping for many years and is fairly open. I have a decent amount of free time lately so I am more than capable of responding often and with long posts so long as you give me a decent amount to work with. Obviously one or two sentences aren't going to get you much from me. Anyway, below I'll just put some current interests and see how it goes from there.

Also Im literally just looking to rp. I dont want no relationship, no daddy, no master. I have a man Im good.

*really into Orcs right now*

Edit: I do find I need to throw in my character type. I play Mixed race characters. I don't make their race a huge deal but they are darker skin toned (because I am and thats how I like them to be) The remainder of their looks will vary. I might play an angel with brown skin but blonde hair and blue eyes. Or a stripper with brown skin, red hair and grey short, the skin tone is always going to be brown, because its the one thing I can insert about myself that I enjoy besides being busty. I wont budge on this, and truthfully dont like pre-set characters as I struggle a lot more with the plot and in the end will not be willing to continue because I can't bring myself to think of the character as my own. It's your character..not mine. I had no say in their creation, I'm just giving them the personality I think you want them to have and in the end, I can't do my best as your partner. Sooooo....Mixed characters...thats what I play. If you aren't a fan, thats fine. Tons of other adults willing to rp who don't mind non-ethnic characters.

As of right now, my interests mostly lie in the hands of:

Five Night at Freddys

I am honestly in love with this fandom, even if it may have run its course for most people. Although I do feel certain characters are a certain gender besides the obvious ones (Freddy being male, Bonnie is a male, Chica female, etc) the ones who are up for debate could go either way for me....Mangle I feel is a male, but if you prefer female I can work with it. Same goes for Toy Bonnie and Puppet who honestly could go either way for me. I have him as both a he and a she. Toy Bonnie is a male to me, beyond the rosier cheeks, nothing says female about him in my opinion. I call him Benny lol. I do prefer playing the guard, but will pick up the animatronics as well. I also prefer them remaining as anthros/furries but the humanized versions are ok to if that is your thing.
Anything Fantasy..dragons, elves, fairies, etc.

Supernatural fantasy...werewolves, vampires, demons, angels

I like weres more then anything, demons being a close second, followed by vamps. They have adjustable plots so we could work something out

Bioshock (I like 2 best out of all of them)

As I said, I am partial to 2...Delta is pretty bad ass! It may seem hard given the little sisters as obviously you dont want a relationship with a child, but they can be older as well, along with using OCs or other characters with tweaks. Big sisters too of course.

Mass Effect

Another one where I prefer a human character, but I can do Qaurians and Asari to...asari are not my favorite as they pissed me off in the game being freaking everywhere (damn commandos, evil crime lords, evil matriarchs helping eviler turians!) But I like to open myself.

Anthros with human lovers (I like playing a human, but again will play more then one character) I also like hybrids (humans with animal features)

Sci-fy..i.e Androids, Mercenaries, smugglers, Aliens




This one can go either way, it would just depend on the partner I suppose.


It is an oldie but a goody and one I still very much enjoy!

Just to name a few things I'm currently interested in but throw some stuff my way and we can see. I can play female or male, female being my first choice simply because I am one. I can do fxf, mxm,and  fxfxm. I'll be honest in saying I dislike anything with MILFs...its not something I enjoy. I like Older males with a younger female to a point. I wont go below 16 on the age scale, and prefer no higher then 29 for my characters.  I promise you I am a wonderful partner and just want a few more rps to keep my occupied while I have the time to spare.

I also enjoy pregnancy in my rps. The character can start out preggo, or get their eventually. I believe anything can contain sperm and impregnate (Freddy can knock up the guard, etc)

Im also going to say that I have a very hard time saying if an rp is boring for me....I don't want my partner to think I don't like their writing, but sometimes I just hit a block and might not respond for awhile. I don't do it to be mean, honestly. But I also wont bother you consistently for a post if you hit a block as well. I might send a PM to make sure you're ok because I do become close with my partners (I like chatting on YIM, or Steam, or w.e and have partners who have been close friends for years) I wont be mad if you drop the rp and don't tell happens, I get it. Im not a biotch.

And if you have plots you might wanna share and think Id like, link me, tell me, show me. Im open to a lot.

 I look forward to hearing from you!

Gonna add some plots to this, had time to think earlier. I would be playing all the main females mentioned by name. They are my characters, most created years ago. Some of these plots are ones still being done privately with long term rpers for the past few years but I am curious how someone new might take them.

FNAF Plots

1. Manipulative Nightmares

Marie has never really been able to sleep at night. Horrible visions plague her, and although she tries to go about daily life normally, the moment her eyes close she can clearly see the awful creatures that have plagued her since she was young. They have appeared every night since she was 7, after a horrible accident at what had once been her favorite pizza place left her with damage to her head and trauma. As she got older, she hoped they eventually left, but their persistence that she is something they want her to be follows her even to college.  She has no idea what kind of puppet they think she is.

2. Five Nights to get her (smut possible)

The new security guard for Freddy Fazbears pizzeria is not afraid of some rumor filled hocus pocus bogus nonsense that killer animatronics try to stuff people into suits. In fact, Charlie thinks the idea is rather interesting. The exotic dancer likes a challenge after all, and instead of staying tucked away in her office watching cameras, she wants to explore...and really see if these things come to life.

