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June 23, 2018, 03:09:26 PM

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Author Topic: Seeking Pathfinder GM - Kingmaker / Ultimate Campaign (for F character)  (Read 398 times)

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Offline miniochTopic starter

Note: This post is for a solo game. If you are interested in being the GM, please send me a private message.


I'm interested in playing the beautiful queen that handles things while her adventuring husband is away, hiring adventurers to deal with local monsters, dealing with things in court, etc. and is drilled vigorously while she squeals in delight when her husband is between adventures.

I'm looking for a GM interested in running a Pathfinder campaign using the kingdom building rules from Ultimate Campaign. In said campaign, I'd be perfectly fine going with the Aristocrat NPC class, but I'd like to do something a little different. Instead of being the typical adventuring hero, I would instead want my character to be the king's wife (and thus, the queen, and I'm fine with her either being a "ruler" as well, or a "consort", though the latter could make things more challenging for her).

In fact, her husband could be an adventurer. Perhaps my character is on the opposite end of your typical campaign - she could have been the beautiful princess that the adventuring hero married after forging his own kingdom, making her his queen. I'm also perfectly fine with her having been a damsel in distress in the past, though she must now toughen up a bit in order to run a kingdom a good portion of the time. Additionally, when she gets too uppity, a challenge could arise that she can't handle, so her husband and allies arrive to save the day, the event effectively "putting her in her place."

I see political intrigue, courtly matters and army and kingdom building while the husband is off being an adventurer with his party. Of course, he'll not always be gone - he probably wants some heirs, after all.

Further details could be discussed, but I see a lot of potential and I think it could be great fun. Plus, I won't complain about some really good GMPCs!

Further Details:
I'd say mostly kingdom building, but with intrigue and political maneuvering being the "adventures" that take place in-between, instead of your usual "go out and kill the monsters", since my character would be limited to the city/kingdom and doesn't go out on adventures. And yes, wanting to play with the Ultimate Campaign rules are a big part of it!

But it would also be fun to be on the opposite side of the typical PC in other ways, as well. For example, adventurers come to town and request to see the Queen. Or someone needs to be rewarded for a deed by the Queen. Or there are monsters doing bad monster stuff, and she needs to hire a party of adventurers to deal with them, etc. All that stuff could be great fun! Also, we could even begin with all the Leadership Roles being generic characters, filling them with trustworthy (or not) NPCs along the way.

That all being said, though, I do kind of like the idea of the queen being "knocked up" a few/several times/constantly as being part of the game. With that in mind, I'm reminded of the following (third party) d20 rules:

1st Trimester - No adjustments
2nd Trimester - Movement reduced by 1/4 (round down), -2 Dexterity
3rd Trimester - Movement reduced by 1/2, -4 Dexterity, -2 Strength

That would definitely be interesting and new, and something I've never done before.

If you're interested, please send me an PM. Thank you!
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