3. A lilly among the weeds

Diversity is a must at Freddy Fazbears pizzeria and when a decline in attendance happens, the owners determine a new purchase is in order. They find a young college student who is selling a robot he built and agree to purchase it for double what he was going to sell it for to another buyer. Lilly is an android, human in looks and how she acts, and she brings in the adult crowed like nobodies business. This brings feelings about for some of the animatronics that they did't think possible. Jealousy. Love. Passion. Arousal. (this is a solo story I wrote as well, which included Bonnie as the main interest, but also the toy versions. It can go anyway and it's just fun to see how others utilize my plot with me)

The End of the world

I thought this plot would be fun to do in archs.

1.Malicious Intent

Malice is the fourth of the deity sisters, and has long since been locked away by her siblings in a different realm. There she sits and bides her time...until her follower returns and sets her free. With this freedom comes the return of her powers...and utter destruction to the world above. With the demon at her side, she vows to make the world crumble.

2. Eden is falling

Chaos is the third Deity sister and the overseer of the Garden of Eden, which God gifted her in exchange for keeping things in order between the realms of the Fae/ Dragons and Elves during their war with one another. Within this garden love blossoms...but with Malices' release, her world is going up in flames. She and her lover need to do all in their power to keep Eden from falling into the realm of Nothingness.

3. Karma is a bitch

Karma is the second Deity sister, and runs a fairly well known nightclub on Earth. A nearby detective agency also utilizes the club, and the detective in charge is admittedly surprised when the woman with odd, rainbow colored eyes and hair approaches him claiming to need his help after noticing many of her usual patrons are vanishing and returning not quiet right....particularly after one tries to kill her. While sexual tension rides high between them, so does the fate of Karmas club...and her very life.

4. In Fates Hands

Fate is the oldest of the deity sisters and keeper of the Tapestry of Life. Everything that happens is sewn carefully into the thick fabric. Life begins and ends with her needle and thread. But the tapestry is becoming distressed and confused. The blind deity has to sit and feel as eons of work slowly begin to unravel themselves, an evil presence seeping into her beloved cloths very being and tainting it. Desperate for aid, she seeks out the only other person who could have a chance of aiding her....even if their lifes story with one another is not the best. (this one is optional character wise for Fate. Her lover can be an angel, a demon, one of the riders of the apocalypse, or any other being of higher power you can think of)

Demonic obsession (one of my older plots brought back to life!)

A young woman is plagued by a demon with an odd obsession for her, so much so that her family begins to think she is insane and sends her off to a cliff side asylum. Thinking she is safe, she lets her guard down...only to find the demon has followed her and refuses to allow her to forget his passion and need.

Dragon Riders of Cliffside

A young woman finds a dragon in a cave near her village. He tells her of a group of people across the ocean known as Dragon riders that keep the land safe from other threats. She realizes this is the same group she has longed to join her entire life and convinces him to become her companion and travel across the sea to become apart of this elite group. When they arrive they are welcomed into the riders training program, but soon enough discover that there is more between them then just a simple rider and dragon friendship. When an old legend comes back and threatens everything, they will truly have to determine how strong their bond is.

I call her sister (The guardians are usually anthro based but can be Human, orcs, etc)

Two sisters. One light. One dark. War. They fight against one another, with the aid of their guardians who have sworn to protect them and their kingdoms. Only one will come out on top in the end.


I don't have a specific plot line for this in particular, but I do like the idea of mixing sirens with pirates, and who better to compete against a dominant male presence then a female who can bring any man she wants to his doom just by singing.

In this case, she doesn't always have to sing, but maybe her and her crews original song calls a ship to them when theirs is sitting adrift after a particularly bad storm. The captain of this lured ship allows her and her crew to board with them, agreeing to tow their ship to the nearest port, and her voice alone gets to him, arousing him and getting him close to doing as she wants before he realizes it and snaps out, much to her amusement and never ending attempts.

The Red Star (This is a long standing plot I have ongoing with another partner of a few years but I am curious how someone else would take it. And yes, I play Redgina. She's my character. This was originally a play on Red riding hood based on a picture I liked)

Hundreds of years ago, Humans left Earth to colonize space...except they found they weren't alone. Anthros have also claimed space as home, and rising conflict created a war among them. The anthros called upon their goddess to aid them, and the Red Star answered, coming down to protect them in the form of a woman. But in the midst of battle, she suddenly vanishes and it is unknown why for centuries. War is still happening,and labs are popping up, run by humans conducting experiments by mixing Anthro and human DNA, creating an assortment of Hybrids they intend to use against the Anthro fleets. One such lab is raided by a group of fighters. Inside, the Goddess Redgina awakens, finding herself in a completely different time and with the lab crumbling around her. She manages to escape and runs straight smack into the leader of these anthro forces, who finds himself enraptured by the tiny human female, realizing soon enough there is something special about her and aiding in her escape to their fleet ship where more of the mysterious females life begins to unfold, amidst dealing with continued human interference.

Erotic Fables

Grannys Shack is a fairytale brothel where the working girls are made up of some well known women. Little Red runs the place in Grannys stead, but soon finds herself amid a murder scene when one of her girls goes missing and winds up dead in some back alley. The only source of help in Fabletown is none other then Mr. Big Bad himself. Suspicious of Red, he reluctantly agrees to help her figure it out, despite their past differences. It soon becomes a race against the clock to figure it out as other working girls begin popping up dead. Sex. Death. Excitment.
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